Monday, 28 April 2014

My Top Movies on DANCE

The movies I am enlisting here are of no sequence based on my affection. I loved watching them and so that I am jotting their names up over here. 

1. Black Swan :

This movie keeps on staying at the top of my chart of best dance movies. A complete amalgamation of different emotions a performer may have is the overall outcome of the movie.How much someone can devote herself to one character that she forgets her own identity for frequent times to find the best input to give on stage. The trembling juggles a mind can give before performance is true and can be related & at last the joy of satisfaction a performer can realize after giving 100% is spellbound. A must watch for all performer artists.

My Rating : 4.5/5

2. Billy Elliot :

Who says dance is not the cup of tea for boys? Dance is for everyone. Dance is within the alives and yes Billy proved it.The story of a teen boy and his passion of becoming a Ballet dancer from leaving the boxing gloves behind.A tremendous movie to showcase the passion of Billy and his living the life through Dance. Try Try Try and there you are perfect in front of the mirror.

My Rating : 4/5

3. Dance like a man : 

And again another brick wall in front of the will. Dance is not for men ? Shocking na ?The movie is a parallel story of male classical dancer who suffers from the contradiction of pursuing his passion along with his extra talented dancer wife who is undoubtedly better than him for which he suffers regularly from the mind and the demotivating words from father for being a classical dancer.A dramatic tale of a dancer couple, how they struggle together, cross their barriers and their odyssey to accomplish their dream of passion through their daughter's rhythmic body movements. What I loved in this movie was the classical items of Smt. Shobhana. It was overwhelming to see her vibrant expressions through her aesthetic bold mudras & neat postures. Yes Anushka Shankar was a pleasant surprise without Sitaar.

My Rating : 4/5

4. Navrang: 

One of my childhood holi favorite. It is not a typical dance movie. Rather I should say it as as movie of  Art, Color and Execution of fairy imagination. An artist imagines his shy housewife as dancing enchantress of fairy tale, knits the colorful frames of fantasies to an elegant outcome of art and pleasure. The song's execution was extremely beautiful. My favorite songs are Tu chuupi hain kahan, Are ja hat nat ghat, Adhaa hain chandrama. I always find Sandhya's dance a bit different from usual dance. 

My Rating : 4/5

5. Save the last dance:

An aspiring ballerina who quits her career of dance in the memory of her mother post her mother's sudden demise, regains the interest again with the support of her boyfriend, learns hip hops in the middle of the Negros and at last accomplishes her hidden dream to get admission into her dream destination. A good watch.

My Rating : 3/5

6. Dirty Dancing:

Nothing can be more romantic than having an intense passionate dance with your partner. And if a girl gets a dancing instructor like Johny (Patrick Swayze), then Oh My My... any girl will fall for sure. Romantic and sizzling dance movie.

My Rating : 3/5

7. Step Up:

This dancing reel and real life couple I envy for. Tatum and Dewan was tremendously good while dancing together. Tatum's Hip Hop was awestrucking where as Dewan's slim lite physique any dancer would love to have. A good romantic dance movie.

My Rating : 3/5

7. Flashdance :

Though the story was not an exceptional, I can never forget "What a Feeling".. The music was so groovy and energizing. Loved Jennifer Beals

My Rating : 3/5

8. Silver Linings Playbook

Dance, Music and art can be the best healers, stress busters and the best medication for depression and parallel psychology.Two depressed, mentally ill people overcome their weakness through the dance lessons together and that's why it made the Oscar I guess. A complete feel good positive movie.

My Rating : 3/5

9. ABCD [Any Body Can Dance]

First 3D dance movie of India and totally loved it. The story line may not be so strong but the execution from the first to end was just amazing. The main crew was all dancers, right from the director - Remo D'Souza, the lead actor - Prabhu Deva, the co-lead actor - Ganesh Acharya and the other notable dancers/ choreographers were amazing. Though the rain dance part was quite similar to Step up but still Sadda Dil vi Tu & Bezubaan snatched my mind.

My Rating : 4/5

10. Aja Nachle

What a come back of Madhuri Dixit after long time. The movie might not become a hit but I loved the movie. The total concept of the movie was inspirational. Carrying up Guruji's dream through out everyone's heart and basic movements was like Renaissance. We all have dance in us but we find it difficult to expose in-front of others thinking of that what other would think. Just leave the thought and open up and you are the happiest.

