Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Inhaling your MUSIC into me

It started with 'dil hain chota sa' & 'Rukmani Rukmani' and at that time I had probably the least sensory nerves to feel his music. Yes, after a long hustle and tussle today finally I am all set to write on him and my soul connectivity towards his creation of new aromatic music. Hope you all have got his name on your mind.He is none other than Respected Allah Rakha Rahman [A.R.Rahman], the living music maestro of India. It is not that,in India we have less creative music directors or musicians as India is herself a heritage of art and culture.But regardless of showing disrespect to all of them I just want to and love to place him at the top of my chart among all favorite musicians of my era.

I hardly could understand his essence and versatility of music when DD National used to telecast Roja on every Republic Day/Independence Day. I could match the steps with 'Tanha Tanha' & 'Rangeela Re' everytime Superhit muqabla played, but could never feel the true shades of his various music. I just knew that those were good musics which made me to come up on the floor to dance and that was obvious too. Isn't it? I was an immature kid only and to feel his music one needs to drown him/herself into the flow of his tunes.

So time was passing by and I was becoming a little older year by year. And I don't know when I fell in love with all of his innovations in maddest possible way. Hardly I could and can ignore his creativity.It's true few times I became disappointed with few of his tunes. But for 98% of tunes I fell in love again and again.Over that his calm and serene personality pleases me everytime. "Dedication is the key behind success" - is what he believes.His dedication is more than a dedication.It is much more similar to worshiping. That's what inspires me most. Holiness,discipline, cleanness, spirituality complete his total presence and I feel he surrenders in front of almighty every-time  he reunites with MUSIC.

For me his music always connects human soul with nature's different moods & most importantly his music always have achieved spirituality. Spirituality through beats,rhythms & different not so popular yet perfect voices. I feel his music tells to open up your soul towards the creation of god i.e natural aesthetic beauty of world. Few of his  tracks always defined the term 'Mukti' to me, it always defined me to be myself & to enjoy my own companion with holding hand of green leaves, blue sky, falling raindrops, roaring sea waves , chirping birds and spiritual chants and much more. He made me groove with his music like a free carefree bird alone, to jump and run like a crazy chap, to shed tears, to love with purity, and to shake my legs & head to keep track of his music beat & rhythm and most importantly everytime he made me to say "What a composition Sir, You are a true genius".

- Here I am enlisting few tracks. The order of listing doesn't conclude the order of priority.I am sure I am gonna get mad and this list is going to be bigger, bigger and biggest.

I am tired .. Have you counted or just skipped ? These were some of my favorites. I would have died to enlist all my favorites. But these songs are played most of the times by me.You can click on the names to listen the song.
Love you Sir. Keep blessing us with your magical spell 

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Bring me back my lost WOMANHOOD !!

Born as a human child,
was growing up in joy and pride...
regardless of discrimination,
that runs in my nation...
was dreaming high,
busy worshiping my god gifted life
was hoping for new rays to become alive ||

Suddenly could feel my abrupt change,
through my body,mind and hormonal imbalance..
leaving my girlhood behind,
stepping into my another side..
becoming a complete grown up
wrapping inside the 'Womanhood' attire  ||

Gazes over me have changed
before it was plain,
and now it is instinctually insane...
vulturistic eyes with huge distinct thirst,
and never ending lust ...
prey me to haunt,
with regular taunts...
taunts to my body, figure and dignity,
and they dream of my nudity...
touch me here and there,
often in crowded sphere...
rape me, kill me 
with gang of beastly men
torture me and my self respect,
show me your hatred ||

Once I was born as a human child,
with a little hope and brittle pride...
never knew I would become a toy for fun,
& would need to fight for my lost respect & JUSTICE


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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Waning Hero

There are two people whose stories, lifestyle influence me most and I can feel them through my vein and blood cells, for whom I can not resist a single opposing word, they are the people I feel regret to not meet with, I feel I born so late to have a pleasant appearance of them in front of me. I know the wish of meeting them will never be true. No I am not extending my post's length by writing some extra fancy words of own imagination. I truly feel this. Goosebumps are what welcome them into my soul every time I read them, I know them and see the history.One Idol is Rabindranath Tagore and another personality is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. It may be the Bengali connection or any other thread which stitch me into them and their deeds/contribution to country. I am very much sentimental to listen any negative against them. True confession.

But what makes me feel sad and down is the negligence our country has shown to my second Hero. Today his 117th birthday and unfortunately it is not a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. I know after reading this sentence many thoughts, statements or remarks may arise in my reader's mind. Please! let me continue and let this day be a non-controversial day for the sake of this late HERO's soul.
We all know what he did for country and what he did not ? Sorry did I say 'did not' ? He did every least possible things to save his country/ our country and that too ALONE. Rest of his deeds can be told by History itself. A tiny people like me don't have any right to explain his deeds in my post. Read him here 

Every time I went to his home 'Netaji Bhavan' and read his letters to his wife,mother, father and brother, saw his uniform, photos and his used utensils, his imprinted footsteps of escaping in disguise made me feel proud as well as made my eyes blurry with hazy tear shadows. A person like him was always ignored by central and was never given the 'should be given' honor. Controversies roam around over his death and many more incidents. Everything is mystery and will never be explored. A vanishing moment shattered all of us before Independence of India. He fought, he sacrificed, he gave up his joy to see the ray of freedom but we are unsure whether he experienced it or not. Whether he was alive then or not. We know that we did not see him at the time of Independence and their loophole of politics enter. Sorry !! but I don't want to bring the dirty games over this post now for his peaceful soul. We don't know what happened actually but the positive aspect is that he is the only AMAR [immortal] hero of India. We still know about today but don't have any clue about his expiration date [Yes wikipedia has quoted it though, but it is not proved. It is estimated]. He is the forever IMMORTAL hero.

