Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mahabharat Still Continues ...

                                                            Mahabharata Still Continues ...

It is very frustrating to write and discuss about this incident too..But my aggression needs to come out.Neither I joined any candle light march nor I could do anything good for her...Neither I will be calling her as brave nor I am going to post a big status..I just would like to ask one thing to Government of India .... That were you waiting for this incident to happen ??? or Are you still waiting for something to happen ?? (which is happening already) ?? Then what are they waiting for to give the proper punishment ?? Politicians,Ministers are busy in giving soulful speeches after her death... But will Nirbhaya's soul will rest in peace with these speeches or the statuses or emotions we Indian's are showing can heal her pain and of her families???I am not opposing it nor I am criticizing it...I am totally with Delhiites who stood against this incident and fought continuously for justice...

My question is .. Every Indian witnessed every single news updates since the incident happened...Then
why were we reading about few other rape cases on the alternative days or consequent days ?? We,Indians were protesting one side and then we were only raping on the other side ... ??? Does this make sense ??

This is not the first rape case in India...India has been witnessing this for decades to decades... TV channels showcase real crime stories based upon them.. Gives us lesson to fight back against it.. But when people actually started showing their aggression then what did they actually get ?? Lathi charges,Water bombs and many more.. Few Big people didn't leave anything to criticize the youth... Everyone was asking peace... Peace ?? Was this a peaceful incident ?? it's very fun full act to watch Government spreading lessons to not kill girl fetus..but have they shown anything to stop Rape.. ??? Girls can not be killed inside the womb but outside ??? are we,the womankind really safe ??Small girls also don't get rid out of it ..  Officially Raping is crime but technically it is not ... So inner meaning can be stated like "Whether you are inside the womb or outside the are a girl,you are a woman,you don't have the right to live your life with full of freedom"...

LOL ... we are educated... that'y why we,women get dominated physically and mentally maximum times... It is still male dominated society... For those beasts like so called MEN we are the toy to be played with..for them "What's the big deal in there to tease a girl sexually ?? What's the big deal in there to touch a girl physically ?? What's there if we rape someone to have fun for some while ??after all they are girls right!! the women.. 'Draupadi's...who will keep their mouth shut after everything for shame,for society .. ??? and if they are going to raise their voice against it also ...they will only be criticized ... their character will be ruined.. not of us... and after all it is India .. What will happen ?? we won't be punished !!! " yes it is India ... where TV,media shows the rapist's face openly but hides and hazes the victim's face... Why ?? she was being raped...Shameful nah !!!! chi chi !!! Shame Shame... It is India where we the Indians,Government,Everyone play the role of Pandavas ..we just see the Draupadi's getting raped by Dushasanas ..but stay calm and helpless... But   there was someone to help Draupadi then.. Krishna,the savior .. Now ?? if someone tries to be like him also,faces more and more problem ... may be politically or socially....

There are million girls like Nirbhaya... or may be were... who had to suicide or who are still thinking to do so...who tried to fight or still doing so... who cried or still does so..but can never think of imagining those victims to be punished ever ... Because they know that they live in so called "THE INDIAN SOCIETY " where girls are to be blamed always...huh !!! Our society the so called democratic country gives us (womankind) all rights except to stay secure and safe and with full of freedom..

Exhausted .. !!! 

                                                                                                                                        ©Debarati Datta

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Then and Now...

                                                     Merry Christmas Then and Now...

Hello Friends !!! First of all I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas..Hope you guys enjoyed it with full of happiness and joy.I am enjoying and enjoyed too..This time my way to have fun and joy was quite different.Anyways first I will recollect the Christmas going 10 to 12 years back and then I am going to catch this time and day ..

I am born and brought up in Kolkata .. the city of joy... and like Durga Puja Christmas is also a real big and huge celebration to be celebrated. Every 25th December my parents would take me and sister to Esplanade and then St. Paul's Cathedral Church and for sure Park Street..unlike now those places used to be quite and calm and definitely used to have less crowd for which the actual charm of Christmas could be felt in a smoother way.. I still remember how Hogg Market used to dress up with lights,bulbs and colorful balls and especially Santa Claus..and special Xmas cakes from Hogg Market ??? they were just so awesome. and at last the Cathedral Church and the areas around that place used to have different ambiance... 

