Thursday, 28 March 2013

Woman's Shopaholic Factor !!!

Hello friends !! This post is especially for all the girl readers because as usual male readers might get it as pure Backwass or Rubbish stuff and if anyone among the Men community has already started to read it with a little interest then carry on please !!!

Shopping and Woman are so much interrelated to each other.I am talking about any kind of shopping whether it's  clothing,home/kitchen appliances or anything else.Intelligent guys know how to keep their girlfriends and wives happy.Shopping is the ultimate medicine for all kind of damaged moods.Now being a woman I too enjoy this earmarked factor to be a true shopaholic..

Like Alcoholics have different classifications, shopaholics may be classified in different categories.

a) Hyper Shopaholics : Women who don't bother about how much money they are spending on and how much will be left ultimately after shopping and shop with a Big Huge heart without asking for any discounts or offers.These women keep themselves busy for the whole month in shopping and feel bad if they don't.

b) Brand Shopaholics : Now these shopaholics always do care for brands.They use only few particular brands and tags.

c) Window Shopaholics : Women who spend more time on window shopping rather than the original shopping can be put under the category named as window shopaholic.

d) Common for all Shopaholics : Women who really don't bother much about brands and other factors,who only depend upon their choices and buy whatever they like from anywhere are common for all shopaholics.

e)Bargaining Shopaholics : These women love to bargain rather than shopping.They roam whole market place,enjoy bargaining and then buy according to their choice. 

f)Online Shopaholics : Women who don't care to go out and keep themselves busy in shopping online are Online shopaholics.They surf different websites and wait to catch some greatest deals to order soon.

g) Seasonal Shopaholics : These ladies do shop in much convenient way.They don't do shopping unnecessarily.When they need they shop with an open hand and heart and try to find the best among everything.

So under which category you are putting yourselves girls ?? I am totally under d,f and g category.Think think... Hope you are getting it much interesting.

Once read  in an article that Women get their cupboard full at the time of keeping the cloths in ... but get the cupboard empty while choosing the cloths from it LOL ... True Right ?? Survey says..."The average woman buys 3109 items over the years,including 271 pairs of shoes,185 dresses and 145 bags.It is also revealed that 41% women re-apply makeup five times a day."and yes like I said the survey also says the same.."Women never seem to have enough cloths.Many feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing trends and this means they are always buying something new." But girls !! have your budget in limit while shopping else the rest of the month you may have to go through crisis ..which is quite painful ☺

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Best and memorable Holis of my life..

So today is DOLYATRA. Holi, the most positive and colorful festival of India is knocking  our door.
I love this day.Because it is all about colors.Different different colors to play with.. Um . I just love it.Who doesn't ?? Those who don't play Holi I feel pity for them..They are so boring for me.

Anyways I would like to share few of my memorable Holis during childhood which can not come back ever.Which are gone, are gone forever.So thought to recollect them one by one. 

The very childhood of mine was in some locality named Kamal Park.I spent first 7 years of my life out there.I was a little kid then.I remember that place as very crowded and vibrant area.It was so lively.I can remember standing with my sister and few kids of next door in our lane waiting to throw balloons on some trespassers .Used to have Pichkari in our hands and a holi special hat covering our head.But as I was the youngest one among them ,couldn't use to enjoy the festival in that way.Few times I was being attacked with my balloons back by the trespassers as I could't force those balloons to fall upon in the right way.Those silly plays and funs are still alive on my mind.Later we shifted to another colony where Holi was really awesome to play.But rather than holi,the Holika Dahan or BURIPORA/NERAPURA was more vital.I could enjoy the nerapura for the first time out there only.I still remember that we used to go to different different colony (paras) to enjoy the Buripora while shouting "holi hain" loudly & to have the spicy mixture of burnt potatoes,brinjals and chillis ,they were yummy to have as prashad. Every year the schedule used to be same.First day Nerapura and on second day Holi. But once I just added more fun into it.I was coming from school while I could see few local boys of my age were collecting the stuff for Nerapura from my locality.I turned my brain on and started collecting those stuffs from my garden itself.Old leaves,stems and so much.Made the Buri's place (Holika's Place).Tied it well and invited all my near and dear ones of that colony.I was the youngest among all.They were all didis and we were the ultimate gang of girls.We all gathered and burnt the Holika at my terrace and sang all holi songs.Threw the vegetables while rounding the holika.. We were throwing the colors in the air.It was amazing.But only once I could arrange something like that.On next day of that y
ear only we enjoyed holi also in a grand manner.Here is the picture.
HOLI 2002

And now today is holi too.Still haven't started to play ..hmm hope everyone who are reading this post is going to have a colorful day ahead.Play holi with colors... Bring colors into you life.Forget all sorrows and yes don't leave anyone undone.Put colors and say "Bura na mano aj toh holi hain"..

