Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Thank you note ... 2015, I will remember you in many ways

Well just one day is left to bid good bye to 2015 and to say Hello and Welcome 2016. I hardly make plans on anything and when it comes to New Year, I feel taking resolutions is kind of foolish idea. So in the beginning of 2015 I had no plans at all. I am thankful enough that my 2015 went really well. 

I should say that 2015 was year of Travel. I traveled many places and most surprisingly all of them were so uncertain and of course with friends. I made many new friends during all the trips. One of the trip was very close to me as we girls made it successful. Thanks to you both Naiwrita and Anindita. Then I trekked for first time. I traveled to North Bengal for the first time. Thanks to Arpita di for escorting me always. I started loving mountains from a different angle. All were new experiences. I never loved mountains before. But my realization changed completely. Himalaya just moved me deeply. 

Over that I revived myself newly because many new things I learned this year. I learned to swim (I overcame with my fear of swimming) and thankfully I have learnt to dive well too. wink ^_*. I could indulge myself with dance. I attended workshops, danced and danced. I did attend cultural activities. I wrote many articles and happiest part was that one of my post was top listed by too. I smelled my lost feelings again this year and that was one of the best part of it. Then my best friend (my sister) got married and the number just doubled because I have got another cool friend in my brother - in - law. My 2015 was more than I expected because I spent my most of the times with my family, friends and my passions. Each moment was bright as diamonds, sweet as sugar. Check few of my happy moments.

It's just that you can never make any plans on how your upcoming year or life is going to be. It's just we need to make sure we are flexible enough to cope with all situations that come up in near future. I wish I can stay strong through thick and thin and I hope that I can spread happiness among everyone I care about. 

To everyone out there, whomever is reading this post. Would love to see your year's highlights too. If you want to mail me, inbox me in and if you are uncomfortable to do so, no worries just recollect your good memories and smile for now. 

Let's shout ... Happy New Year 2016 ..

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

ভেঙচি !!

বলতে চাই অনেক কিছু 
মন করে হাস ফাঁস ,
মুখ করে রাখি কাচু  মাচু 
অবশেষে হই হতাশ  !!

আশা যেখানে  শুন্য  মরু ,
কূলের  হদিশ  নাই 
বল তো দেখি কেমন করে সোনার হরিণ পাই  ?
তাই শুধু  গুনি  দিন আর মাস ,
গতের পথ ধরে 
চুপটি করে  ভেঙচি  মুখে ,
দেখি তোকে প্রাণ ভরে  ।। 

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Free Spirited Soul writes upon !!

This is going to be my some random write ups. After many many travel posts and some poetry I am back with my scribbles like I used to do before. Remember? No ?? not a problem. LOL ... As the winter has knocked the door of Kolkata since last week, a different kind of lazy mood has stuck to everyone. Basically I hate winter season because it gives me unhealthy issues and mostly I feel lazy and that makes me feel that I am running out of time and it spoils my activeness though I try hard to keep me active anyways. But .. Winter is always best for foodies like me, and to  have fun outside home with your friends and family. Winter is best to rejoice picnics, Fairs and also roaming the city with so much happiness inside. In that way I love this season. 

Some good movies & watching them under blankets one by one, doomed light, nice fragrance, sounds of bells, soothing musics, tasty cakes and nice home cooked foods are enough to make me happy. Without keeping any second thought I know I am very much concerned to make me happy because I know if I can not pour enough love to myself, I will fail to shower it on my closed ones. Let's bring happiness, Let's share love and Let's celebrate Winter with sweetness filled in your home and your surroundings. 

Happy Winter and Happy Chill .. Loads of Love ... ♥♥♥♥

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Memoirs of North Sikkim - Visit to Lachung, Zero Point and Yumthang

Hey ! I am back with my North Sikkim post. Oops !! took long time to write on North Sikkim. Probably one month of my last post got published on Gurudongmar Lake. In case you missed it, click here to read them.


So today I am going to write on Lachung, Yumthang Valley and Zero Point. From Lachen we headed towards Lachung in the afternoon around 12:30 so that we could reach Lachen before evening. There is a place called Chungthang which comes in between Lachen and Lachung and the town  is immensely beautiful. Will give it a try if I visit North Sikkim again. While heading towards Lachung we visited Bhim Nala Waterfalls. Till that day I used to think Kempty fall was the hugest to me, but there was something different in Bhim Nala Fall. Most important thing in this fall was to me was the absence of human noise which is too annoying in Kempty fall. The sound of falling waters should be cherished. There was no one except our group. Yes later on one couple joined the place. But still the fall remained louder than any other sounds. Another beautiful phenomenon of Sikkim falls is they come up on the road itself. You don't need to struggle or walk Topsy turvy to check a fall. As the name suggests, Bhim Nala fall is huge in size. Huge means huge. Too tall and Water was falling down with extreme force. I didn't even go near to the fall, but I was wet and poor my sweater was wet too and it seemed like the temperature dropped there immediately. My teeth were clinging to each other desperately and I was shivering like hell. Funniest part was, I couldn't hold my camera properly due to continuous jerks my body was offering me and the result was a set of blurred pictures. Just infront of the fall, there was a view point to view the fall well. Though we found it a bit untidy and dangerous !! It seemed people didn't get up there for long and it was more of an abandoned type of place. Anyhow, the fall is a must try.

