Sunday, 22 March 2015

I don't need any reason to be HAPPY.. and that's a god gift

No No, I am not faking. It is true. I love to be happy and I love to wear a smile on my face every time. My sister tells me that as a child I was a very reserved kid,used to smile only when I used to feel. Weird to listen that now for me. Because, that is an extraordinary case for me.I laugh mostly, and smile usually. It is not that I never feel sad or depressed. I do like others, but still I feel that I am fortunate enough to have my eyes,ears, nose,hands, legs working properly  and enough money to live a healthy life and a happy composed family to leave with, few bosom friends to share my life with and few well wishers who shower good wishes on me. Isn't that enough to be happy ? 

But still on a good note, sometimes to distress also happiness do play a very good role. And obviously money doesn't buy me happiness. Ever or any expenses . My happiness comes along with my few obsessions, few likes and few weird little things. Here they go...

First thing which makes me super happy is - Dance and Music. My regular readers know how much I am crazy about these two things. Even if I watch someone dancing, my legs do shake in rhythm and that fills me up truly. Music fills me up. And when I learn new dance steps I laugh laugh and laugh. That pokes me up like reminds me that in your life you have got something extra again. I have written some poem to express my love for music which I am pasting here.

In the prolong engagement
with  you 
I have been trying to grease 
within you 
Every time I listen you
I search for the substance 
that blends me down
into the softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods 
I close my eyes, feel you
if I meet you 
I shed some drops of  enlightenment
that makes me feel to leave my body 
and to live with my soul
and think
where do you come from
from wind, soil or the sky
I try to touch 
but the strings of creation 
do play and echo around the whole
the amalgamation of Rhythm, Beats and Tempo
snatches  my soul
blends me down
into softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods
I close my eyes, feel you
and yes I meet you



Second thing which makes me feel happy is to cook or to make something creative.Happiness of creation is something which can never be brought with any other thing.

Third thing which makes me feel so happy is to spend time with family, friends and surely that reflects on my face too.

Fourth thing is playing with kittens, puppies. Oh ! that is so cute ... 

Fifth thing is to feel happy. Because it is the most important thing to remember. If you push yourself to bad thoughts, tension and other negativity, happiness will bid tata and leave... Whatever happens in life, happens for some good reason which we realize in future. That is true.

I am attaching few pictures of mine 

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Calls - Messages and Missed calls ...

Anything "First" is always special and it is true no matter what, we can not forget that. Just like the same way today I am going to write about my first mobile phones that are so so so special to me. Here my memories unfold ... Read below.

It was 2004 mid, and Reliance just boomed the concept of mobile phones in universal manner. It made everyone feel that yes mobile phones can be used by everyone. I used to see my father using it, though hardly used to touch that. Then Tata indicom introduced many offers. Indicom's chal chalachal offer was one of them. Watch the video here.  So when I was in my +2 and saw few of my friends using cellphone(indicom) I was kind of excited. At that time, cellphones in student's hands were a rare scene to see. It was like spoiler and I knew my parents would never buy me one. But if I think of something, then I try my best to get it. I started saving my pocket money more. I used to walk and save the money that Papa used to give me for rickshaw, buses etc etc.And gradually in Jan, 2006 the piggy bank calculation summed up to 2400/-. I was sure to buy a cell phone then. But I still was immature and coward enough to buy a phone alone. I eventually told everything to my mother like how I saved money and how I wished to buy a cellphone etc etc.. Shockingly she didn't get angry and was happy to see me saving money for a wish. She agreed to buy me a cellphone with that money but yes just knocked me to keep one thing in mind, that I should not hamper my studies for this. She told me everything has a time and I should follow that. I agreed her and then we both went to a local mobile shop to buy a cell phone.

Finally I bought it with 2200/- and that was like a diamond for me. I still remember keeping that in my pencil bag and while studying to open that bag and to stare that for few moments and smile. Then there was another excitement of messaging. What kind of joy that was. Inexpressible. Messages and giving + getting missed calls were immense pleasure. 

Then I bought another cell phone just a year & half after the first one and this time it was color display with polyphonic ringtones, with built in nice games. That too with my pocket money. The same piggy bank. That phone reminds me of loads of memories of college, as I was introduced with free message scheme by Aircel and forwarding messages was like a trend in. 

My first two phones. I still have them with them
They don't work at all
but I just have kept them

The gift with Indicom's cell.A cd with so many loaded nice songs

So If I get a MOTO E with  myself ... I would like to have and obviously I will have precious memories with me connected with that cellphone. Memories can never fade and they are so valuable. Sometimes in future I may write up another blog post about my memories with that MOTO-E 

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The day when I viewed the vision as he did once and still does... # Together

I believe each day spent with our loved ones becomes memory for our future. Little moments filled with various emotions enrich the importance into it. But talking about a single memorable day is really tough. Still I have thought which one I am going to write here. If you are reading this, I know you might like this too. Because, movies have shown us much about it but reality is far bitter than this. I am going to share the way my father narrated his experience of being in Army and the way he feels for the ignorance the soldiers face until they are needed.

