Hello friends ..After few months I am writing again.This article is about my passion ..Dance...

The only thing which can turn my moods on is Dance..My first dance was in nursery standard with "Hattima tim tim",rhyme song.

Let me tell you How did I get into Dance...

My didibhai(Elder sister) was a kathak dancer and classical singer during childhood.I used to see her and used to have her ghungroos and used to dance in my own way.My mother used to sing before marriage..She is a teacher by profession.So it was a "gene effect" I guess to have Artloving sense within me.At first I didn't go through any proper training of Dance..My sister is the first dance teacher for me.and the song was " Kothao amar hariye jawa",a well known Rabindrasangeet..She used to teach me few dance steps and used to make me ready for my school functions where she used to sing and I used to dance.And yes I was quite famous for that in school.Actually it used to be unique among all the other dance performances..Later I got into kathak classes.. I continued it for few years..During that I got few golden oppurtunities to dance infront of few big people. to welcome them and to honour them.They were the then Governor of West Bengal, Athlete Jyotirmoyi Sikdar,Swimmer Bula Choudhary,and few famous actors like Anup Kumar,Madhavi Chatterjee.Really it was a great experience for me at the age of 9 yrs.

but the crap happened to me..Suddenly I lost all the interests in dance.don't know y..I guess I wasn't able to handle both studies and dance.. So I stopped taking the training of kathak .. but practically didn't leave it..Used to perform everywhere else.It was going on like this only.Finished school life.Again tried to get admitted in dance school.But ...Entrance result came out.. and got admission in college..after that for four years didn't get the chance to learn it thoroughly .

But in college got my most surprising moment for dance.It was 2008..I was in 3rd year.. In my hostel there were Women's day celebration going on.Suddenly Chairperson asked me to dance unknowingly.Simply she told me to dance.That time my best song was "Mere dholna sun" from Bhulbhulaiyaa.I used to listen that so much..My brain bulb turned on suddenly..Brought the cd, gave to technician and went on dancing classical..Oh my god The enjoyment I got and the response which I got from the audience were unexpected.Couldn't imagine ppl would like that so much...I got my enthusiasm back to learn and continue my classical dance again.Everywhere I could listen only my name and the appraisal of my dance from chairperson,Vice Princi,Princi all...I really can't forget that day ever in my life..and from then I again started my journey in dance...

after passing out from college came back to hometown,kolkata..hmm..started learning Odissi.

People who inspires me In Odissi....

                                                                   Mrs.Sujata Mahapatra    
                                                  My Odissi Teacher ...Mrs.Syamalima Nandi

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa.... odissi...what a grace,what a footwork,handwork..all I just love it..

now learning this.Try to practise after coming home from office. Hope I can do it "bigger" in my future...

                                                                                                                                       ©Debarati Datta


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