But that ambiance I miss now a days... The places are same,the actual tradition is remaining the same but the calmness and peace ... I don't feel it. People are much busy to show off .. and the crowds are very busy to take photos rather than feeling it.This does not mean that I am criticizing my city..It's actually kuch Zyaada hi happening hain...

Today my Xmas is going too differently and with full of joyous moments.. Actually spent whole morning alone as my parents are on vacation and my sister had to go to her work.Started my day with Christmas Carols and few romantic hit 1980's tracks..then I decorated my room with lights and laces... Then started spending my time over Facebook just to watch how my friends are celebrating this special day.It was real fun to see happiness everywhere..Even now it's 9 pm .. I am   getting all the updates from my friends.. at evening me and my sis went out nearby to roam and feel the chilled Xmas atmosphere and to order dinners for us..had Xmas cake and yes after returning home also we both prepared special items to have them in dinner.. now we will have our dinner and have some cherishing moments..

It was so different and so good today :) I wish like this everyday everyone can have smiles on their faces... Like the way I am smiling in a big manner as always I do..

                                                                                                                       ©Debarati Datta

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Dance ....Dance is silent poetry of soul..Dance is Agression... Dance is Expression... Dance is Emotion...Dance is the way through which Body,Mind and Soul communicate with others without uttering a single word...Dance is the Devotion ... Dance is Prayer..Dance is the way where Eyes,Hands,Fingers,Posture,Feet and Expression get their voice to say everything....Dance is Raaga..Dance is Taala,Dance is Bhava...Dance is Nritya...Dance is Nrittaa...Dance is Abhinaya..Dance is Beat...Dance is Rythm...Dance is the .poetic creation of inner power..Dance is love .... Dance is everything...&Dance is DANCE..

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mask of Happiness

May be it spoke my mind at that moment.A pencil sketch

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Flowers of Color

Pastel Shades

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Trip to Madurai

                                                                       Trip to Madurai

It was 2008,February month.. I got a golden opportunity to visit Madurai.. It was a sudden plan for me..My next door hostel mate was Vinithra Akka..I wasn't much close to her.But I was damn close to Rubini double Senior.Ha ha ha !!! Why Double Senior ?? Sounded like weird right ?That time I was in 2nd year and she was in 4th year.So Vinithra akka was her room mate.I used to go to Rubini Di's room daily so got familiar with Vinithra akka too.

So it was her marriage in Madurai for which I got a special invitation.. had an extreme wish from my soul that "yes I need to go"..But my college,the restricted rules were not at all allowing me to leave.But it was Rubini Di who managed it nicely.I still remember we were in Dept. at evening and were begging for the permission. At last HOD permitted me for two days and Bang On !!! went to hostel, packed bag and started the journey towards Madurai ...  

First long journey via Bus that too in an unknown city,unknown road and for an unseen marriage ever in my life.First Tamil Marriage to attend.Whoaa !!!! the bus journey was awesome ... via Trichy we were moving towards Madurai..for whole night ...sometimes we were sleeping,sometimes watching the movie which was going on in the bus .. In just one line I want to say.. I was enjoying that in a damn way..Next day early morning when we reached Vinithra akka's home,an awesome,hearty welcome was waiting for us.I was overwhelmed by their reception..Yes I became a centre of attraction as I was non-Tamilian.The homely environment,the homely food,the behaviour towards me was unexpectedly good. ☺

The day we reached was the pre marriage day..So all the people in the home were very busy with their rituals.But Vinithra Akkas brother and sister didn't let us to feel bored.They simply planned to take us for a short trip around the city.I was damn excited.Madurai is well known tourist place.First we went out for simple moppet ride near the home..not much near...The road was quite inside from Akkas's home..and the road wasn't much smooth for moppet riding..But who cares ??? Couldn't imagine that Rubini Di would know that well to ride a moppet..So she was the moppet-er ☺ and I was the back seater.☺.Went for few KMs and then returned back.Then got ready for Madurai City trip.

In late afternoon we opted for visiting MEENAXI AMMAN TEMPLE. The famous temple with four Gobarams(Entrances) which had been selected for Guinness book of world Records once.Really have to say the temple of Pandyan Dynasty is so huge in size and consists of  lots of God and Goddess..Anyone can get lost by themselves...For 4 long hrs we were roaming inside the temple.But couldn't cover up it..ALAS !!! Anyway it was quite late in evening so couldn't get the chance to visit Thirumallai Palace as it gets closed earlier..So the market place we started to roam in... The Famous Jigadthanda,a cool drink of Madurai made my day..For me it was the first time to have that kind of awesome cool drink..It was damn different.Friends if you are planning to go Madurai,then please have a sip of the name,it will "thanda" your "Jigad"..☺☺☺..then what ?? we came back to home and had dinner and slept off !!