I can not remember any such days during my childhood when I heard my father sharing his boyhood during his service period. But he opened up all to me once before few years. I think he thought that I was mature and sensible enough to feel the pain of soldiers, the real heroes. And yes he still shares his lost days, memories, the vigorous fun, struggles and the life of ARMY to me. I feel so happy to hear them and that joy can not be expressed here. First of all I feel very proud that my father was a soldier and I feel prouder when I see him still thinking about the martyrs and soldiers and I feel so good to see his motive, the way he still serves best to help the martyrs and war widow. He is retired now but not mentally. He gives his most of the times to Ex-Services League Kolkata, planning for the benefits of the veterans and war widows along with his escorts in this journey. All of them are old by the looks but youngest by the heart and boosted up bloods. Few uncles are above 70, few are above 80 and maximum are above 60. The association itself is so inspiring and motivating, proving that age is just a number.

Papa during his Army days..

I have been hearing many stories, untold stories, the death stories of soldiers who are dying each day in average at the borders. While narrating these stories I have seen his eyes to sparkle in water. He however stopped every time but I could feel his pain and since these moments I have decided to support him from my side and do my best to encourage him. Being a civilian I have least to do in this matter but whenever I get chance I have asked him to give me the permission to gather some martyrs fund #Together. What I could hardly was to ask my friends to donate for the martyrs on behalf of my father and write up some articles dedicating to all the soldiers of India. For past two years I have been writing for them in their annual souvenir and whatever work related to this my PAPA brings at home we share it and do them #Together. I just wish my father and his ever green companions stay fit and carry on this noble work till the other Indians start doing for martyrs from their own initiation. 

Few lines for them written in last time...

Miles and Miles I run,
I walk, I stand 
and yes the civil fun,
I abandon ...

When others sleep and dream deep,
I hold my promises to keep.
I stay awake
at the silent border of untold history
to unfold mystery ... 

Hours and Hours I stand still,
when the Nation celebrates the festivals 
I fight with the heavy metallic gun
and hundred of risks I kill ...

Time to Time I die,
but I never feel to cry
nor feel to shed a drop of tear,
Because I never learned to fear
I feel proud to serve better
for my nation 
and to accomplish a mission ...

I might die and leave my shell of soul
but I know I will be awake
within thousands of soldiers spiritual force
The nation might forget me 
and people might never talk about me
but I know I will be awake
and I will stand still
beneath those millions of flowers
at one of those WAR MEMORIALS

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Life has always something new for you ....

Everyone defines their life in their own way. Many situations do come in our life which change us in various ways. Sometimes they become the reason for our maturity too. We become sensible and more responsible.

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Even I too had have some incidents in my life which were a thorough lesson for my well being. From depression to attain a normal healthy peaceful life was a tough job but fortunately I did it. I understand how much have I changed in past 5-6 years. My way of visualizing anything has changed a lot. The things which would have no meaning are worthy having my attention. When I had my worst time of my life (till date because I don't know what is going to come up again in my life) like others I broke down. Unfortunately not only one incident kept knocking on my door, but multiples. Seriously I broke down. But it is true, everything which is happening has a reason behind it. Or it is like we tend to take those as lesson and then make it a good reason behind everything in future. Whatever it is, it actually makes sense & seriously it made sense in my life. Thank god my depression didn't take me in another side of darker sphere. I just found myself in a new horizon and that was the time when I revived knowing my heart and mind in a new way. I drowned myself into my hobbies and suddenly with depression and vexation I started writing down again and started blogging (so here am I). I used to write in childhood, just like every other kids do, maintaining a diary of daily life. I did never know that I could write in a way which can please many readers. The happiest moment for me was when I first got a best wishes comment on my blog. I really felt like "Does anyone read my blog? Can my writing be liked too? " .. huh ... what else can be so pleasing than this ? Isn't this a big thing? Since then I keep myself available in blogger and seriously it is an immense joy

