Monday, 29 December 2014

It was all about LIFEHOOD

Watched a movie named BOYHOOD ... and truly saying this movie's imaginative hangover is still on my head and mind. What should I say now .. I mean look here..I am just scribbling something something.

Okay.. let me take a small and deep breath and start about the movie.

First of all, this kind of movie I have never watched before. I think I am not the only one to say this. Because probably this one is the first movie which has shown the real transformation of the characters. YES you heard it right.. The real transformation of the real actors. What do we usually watch in a movie ? Different people to play the different ages of any A-B-C character. But this one was a movie which captured the real changes throughout 12 years of shoot but only for 45 days out of these years. So this actually won my heart.

The evolution of Mason

Let's come to the story part. Please if you are a Have - To - Be - Unique - and - Fantastic story hunter then just stop and don't watch because this movie is not for you. This story doesn't have so called unique story where you need to think and think about the climax or keep on guessing what is you may find it boring to watch 2:45 mins long yawning movie. This movie is all about a flow of life of a normal boy named Mason and how his life moves on since childhood to adulthood. With him how the circumstances change along with his mother's, sister's and father's life. We all have our own story right? Not all of them are so special but they are good for us, the individuals. Our childhood memories, teenage memories and so many times we have which all are good and simple but yes not so special for others. Boyhood's story was all about that. A small kid who has his single mother and elder sister. Then how the surrounding world changes through the subtle metamorphosis.
He meets with new friends time to time and then falls in love with a girl, then gets heart broken and then what ? Life moves on ...

Now what did I feel about this movie?

Frankly while watching this movie, I was feeling okay. Okay because to watch and feel others story is always cherishable. As the characters were growing up too with the flow  it was interesting to watch but at that time also I didn't feel this much affection on this movie. As much as I was leaving each and every moments of their lives behind, I was certainly able to feel their pasts. Like I do for mine. I mean to say like recollecting my own pasts. Pasts about the situations, pasts about how I used to look at the age of 15 and so so ... kind of and when Mason became 18 and was ready to leave his mother to become self-dependent, I just thought Oh My God  ... this boy was a kid when I started this movie and now this big? His mother breaks off with tears and says that every innings of her life has finished except her funeral. That will be the last innings. It suddenly knocked me and forced me to think how do our parents feel ? The same way right ? They just feel that the time passed so fast .. Phew .... (Long Sigh)

This movie catches the whole time span since childhood to adulthood so precisely and smoothly that it will mesmerize any emotional fool like me .. and especially if you like slow movies. Just let yourself float with the time, you can enjoy this movie too.. and I believe that in reality also it is good to let life be the way it likes to fly...  Just be the spectator of that ... 

and the last song of Family Of the Year's special edition of their song Hero is breezy and thought provoking. Perfect with the climax when Mason leaves his mother to find his own reflection.
Let me go
I don't want to be your HERO
I don't want to be your Big Man
Just wanna fight with everyone else .... ♫♫

Life just moves on and on and on !!! 

P.S How can I forget talking about the Director Richard Linklater. His Before Series is still in my heart's soft corner. His way of capturing the flow is so nice ..

Mercy for Typos Please ...................... ♥♥♥
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Thursday, 25 December 2014

PK ho ka ??

No No !! I was not at all PeeKay while watching this movie.. Now here as I am writing about this movie, it may seem that this one is a Movie Review !! Unfortunately or Fortunately No.. Because I really don't think that I am fast enough to write a review... Critics and Reviewers have already posted their reviews before a week ☺ ☺

Anyways today managed to take out the time and also to book the tickets  ☺☺ (25th Dec --> Houseful) and finally watched PK. In one word this one was one of the finest Hindi movies of 2014. A funny movie included with total wit and humor quotient and also a thoughtful underlying message.

I always discuss about our social system in my blog and sometime oppose too and for that I had to listen really some comments online or offline that how can I conclude something like this against the system. Few even said that by writing this I want to become Famous (OMG ... how bizarre these thoughts are) and blah blah blah. Anyways I feel so thus I write here.. This movie too spoke up about hypocrisy, our confusing system and how we make the law and then pretend that to be right and then push others to follow it. 

Who was PK? An alien right ?He had only his birthday suit to wear and knew that there is only one supreme power who created us, the alive beings, the galaxy and the whole universe. But unfortunately when he landed on this earth, the first thing he found was theft... and then to find his valuable Remote he had to struggle so so much that he got confused with the concept of GOD. Who is God ? ... hmm thoughtful .. I agree that this concept was similar enough with Oh My God, but still it's not that bad to get reminded about the same thinking !! 