see the quality of the picture !! Shivers . Bhim Nala Falls

Even Driver was also shivering :P see the picture

We entered Lachung before evening and it was our damn luck that the room which we got in hotel was close to heaven. For me and Arpita di, the window view was enough to make us happy. Just imagine, you are staying in a chilled hilly region, a wooden room and you are opening the window for an instance and then you are seeing several falls are coming down to meet a river and that too from very less distance. The sound, the hill, the clouds and the small cottages (barely visible)over the hills - these are blessings. Gazing upon the houses from one mountain to another mountain has another charm and happiness. They seem too tiny that I feel immense pleasure to think and imagine how people are living there, or what they are doing right now or sometimes I try to increase my visionary and wish if I can see some people moving out there. It is like fantasy for me. I dreamed of this when I was a kid and I used to watch Heidi. Heidi was a kid living at the top of mountain. Clouds, sheeps, wind, Peter were her friends. She too lived in a wooden cottage and her simple yet beautiful life always made me pondering for long. Ahhh !! see where I am moving towards. Poor me.. Pardon. Just check out the pictures of Lachung now.

Zero Point 
On the next day, morning we started for Zero point. The bunch of clouds and non stop rain was worrying us as nothing was visible when we went out at morning. It was chill, sorry too chill as the car started moving on. We just couldn't open the window glasses as the wind was hitting us and was giving a sheer chill. We had hot bread and butter as breakfast with us so that was giving us a pleasure. To visit zero point you must cross yumthang valley first. Our driver insisted us to visit yumthang valley later. So we headed towards Zero point. As we were going up, separate views were seen in different ranges of mountains. First we crossed Rock Valley. I have never seen such valley in my life. Don't know whether I will be able to see that again or not. A valley full of stones, stones and stones. All were huge in size. Driver was telling me that before few years heavy glaciers brought everything down and since then the place seems to be so rugged and rough. Even it is dangerous too to halt there for much time. It is unpredictable and at any time the stones can start rolling down. So we moved on . Did some of photoshoots and that's all. Check pictures below.

While getting top of the mountains, I found the view changing time to time.. From the rough, rugged stony rocky grey view to total green, yellow, orange,bright red and pink color appeared all of a sudden with a delight. The fog was playing hide and seek, sometimes disappearing and sometimes making a strong presence. Then we entered the old silk route which was a bliss to view from the top. I was feeling that yes I was luckiest to view that and also was feeling blessed to be born as human else would never know how beautiful Earth is. We were busy enjoying the scenic beauty, and suddenly felt some fur like particles were getting into our car and while touching the skin they were dissolving into water. Driver made a remark, snowfall. Oh My God. Can you believe that, we opened the half slit window totally and yes snow was falling in speed. We all cheered up and shouted with joy. Driver told that we were just near to zero point and the temperature was decreasing and then after spending few minutes in car we reached Zero Point - the cold chilled heaven on a big valley. In the beginning of October it was -4°C and we could realize that our bodies were not sensing anything at all, we were hardly able to move and talk. It was too chilled. We spent around 1.5 hours there and the climate was breathtaking. Sometimes sunshine was smiling at our face and sometimes snow was falling with flowing speed. Unlike Gurudongmar Lake, zero point was much crowded. Mostly people of our age were present there and their shouts of fun were making the place happening. Check out the pictures.

I love this picture

See the color

Zero Point

Like a Queen  

Arpita Di !! 

Praveen and Arpita Di

I loved the color

Yumthang Valley
From Zero point we moved back to Yumthang Valley. Unfortunate we were as in October the real beauty of yumthang was not seen properly. It is said to be the Flower Valley. you can even google it. Anyhow the view which we witnessed was not that bad either. The time I kept my feet over the valley, I felt like running fast. It was sheer happiness. Big green valley surrounded by mountains, falls and accompanied by the speedy loud river. Yaks were all around and their movements were making that sweet Dhong Dhong sound of Bells. Me and Arpita di, both went back to our childhood when we used to watch Heidi. We ran, sang and shouted Ohiyo just the way Heidi used to utter. We found ourselves as the free pigeons. Free spirited, open to nature, close to river and that sound of  flowing waves was so enthralling that it just made us happy. Super happy. Check out the pictures.  

The old silk route

We were heidi then. Running and clicking pictures

Yumthang Valley


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