Another thing I have learned to not expect. Because expectations kill. An emotional fool like me can be killed very easily. I find happiness in very little things but day by day gradually I have stopped thinking about my future, I have stopped planning my future, I have stopped expecting anything from this life. I just know that I need to go on and work. Because if I am honest with my doings in life, I will be rewarded with some good and positive thing that I should not think of before my work. I see people running in race to compete each other. Even I was also like this once upon a time. Who doesn't right ? We are all living beings and everyone has their dreams to live big. But frankly saying I compete with myself now a days. I compare my life from past few years to now. That defines my betterment.  I hate feeling jealous of others, I hate to compete with each others, rather I love to listen if something good happens to someone. Because if they have it, they have owned it with their own work, deeds and fate. What will I do with that ? I see most people to get gloomy at other's betterment. That hurts me. I don't know why. I only know that I have taken birth as human to live a peaceful life where I can only learn more more and more. At the end of the day of life I do not want to regret of not living it. God has created me thus I should be responsible of taking care of it by removing all negative vibes and to emerge myself into the sea of divinity. I may sound weird but that is how I am and I know that this is good. This feels good and really if someone really wants to enjoy her/his own life then the best way is to not compare with others. Rather keep on learning and happy for the things you have achieved till date. Come on, be your own identity and stay blessed . I may sound so philosophical. But that is how my few experiences changed me in that way. I feel that the life with a healthy body, enough wealth to live a life in justified way, with beautiful parents, sweet sister is a bless. There are many who take birth as a human but are unfortunate of not having many things. I am living a far better life than them for God's grace and that is the reason I should be happy for.

I dance, I write, I cook, I sing out loud, I listen loads of music, I paint and I do these all because these make me feel happiest and independent. Creation is always beautiful and the joy of creating anything is immense. Life is one so it is best to take out the utmost squeezed flavor of it. 

I love my life and I love the way I am living it now. #StartANewLife

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dance is what I do live for

First thing which poked my mind while reading the happy hours tagline was about the day when I realized once again  that I should keep up my dance again. So here how the story goes.

Like every other Bengali household my mother too insisted me to take up dance lessons in childhood as she saw me following my sister's footsteps. I was 6-7 years old by then. My elder sister was already learning Kathak and was already in a duty to teach me some home lessons in free time. In my kinder garden school I was the only one to perform solo dance, that was taught by my kiddo sister (didibhai). so I joined Kathak classes and started learning the Kathak basics,Taals, Thekas and other related lessons. But I was too young to understand the value of it and frankly saying attending classical classes became nightmare for me. I found it boring and tough enough. Gradually I grew up and faced hectic to manage time between studies and dance (Though I realize now that if there is a WILL, time matters least and excuses become ZERO) so I quitted learning dance. Time flew. I passed my +2 exams too and was told by my parents to join classes again. Though I was enjoying my simple dance programs, I still wasn't in hurry to join classes. But then suddenly I was sent to Tamilnadu to pursue my Engineering . Tamilnadu, a place which is much similar to WEst Bengal in the matter of practicing and respecting the heritage of Art and Culture. Tamilnadu is a place where a day starts with carnatic bhakti geet and sounds of bell ringing in temples, a place where most of the girls learn classical dance as ritual and where people can praise any talent of Art. I was like able to connect myself more to the music of South India and the rich culture of Tamilnadu. No doubt, I too have been grown up seeing the culture and art of my city since childhood. So it was like my only way to feel the connection.

Then a day came in 2008, which just flipped my mind and made my decision so stronger and that changed my present too. It was Women's day celebration at my hostel. All hostel girls, wardens, principals & chairperson and to perform as own wish. Most of the girls participated there. Even I too sung few Hindi songs, many sung, recited and delivered speech. But the magic happened when some girls insisted chairperson to ask me to dance. I had no option and I had to dance then. They played "Mere dholna sun" from Bhoolbhulaiya that time it was a big hit and I danced madly like no one was watching. When I finished I saw something which I never expected to have happened. All girls were bursting out of joy and claps. Many outcomers too entered our Mess, all the staffs who were absent were seen standing here and there clapping for me. It was like crowded place and I was the only one to stand still. Many came, hugged me, wished me and few came up with teared & happy eyes. Most importantly chairperson held my hands and took me to her room, told me to sit down and relax, offered me with milk & food and then slowly praised my art and told to continue. I was shivering with joy and out of my mind.

On that night I decided to take my once again because I realized that I could entertain people, give others a visually empowered joy through the language of my body, my dance. During college I couldn't start up taking lessons but I continued performing. Later when I came back to Kolkata finally and got a job, I started learning  Odissi from scratch. Now I am pursuing my 5th year in Odissi and learning  more, more and more. Though I barely give my time to dance on weekdays but I devote myself on weekends into dance. I dance for my joy. I dance for my happiness and I dance for getting the freedom of my soul. It is the only way via which I can connect to the supreme power. Few say I am obsessed with it, few say I am mad because my hands and feet both move if I listen to music and match up the rhythm. But yes I want to dance & would love to live with it till I take my last breath. I want to die seeing myself dancing within me.

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P.S Such a co-incidence in writing this post. Today is also Women's day and the day I mentioned was also the same. From 8th March, 2008 to 8th March, 2015 the biggest change that has happened in my life is that I have completely immersed in Dance and would love to keep on doing it.

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Friday, 6 March 2015

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