Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Summer Connection...Why do I love Summer so much ???

                             My Summer Connection...Why do I love Summer so much ???

Hardly I find anyone who likes Summer..LOL.Whenever anyone asks me "Which is you favourite season"..I smile and say "It's Summer"..most of the times I get to see the same reaction and expression..followed by these few words "How ?? Euuuu .... What ? "... It's not true that I haven't found anyone like me.But very few.

Summer and me ...

I guess the first connection which connects me to feel the summer is my summer baby issue .... My ma says me so ..The day I was born was a hot sunny day of May and had above 40 degree temperature..

The things which I still enjoy in Summer ...


Much grown up now and obviously miss my childhood days during this season..How can anyone forget about summer vacations ?? Like all whenever I think of past days I just love it..My summer holidays used to be of so much fun..I was very naughty and playful.I still remember during class 2-7 never finished summer tasks of school.Always used to play and go here and there.During 2-4 standard used to have one gang where I was the youngest member.My didibhai (Elder sister) was a senior member in that gang.Now you people can imagine the average age of that gang members..We used to play hide and seek,gali cricket, and few more kiddish games for two times.One at evening 4-6 PM and another round used to be around 8-9 PM in our locality..Really I miss those days.But now summer does not give any holidays.So can not enjoy the summer at home. 


When it's summer I should  mention the list of my favourite fruits..Yummmmmmmmy ... I love all summer fruits .Mangoes(aam) chahe kaccha ho ya pakka koi farq nahi parta...Jambul,Jack fruits,Lichi..Yummm...In bengali we say aam jaaam kathal lichu... And you know guys What is actually exciting for me ?? the way of enjoying these fruits... If its kacha aam then best way to enjoy this is to grade it into small slices and mix it with spicy chillies and this khatti mithi taste is awesome... You know guys my mouth is watering now.In West Bengal we call it as aam makha which can be also called as Mango salad.
and ripe mango is really yummilicious...

                                                                    Mango Salad( aam makha )


love thses fruits....

Evening Walkout

I just love to have a walk at summer evening.In sweaty tacky hot weather when you get touched by the light winds how do u feel ?? I feel just awesome... and during summer the first rain ??? just can not define... 

Playing with Water

Summer = the perfect time to play with water..Boundlessly play with water,Who will scold you ?? no one... 

Ice Ice Baby

Summer means have to have lots of ice creams,Ice cubes and all chilled drinks...Just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it...

because of these reasons I love summer and wait for summer to come in the whole year....So guys !! after reading this if anyone gets the same feeling about summer... then please do comment and share your experience during summer :)

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Days spent with my Kitties ...

Just switching on the rewind switch of my life..Today at this point of moment I am missing my childhood especially "cat days".Today I am going to write about those days when I used to spend my maximum time with my kitties...playing,feeding,making them to fall asleep and many more.

I was very naughty and never loved to study.Always had a tendency to escape from my mother and tutors.I really never had any interest on cats and or any pets.Playing with them also was just an excuse to escape from books.

I think I was in IVth standard when for the first time could hear a "chi chi" sound from our store room.It was a summer holiday.I was doing  my summer home work and definately this new sound gave me another excuse to make me busy with..started to find it out with a torch light and I could see a mommy cat lying down in a luggage box with few little little cute kittens..OMG !!! got superexcited as for the first time had seen my palm sized creature with small ears,closed eyes,smal tail and a  pinkish body...Oh so sweet... they were continously meowing in a diffrent high pitch...Mommy cat was really getting possessive and angry to see me around her..I was searching the correct time to hold them and waiting for the mommy to go out for a while..But unfortunately the mom along with her kitties went to another place as she got my house unsafe( I guess for me )..

But I knew  my home was very much favourite to all mommy cats especially our store room..That was not the last time that I got the chance to see kitties..for several times few mommy cats gave birth to many many kitties and used to take time for them to grow up and used to go to another place afterwards.So we were very much used to it and never disturbed them.. but for twice my tears came out for these selfish,cute and proudy creatures..

I was in VIII th standard and was getting ready for school.Suddenly got the same "chi chi" sound from storeroom and really ignored that time as all of us were in hurry to go out..But the meow sound was not getting stopped at all and really it was quite irritating..I went to store room and could see only one kitty was rolling over the bench from here and there and was in search for  it's mother.But there was no momma cat.Felt pitty for it.But really didn't do anything with it and went to school.After returning home I could see same thing with no change :( that kitty was sounding like the same but in tired manner and in a low voice.I thought it was crying out of hunger..I decided to take all the responsibilities and took an inkdropper,a cup of milk..went to the small cute kitty..I wrapped it with a handkerchief,hold it slightly and started feeding the milk with that inkdropper.I really can remember the way it was holding the dropper and scratching it with it's tiny nails.How sweet..It was damn hungry..It's mother had left it and went somewhere else..But thanks to that mommy otherwise I could not get the chance to grow a kitten with my responsibility.Daily for thrice I used to feed milk and used to make the proper tiny bed  for it to sleep with a bed sheet for it (my handkerchief)..An emotional connection was built in between us.. :) like a mother and child :) In school also I used to think about it and used to wait for evening..after 2 days I could see it's eyes swelling.I asked my mother.She told it's eyes were about to open.I felt so happy :) :) That night I fed milk and kept it in it's bed and went to bed happily to think that next morning I was going to see a kitten with it's open eyes :) :) was feeling happy that I saved that kitten..But never thought that there were any chances to get it reverse.The next morning when I woke up and like the other days when I went to feed it,I could see no response and no heartbeats and could not listen a single meow.... I tried to move it..but atlast found a dark red spot in it's neck.. It died...... :( :( :( I cried so so much..I found myself so helpless and was not willing to handover it's tiny little body to municipality van .. still I can remember that day .. Went to school with a mourny face and after coming back to school was still looking toward that bed :'( ;'(

my kitty also used to look like this ... But i dnt have any pic of it :'(

the second incident .... after few years 4 kittens (not small like the above kitty) found my home a suitable place for good night sleep.They were enough grown up,playful,naughty,white,cute.So I fell in love with them..They had really a good sense of timing.They knew when to come and when to go.sharp at 8.00pm they use to come and used to sleep in a luggage box full of cloths and used to get up at 7.00 am next morning :)...I found that very much interesting and one day again I made a nice soft bed ready  for them where these little grown up kiddish kittens could sleep and take rest :) :) :) When they came and found my bed interesting,started calling me continuously  by doing  meow meow :) I went to them hold them..So soft and adorable they were.They were asking me love..It became a habit for me and for them to meet with each other at night time :)I  used to give a bowl of milk for them :) sometimes gave my share of milk too :) used to put a big soft piece of cloth as bedsheet :) and used to move my fingers around their neck,back,and moustache...They used to fall asleep :) really this incident totally helped me to forget about the death of previous meow :) :)..But again tragedy happened..after few months when they were big enough I found one of them shivering badly..and it wasn't able to walk properly...and later I found the other to react the same... I was scared enough..got big panic... I wasn't able to do anything as in my home hardly anyone knows about pet care and all...I rushed to my neighbour and asked that aunt that what was that ??? Aunty was aged enough and  a cat maniac...actually these cats were also of her home only.... she used to have 30-35 cats in her home.... their mother cat was a pet cat of her home :( don't know how these kittens fell in love with my home and bounded me in an emotional attachment :( That aunt told me that they were severely affected by some disease which had no cure at that time :'( I had to see them to cross the line of death ... I cried again...and later they died and that aunt took those bodies with no soul :( ....and after We shifted to our flat and left that home few years later for some other reason...  and till now have not found such cute cats :-|

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