Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

May this year 2014 go all well for everyone.Hope this year doesn't encounter with natural calamities and destruction like we had in 2013. Hope this year doesn't take much lives from the rooted earth.May this year fade all the sorrows of past from everyone's life. Praying for a better world would love to wish everyone a very very veryyyy HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

May God live in peace and take care of us and our land !!

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Monday, 30 December 2013

A cold love story ....

A chilled love / A chilling love or A cold love anything can be the meaning of Sillunu Oru Kadhal, a 2006 tamil movie.

No it's not that I have recently watched the movie and jotting down my experience like I always have been doing for past posts.Probably this movie is the one Tamil movie that is closest to my heart. Whether millions of movie I watch or love, no other best movies can fade this away from my heart ever. It may not have the best script or story or best cast of the world but I would love to love it forever. This movie is kind of an old photograph for me. The older it becomes, I get it more valuable and hug it tight to feel the moments I bound with it.

How I became addicted to this movie?

Tenderness no 1 :

Oh! it started a long years ago.I was an adult kid then.First encounter with this movie was at my college auditorium where then screened this movie. It was one of the regular nights of 2007 and probably that time I could not make Tamil my cup of tea.So literally didn't make any interest over it and left the movie before intermission.I clearly remember that scene was "the mechanic part of Surya" [People who have watched it can guess.Yes Yes where Surya was being called Mechanic and the melodrama of frustration started in between him and Jyothika]. But who knew, neither I nor the total movie that it could make a safe shelter inside my heart somewhere at a corner forever and yes from this movie I am still a big fan of Surya !!

Tenderness no 2 :

Munbe Vaa!! and again no other song can take any challenge to beat its place at my heart shore. This was the first Tamil song for me to fall in love with, this was the first Tamil song of Shreya Ghoshal to hear & this was the first Tamil song for me to learn with love.I remember the day I heard it first on a radio station, the frequency pitch was not perfect to tune in. I just heard the voice of Shreya with a melodious tune. I was trying my best to move my cell to get the right frequency. Alas ! but then with the help of other hostel mates  I could find it and learned it thoroughly.From then this tune has never left its space from my lips to hum with.I inhaled each and every words of it and still breathing in & sure will do it for lifetime.This is the only song which I used to sing everywhere on any Tamil song request from hostel to any friend's home and they used to like hearing that song from a non Tamilian too.I could never delete this song from my phone, no matter for how many times I have formatted it. A.R Rahman Sir has to be credited for all this. His background scores and the melodious music is so much alive.

Tenderness no 3 :

It's the movie itself. I don't know how many times I have watched it. right from the beginning till the end each scene, each dialogue can be murmured inside of me.A perfect & practical amalgamation of present & past life anyone can have. Everything is destined to happen and whatever has to happen ,happens with certainty.The sudden twists and turns in Gautham's life can be common to happen. the love life of Gautham [present and past both] are intense,deep and true to  be true.

My favorite scenes 

  • When Gautham & Jahnvi share a cozy rapport, quality time and party together in a friendly way & when Gautham shouts at balcony "I am the happiest man in the world".
  • The pages of diary part where Jahnvi reads Gautham's past story of college from his treasured and lost diary. What a brilliant, pure and beautiful portrayal of first love. Everytime I watched it, I wanted to fall in love for the first time again and again.The love story of past which was fading away with the dust was delicate and sensitive to cherish through the pages of an old diary.
  • When Gautham got to know that Ishwarya too had the same feeling towards him and understood that she proposed him. How honest confession was there in that proposal?The joy of falling in love for the first time is like a blossoming flower or newly freed bird that wants to fly & where everyone wants to do the craziest possibilities.
  • Love Munbe Vaa video. It was again the first Tamil video which I used to have in my cell and me and my roommates used to watch it like innocent hungry dog.How beautiful was Bhumika and Surya together. A typical college love. Full of innocence and purity.
  • The pain Jahnvi went through while reading the diary.Her falling teardrops while exploring Ishwarya were pathetic and fearful as a wife.Getting to know the unknown and incomplete sad love story of your beloved husband is a mixed feeling.
  • The night chats under the blanket Ishwarya used to have were very real !!
  • When Jahnvi finally gets to know that Ishwarya has left them and sacrificed her only old love forever for the sake of Gautham as she could not find the same love Gautham used to have in his eyes for her once upon a time.
  • The trios character were brilliant from their point of view.

