Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kikli Kaleer Di

Hmm this post is mainly for girls ... Do you remember doing this ?? I remember clearly doing this with my elder sister.Evening time,leisure time at terrace...when we didn't have anything to do much or play some other games....Used to hold hands tight and just used to go for it ....and if we could have dupatta with us then toh ahem ahem !! used to feel like " yay !! we are grown up ladies " ... but so many times we fell down due to lack of energy,need of speed and more over that sweat and perspiration over hands... That's all... Dhang Dhang...

Ha ha ha !!  

Hope I could dig up some memories of yours too ☺

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Movies.. OCT, 2013




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Friday, 25 October 2013

Grave of the Fireflies

Probably this time I have shed my tears most after watching a movie called The Grave of the Fireflies. I love cartoons and animations so much and I do watch them too.But an animation movie could be so traumatic and emotional I didn't know before watching this movie.I do expose my teardrops if the movie is sensitive but that is a few...very few...may be my eyes just start getting wet.But this time they crossed their limit and fell continuously even after the movie ended. You will believe or not even now also my eyes are wet [I am re-watching the scenes and re-hearing the background scores].You may feel that "this girl is overreacting!!" But believe me if you watch this you too will feel the same I am. May be a little more or less.For the first time I rated a movie 10 in IMDB. You can feel even more if you have siblings.I did watch it with my didibhai... and yes we both were sobbing with our own and holding each other hand tight.

Seita and Setsuko at their good odd times

 The story is all about a 14 year old brother and his only tiny sister who have recently lost their parents in World War II attacks and the FIREFLIES.The story is about the love, care, responsibilities and duties of a brother who did everything possible to keep her sister safe. They were betrayed by their relatives and the society too [quite normal during crisis] but they had to be alive.They accepted the harsh truth with joy and happiness.They found their ray of hope to live more.They fought,fought and fought but the tragedy took place at the end which was pathetic and sensitive. For some fraction of time I didn't realize that it was an animation. It was so alive and felt like everything was happening right in front of my eyes and I could not help them.

few moments

Seita and Setsuko with their basic needs

Setsuko.. the little tiny Setsuko

Readers please watch this movie.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Scribbles of page .... part I

It's very cold outside.I am on my Christmas vacation, spending some lazy, cold and candid moments with myself and my mind.My hairs are hiding under the hood and my happy feet are grooving through my printed socks.The evening is quite silent enough though jingle bell is all around.Tiny little puzzles bulbs are brightening my room and the colored glossy papers are hanging with them to fill some joy.

Keys and clicks are breaking the silence now.I am online on Facebook somehow.My wall is well occupied with the wishes and posters.You knock me then with a short "Hi !! "... I reply !! Chat goes on, Likes and dislikes, few jokes, few shares and silence falls apart....happiness everywhere !! 

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Aftermath .... PUJA

I know I am quite late to mingle up with your mind but there is no time for expressing your feelings right ?? I am trying to pen about the feelings which we usually suffer after Puja.

This is the most mournful period for all Kolkatans and Bengalis [staying outside]when you get up at morning and realize that it's Ekadoshi... i.e the festival is over.You get up and then you think that Oh My God !! I must get back to my work again from today !! Then you go out for your normal routine and then what do you see ??

A Lazy Kolkata is not so overwhelmed in welcoming the morning and the whole day.A very calm and lethargic city looks at you in a very gloomy way.The city feels so sad to open up all it's lavish garments [Lights, Sound-boxes, Loud micro-phonic speakers].You see the roads  full of footprints holding the memories of joy that every single Kolkata bashi has done.The scattered lift-lets, used food plates, ice cream wrappers play all around. A very silent, mournful Kolkata lives in its own way.The bamboo series stay at their place with an empty queue and few knots of multicolored cloths in between them.The pandals look very scary without skin and flesh on them and thus Kolkata keeps herself timid and dumb.The rush less roads,transports are carrying some sleepy people who look very tired and dull for their past enjoyment and few night outs, but unlike the city pandals Bongobashis are covered up with recently used new dresses to console their inner souls that yes yes !! it's the festive season only...Why to be sad ??... there are still three festivals left to have fun.

I could have written more but the saddest part is that I am getting no more words and sentences ... So had to stop right here... Pardon please !! 

Image Source 

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Again One year of waiting .. Subho Bijoya Doshomi

Subho Bijoya Doshomi to all my readers and friends.Huh !! these days went so fast isn't it ?? One year of waiting,few months of expectations to do this and that,preparations and joy has come to its end.
My puja was in mixed manner.Yes overall it was good and had lots of fun with family,friends and relatives which was more than anything.I started my puja from Ponchomi and yes today it's going to finish finally.So How was yours ??

The tickles of joy are not coming anymore which is pretty sad but we have high consolation to think about Laxmi puja,Kali puja,Diwali and Bhaiphota which are still in the queue. LOL ... We Bengalis are pretty festival freaks that we can enjoy and bring festivals anytime whether we have or not.So be happy dears..