Woke up in the next morning.It was the day of marriage.I,along with their family went to Mandapam(the place where marriage takes place).It was day time.. The mandapam was big enough to  hold large number of people.All the ladies were wearing the Kanjibharam Pattu silk sarees,tieing their hair with Poo(flowers) and lots of Gold Jewelleries (Gosh Gosh..With Bulging eyes)..I was the odd one out there to wear some kind of Salwar suit .. At the entrance of the mandapam Lord Ganesha was welcoming us with a nice posture..the sounds of Nadaswaram was coming all along and was giving the entire atmosphere a holy rhythmic aura... The saddest part for me was the lunch menu..In our side,usually we have non-veg items in marriage ceremonies but when unexpectedly I found all the items as Veg items my heart broke down for a while.. But it doesn't matter when there is touch of love and adore... There was as usual Rice,Sambhar,2-3 kinds of Poriel(veg curries),Rasam,Moore,Payesam(it was superb),Aplam(Papad) and sweets.. After attending the marriage ceremony it was the time to visit the unseen place of Madurai which was left the previous day.

The Thirumallai Palace...When first I heard this name didn't get that much excitement .. Just like any other historical Palace I was searching the feel of Nostalgia... But when I got to know that it was the place of  "Kehna hi Kya from Bombay" and " Tere Bina from Guru" I was totally stunned.. if you get anything as a surprise it feels awesome.For me also the same thing happened.Wow..My favourite star Aishwarya Danced on the same floor where I was walking on.Thinking of this I was going gaga.Had spent nice time in Thirumallai Palace..Then time came to return  back to home and then to start a journey for college.Was pretty sad...Who wouldn't be ??? after such a fun within two days with full of surprise anyone would have faced the trouble which I was going through... more than 4 years have passed but still I can't forget the love,the enjoyment I got during those 2days.And I am still thankful to Vinithra Akka ,her family and at last but not the least Rubini di..for whom I have some good memories to recollect.

                                                                                                                    ©Debarati Datta 

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Simple Pencil Sketch

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dancer (Mohiniattyam)

Simple pencil sketch.It was totally from my imagination.Sudden work.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Sweeter than " Barfi "

                                                     Sweeter than " Barfi "

It's  "Barfi " the movie which I am talking about..according to me it is much sweeter than having a real Barfi .. The pleasure which this movie has given me can't be experienced by having a Barfi.. Hmmm I am not here to write any kind of film review or to criticise like any critics... I am just going to express my opinion .. 

When the movie released I could not make my time out to watch this movie.... I missed watching it in theatre which it deserves to be watched... Though at last yesterday watched it in home itself... and for 2.30 hrs. I was feeling like I was in the world of innocence which we all people do miss in this so called civilized all reviews it was written that this movie leaves a big fingerprint of sweetness and makes us smile while crying..and definitely its true..I was laughing while I had tears on my eyes .. And definitely these all credits go to the lead actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra and definitely Mr.Basu ... Mr .Anurag Basu... Hats off !! to his direction and his power of imagination ... all love stories don't need good looking heroine,dashing hero and intimate scenes... few love stories happen to be so true and innocent only by exchanging two souls... and this movie has portrayed this so beautifully... A pure love story which has no sorrows,no pain,no tension has only love and care for each other... Love needs to be expressed through the expressions not by words... A deaf ,dumb boy and an autistic girl and their love story with full of life and colours has left colours and simplicity in my heart too ☺... catching Butterfly,playing with bubbles,firefly,playing hide and seek ... origami birds , Chhou dancers,masks these small instances were so heart touching ... I wonder why our life can't be so simple as they were having...and hardly we can find someone like "Murphy/Barfi"... naughty,humble and a perfect Bindas,happy go lucky character who makes other people happy by his ridiculous activities... Who hides all his pain beneath his big smile...and stands so confident ... hard right ??