My Rating : 3/5

11. Devdas

I know this movie doesn't tell any story of Dance or the struggle of a Dancer. But the movie was hit due to heavy classical touches over its grand portrayal. Isn't it? Right from Madhuri Dixit's Kathak items choreographed by Pt.Birju Maharaj and the other artistic choreographies by Saroj ji and others. The music, voices were the perfect blend to turn on any dancer's feet. So it was my favorite and still is my favorite.

My Rating : 3/5

12. Nache Mayuri

What can  be most painful other than snatching away feet of a dancer ? Nothing can be. Even this one is my most dangerous nightmare. My legs start shivering even in dreams . But with Sudha Chandran it happened. The movie gives pain and goosebumps, brings up tears of loosing and sobs of falling down. But nothing can stop a dancer is music is on. Sudha Chandran is a landmark in our country for what she did and what she has achieved. No one is handicapped if mind is strong enough. She won over her weakness, started practicing her dance with a pair of wooden legs and she is a big celebrity now. This movie was her auto biography. She fell down several times but she never gave up and She is one of my admiration. Hats off !! 

My Rating : 4.5/5

13. Muktodhara

Even this movie also tells a true story. Music, Art and cultural activities can hypnotize any person to an open world of freedom, joy and pleasure. And if I am not wrong this is called Music Therapy. A criminal/murderer gets changed completely after getting molded by Dancedrama. The actor who played the role is the real life protagonist. He self portrayed his character. His name is Nigel Akkara.  Rituparna Sengupta played the role of famous Odissi dancer Alokananda Roy. Hats off ! to her again for such a noble giving and try. This movie is a must watch. If you haven't ever watched it, try watching.

My Rating : 4/5

14. Mao's Last Dancer

The movie is a biographical drama of ballet dancer Li CunXin and based upon his autobiography of the same name. As the movie is an autobiography of a ballet dancer, surely the movie was all about DANCE. I love Ballet. So So much. Even I am eager to learn this form. So watching this movie was experiencing a smooth journey towards the world of poetry, Poetry of Ballet Dance. The Dance pieces were beautiful and the lead actor portrayed the character so well that no one can pick any flaws up from his skills. A dancer can go through struggles, pain and fame too. This story depicts the same.

My Rating : 4/5

Unfortunately I could not reach 15. But as soon as I watch more movies on dance, I will update the post may be write a new post on this topic again !! 

Wish everyone Happy World Dance Day

Happy World Dance Day to all dancers among my friend list, to all those who worship it as their passion, love and joy and Even to those who dance to chill, to have fun and to destress.. So fill your life up with Music, the extra movements which your body and mind loves to do.. Keep the light of D.A.N.C.E ON in your heart always.. Stay young.. Stay youthful .. Stay Happy.. 

Because You know A(Anybody).B(Body).C(Can).D(Dance)..   Kudos !! 

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bright Summer !!

Summer Set

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That Small Hopeful Blessed School

Last month I planned to have a trip near North Bengal along with my friends. Summer was heating and we thought nothing could have been better than having a vacation on hills that too nearer to my city Kolkata. The memory could only have few fun-pictures or happy moments, but fortunately we brought something up with our chilled memories too. It was a pleasure of discovery. A discovery of noble experience. an experience which was unexpectedly good.

We were on the way to Tumling, which borders the Northern Bengal & Nepal. And there we halted at an unknown small village named Megma. Zig zag narrow roads over the hills were surrounded by small wooden hilly houses. The climate was wonderful. Foggy, misty and silent. It was morning 7:00 approximately. We went to a local homely food stall to have some breakfast. It was more a house with small benches in front of the main door than a food stall. But it was perfect for lite breakfast and hot cup of tea. The lady host was cooking omelette for us and besides she was making her small daughter ready for school. We wondered school in this tiny village?  We found that village was small enough to have a school. And there the mother of Sunita Thapa who was the host actually elaborated about the school Saraswati Mandir and it's background  and mostly the principal. It was heart wrenching and we became curious to pay a visit to that school just to meet the authority. Gradually we cancelled our plan immediately.

Reaching the school was not so easy. The roads were rough and rocky. It was a bit dangerous too. But the little Sunita continued her smooth walk while guiding us.On the way to school we met Neela ji. Neela ji serves as a teacher in that school. She has been teaching in that school for past 20 years. She informed us that the school is 9900 feet above sea level and when we asked how much more did we need to walk, she smiled and replied still 2 Kms more.