So here I am including some scenes which I found really good [most of the sequences were good but still enlisting few of them]

1. Gandhiji is most valuable when he is over the notes !! 
2. How do we react when it comes about CONDOMS that too in public !! 
3. "Recharging the battery dance"  - sad or depressed just DANCE like no one is watching. 
4. PK's dancing cars and then stealing cloths and money :p LOL . The way he got the bizarre dresses ☺
5. PK's term - WRONG NUMBER and the concept of SECOND GOD
6. Dances of Shiva - in the toilet ( ROFL)
7. Self Defense in PK style [Sticking up God's posters on face]

****************************** ROFL *******************************

 Now coming to the point about the cast...

Amir - Mindblowing as usual and I was happy to see him in his original avatar after the biggest blunder in his life. Dhoom 3.. Phew - No words more

Anoushka - She was damn good and fortunately she was not looking that bad as she did in KJO's show. Though she got a new get up with her newly dolled up lips , she did look fab and carried off JAGGU really well. Tomboyish, bubbly and chirpy smart independent girl. ( Virat my love - good choice but yes not like me LOLz !! Thumbs Up Man ♥♥ )

Sushant - ♥ My heart keeps calm when my eyes meet him. Such a lovey dovey. But he was in the movie for so less span of time.

Sanjay Dutt - Mast

Saurav Shukla - the dhongi baba !! LOL ... 

Overall - after talking this much !! I would like to say, that I enjoyed this movie so much !! ☺☺

I enjoyed another thing that I forgot to mention here. There was a guy who was sitting beside me and he was probably a Bhojpuri speaking guy. The way he was laughing was really fun to listen. PK's Bhojpuri dialogues made him laugh more than others. After all mother tongue is mother tongue right ? 
and also
I am not an atheist !! I believe in God and God's power. I respect religion too. Because they are the way we are praising the almighty's power. But the concept I oppose is the way we discriminate. No religion is better than the others. All are same... If our mind is opaque and clear, then everything seems positive and good. There we can find the existence of GOD. 

I already posted one post before few weeks here about that supreme natural being.. and yes Mercy me for any typos mistakes !! Please ............

Loads of love ... see you in my next post.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Obviously the real Pages !!

Paperback editions vs eBooks.

Now will anyone tell me ? Where will I get the smell of the pages ?? Over E-books ?? Never !! 

I always prefer the Paperback Edition or the real so called books where I can touch the papered pages and turn them over... then can smell the book throughout the pages. Will I get this feeling over Ebooks ??

and also Can you spot any difference between an old book and an old Ebook ?? No Never.. Where will I get to see the several touches of several unknown people who read the same book before? Where will I find the bookmarks of folded pages ?? Where will I get to see some names written on one of the pages somewhere in the book.. ?? These all do happen when you can physically touch  the book ... Ebooks -- is just a way  to read virtually ... 

Frankly saying I do never get any feel or charm to read Ebooks ... they are so so annoying ... but due to shortage of time ... For R & D I too opt for this Ebooks ... 

This post is written for Indiblogger and Indispire !! 

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You love to CRITICIZE ??

Hey Man !! 
I am talking to you !! 
Stop criticizing 
over something which you never do
Remember always
that you don't own the right to suppress
others view ...

Better do the same
before you poke your nose
over the matter
you chose !! 

Poor you ...
May God have mercy on you !!

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Rewind and Restart .... Introduction of a New FELUDA

FELUDA - The term itself is enough to bring a thrill in every Bengali's heart ... The sharp creation of Ray has been always in a soft corner among children as well as the adults too. Bengali writers have given us enormous number of Detectives and each of them are Legends in their own way to make a secret shelf in our mind ( Please !! I am not including any comparison here. They all are my favorites). But according to me FELUDA has been always in a fame since Ray made the masterpieces like SHONAR KELLA, JOY BABA FELUNATH . Shonar Kella ( The Golden Fortress - made the Jaisalmer Fort so famous that a place inside the fort has been named as Mukul Bari since the movie was released ). 

Let's come to the point which I actually wanted to share. Feluda has been in Movies, Telefilms and Serials, Audio Dramas many times. There have been many Feluda's too to play onscreen. Among all we have always kept in mind that Feluda means either Soumitra Chatterjee or Sabyasachi Chakrabarty .. but this time Sandip Ray has given a real new dimension to Feluda Series. He just opted the first Feluda Novel i.e Badsahi Angti and chose Abir Chatterjee as Feluda ( ^_^ *_* ohh Flattering me ... ♥ Abir Chatterjee) and I seriously loved him as new Feluda. It seemed that Feluda series has taken a new turn and rebooted itself. What I liked is the portrayal of Age. Feluda and Topesh as young as it was written in the story unlike the last few stories we watched before.