These few days were the most awaited days for everyone. The city was wearing the garments of bright lights .... The music of Shanai and sounds of announcing microphones were roaming everywhere...The beats of dhak were knocking sometimes from near and sometimes from there so far...(getting up at morning with the sounds of dhak was more amazing... ) Smiles and bright happy eyes on every face... Unlimited night outs with no worries... unlimited eating junk foods out at every pandals ... laughs and giggles of everyone... sounds of Bhepu during standing in the queue... watching everyone with their new dresses and carrying a big smile was just so pleasant.... Fathers carrying their kids to show Thakur.... Family outings with oldest family members and so many scenarios were worth watching and observing... In short, happiness were everywhere...

Here are some few pictures of my puja..

My Childhood

My Childhood
with my didibhai and cute dadas..

Asthtami Anjali time

Busy in Pushpanjali 


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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Journey with Strangers Part VII

First of all would like to wish everyone Happy Durga Puja and warm wishes for Sharadia.Today was Panchami. With a happy mood and doom gloomy day I started my journey towards office. But something unusual happened which broke me down and may be for that my heart started beating fast.

I was travelling by train and it's very common to have a ransacked rush in train during puja days and more over that picking your pocket can be very common which is really dangerous and scary.

And today something related to this, was witnessed by me... They were two.Two ladies, I should call them ladies-some girls.Early married,poor,needy by looks two young women who were busy in their job i.e pick pocketing... Few women caught them right there... Everyone was shouting at them,scolding them... and throwing off coarse slang towards them.They were quite.. Yes they were guilty... 

But suddenly everyone insisted each other to beat them ... may be to kill them in anger...and two women initiated to slap them and pull their hair in a haphazard manner.Then everyone started to beat them badly.I could see them crying helplessly and begging for their lives... It was pathetic... Few of us including me raised voice against the beating up manner.But the public got furious at us and ignored our words and kept on beating them..

They were poor,they were the culprits,they were the "thieves" by profession.. but is it the proper manner to give punishment ?? Do we have the right always to beat suddenly .. sometimes we public are so much judgmental and take the rules and regulations by ourself.... Isn't it ??

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Lunchbox

Little late I am but yes I watched it finally today.When the trailer used to air on TV,I was sure that this movie would please my mind and trigger my sense of simplicity and innocence.And yes it did not disappoint me at all.

I have never been to Mumbai in my lifetime but today I guess I felt a small part of living life in Mumbai.Yes and that part is of some simple people ,their living style,their small happiness and few innocent expectations. Ritesh Batra,I must thank you for producing such kind of film where the background scores were the casual noises and sounds of Road,Office,Bus,Traffic and Train ... where you recreated the magic of 90's taste of lifestyle though it was about today only... Where the office depicted the Old,Lazy Government Daftar with no computers at all...The tape and cassettes instead of CDs and MP3s were so nostalgic to listen... The roaming fans instead of AC and the emotions attached with the ceiling fan...Each and every frame was just worth watching and noticing. Ritesh Batra kept me behind so far and for a single moment I did not feel that I was watching a movie of 2013.

From the beginning,where the trains were meeting each other at junction,the Dabbawalas (the main part of the film)and their chorus in train while their duty, the busy normal not so lavish lifestyle of the working people,the inside train scenarios,the rush,the crowded bus stands,the hanging passengers inside the vehicles,sparing the lunch time with two bananas by some people were true to be swallowed. These scenes were like," hey it happens really ".. Few were tear-pulling too.

Now let's come to the characters.Only few were there.The main protagonists were Saajan (Irrfan Khan) ,Ila (Nimrat Kaur) and the LUNCHBOX. and there were few more characters too.Aunty's voice,Shaikh (Nawazuddin) and etc etc.

Each and everyone just fulfilled the movie.Nimrat was unexpected as we have never seen her before to do such a strong character. Irrfan and Nawazuddin were brilliant as always and the lunchbox covered with green attire was the center of attraction and main source of communication between town lonely,love seeking simple people for whom their old memories,emotions and few little instants were most important.At one side there was an aged widower man who was about to retire and used to live with all his wife's likes and dislikes and on another side there was a lonely love seeking homely housewife who would love to get attention and appraisal from her husband by cooking his favorite dishes [though she was failed to get the attention] and a perfect mother cum daughter who loved to spare time with spices and recipes along with the helping aunt.

An usual housewife does so right.. ? they play some music and do all their home works silently.Even if they get to know also that their husbands are not interested in them,they keep quite and accept the truth.They may shed few drops of tears but do not even utter a word [ the committed oldie homemakers, No I am not talking about the egoists]. And there again an about to be retired man whose life doesn't have any expectations and anyone to take care of him lives his life with silence,suppresses all his thoughts and emotions as no one is there to listen his mind.But what happens when these two people find themselves a friend who they can talk to or share their sudden thoughts casually. and if that is non verbally through letters,then that becomes more touchy.It feels really good to see some real handwriting and to feel the ambiance when the writer actually wrote all words with pen and paper.The actual I mean to say.hmm !! the pleasant faces of Saajan,Ila and their attraction towards the lunchbox(the communicator) were really calm and to be felt. Started loving "♫ Mera dil bhi kitna pagal hain ♫" again.Earlier while listening I used to see Sanjay and Madhuri in my imagination but now [even now also I am listening to it] I am able to see Irrfan and Nimrat smiling at their letter cheats.

Oh ! I wrote so much!! what to do !! this movie took me away !! to far far and very far to some old living culture which I am very much fond of !! 

Thanks Ritesh Again !! But sorry for the Oscar incident.. you won so many hearts though !!

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