Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mahabharat Still Continues ...

                                                            Mahabharata Still Continues ...

It is very frustrating to write and discuss about this incident too..But my aggression needs to come out.Neither I joined any candle light march nor I could do anything good for her...Neither I will be calling her as brave nor I am going to post a big status..I just would like to ask one thing to Government of India .... That were you waiting for this incident to happen ??? or Are you still waiting for something to happen ?? (which is happening already) ?? Then what are they waiting for to give the proper punishment ?? Politicians,Ministers are busy in giving soulful speeches after her death... But will Nirbhaya's soul will rest in peace with these speeches or the statuses or emotions we Indian's are showing can heal her pain and of her families???I am not opposing it nor I am criticizing it...I am totally with Delhiites who stood against this incident and fought continuously for justice...

My question is .. Every Indian witnessed every single news updates since the incident happened...Then
why were we reading about few other rape cases on the alternative days or consequent days ?? We,Indians were protesting one side and then we were only raping on the other side ... ??? Does this make sense ??

This is not the first rape case in India...India has been witnessing this for decades to decades... TV channels showcase real crime stories based upon them.. Gives us lesson to fight back against it.. But when people actually started showing their aggression then what did they actually get ?? Lathi charges,Water bombs and many more.. Few Big people didn't leave anything to criticize the youth... Everyone was asking peace... Peace ?? Was this a peaceful incident ?? it's very fun full act to watch Government spreading lessons to not kill girl fetus..but have they shown anything to stop Rape.. ??? Girls can not be killed inside the womb but outside ??? are we,the womankind really safe ??Small girls also don't get rid out of it ..  Officially Raping is crime but technically it is not ... So inner meaning can be stated like "Whether you are inside the womb or outside the are a girl,you are a woman,you don't have the right to live your life with full of freedom"...

LOL ... we are educated... that'y why we,women get dominated physically and mentally maximum times... It is still male dominated society... For those beasts like so called MEN we are the toy to be played with..for them "What's the big deal in there to tease a girl sexually ?? What's the big deal in there to touch a girl physically ?? What's there if we rape someone to have fun for some while ??after all they are girls right!! the women.. 'Draupadi's...who will keep their mouth shut after everything for shame,for society .. ??? and if they are going to raise their voice against it also ...they will only be criticized ... their character will be ruined.. not of us... and after all it is India .. What will happen ?? we won't be punished !!! " yes it is India ... where TV,media shows the rapist's face openly but hides and hazes the victim's face... Why ?? she was being raped...Shameful nah !!!! chi chi !!! Shame Shame... It is India where we the Indians,Government,Everyone play the role of Pandavas ..we just see the Draupadi's getting raped by Dushasanas ..but stay calm and helpless... But   there was someone to help Draupadi then.. Krishna,the savior .. Now ?? if someone tries to be like him also,faces more and more problem ... may be politically or socially....

There are million girls like Nirbhaya... or may be were... who had to suicide or who are still thinking to do so...who tried to fight or still doing so... who cried or still does so..but can never think of imagining those victims to be punished ever ... Because they know that they live in so called "THE INDIAN SOCIETY " where girls are to be blamed always...huh !!! Our society the so called democratic country gives us (womankind) all rights except to stay secure and safe and with full of freedom..

Exhausted .. !!! 

                                                                                                                                        ©Debarati Datta

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Then and Now...

                                                     Merry Christmas Then and Now...

Hello Friends !!! First of all I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas..Hope you guys enjoyed it with full of happiness and joy.I am enjoying and enjoyed too..This time my way to have fun and joy was quite different.Anyways first I will recollect the Christmas going 10 to 12 years back and then I am going to catch this time and day ..

I am born and brought up in Kolkata .. the city of joy... and like Durga Puja Christmas is also a real big and huge celebration to be celebrated. Every 25th December my parents would take me and sister to Esplanade and then St. Paul's Cathedral Church and for sure Park Street..unlike now those places used to be quite and calm and definitely used to have less crowd for which the actual charm of Christmas could be felt in a smoother way.. I still remember how Hogg Market used to dress up with lights,bulbs and colorful balls and especially Santa Claus..and special Xmas cakes from Hogg Market ??? they were just so awesome. and at last the Cathedral Church and the areas around that place used to have different ambiance... 

But that ambiance I miss now a days... The places are same,the actual tradition is remaining the same but the calmness and peace ... I don't feel it. People are much busy to show off .. and the crowds are very busy to take photos rather than feeling it.This does not mean that I am criticizing my city..It's actually kuch Zyaada hi happening hain...

Today my Xmas is going too differently and with full of joyous moments.. Actually spent whole morning alone as my parents are on vacation and my sister had to go to her work.Started my day with Christmas Carols and few romantic hit 1980's tracks..then I decorated my room with lights and laces... Then started spending my time over Facebook just to watch how my friends are celebrating this special day.It was real fun to see happiness everywhere..Even now it's 9 pm .. I am   getting all the updates from my friends.. at evening me and my sis went out nearby to roam and feel the chilled Xmas atmosphere and to order dinners for us..had Xmas cake and yes after returning home also we both prepared special items to have them in dinner.. now we will have our dinner and have some cherishing moments..

It was so different and so good today :) I wish like this everyday everyone can have smiles on their faces... Like the way I am smiling in a big manner as always I do..