Let's have some look at the all Feluda's ... 

Soumitra Chatterjee as Feluda in Sonar Kella

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Feluda in Tintoretor Jishu

Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Feluda in Tele Series Baksho Rohosyo
New Feluda Abir Chatterjee in Badsahi Angti

Even Disney too adopted the stories in animation but I never knew when did they telecast it .. :( 

Even Shashi Kapoor too played Feluda in Kissa Kathmandu Ka, but I haven't got any pictures.

So a small review on Badshahi Angti is here ....

Keeping the circumstances and the plot of today's day in mind Sandip Ray has really maintained the main story line and the plot scenes too were same as the book depicted in the sketches. All the characters suited themselves really well and throughout the movie I had a small overview of the city of Nawabs, Luknow. (smiles)

P.S I have blabbered enough here about Feluda, so if any Non Bengali readers who haven't heard of this and never watched any of the movies then my earnest request to them is to read the stories and to watch the movies once.... you might have had read Sherlock Holmes a lot, but I am sure that these stories will keep you attached with the book in your hands.

Go for Wiki and Amazon. (Oh !! Amazon should pay me something.. I am doing a little promotion for FREE .. Grrr .. LOLZ visit the link for buying the books.)

Sorry for Typos if found ... 

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why did we bleed ?

We were ready 
like the way we do daily
wearing a smile and with rising hope 
to spend the rest of the day
moved out for the way
 to school,
our Army Pubic School

Neither did we know
nor thought in nightmare
that we would be killed 
and become the prey of inhuman Terror....
They had bombs, guns
and shot us one by one..
We saw our teacher and mates
loosing their unfinished lives to death
they couldn't even cry
neither they could even try
to save each other
and the holy ground of 
Wisdom and Tutorial


What we did ?
and Why did we bleed ?

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Sex ?? Rather call it Making Love ...

YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex

It doesn't matter for how many times we deny to accept this truth and treat it as a taboo and claim to spoil our culture and heritage. It really doesn't matter. Because Indian root and culture has never shown the back to this natural truth ... SEX ... Rather I should call it as Making Love...

If anyone digs the Indian History into deeper level, then it will be soon discovered that Indian played a significant role in the history of SEX. Indian literature and temple sculptures were highly influenced by this natural flow of being united. For more information you may like to read the Wikipedia link.

Khajuraho Scultpture

Even if we go on reading the Ancient Hindu stories, we can find that it was not that rare at that period too.

Story 1 : Story of Shakuntala and Dushyanta 

Shakuntala was the daughter of Sage Kanva and was married to King Dushyanta as per Gandharava Vivav system (which implies to LIVE IN relationship as per today). They made love before the so called social marriage and thus Baby Bharata was born.

Image from

Story 2 : Story of Kunti and God Surya

Karna was the son of Kunti and God Surya. Before getting married to Pandu, Kunti had given birth to the son of God Surya. Thus this story too shows the pre-marital sex.

Image from

Gandharva Vivah 

According to Gandharva Vivah has been stated as 

Gāndharva Vivāha in Ancient Hinduism

Hindu texts catalog eight means of varying degrees of acceptability of acquiring a bride. Gāndharva vivāha is one of those. In this type of marriage, a woman selects her own mate. The two consensually agree to live together. Sensual passion drives the consummation of their relationship, which didn’t require parental or societal consent. In The Mahābhārata (Anuśāsana Parva, 44), Bhīṣma tells Yudhiṣtra that in gāndharva vivāha a father, regardless of his own preferences, gives his daughter in marriage to a person she has chosen and who reciprocates her sentiments. In narratives such as the story of Ṥakuntala and Duṣyanta, wedding follows a romantic union. In other words, premarital sexual courtship was allowed in gāndharva vivāha.Even though later texts portray gāndharva vivāha as the norm among the celestial beings called Gandharva, it probably originated as a form of courtship among the Ārya tribes in the Gandhāra region (modern day Kandahar in Afghanistan) in ancient India.