And at last have to say few lines about the crew members... Hats off !! to Anurag Basu again for creating a miracle with a half silence movie and for writing this story...Another good point of this movie was the positive attitude...two handicapped people were not being shown as the people to have pitty on them every-time... They were as equal as others... their weaknesses were their beneficiary points to each other... now let me come to those brilliant actors of this era ... Ranbir Kapoor... He has again proved that he can portrait all kind of characters only with expressions...It was like the character barfi was made for him only...he did the judgemental acting for his different looks throughout the movie and his typical style of brushing his hair and pronouncing his name as "BB--arfi" were speechless .... Now my favourite Sweet cute doll like Jhilmil Chatterjee ... Priyanka Chopra... I am already a biggg fan of her but never imagined that she could act this much brilliant ... The stylish,smart,dare to bare,hot Priyanka Chopra was so innocent as Jhilmil..her actions brought tears every time and smile too with her sweet smile... her jumps,her looks,her style of talking was so sensitive as well as so baby type that I was feeling to cuddle her ... her dialogue " hasso matt " her dance with chhou dancers were so so good ... thing I can assure that after this movie my respect towards Priyanka and her talent have increased one more level up... and it would be so unfair if I don't praise Sruti .... Illeana D'Cruze ..she did total justice to her character too...Sruti's commitment to her love and her sacrifice was incomparable...Next have to say about Music Director Pritam ..her background score and songs were so soothing and naturally beautiful... the Lyrics of those songs did proper justice to all situations...That's all I  had to express ... What else should I write ... I am speechless now... Just A big Thanks to Anurag Basu for this movie and my best wishes are with this movie to bag more and more awards... Fingers are crossed ... for OSCAR..

This is called actually HAPPY MARRIAGE right ??

                                                                                                                  ©Debarati Datta

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mindblowing Uttarakhand...

                                                   Mindblowing Uttarakhand

Huh !!! Long time after my last post... Festive season and then a long trip to Uttarakhand.. Really there was no chances at all to be in touch with Google Blogger..Today I have come back to home and   am really sad...Still I am daydreaming to be in those Hill Areas.And don't know why not much excited about Diwali ... anyways Uttarakhand is just so awesome... loved the people ,loved the climate and loved the places especially Mussoorie and Dehradun :) 

At Mussoorie Kempty Falls

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Happy Durga Puja

                                                           Happy Durga Puja 

At last those days have come and its Durga Puja now... The festival is going on ... Today is mohaSaptami.. and yesterday got leave from office finally... Already I have started hopping pandals :) Wishing all my blog readers a Happy Durga Puja and may this festive season fulfills  all your dreams

Jai Ma Durga .... Mahisauramardini


                                                                                                 ©Debarati Datta

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mohaloya... The beginning of DEVIPAKSHA

                                                       Mohaloya... The beginning of DEVIPAKSHA

Today is "Mohaloya"... The first day of Devipaksha..The formal beginning of Durga Puja..the most awaited festival of Bengalis.It's the day when Ma Durga arrives on Earth and stays for 10 days long at her mother's home.It is the end of Pitripaksha when all the bengalis do "tarpan"(recalls their ancestors in a holy manner near Ganges and offers respect and prayer) early morning.

As the day comes we,the "Bangalis" start our counting as Prothoma,Dwitiya,Tritiya and so on upto Dashami.. The auspicious day starts with the holy chants of BirendraKrishna Bhadra's Mahisasuramardini ( An Early Programme which used to ger AIRed on Radio Aakashbani .to know more on this topic,read this .).All the Bengalis wake up at 4 am and start listening to this programme.From decades past it has been a tradition to have ears on the radio at early morning over all Bengal.

my Mohaloya from childhood till present :

Day by day everything changes but the excitement of mine for this festival has still not changed.I still remember during childhood,my mother used to call me up early morning 4 o'clock just to activate my ears on radio to listen the Mahisasurmardini Radio Telecast..Though that was recorded too..I was not fortunate enough to have the LIVE BirendraKrishnaBhadra's telecast.Heard more about it from my mother.But really was kid and didn't used to get interest on the radio version.Rather than that used to like the T.V Programme where the total story of Devipaksha,Basanti Puja and how durga puja got famous in Bengal,Mahisasur Vadh used to get telecasted.In each and every year,different actresses  used to act as Durga on T.V..Once Hema Malini acted also... and now also it's the same.Now it's 12.00 am and I will get up at just 4 am to listen the holy,golden stotra path of the BirendraKrishnaBhadra and will sooth my mind with "Bajlo Tomar lor Benu.

readers you can have eyes over this video of Hema Malini .