Happy Holi to all my blog readers.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dance for fun / Sing out loud / keep your sorrows out

Hello friends !! I am back with my keyboard and my fingers to play with.

So read the title ??  Yes Yes you are right,, May be I am going to be a good adviser in this post.Yes going to give some free tips to have a relaxed mind .I am sure everyone among all of my readers are stressed may be for work,may be for studies or anything else but here I am going to tell you some sweet Funda to follow.

There's nothing better than Music therapy .. It's a complete and best healer for depression,tension and other kind of 'sion' phenomena. Special advice for those who are shy enough to sing loud and dance crazy ... Please !! do that.. Don't bother about anyone around you..Just be yourself... Sing loud with full of passion and Dance like mad .. And you can try mirror too...Just be the hero/heroine of your own film... and those who are already in it .. please carry on !!! don't stop at all....

Ha ha .. !! Crazy isn't it ?? 

So ... say with me again ... 

Dance for fun , Sing out loud
and Keep your sorrows out...

Bye bye ...Good night... 

Sleep tight ..

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Elegance of Classical Dance

Dance has been always very close to my heart and soul & if it's classical dance then it refers to only devotion and respect.

Before I start writing this post would like to pranam Lord Shiva,the ultimate Nritya Guru of the Universe also well known as Nataraj and Bhumi,the Earth...

India,an incredible country enriched with variety of cultures , variety of myths..and thus it falls upon the classical dances of India like a shadow of it's own.Each Classical Dance says different stories,different myths related to it's culture,history and beliefs.Temples speak the music,dance and art via the sculptures over the walls.It reminds us about the era of Devadasis whose devotions and sacrifices are unexpressive.

Devadasi , who were the real dancers,who used to worship the deities by offering the beautiful dance pieces,who completely sacrificed their young hood for one single devotion that is to offering prayer and to Dance in front of their lord (Sami).I respect the dedication.

There are totally eight classical dances in India and these all dances have their own grace and speech to deliver.People who are not that much into dance or have the proper knowledge about classical dance,also fall for the grace,beauty and elegance of these Classical Art Forms.The colorful costumes,make up,jewellery always make classical dance catchy to the audience.

Dance is power,Dance is shakti,Dance is another name of expression or Bhava...Dance is all about Taalas , Layas and Raagas. Bols of Ghungroos , Beats of Tabla,Mridangam,Pakhawaj create a different aura & environment of energy and passion.

As I have already stated each classical dances have it's own significance,grace and attraction.
Let's start from North India to South India (clockwise) ..

Kathak - Dance of Uttarpradesh. A dance of speed and ghungroo's bols .For me this dance is totally about expressive face movements and excessive speed of feet.

Sattriya - Dance of Assam.Now how many of you are known to this fact???Even I was unknown to this dance form until I read it in book.

Manipuri - Dance of Manipur.A slow,graceful soft lyrical dance which describes the love and Rasleela among the gopis,Krishna and Radha. Angle wise feet movements are highly attractive for my eyes.

Odissi - Dance of Orissa. My favorite dance form among all the classical dances may be because I am so much into it.It's very much lyrical and fluid like water.Graceful hand movements,Smooth choukas and Tribhangis are in my blood totally.

Bhratanatyam - Dance of TamilNadu.The Fire dance.Most of the girls once in a life want to dance Bharatanatyam or want to dress like I right or not ?? I have met so many in my life.The dance of aggression and anger is totally of Bhava,Raaga and Taala.

Mohiniattam - Dance of Kerala.Dance of Lashya,grace and feminism.

Kathakali - Dance of Kerala.Most difficult dance form according to me and most colorful too.Dance is about the storytelling  and the myths around.Dance of aggression and expression.

Kuchipuri(kuchupudi) - Dance of Andhra Pradesh.A much common dance to Bharatanatyam makes difference by recreating some tough portions of dance using plates and kundis.

At last , would like to say.. I eat Dance,I pray Dance and I dance Dance..

My Admiration 

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cartoon Tamasha !!!

Hello friends !! I am back and here I am going to write something about my cartoon connection and going to write about few parts of my sweet innocent childhood life.

First of all .. How many of you do miss the old Cartoon Network ?? The Cartoon Network of 12 to 14 years ago ?? I do miss them badly.Sometimes I feel bad for this generation's kids as they are not able to taste those pretty shows anymore.