After a long curious walk we reached to Saraswati Mandir school at Megma. We were amazed. Amazed by the whole discovery and the scenario. It was a small school with two classrooms where few cute innocent kids were present as student and they were sitting on the half broken benches. As we entered they welcomed us with a Namaste and cuddly smiles.The classrooms had cracked old black boards which were definitely not black anymore. Though it was small school, it had some different positivity inside it. A peaceful, noble aroma was present inside the rooms. Neela ji then introduced us with the principal  Mr. Chandrakumar Pradhan,who we heard a lot about. We were no one but some travelers but he did not show any disappointment on meeting with us during the school time. He was generous with his broad smile on his face and very open minded. When we asked about her responsibilities as a Principal he broke the misconception and told that he was Principal of the school but before one year. He retired though he teaches still. He teaches because it was his dream once to teach the rural kids so that education can knock all the doors. He teaches only to spread the education among the underprivileged children. His honest will to teach every children till his death stole our hearts. Neither does he do this for money nor any fame. He just loves it.

Our conversation was going on and suddenly he took us to the backyard of the school building. There we could see a small on going construction. When we asked about that, he smiled on us with joy and pleasure and then reverted back to us with a wonderful happy news. He then stated that before few months few people like us came and visited the school and recorded everything which was happening right there like other documentaries. He never knew that they were planning something big for him and his school. We could see his eyes started sparkling with tears of joy. He then started again, that after few weeks of those travelers visit he got a call from Tata Capital. When he answered the call he got to know that TATA Capital had arranged a #DoRight Campaign to spread his half incomplete story to gain some donation to help Saraswati Mandir School. The campaign included writing competition where various writers took part to give the best suitable destiny to Saraswati Mandir and several articles, videos were published through various social media about his unknown school so that someone can make donation. Pradhanji started weeping with joy and satisfaction and then shared that he got a huge amount of donation to extend his school from various people and then he got so many gift boxes containing the stationary utilities for all children. Neither did he know the senders nor did he try too. "All were gift from God" - he mumbled and smiled broadly at us. 

It was late afternoon then. After this wonderful conversation & exploration we were touched and moved.

Now it was the time for us to move out. As soon as we took the U turn while walking apart from school and leaving it behind, we turned back and saw 20 - 25 kids accompanied by Pradhan Ji and Neela Ji waving their hands at us. We too waved back until we took another U turn of the road. And there the dawn fell down.

P.S  Practically I haven't visited this place ever. Whatever I have just penned down are the outcome of the proper amalgamation of my imagination and the information I gained from this video. I Googled the place and tried to describe as I felt. Things may not match in reality. 

Saraswati Mandir School. Picture is not taken by me
Credit. #DoRight

Megma Village.This picture is obviously not captured
by me. The picture credit goes to Purnima Roy and Flickr.
Check her pictures here

This post is written for Indiblogger  #DoRight and For more details check

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Two Old Friends

Two old pals
met after decades of thrice
They are grayed 
yet not so faded
with their memories of fun and surprise

Recalling the times of war and battle
trying to ride the time travel
they are joking 
and having some good new times

The two old pals
remind me of that Tagore's verse 
"পুরানো সেই দিনের কথা 
ভুলবি কি রে হায়ে।
 ও সেই  চোখের দেখা, প্রাণের কথা 
সে কি ভোলা যায়ে ?"

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Cozy, Dim and Sweet Den

Today I discovered a sweet little restaurant which is only few days old. Two of my colleagues had arranged giving a treat and they surprisingly took us to one of the small restaurant near by. It was very small and can be called as cafeteria. But it was ah-mazing. The ambiance was silent, cozy and peaceful. The inner world was decorated in a wooden texture, few art pieces were designed on the wall, Dim lamps were hung on top, few lamps were at side. The music they were playing was too nice and pleasing. Now can you guess how many people can have their meal altogether ? It's only 16. It was so nice and took my eyes on it. Next time I will be surely going to take my friends along with me there. Here are few pictures

Sorry my cell phone can not capture pictures in dim light.. But I guess I could show it somehow. 

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Journey with the Strangers Part IX

My last post under this label was on 14th November, 2013. So does it mean that I haven't had any interaction with any strangers who could sway my mind towards them ? Yes few did and they all are still in my memory. And I am going to jot them down some other day.But not today. Today I am going to write about the lonely yet musical stranger I have met in bus.

