Monday, 29 April 2013

Khuje Berai

This is my first poem in my mother tongue..Just written up with sudden thoughts so could not manage to write it with Bengali letters

Maaf korben

Khuje berai
Sobar majhe tomake khuje berai
Bhabnar bhir e nijeke harai...

bhule jai tumi sudhui kolpona
bhabnar ei gheratoper majhe
sudhui ochena kichu manusher anagona
Bhabi tumi gecho eshe
ar amake nebe bhalobeshe

kintu shei je bhule jai 
tumi sudhui kolpona
ashe pashe sudhumatro mukhosh er anagona
Bastob je boro kothin 
kichu gyani lokeder odhin
jara kore hiseb nikesh
tucho kore amar bhabna bishesh

tara baste pare na bhalo
ar ami basle pore bole "tor puro jibon tai gelo "

Khuje berai ami ekhono khuje berai
tomake sobar majhe
ei asha tei royechi bhalo 
amaye ar ki ba saje ??

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Friday, 26 April 2013

A Sudden poetry

They all are scattered,scattered memories 
over here and there...
tiresome & very hard to bare
they do play near my mind
to make me blind,
Blind over the practicality
to make me feel a little guilty

They wish to hit me,
hard and harder
like some sudden sea waves
slapping over the heartless rocky boulder.
There I win by standing so strong
by showing some fake attitudes and prove themselves wrong.
I laugh out loud at them
I make fun of them 
I suppress my sorrows to win over my heart
that heart which loves to cherish them 
like a Flirt
all alone,sitting at a corner 
without any shame. 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Oh !! me as the BOOK Reader !!!

Just right after one week here I am blogging again..That too at this time ?? the office hours ?? 

My neck and my shoulder helped me to take out few times for my own when I am simply taking rest at my home and snatching out few leisure times to fulfill my hobbies..

So reading ?? hmm I am not a great and passionate crazy reader.I do read sometimes and that too few short stories.Today it was a strict order from my mother's side to not spend time in front of computer as it is causing a serious trouble ... But how can I stop that ?? How can I stop typing for this when I have plenty of time on my hand ??

So suddenly today I thought to be a reader and took out this book from shelf and started to read.Only the first few pages could be finished.The book is so smart by it's name itself.. and so smart it's writing .. A kind of biography (only for LOVE ) narrated by Neeti Rustagi over her friend Durjoy Dutta.

And yes  !! it has that capability to pull me up to read this until the last page of this book..

So readers !! if possible go for it ...

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Journey with a Stranger part III

Ahh it is a story about today evening.Just few hours ago.Unlike my last two stranger's post this journey was in auto and of twenty mins long.But I felt something good may be strangely funny and exciting to share with you people.

God's blessing or anger don't know The Thunderstorm Miss Kalbaisakhi made a sudden cameo appearance at evening today in Kolkata. I was on the way to attain my dance class after office which unfortunately I could not accomplish.I was inside an auto towards Ultadanga. We were only three as passengers.The lady next to me was near about 29-33 age group (who is my stranger for this post) and another man of middle age was sitting just beside the rowdy driver.

Oh !! what a Thunder it was..Aj kuch tufaani karte hain ?? Though it is exciting to feel the incident now but the time when I was fighting with the queen of weather,I was really feeling so so odd and insecure.Not only me the stranger lady was also feeling the same.We were expressing our feelings through Issh,Ema,Baap re Baap .... and started talking and laughing ☺.I was feeling like I knew her from so beginning.We were cracking jokes.She was so kind to share her dupatta with me as I was shivering badly from thunder ☺ Aww... We shared... and that's all we reached Ultadanga and had to say tata to her :) 

Read my old stranger's 1st post here and 2nd post here.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sweet Honey Drops of Music

I am not sure how you people are going to take this title ? Ummm ... I could not think of anything else to describe her voice.What else can be so smooth and sweet other than honey drops ?? For last 11 years I have been her fan and a true follower.Have always updated myself with her latest tracks of all languages.First time I could plot her in a Bengali channel just 11-12 years ago.She was having a long hair braid and was wearing a salwar-kameez and she was with very simple looks.Her innocent face and down-to-earth nature always have attracted us(the listeners).Can you guess now ??

Yes I am talking about the present Nightingale of Bollywood Miss Shreya Ghoshal.Everytime she mesmerizes with her sweet,innocent,lovely voice.For me after Lataji if anyone could ever have the same magic to keep listeners eyes closed,that is only her. I feel like closing my eyes to feel her honeysome voice.They are like a string of  santoor playing with water.Her voice depicts the ultimate feminism.Every girl from inside can relate them with her voice.A song if we want to sing for someone special ,the feeling of every single emotions can be drawn by her voice and 'Nat Khat's. 

Recently I am listening ♫Sun Raha Hain Na Tu ♫ so much.Till now I haven't found any of her song as  bad or worse .. If that song doesn't have that much sound in it,she pours the rest and makes it more more soothing.Her Tamil track "Munbe Vaa" is at top of the list and rest all songs are my very very favorite tracks..Space will be less if I go on writing them.

May God bless her always and may this living Saraswati of present generation keeps on singing and keeps on mesmerizing us.

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Let's Fall in Love with Aashiqui 2 !!

♫ Tum hi Ho .. Ab Tumhi ho..Mera Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi ..Meri Aashiqui Tumhi Ho... ♫

After listening to all the tracks of Aashiqui 2 I am literally feeling to fall in love again.I am getting everything to feel the  same charm,passion,depth,innocence of romance which used to be during late 90's.I guess after a long it is going to be a pure romance based movie.

No no I am not talking about the so called ROMANCE which we see in present day's movies.It's all about Love,Love and Love where you people can feel the warmth and depth of Love.Woh kehte hain na aajkal .. Ishq wala Love(though quite funny to write this wala word but to express the vein and  artery of my definition of Love had to use it ).

90's onscreen romance was all about Sacrifice,Craze and to be passionate for your lover.Those love used to be so natural and full of innocence.Holding hands,seeing through each other'e eyes and singing or proposing inside a public party or something and an extreme case would be to die for the other.

Definitely these words are sounding so stupid for many of you people.Because we are much intellectual now.We only understand profit and loss.We are becoming so heartless and cruel day by day.We are forgetting commitments and emotions.We are simply standing as heartless,emotionless selfish creature.We are forgetting to fall in love time by time.

But hope few people are still there with soft heart and true emotions who rarely forgets everything so quickly. In this world of rare Aashiqs hope Aashiqui 2 will poke our minds at least the meaningful songs of this movie.But the question is how will be the movie ?? That we all can know on 10th May.Until we have to wait only.Hope people unlike me are also eagerly waiting for this movie.

Fingers crossed for Aashiqui 2 

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Thoda hain thode ki zaroorat hain

While humming to the tune of Kishore Kumar I simply thought to pen down this post with this song title as my post title.

We the living human beings, the luckiest creature of this Earth are always busy for this second "thoda".We dream,we hope we bind all our wishes together and run to make these true and claim it as Thoda.. We get more and wish for even more .. We think it as a little more ... 

Expectations never die and should not be sometimes right ??

For these little little expectations only we are dreaming more and more and living to make them happen.

Sopno jodi na i ba thaklo 

Jibone ki ba roilo ??

" ♫ Thoda hain thode ki zaroorat hain ♫ "

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