Several Hindu texts deemgāndharva vivāha less desirable than some other forms of marriage. However, The Mahābhārata (Ādi Parva, Sambhava Parva, 73) and The Kāmasūtra (3:5-29-30) opine that gāndharva vivāha is the foremost of all forms of union. The Manusmṛti (3:21-26) refers to the various societal views of gāndharva vivāha. According to one view, it is less desirable than some other types of marriage whereas according to another it is conducive to all sections to society.

The Baudhāyana Dharmasūtra(1:11:10-11) says that gāndharva vivāha is based on love and freewill and hence suitable to all sections of society except the Brāhmaṇa. Dharmaśāstras prescribe a restrictive lifestyle of penury and austerity to the Brāhmaṇa, who was not entitled to enjoy the same degree of freedom and indulgence granted the rest of society. Since gāndharva vivāha is based on love and freewill it would have been seen as sensual indulgence. Hence the Brāhmaṇa was not allowed it. The Nāradasmṛti (12:40-46) takes a more pragmatic approach and recognizes gāndharva vivāha as applicable to all sections of society including the Brāhmaṇa.

Gāndharva vivāha and the associated premarital sex found qualified acceptance in Hinduism in ancient times. Only later on it went out of vogue. This refutes the assertion that premarital sex is “against the tenets of every religion.”

So denying this truth and making it a taboo if talking about pre-marital sex, is really a big hypocrisy according to me where our tradition and ancient culture did show it to us various time. Isn't it ?So my answer is - 

premarital or posrmarital

YES if two adults are AGREEING with it because it is their own decision and mutual decision.
NO if it is against anyone's will ... because that is called RAPE  and nothing is as worst as this ANIMAL INSTINCT ... 

This article has been written down for Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart and Indiblogger

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Movies ... Dec, 2014

31st Dec, 2014

28th Dec, 2014

27th Dec, 2014

25th Dec, 2014

21st Dec, 2014

20th Dec, 2014

20th Dec, 2014

15th Dec, 2014

13th Dec, 2014

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Boon of Being in Bolpur Part - II

Hi friends and readers, I promised that I would be back with my next posts on Bolpur right? and here I am.

If you want to feel any place, then never miss it while early morning. Morning is the best time span when nature speaks at its best.Being in Bolpur was really a boon and that too at morning I felt like being in heaven. Staying at city has a big advantage because when you go to a countryside, you can easily differentiate the way nature talks. Each and every original sound tends to be more precious. 

I usually don't walk in the morning or jog while being at home. But I knew that while being in Bolpur Shantiniketan I must had to walk at foggy morning.I just could not miss it. I started exploring the Prabhat exactly at 6:00 AM along with my parents and the experience I gathered is described below.

It was so foggy that nothing could be seen properly. Only the rusty roads and white fogs which could be viewed properly. I was walking towards Visva Bharati College campus. Many people from Kolkata and other places were there in vacation and were out for morning walk. Most of them were middle aged and old aged. The fantastic thing was to listen the sounds of nature. I could listen only the sound of footsteps by the people who walked, the chirps of various birds and the sound of Tagore's Songs played at some guest houses and the feeling was so holy and pure. 

This was a guest house I guess. I captured it because
in this garden there was a mild speaker which was playing two of my favorite tracks
"Na Chahile Jaare Pawa Jaye" & "Jokhon Porbe Na Mor Payer Chinho". The
ambiance was too pure to describe here.

Me Me Me

This road leads to nowhere and ends right at the vision you can spot so far.
But the road was calm and aloof from human talks..

Can you spot the beautiful nest? Birds were chirping so beautifully here. Various birds
and their various sounds.  

In the mid time while walking I met five cute puppies with whom I played so so much. So it was kind of blessing for me too to find them and to spend  a vigorous amount of time with them.

Walking in Visva Bharati Campus at morning was a divine experience. In winter class starts at 7:00 am around. I could see the parents of little kids coming to the school and leaving their tiny students at the campus and on the other hand senior girls were coming to school via cycle and were in hurry to reach the gate to attend school. 

Read my poem here
Beautiful Blemish

I can't describe how the feel was when I clicked this picture.... This picture was taken at Visva Bharati Old Poush Mela Prangan. The time was 6:45 around at morning.. Foggy and chilled very much. Even I got few frozen droplets falling on my palm... Calm the weather was and thus the atmosphere. School Bell was ringing to gather students at Amrakunja... and here at this place tune of Sitar was being broadcasted. The feeling was heavenly. 

and thus the land is ... Holy Heaven of Peace, Art and Culture

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Who is GOD ???

Who is God ?? 