He was nearly above 60 and was alone having his journey in the same bus I was riding on. He sat exactly in front of me and was wearing a red kurta with a loose trouser. He grew his white beard much to cover his face with and he had a high plus powered glass on his eyes. At first I didn't notice him at all and this is how he caught my eyes.. Sorry ears first.

Definitely my body was tired and searching for a bit smoothness. Anyhow when I bagged a seat, positively I could listen few melodies out there. Usually Bus drivers play some Dhinka Chika songs so I doubted whether those songs were being played by the bus or not. But I followed the source of music and reached the space. It was him, the old man who was holding his cell phone in his chest pocket and was playing the radio. Few songs were my favorite, the old hits of Lata ji .. and guess the program. It was my favorite Suhana Safar by Anu Kapoor, on Big Fm. That program which tells each incidents related to all the celebrities. 

Unknowingly that stranger made me feel pleasant and  happy.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Love is not only about Loving... All that matters is COMMITMENT

Watched 2 States... the movie. Frankly I had been waiting for this to release. Any movie excites me which I read before in book. I love to match my imaginations and the plot with the visual portrayal. 

2 STATES is a book of Chetan Bhagat's marriage and an example of commitment. When I read it, I loved it as it did tell the real story of so many couples. Especially in India, we have so many cultures to hold. We say that we are united in this Diversity. But when it comes up about Marriage between two different cultures or religion, it brings out the biggest issue, then it becomes worst if North meets South in anyway as the cultures diversify in their very own way . 2 States was a story of commitment and a proper display of dedication towards Love.

Love is not selfish and love is not about disloyalty.  Love is not about holding your hands and roaming around. Love is the actual, the purest form of emotion which actually comes from your heart. Love is all about how much you can do for the person you love, how much you can sacrifice for your love and how far you can go to just be together for whole life. Love is not cowardliness,  Love is not about backing off in the middle way, Love is not about breaking the commitment. Love is all about the vow you make from your heart. 

While reading also I respected Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha for their commitment towards themselves. They tried, tried and at last they did it. I have seen one real life couple who belonged to different culture [North vs South] and different religion too. After few years of fight they finally did it before two months.  Read their story here

Let's come to the movie part. It was like reading the book again. Few portions were missing but yes it was movie right. They had to pack everything up within those few hours. Overall I am satisfied. Arjun Kapoor was not Arjun Kapoor. He was Krissh Malhotra only. His charm was hiding on his chubby cheeks and the geeky glasses. I loved him. You can say that I am total fida on him right now. Bring one Krish, yes I will be ready to marry him. Alia was damn glamorous and beautiful throughout the movie. Manish Malhotra's costumes were just awesome. But for few times, I could not match her as Ananya [only my thought] especially in Tamil attire. Her face is not at all like Tamilian but yes she did her job well and other characters were just perfect. Perfect as the book. I am super happy that I could match few of my imaginations with the frames shot. Especially the Chennai part.[*wink* You might know my love for Chennai]

Overall I must say that yes Please watch the movie.

P.S      a small suggestion though I know I am the least to suggest anyone anything. But would love to request everyone, that if you love someone from your heart and the core, do your best to be committed towards that person. Commitment doesn't imply to get married, it is about how much you want to be together with that person and to what extent you can go to keep the value of those very common three words I LOVE YOU. Because saying these words is easy but it's hardest to keep.

My favorite track from this movie which defined Krish and Ananya's story. Man Mast Magan ♫

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Are we the root of this problem ??

I don't how many posts I have written on this matter. But every time I feel the same irritation, same hatred and same trigger of killing them all. Ok so today again I am here to write on the crime and sexual violence against women.

Is this new ? I tried to quote 'this' as 'The overall procedure of sexually molesting  and offering disrespect to us just for fun and also to hurt our self dignity, to make us as the object of domination, evidence of male power in-front of the society'. Is this new ? No it is not. It has been happening since the epic mythological saga Mahabharat and everyone of us [Indians] read it in our life, knew the actual insult Draupadi had tolerated. That was offensive and what happens today is also similiarly offensive, How everyone kept quite and watched the 'Vastraharan' is similar to how our society reacts today, How Draupadi was blamed as characterless for having five husbands is similar to the fact how society blames us for our dress up and our living style. It is all same. 