                                                                                                                       ©Debarati Datta

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Dance ....Dance is silent poetry of soul..Dance is Agression... Dance is Expression... Dance is Emotion...Dance is the way through which Body,Mind and Soul communicate with others without uttering a single word...Dance is the Devotion ... Dance is Prayer..Dance is the way where Eyes,Hands,Fingers,Posture,Feet and Expression get their voice to say everything....Dance is Raaga..Dance is Taala,Dance is Bhava...Dance is Nritya...Dance is Nrittaa...Dance is Abhinaya..Dance is Beat...Dance is Rythm...Dance is the .poetic creation of inner power..Dance is love .... Dance is everything...&Dance is DANCE..

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mask of Happiness

May be it spoke my mind at that moment.A pencil sketch

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Flowers of Color

Pastel Shades

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Trip to Madurai

                                                                       Trip to Madurai

It was 2008,February month.. I got a golden opportunity to visit Madurai.. It was a sudden plan for me..My next door hostel mate was Vinithra Akka..I wasn't much close to her.But I was damn close to Rubini double Senior.Ha ha ha !!! Why Double Senior ?? Sounded like weird right ?That time I was in 2nd year and she was in 4th year.So Vinithra akka was her room mate.I used to go to Rubini Di's room daily so got familiar with Vinithra akka too.

So it was her marriage in Madurai for which I got a special invitation.. had an extreme wish from my soul that "yes I need to go"..But my college,the restricted rules were not at all allowing me to leave.But it was Rubini Di who managed it nicely.I still remember we were in Dept. at evening and were begging for the permission. At last HOD permitted me for two days and Bang On !!! went to hostel, packed bag and started the journey towards Madurai ...  

First long journey via Bus that too in an unknown city,unknown road and for an unseen marriage ever in my life.First Tamil Marriage to attend.Whoaa !!!! the bus journey was awesome ... via Trichy we were moving towards Madurai..for whole night ...sometimes we were sleeping,sometimes watching the movie which was going on in the bus .. In just one line I want to say.. I was enjoying that in a damn way..Next day early morning when we reached Vinithra akka's home,an awesome,hearty welcome was waiting for us.I was overwhelmed by their reception..Yes I became a centre of attraction as I was non-Tamilian.The homely environment,the homely food,the behaviour towards me was unexpectedly good. ☺

The day we reached was the pre marriage day..So all the people in the home were very busy with their rituals.But Vinithra Akkas brother and sister didn't let us to feel bored.They simply planned to take us for a short trip around the city.I was damn excited.Madurai is well known tourist place.First we went out for simple moppet ride near the home..not much near...The road was quite inside from Akkas's home..and the road wasn't much smooth for moppet riding..But who cares ??? Couldn't imagine that Rubini Di would know that well to ride a moppet..So she was the moppet-er ☺ and I was the back seater.☺.Went for few KMs and then returned back.Then got ready for Madurai City trip.

In late afternoon we opted for visiting MEENAXI AMMAN TEMPLE. The famous temple with four Gobarams(Entrances) which had been selected for Guinness book of world Records once.Really have to say the temple of Pandyan Dynasty is so huge in size and consists of  lots of God and Goddess..Anyone can get lost by themselves...For 4 long hrs we were roaming inside the temple.But couldn't cover up it..ALAS !!! Anyway it was quite late in evening so couldn't get the chance to visit Thirumallai Palace as it gets closed earlier..So the market place we started to roam in... The Famous Jigadthanda,a cool drink of Madurai made my day..For me it was the first time to have that kind of awesome cool drink..It was damn different.Friends if you are planning to go Madurai,then please have a sip of the name,it will "thanda" your "Jigad"..☺☺☺..then what ?? we came back to home and had dinner and slept off !!

Woke up in the next morning.It was the day of marriage.I,along with their family went to Mandapam(the place where marriage takes place).It was day time.. The mandapam was big enough to  hold large number of people.All the ladies were wearing the Kanjibharam Pattu silk sarees,tieing their hair with Poo(flowers) and lots of Gold Jewelleries (Gosh Gosh..With Bulging eyes)..I was the odd one out there to wear some kind of Salwar suit .. At the entrance of the mandapam Lord Ganesha was welcoming us with a nice posture..the sounds of Nadaswaram was coming all along and was giving the entire atmosphere a holy rhythmic aura... The saddest part for me was the lunch menu..In our side,usually we have non-veg items in marriage ceremonies but when unexpectedly I found all the items as Veg items my heart broke down for a while.. But it doesn't matter when there is touch of love and adore... There was as usual Rice,Sambhar,2-3 kinds of Poriel(veg curries),Rasam,Moore,Payesam(it was superb),Aplam(Papad) and sweets.. After attending the marriage ceremony it was the time to visit the unseen place of Madurai which was left the previous day.

The Thirumallai Palace...When first I heard this name didn't get that much excitement .. Just like any other historical Palace I was searching the feel of Nostalgia... But when I got to know that it was the place of  "Kehna hi Kya from Bombay" and " Tere Bina from Guru" I was totally stunned.. if you get anything as a surprise it feels awesome.For me also the same thing happened.Wow..My favourite star Aishwarya Danced on the same floor where I was walking on.Thinking of this I was going gaga.Had spent nice time in Thirumallai Palace..Then time came to return  back to home and then to start a journey for college.Was pretty sad...Who wouldn't be ??? after such a fun within two days with full of surprise anyone would have faced the trouble which I was going through... more than 4 years have passed but still I can't forget the love,the enjoyment I got during those 2days.And I am still thankful to Vinithra Akka ,her family and at last but not the least Rubini di..for whom I have some good memories to recollect.

                                                                                                                    ©Debarati Datta