Cartoon Mania is still in my blood and I love to watch those old cartoons back.Even I do collect too if I get a chance to do so.And if I am talking about Cartoon I  must name my childhood friend Priyanka. We were together from Nursery to +2 .We used to fight,play and share our gossips about these cartoons and definitely she was very good at recommending cartoons.I remember watching cartoons with her sometimes at her home or sometimes at my home too.We used to be so much into those cartoons.I know many of you will nod your head with my taste.My hot favorite shows were

Heidi... touchy emotional cartoon series
of lifetime

  1. Tom & Jerry - who doesn't love watching this show still now ??
  2. Dexter's Laboratory - Di Di and Dexter..
  3. Power puff Girls - ♫Fighting crime trying to save the world♫ (title track ) and Mojo Jojo
  4. Road Runner Show - Bip Bip
  5. Popeye the sailor man - Bluto,Olive and Spinach... ♫ Popeye the sailor man ...♫
  6. Sylvester and Tweety mysteries - "I thought I saw a pussy cat..oh I did I did..."
  7. Courage the cowardly dog - A bogus show which I don't miss at all
  8. Scooby Doo and Scrapy Doo - used to love it.. ♫ scooby dooby dooooo ♫
  9. Johny Quest - He was our dream prince (mine and her)
  10. Swat Kats - I was damn excited to watch this show after I used to come back from school.
  11. Ed,Eid n Eddy - They used to move and shiver always..That's what I used to enjoy much.
  12. Heidi - An innocent cartoon for which we both shed our tears out.Before going to school used to watch this show daily.

And there were few other channels too to telecast few good cartoons as well.Sahara One's Just Kids and Star Plus's Fox Kids.

Sahara One's Just Kids blew my mind once..I was in standard IXthen.It used to have two segments.In First segment there used to be some small short stories which were so good.They were called as Bhalusahb ki kahaani or The Great book of nature.. And then in the next segment they used to telecast the stories which were like serial .. Simba-the Lion King,The Jungle book,Cinderella ,The Legend of the Zorro and Pocahontas.And our favorite shows were The Cinderella and The Legend of the Zorro.Story we definitely used to like but both the charming heroes were in our fascination.Charles and Diego.Even we decided too if Charles was mine then I had to sacrifice Diego for her or vice verse.

Later on Pogo was introduced to us.. Which brought few more shows in our list.My favorite was Pingu and Oswald among all the other shows.Oswald was a soothing cartoon with soothing and calm     background music and Pingu -  the only cartoon where we didn't need to know the language.Their expressions were enough to describe everything :) and Peeppppppppp Peepppppppp,,,, sound was just wonderful.

Those days will never come back.Those days are best days to recollect.I feel past is always good to recollect whether good or bad.Ultimately they become memories.

Miss everything..

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Proud to be a Woman ..

Woman - First of all would like to ask "How do you people define this term ?? "

No I am not going to answer.This is just a question which I am throwing to you people.Think just Think..

We are Daughters 
We are Sisters 
We are Girlfriends 
We are Soulmates
We are Mothers
We are the fantasy of  Artists.
We are the definition of Sculptures.
We define beauty.
We define Intelligence.
We are Mother Teresa.
We are Kalpana Chawla.
We are Shakuntala Devi.
We are Miss Universes,Miss Worlds.
We are Madonna 

we are etc etc......... etc
and last but not the least 

We are WOMEN..

I am proud to be a part of this Womankind.Who doesn't ?? Every girl or a woman does so.But do they feel proud ?? Now you people must be thinking who are they ?? They are those women who live in some restricted area so called as Red Light Areas.Yes I am talking about prostitutes who are banned in this well civilized society though created and maintained by this society itself.They are busy selling their lives,their joy,their emotions and obviously themselves for other's entertainment.We wish Women's Day to all women we meet daily,we visit in life.We give examples of famous personalities like I did too here above.But do anyone really feel proud and pity for them ?? My women's day is dedicated to all of them who do the biggest sacrifice a woman can ever do but unfortunate they are always suppressed by our visionary award of Good Impressions .

Pretty Sad ... Respect to all of you ..

Now would like to say few lines which I feel very much from inside.

The real women's day will be the day when everyone including womankind will start respecting themselves except neglecting.The women's day will be the day when no girl child will be killed.The women's day will be the day when we will not read any rape incidents in newspapers.The women's day will be the day when no daughter-in-law will be forcibly killed by her in-laws.The women's day will be the day when no girl will be sexually harassed or molested in Bus,Train,Metro or any public place and The Real Women's Day will be the day when everyone will stop comparing Men,Women and will look up to the renaissance of mentality to avoid such cheap thoughts.