Yes you may come up with some answers like God is Superstition ... God is believe .... God is in Temples, Churche, Mosque, Gurudwara ... God is Tradition and God is nothing...

Different people persist different believe and there the concept of God arises ... and from there on the concept of Atheism and Theism comes too... A Theist tends to believe that Deity exists and an Atheist will never agree to it.

If you ask me who am I between these two I will answer I am a pure Theist. I do believe in that supreme natural power whom I think as GOD...

Who is God ?? God is that invisible power within us which controls us in positive direction and keeps us forwarded. Even for me achieving something good which gives me immense pleasure is like meeting up with God.. and for everyone it is.. Even an Atheist too feels inseparable joy of achieving something. That feeling is highly spiritual and motivational. Isn't that GOD ?? GOD is the POWER.. within us, within the Nature, within the atmosphere and within the whole Universe... God is Love ... God is POSITIVISM ....

For me meeting up with God, the immense power is to find the way where I can be lost somewhere ... detached from the outer chaos and rest in peace... Be it Dance, Music, Singing out loud or Gazing at some unusual picturesque scenario ... 

And yes I do believe in Indian Myths, and ancient Hindu Texts. They are supernatural but somehow I love to read them and there I find GOD ....

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Beautiful Blemish

Morning light was waiting to heat
Birds were chirping in their own mixed beat
fog was touching my face
and I was ready to confess
my weakness over love
that crosses my mind on behalf
of the shrine eternal wish
to emerge into the nature's beautiful blemish

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Boon of Being in Bolpur Part - I

Hi Friends and Folks ... My dear readers .. I know I was so irregular at updating my blog for past two weeks but yes here I am back again to re establish the connection between you and me via my posts.

Today I will write a travel post. Recently I had been to Bolpur, West Bengal. It was all of a sudden family trip and enjoyed so much. More over I just didn't miss any single moment of Bolpur. I captured few pictures and will try to share them with my words attached with them so that you can feel them too... and yes I am sure you will love to come here once in your life.

I used to feel very shameful for not visiting Shantiniketan once in my lifetime till before this weekend. The person whom I pray, I worship emotionally and whom I admire most in the field of Art and Literature Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's Ashram Shantiniketan was still unseen to me. And yes All Bengalis do that. We live Tagore actually. Many times I planned but failed. Sometimes sudden plans do work better. This time it really did. A sudden plan made my entire memories of Bolpur a blissful one..

Let me first introduce about Shantiniketan, Bolpur to Non-Residential Readers of Bengal. I don't have much words to describe who he was. I am such a little nano^infinity person to state his persona. To read more about Shantiniketan read here.Wikipedia is better in stating something than me obviously.

I started my journey on last Saturday. From the beginning of my journey One line was stroking me hard from inside. "Shantiniketan ... where the roads are Red and Art is Wide"... Some extra thinking capability ignited I guess. And that's how it happens. A boring, technical person's mind will also melt with the atmosphere and a less romantic person will also start falling in love if the person visits Shantiniketan once.

I stayed in a lodge that was very near to Visva Bharati University. As I told that I began my journey on Saturday, I just didn't miss the Shonibaarer Haat near Khoaai River (In Bengal early days Haat meant a temporary market which appeared weekly once or twice in the villages. Even now also in villages Haats do exist.Not only in Bengal I think Haats were common in other states too). I was amazed to visit the haat.  There were variety of shops and variety of things to buy. Even I did too along with my mother and sister.

The journey towards Khoaii just started. Sun was on the way to set.

ShonaJhuri Jungle... 

Just before the Shonibaarer Haat (Saturday Haat)

Seller One

Seller Two

The Sun won't Set ♫ ... Robir Utthan jekhanei jai..sekhanei khunje pai

Seller Three

Bauls with their folk songs

Ami chini go chini tomare ... Ogo ....  ♫

Badol Baul Bajaye re Ektara ♫

Family Photo .. 

This doggie was super cute at the way it was staring at me 

The dawn has landed then. Winter was coming down with more mist. Haat was finishing up then. Sellers were busy packing their stuffs Bauls were still playing their instruments and the rooted voice and then there was this cafeteria with earthy finishing and a rooted atmosphere. Evening snacks and meals are available. But the ambiance is quite like hush hush.. just talk and feel. No one will disturb you.

Can you see the light through?

There were loads of paintings too

Earthen Tea Pot and hot snacks are ready to avail

In the dusk, the cafe

Evening was saying good bye

Outside the Cafe... Inside the  jungle

Will say about it in next post. 

Forgive me for any typos... In hurry to sleep now

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