My post might have been absurd or weird. I could make this post a bit better either. But I didn't think while writing it and whatever came, I just jotted them down.

My old 7 years of memory....

For those who still haven't heard this song
I bet you can not end up liking this song.

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Saturday, 28 December 2013


3rd Dec,2013 [Desert Amen]

Around 3:30 PM :

On the way to the dunes and a camel ride.40 kms from the city Jaisalmer...

"Door Door tak kuch nahin,
hain toh bass reith hi sahi ||

nishabd dil ki awaz suno
aur apne khayal buno,
Jalta hua sooraj tumhe pukare
ehsaas dil ki yeh hain hamare ||
dub jaoon iss dariya main,
chuup jaoon pile sagar ke 
in madmast leheron main ||
Koi na kahe kuch mujhse
tanhaiyaan battein apni hissey ||

Reith ki isshare mujhe pukare
Ehsaas dil ki yeh hain hamare || "

Beyond the lines

Sooraj and Reith !! Perfect combo


These camels are waiting to carry us

Lovely scene isn't it ?

Ma....during Camelride


5:50 PM :

Just had a camel ride to reach this incredible Dunes. India is God's treasure.It has every shades of beauty in nature.Some are hidden and some are explored. Sands can be so beautiful I had never imagined in this level. These fine sands write their own destiny.It doesn't matter how much you scribble on them or how much you poke them with your footprints, they make their own path to live like they want.Steady and subtle... Make their fine lines one after another which you can not count or can not finish observing. This scenario is so good.There are few people, some tourists are enjoying their time with a little kalbelis. The innocent camels are walking in queue driven by their 'Turban'ed Puller.I am sitting alone and left the company of my tourist group to relish the beauty of my dream place.What could be better than sitting alone at the middle of the desert where no one is there to poke you and interfere the silence.The sun is bidding good bye.. Ah !! I don't have much words to describe it more.I just can't explain what a bliss of solitude I am inhaling into myself.My ears are listening the track "Aao Huzoor tumko... Longe Safari mix by Karunesh Panjab".I am remembering the video which was my fantasy to be experienced like.Gazing at the desert for long long and long....and there the Sun has set finally and unspoken Camels are coming towards us to pick us up again... to another fantasy of my life..

our sand image

There is Ma at front and me at the back..
the taller one

What a scenic beauty

This little insect was designing the
sand surface with its little footprints

Waves of sand 

They were fine while touching

Closer look

Sunset with this scene was like
a million dollar awa

a group of tourists enjoying Kalbelia dance

my happy feet are relaxed placing them
onto the sand

This picture is the only one picture which doesn't
belong to my camera but still in this blog..
An uncle from my tourist group clicked it when
I was sitting absent minded on the sandland.
It's true that natural pictures are always good..
Thanks to Bijon Kaku..I ♥ this picture

At 6:30 PM :
It is like another dream come true.I am supppppppppppper excited. Because after the awesome time of afternoon I am here again to relish the beauty of folk dances and folk songs. Listening to folk songs and watching any kind of folk dances are my hobbies.I often play YouTube videos to enjoy them and if you are talking about folk dances and folk musics then Rajasthan takes a very pivotal place isn't it ?? The colorful Rajasthan has many colors in its culture and that reflects in its music too. So when I got to know that I am about to watch Kalbelia and listen the Rajasthani folk songs live in dunes at the evening.. I jumped with a big YAHOO !! The ambiance is so good here.It's a resort surrounded with white tents forming a circle and a big fireplace is lighting up the bright wood-fire.We are sitting forming a circle.It's too chill here but I am heated up by the heat of the folk tunes.It has started with Kesariya Balam [I love this song from DOR, but they played the original folk which was wonderful] and here they are keeping on playing various songs with different instruments.Few shayaris and few myths are also included.. Just now the Rajasthani folk dancers have arrived in the middle and dancing to the song [holiya main ude re gulal]. It's awesome and now the Kalbeli Archana has just started dancing Kalbelia dance.Let me say one thing before that.I can't say how much I love this folk dance.The thumkas, bhramaris 
 and flexibility are very important part of this dance even I have tried various times to copy this. LOL... I don't know what I ended up with...
Archana is dancing at her best.The smile, the ada she is carrying in her face is so pleasing.