Once again would like to wish all my blog readers "Subho Mohaloyar priti o Subhechha"

                                                                                                                          ©Debarati Datta

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Memories hold my breath

                                    Memories hold my breath

Human Nature, the more you want to forget, the more you remember... It happens with me always...Not only me. I guess with everyone it happens.Atleast the people I have met so far in my life...Memories...Whether good, bad, best or worst People love to recollect it… Some memories from past, yesteryears make us cry, some of them make us smile…for me it feels like I walk down the street of memories that point of time they just hold me and my breath... for some moment,for some while...they give me a different reflection of my characteristics...I get some different ways to know myself...Very serious,very imaginative, A different me.. For a certain time my world stops from it's work and simply stands quite... without knowing the fact,without knowing the time... my world surrounds me with the past....

Memories,Memories and Memories....Memories are never old..they are precious,priceless and remains Golden.. ever ever and for ever... I love my memories ☺☺

                                   ©Debarati Datta

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Tirbute to Nazia .. From my mind

                                                       A Tirbute to Nazia .. From my mind

Today I am gonna write about the personality whom I love from the bottom of the heart,whose song and mesmerizing voice always make my legs to groove up,the one and only The Nazia Hassan,The Disco Sensation of late 80's when I wasn't in this world also.Don't you people miss her when you listen The Disco song from the movie "The Student of the Year" ???I do miss her a lot..Sometimes I get angry too as only few lines had been mixed up or just because I think there was no need to remix the original song Disco Deewane[this itself is so groovy]...Anyways folks here I am just gathering my love towards of The Late Nazia Hassan.

Nazia Hassan

Nazia with her brother Zohaib Hassan
Already I have written a short note about her  once, before few months in this post. When I was a kid ,defintinely didn't have any  idea about her and her songs.But the remixed songs of Nazia used to come up in  TV channels especially Sueprhit Muqabla in DD National.Boom Boom -the Biddu Experience and Disco Deewane revisited by Sagarika ... First person to tell me that those songs are originally of Nazia was my mother.. Got to know she was a big fan of Nazia and had all collections of Nazia Hassan.Then more hit songs like Aankhein Milane wale came up with a remixed version.. But was still a small girl to have all those power of attorney to gain a huge collection of her songs.. But before 4 years when I was big enough to have my own music collection,collected all her albums,solo and duet with her lil brother Zohaib Hassan.. Did research on her biography and her musical journey from her brother's website and defintiley some blogs and wikipedia..Got to know about Biddu,the musical star behind this Superstar..Watched her videos online.I have all of her videos with me.. If you guys want to know more about her biography then read this

The Innocent Nazia Hassan with Kishor Kumar
Whenever I listen her voice,I go back to 1980's and can feel the aura of the disco sensation,the rhythmic era of Music..How people used to be and enjoy the Disco Mania with grooving shoulders and legs...Her songs are still so modern and catchy that it can attract anyone's mind easliy..And really have to praise her beauty and Fashion Sense..She could be a Heroine easily.I think that's why all the album directors used to feature her in the videos.So Here I am gonna list my favourite songs of Nazia Hassan..

1.Disco Deewane
2.Aap Jaisa Koi
3.Boom Boom (meadle)
4.Lekin mera Dil
5.Aankhein Milane wale
8.Dil Mera Kehta Hain
9.Aao na Pyaar Karein

and other tracks of Zohaib Hassan ... khubsoorat,Ooie Ooie,Jaana(from the movie star) are my all time favourite songs..

I wonder How beautiful she was

And videos which I enjoy most are here below ....

Aankhein Milane Wale

Disco Deewane feat Zohaib Hassan

Lekin Mera Dil

Boom Boom from Movie Star-1982
Dum Dum Dee Dee

Hope you all guys will watch these videos and shake your legs up with these groovy tracks and enjoy this Husky,Nasal and the most unique voice of Late Nazia Hassan.I really feel sad for her and pitty for us as we have lost this talented pop singer before 12 years .. She could have sung more hits for Pop Industry...