Woman : Why are you teasing me?

Man : Because you are giving chance and exposing your body. 

Woman : I am not exposing my body. I have just wore a short and a simple tee. Because I like it.

Man: No. You can not wear whatever you like. Wear something which can never invite our vulture some eyes.

Woman. Ok ..

Woman changes the dress and wears a Full length jeans

Man : Wow.. you look hot [teasing vulgarily]

Woman : Now why are you touching my butt ?

Man : Because they look hot.

Woman : But I am wearing full length jeans and full sleeve top. Where am I showing my body?

Man: Yes you are absolutely showing your body up. The pant you are wearing is clearly focusing your nice bum and your chick curve. Better you change the dress and wear something Indian.

Woman changes the dress and wears Salwar- Kameez

Man (staring at her chest)

Woman : Why are you staring at me like this? What are you staring at ?

Man : Don't you think your neckline is so deep? Your cleavage can be clearly seen. 

Woman : That's not my fault. I haven't wore anything wrong. It's not deep too. It can happen sometimes. It is not possible to be cautious every time.

Man : You must be cautious else anything can happen with you. Dress something better.

Woman changes the dress to Saree and then.

Man (touching her waist and belly)

Woman : How dare you to touch me like this ?

Man : You are showing and telling me to not touch ? Why are you wearing Saree, don't you know your waist remains opened while you wear saree.. Better cover your body totally. Don't take chance.

Woman finally sticks to wear Burkha.

Man (taunting, whistling and trying to touch)

Woman : Why did you taunt? I am fully covered and not showing any body parts right except my eyes? Then why are you still misbehaving?

Man: It's because you are wearing Burkha. Don't you know we all want to see a woman body and there you are creating mystery by not showing a single skin. We are thirsty to see some flesh and skin. That's all. 

Woman : So this time also is it my fault ?

Man : Yes absolutely . It is your FAULT.

Woman : Yes it is my Fault

Read the conversation? Thinking about it ? Guessing it wrong? Unfortunately it is the real scenario. It is the fact between the victim and the society. Thousands of rallies  we join, thousands of shares we do, thousands of news we read but there again thousands of rapes will occur and this will continue right ?

Let me share two videos which I loved

Video Source : Youtube for all three videos

The articles which fired me to write again on this topic, are here 

1 . Here
2. Here

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Round Round Round !!

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Movies ...Apr, 2014

27th April, 2014

27th April, 2014

27th April, 2014 1:10 am

26th April, 2014

20th April, 2014

20th April, 2014 1:00 am

18th April, 2014

18th April, 2014 1:30 am

16th April, 2014

15th April, 2014

15th April, 2014 1:00 am

13th April, 2014

6th April, 2014

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Healers !!

Undoubtedly I love him so much. Besides all the macho handsome hero, I find this man so charming and different. Kind of unique. This yesteryear actor is none other than Amol Palekar. Quite a times he makes me laugh at his most of the played characters, he makes me feel calm by his innocent screen presence. His innocent, simple, guy next door image please me and more over that his movie songs were so so good. Today I thought of healing my mind by playing his few movie clips which are my very favorite and of course the songs. I would love to dedicate few of them here too.

Aane wala pal 

Gori tera gaon bada pyaara

Janeman Janeman

this one is at the top of my chart. Rajni Gandha

Na jaane kyon

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

অতীত তুমি

আমার এই ছোট মন 
অচেনা আনমনে 
দৌড়ে বেড়ায়ে ভাবীর সন্ধানে। 
হারাতে চায়েনা তবু,
হারায়ে নিজেকে বারে বারে
মরীচিকার আধাঁরে।
ভীড়ে মেশে খোশ মেজাজে    
অতীতের নিশি ডাকে 
নিরুত্তর স্মৃতির একটু ফাঁকে,
খেয়ালের শাখে শাখে। 

আমার এই মন 
একটু মুচকি হেসে
অতীতকে বলে ভালোবেসে ,
তুমি ছিলে আমার বর্তমান 
কিন্তু এখন হয়েছ ম্লান। 
ভিড়েছ কল্পনায় ,
আর ক্ষনিকের অর্থহীন মায়ায়ে। 
অতীত তুমি হয়োনা বর্তমানের আলো, 
কারণে কিংবা অকারণে 
তুমি স্মৃতিতেই আছ ভালো। 


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