And here my Jaisalmer trip is over.I must vow that I will come again here especially and would love to relish them again... 

my song which accompanied me through out the journey

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Highway .. is high on my mind ....

Just watched the trailer of Highway which was released a few days ago. Imtiaz Ali is back with his ultimately simple yet awesome creation.Hope so !! this movie will reflect his art of simplicity like he has been doing so far. The story itself caught my eyes... we never know what we may love or like someday. We never know also that we can fall in love with the one or thing we are hating now.Time and circumstances change everything.

A a girl, kidnapped and stuck in a truck along with a long journey on several HIGHWAYs and few strangers who become her reason of happiness at some point of time.I guess it is about loving and exploring the nature and recognizing the actual mirror image of her inner self.It is the time when she wants to live her real life with her likes only and not to get back into her past and live a virtual life.

Scenes which I loved and obviously [A.R Rahman's background scores with these scenes made it more soothing]: 

I am definitely excited to watch the movie.Hope it will go actually the way I have imagined .. 


till then waiting for 21st Feb,2014 to arrive 

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Delicacy ... a delicate watch

It was yet another movie of Audrey... but unlike the last few of her movies which I watched, this was a bit different.Many may not like it, many may find it boring and slow.But it can be a true story for anyone or should I say a lover who committed his/her life to love someone and bounded his/her life in some way with something.

A widow who has just lost her husband can have the pain like Nathalie had. The scenes where she came back from her husband's funeral and got to see some old stuffs which were left like that just the time she had her husband with her for the last time.Realizing the fact that her husband was no more she did every possible craziest thing to not believe it. More over that deleting the name of your beloved from cellphone is a way pathetic. Sudden nightmares seem as a shock to see the present of being alone in the house. Living with the used of the demised better half is painful and much painful is to be a victim of sympathy from others.Every true facts were shown wonderfully with a cold silence.Audrey was wonderful as usual with her eyes.

Everyone says "move on". Is it that easy to move really on with a faster speed ? My personal answer is NO. They say time heals every wound.Yes !! that is true. Time heals all your wounds but slowly and gradually.& of course nothing can be better than indulging yourself into work you love. These true facts were fantastically approached by the director. Like a small play, the movie went on with some positive aspects of life and about leading life in own way. 

Every frames of Nathalie when she was alone, when she was lost, when she worked hard and at last when she fell in love again after a long with a fear of losing the loyalty over her past were beautiful. Life goes on and it never stops. But few memories are so cherishing that we can hardly forget them and the last scene where Markus could see her getting back to her old joy like the same way she used to have , were poetic and cold.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Most Played ... 4

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There we are

There we are
jumping at the midstreet
of a busy city place
along with bright lights
on a joyous holy celebrating night...

There they are
listening to our shouts
watching our fun
oh !! our giggles are loud !!

Shining stars,glimpse of glitter
we are dancing 
thinking of no matter..
drowsy funny smiles
with no worries at all

There we are
running and flying
at the midstreet
of a busy city place
watching the bright lights
on this happening night...

Pic : Google Search Engine

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Prayer... Fun... Talks and Walks... Wonderful Xmas Evening

I should have written it yesterday as it was Jesus's birthday but what to do, didn't get enough time and energy to write as the day was splendid.Kolkata is happening and the city of joy which means it welcomes all festival and joyous carnival in it's best way and I guess the enthusiasm is most unique.

This time also went to Park Street and St.Pauls Cathdral Church but the change which is quite noticeable is the growing crowd. During kidhood when I used to go to St.Pauls Cathedral Church holding my father's hand could never see this much crowd.Hmm Time changes and thus we are.We are fun prone more than before. But roaming at the city streets at night is real fun.Because Park street has the heart of Kolkata in it during Christmas.

Smile dear.. that's all CLICK

A Xmas for this couple too ☺

Papa's shoulder is the best ride

A happy Xmas for them too
International Children Film Festival was ON at Nandan

Church !! Count the Santas 

Cutest Santa... but my cam :( 

Nandan and Film Festival

Park Street

Streets of the PARK

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