"Phool Khilte Rahein
Hawa Chalti Hain
Log Milte Rahe  
Lekin ....."
      bas ek hi Nazia Hassan the, aur rahenge

We miss you Nazia and your eternal,husky,mesmerizing voice


                                                                                                                          ©Debarati Datta

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Touch of Sharadia

                                                                        Touch of Sharadia

Hi friends!! After a long time I m here to write again…I guess more than a month…Really feeling bad as couldn’t post anything…Too much work pressure that too long 9-10 hrs dealing with computer …and after that really don’t feel like sitting again in front of PC… Anyways… It’s October month and the month of festivals..Just love it...And for a Bengali Citizen the most thrilling and exciting is to celebrate Durga Puja in Grand way…Though this time Puja timing is quite late still it’s not much far from now… Just few days and then YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY….Time to say “Subho Saradiya” will come… ☺☺


“Sarat Kaal”--the season of festivals…The mesmerizing, floating, carefree clouds & the hide and seek game of sunlight through those clouds are just flaunting… “Kaash phool “another object of nature which smoothens Bengali’s mind as it reminds us to get ready for welcoming Goddess.Ma Durga...The unprepared Goddess idols at Kumortuli,the  unfinished Pandals around the city excite us and tell us that yes Ma is coming soon..But this feeling is only better because as soon as the Festival starts, days pass like Rajdhani Express and make us sad…
Sometimes I really do feel like going to some village side area where I can enjoy a Bonedi Barir Durga Pujo…From Mahalaya to Dashami totally 10 days just watching those floating clouds and the gangs of Kaash Phool, dancing to the beats of Dhaak… just to celebrate a Complete Bangali Durga Pujo… I am very much prone to thinking, thinking and thinking. These little little instances of nature just blow my mind but unfortunately it’s impossible to spend long time over there practically…Still hope for it to happen sometimes in my Life.Anyways Let me share my Childhood Durga Puja Holidays and the scenario of the Tilottoma Mahanagari Kolkata…

I am highly fun loving girl from childhood, and I get too excited just thinking of having fun and if that is of the ultimate festive season for having fun then.”Kono kotha hobe na”...Not only me All the Bengalis do the same behavior like I do in this season, whether in West Bengal or outside anywhere in the world. The preparation starts from 2 months before the Puja and now the things are totally running fast...In everywhere from the media to magazines only about Puja Puja and Puja…Different shows based upon this and many more things.. ☺

In these long 23 years of my life I have tasted different flavors of Durga Puja …during childhood the taste was so unique which I miss much… Then people were not much concerned about pandal hopping like recent times. It has become a rage now to hop Pandals from Chaturthi to Ekadashi … Actually we Bengalis don’t want to leave this enjoyment soon. So we stretch the time from both starting and ending ☺ …In childhood Puja means long holiday of one month, several dresses from loved ones (definitely used to have competition with friends regarding this [wink]),hopping pandals with ma and papa everyday from Saptami to Dashami ☺,having a tough game competition with local friends with Gun and Cap (cracker) and humming to the tunes of Pujo numbers released by Kumar Sanu and few R.D –Asha Bengali hit adhunik songs.. Then enjoyment with relatives and all … But now neither I get long one month holiday nor have that excitement of counting dresses with friends ( kiddish)..But it doesn’t mean that I don’t take any preparations at all...Already it has been started…Puja days I spend with my family and friends… Have a jomati adda,whole night pandal hopping,eating like hell from outside [specially junk food] .. and many more..OH !! I just can’t wait .. only 17 days more…

Hey!! Bloggers those who stay outside of Kolkata and never got a chance to celebrate Durga Puja with Bengalis, I do request and invite them to come once to Kolkata and to have a glance of this world famous Grand Durga Puja… love you  Bye ….

                                                                                               ©Debarati Datta

Monday, 20 August 2012

Oh !! Mother

                                                                            Oh !! Mother

" Mother ... (Ma) " who we can't define in anyway.. From childhood I have shared a great bonding with my mother.She was my first teacher and went on being like that throughout my school life..I was naughty enough to torture,annoy her every time..She has been my friend,philosopher and guide all over the years..But the tragedy happened when for the first time I went far away from her for 4 long years during my college days..Days and Sights she called me up to make me feel that she was all along with me ... Sometimes it happens that we,children find our mother's advice so annoying and boring as they always poke us and warn us for every thing..It happened and still sometimes happens with me too.. But the later time when We think and realize the fact we get them right.. Mother's are mothers..they can easily know our emotions,our feeling though we hide that from them..They laugh when we are happy, they cry when we are sad.. They are Mothers... the living Goddess of Earth ... I love you ma.