Proud to be a Woman...
and at last would like to wish every woman out there


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Saturday, 2 March 2013

One Haunted Night At Hostel

So readers you must be getting kind of excitement right ?? I don't know how will you actually react to this post.Hope you will like it.Today morning suddenly I remembered this incident and thought to write it down.So here I go...

It was 2008.Month March.Date I can not recall at this moment properly.We were all in kind of festive mood as for near about one month we were celebrating symposium for all the departments.But that bad incident too took place just after the symposium only.

Bad incident ?? It was so sudden for everyone of us and so shocking too.Just after the ECE dept's symposium,on the next day we got a very bad news.A  news of sudden accidental death.That too in our college swimming pool.He was a MCA  1st year student drowned badly in pool while playing with friends.We really heard so many rumours about this death and how it took place.It was like a sudden dark shadow covering whole happiness from all of our heart.

But you people must be thinking why haunted ?? what's in it to be called as a haunted one ??Then I must tell you the actual co-incidence.In same month of 2007 another male student (Telugu + 1st year) died that too was an accident.Both deaths were having four things in common.The month,Male student,Telugu student,1st year.This was common clause for everyone to get scared.But for me and my roomies there was another one reason .. The swimming pool where he died was just in the straight line with our room window.Means Day and Night we could see that pool every time.

During those days listened so many stories.Few said they were real,few said fake and moreover that few told some uncanny stories about our next room which was 410.Mine was 411.I was fighting enough to control my mind to some positive aura until someone saw something strange at terrace and screamed like hell at terrace.That's all hostellers,wardens everyone got an awesome excuse to leave hostel for a short vacation.

But I was bounded to be in hostel and thus my the then roomie. We both were alone in 3rd floor.
And that "haunted"day came up.We both were getting scared from morning itself though were trying to be smart enough.We went to market and bought some tabeez and lockets still we were consoling each other to not be scared.We were busy calling our parents.We went to our Senior sirs(North Indian) to know about the real incident and to know the truth about those paranormal phenomena.We were scared more after listening to all those facts.They said few parts of the rumours were real.There was something abnormal around out college campus.They said some incidents related to Graphics Classroom which was very close to our hostel building and some incidents of boys hostel and the backyard of that area.

These much of sentences were enough for us to be scared more.Already I told that we were alone in our floor.There were very few girls in hostel.The whole day went on like this.Now it was evening time.We were trying to concentrate on our books and the syllabus of 4th semester but hardly we could.After dinner we again started to study.We both were looking at each other's face with doubtful eyes thinking of that someone would say "I am scared,very scared".But no we were forcing us to believe that there was nothing such thing though we were damn frightened.

Now it was 12 am.We were trying to solve probability and Queuing Theory together and really went into it somewhat deeply.Suddenly I heard some sounds from terrace.I was stunned for some while.My roomie asked "what happened ??" I told nothing..After sometimes I heard something again.And this time I was not alone to hear this .My roomie too heard this and we were losing our confidence and faith.The sound was directly coming from our terrace.Now the question is What kind of sound ?? It was like some huge figured object was walking with heavy footsteps and scrolling it's legs slowly with a tremendous vibration.We were on the top floor.We could get the vibration sometimes just above our room and sometimes quite far.It was like someone was walking heavily and roaming around the terrace.

We thought to go up and see the actual fact to wipe out our fear but how come ?? We were feeling scared to go to another corner of our room.We were unmovable.We both were scared so so much.We decided to talk to each other whole night.But those sounds were getting so frequent.It was like the unknown creature or creepy ghost was jumping all around the terrace. It kept on going like that up to 1:30 am.Really didn't understand how the hell we slept off ... 

On the next day at afternoon while we were recollecting the last night's facts suddenly we got the same eerie sound.We were shocked ... What ?? In day time too ?? But this time we went out from our room and stood at the balcony.We were looking at the terrace and was feeling to go there.But suddenly our minds clicked.We both looked at our face and simply moved our eyes on the 2nd floor.

Now you guys must be getting some ridiculous thoughts and feelings.Can you guess what did we discover ?? 

Let me tell you.We went to 2nd floor and kept on following that same vibration and sound.We reached to that room and could see something weird which left us laughing out loud.There were two girls who were practicing dance forcibly and after we got to know that they were rehearsing dance on the last night up to 1:30 am. 

So  ?? What did you get ? I am still laughing..

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