Oh !! Mother
I am writing you this poetic letter
to open up my bundle of thoughts
which I feel every time whether u r near or not
but can not express right in front ..
Thus this is the only way, I have found out
which actually can not come out of my mouth
you may feel surprised after reading this
I hope you will like it,but it's a humble request
NO tears please !!!

Twenty Three years and nine pre months
you have kept me beneath your shadow and your warmth
That is really hard to describe either by expression or by any terms...
Mother's are just another portrait of Goddess
Thus you were,you are and will be always..
From being the introducer to the Teacher
Every time I have got you as my guide,friend and philosopher..
I still remember my school days
when you used to manage every single duties
as a working woman and as an home maker in several ways..
Whomever I am today,
 is just your struggle and your shadow of  magical ray..

Oh !! mother
I still remember
the day when you first took me to school...
you were standing outside telling me to not cry
while they were taking me in .. away from you ...
I dwell upon the days when my exam results used to come out
I used to be scared and feared much to ask you again and again
"Ma What Will Happen ??? "
You were the one to hold my hands and smile at my face without showing the lines of doubt..

Hats off !! to you and your dedication
that you have been spending on me without any expectation
I fought with you and annoyed you over time to time
But Mother !!! you didn't bother
to come across and make me feel better..
I love the way you cuddle up with me
when I sleep too deep
can feel the way you call me up
with love and anguish ..

Oh!! mother
there are plenty of memories to gather
which will not end up here ..
All these are stitched in their own way
right bottom of my heart
which can never fade and never go apart..
I was your small girl 
would like to be the same forever...
Last words which I would like to share
with the strike of  a soft touch 
that I LOVE YOU so much 

                                                                                                                   ©Debarati Datta

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Magical Madhuri

                                                           The Magical Madhuri 

"Ding Dang Ding ... Ding Dang Ding Dang Ding Dang .... Ek Do Tin .... " and that's The Madhuri Dixit. 

Vast it is to describe her and to write about the ultimate muse of Mr.M.F Hussain..She can be described  in my way by just one line that is I just love her... Why my post title is "The Magical Madhuri " ?? Because I couldn't think of some other name or title other than this ... as this came automatically in my mind.. and obviously it's not the fault of my mind or my brain..Actually Madhuri Dixit--the name itself made me to do so..

Ahh !! I grew up watching Madhuri. Super hit Muqabla which was the only  program to play all Bollywood songs at that time, used to play always Madhuri's numbers...Whatever from Dhak Dhak Karne Laga,Ek Do Teen,Mera Piya Ghar,Chane ke Khet main,Choli ke piche,Sajan songs,Didi tera dewar and other Hum aapke hain kaun songs blah blah blah !!! getting tired of taking all the names....The whole 90's went like this only.I still remember me and my elder sister always used to copy her dance in front of mirror especially mera piya ghar and ek do teen most of the times and  yes tell me any girl name who loves dancing and didn't do the same ???I find very less people to dislike madhuri..Her aura,magic blows everyone's mind ...

When I was a kid didn't use to understand much about classical,didn't use to notice her expression which is priceless and which can not be described by words..As I started getting into classical dance and started knowing about perfection,hand mudras ,body gestures,eye movements and  especially getting totally into the character.. I simply started respecting her.. What I have learnt from her is that jaisa dance waise expression and totally dub jana hain bass !! I was amazed when she danced pure Kathak during her pregnancy with the heavy weighted ghaghra in Kahen Ched Ched Mohey ... and what an expression ... I think she can tell her feelings with only her facial expression.. no need to have a speech or hand gestures ... and of course her billion dollar smile is just so amazing ... 

For me she was the last typical Bollywood diva to dance and act in total filmy style..Her ada,latkas jhatkas were mind blowing.. I do watch Jhalak Dikhla Jaa just because of her ..I don't miss at all the dance moves of the week by her..She looks like just a calender art dancing in her own way..Saroj Khan's favorite Mrs.Nene keeps on mesmerizing all the audience just like the way she used to do before..Whenever I dance any dance number whether it is classical or creative whatever I always think first if Madhuri Dixit would have done this how could it be ??? and the same I draw in my mind and try to follow.I try to keep the perfect posture,the grace on face and the well finished hand gesture.. 

these above pictures are very less to expose her persona ..At last I really would like to say " main Madhuri Dixit banna chahti hu "