* * *

Few words ...

Dear Netaji,

                   Everytime I read you, I could feel you from inside. I don't know where you are and where you were. But wherever you are now I would love to wish your Birthday today and wish to see this day celebrated as NATIONAL holiday all over India [not only West Bengal, Tripura and Orissa].
You were the bravest person of all the time India could ever have, You had the most daring attitude a person can ever have to succeed his motto, You defined what One man Army is, You defined what Team work is, You defined what confidence is,You defined what Youth is for, You showed what DISCIPLINE is and you defined what RESPECT, PASSION and DESHPREM are. Bless us and this society with anti corruption, dishonesty and fill it with your ethical rules, respect towards women, action. Make our INDIA the same which you dreamed once. 

a documentary

The 'HIM'

His daughter

His speech

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Friday, 17 January 2014

End of a Nostalgic EPOCH

Everyone was praying for her well being and recovery, everyone was wishing her to get a bit more... more life.But all our prayers have turned into mournful nostalgia.Legendary actress of EVERGREEN Black and white Bengali Cinema and importantly Indian Cinema Suchitra Sen left us at the age of 82 today morning 8:25 am.Enough she fought for her life in past three weeks and when she was even on the way to recover a bit, the DEEP of her soul lit off. Hard to believe, but yet to be believed hat the another part of the best onscreen pair of the yesteryear has also demised.

One of my favorite actresses and beauties of silver screen is no more.I am still shocked.I grew up watching matinee movies of Suchitra and Uttam [telecasted specially on DD1] with ma. It was the time when I knew that BANGLA CHAYACHOBI is all about Uttam and Suchitra movies. For countless times I watched the same movies but frankly and honestly saying didn't ever feel to swap the channel. Her skills of act was undepictable. She was among them who could express all emotions of a self dignified woman through eyes and its different paradigms of glances. Now I really don't want to talk about her pick level of acts & analyze her deeds. Because for a tiny people like me, it will  not be so particular to do that.

Click on the image to read my old post which has few lines about her

We saw her as the Smartest and mod Rina Brown to sing Merry go round in Saptapadi, we saw her as the soft and delicate Paro in Devdas, as sacrificing mother Debjani/Pannabai in Mamta, as brave Prafullo/ Devi Chaudhurani, as caring nurse Radha in Dweep Jwele Jai, as the romantic yet humorously strict Romola in Saare Chuattor, as Madhuri in Shapmochan, as strong Aarti Devi  in Andhi, as Archana in Saat Paake Badha and the list will go on increasing.

leaked picture

Many of her movies had been remade in Hindi. From Dweep Jwele Jai - Khamoshi, Uttar Falguni - Mamta, Agnipariksha - Choti si mulaqat to Saat Paake Badha - Kora Kagaz. In Indian film history she was the only one I guess who sacrificed her fame suddenly and went into a different world, backstage of life. She kept herself abaft the public gathering and any social  meet. The evergreen heroine and never dying beauty of Bengali cinema was last seen in 1978 and there after we all just knew that she was alive and living with us as an unseen star in a private own world.We only used to hear about her but never could see her recent photos, or any interviews. She was aloof from the industry to live her life in a spiritual way, gave a full stop to her peak career. No matter she was always the center of curiosity for all of Bengalis. Everyone including people of my generation like me kept on imagining her 'now'hood. Several media tried for long 36 years to explore her mystery land, but her strong will to self conceal won every time. She refused DADA SAHEB PHALKE award too. Her camouflaged shelter was only permitted for her closed ones.We could not know how did she look at old age until a short glimpse of her 'old' hood got leaked out by some media without her permission. She didn't let us to see the old 'Mahanayika' while staying alive and she kept on staying behind curtain when she passed by finally during her funeral. We are still roaming inside the mystery pot and will do so forever. But Thanks to her again for making her imprint as young as we saw. Just like her movies, her bright eyed, stupendous smiled, strict/ enigmatic/ dignified face will be evergreen and ever youth to all of us.

"Ei poth jodi na sesh hoye
tobe kemon hoto tumi bolotoh "

"if this road never ends
just tell me !!
how would it have been  ?"

the famous epitomized "can never be old" romantic song

- That road has concluded today.The best of bestest outcome Bengali Cinema could ever produce ended today. The label of Romance in Bengali industry is all about past now."Uttam-Suchitra" is history now.

Uttam-Suchitra in Saptapadi

First movie of Uttam-Suchitra pair.. Saare Chuattor

But your road to reach out our heart will never end. You were our Uttam- Suchitra and will remain until our last breath and even world's too.

R.I.P Mahanayika

য়েখানেই  আছো  , ভালো  থেকো  ।।

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Most Played ... 6

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winter is harmful !! Why ??

Many of you would be eager to know why? or few of you are getting ready to read it carefully.Before you read the post I must say that please !! Don't be serious and yes I know that more over than 85% of you love this season.Even also I know that few of you would love to run behind me with saucepan, stick or broom after reading this non- sense post.Hey !! I have called it non-sense though, but please when you are on this page then do me a favor by reading it.

Winter is going to end within a month and everyone is enjoying this season from all point of view.But let me write down few points which may surely make you think the same.So jump down to the reasons...

  • You're late.You often miss your bus,train or scheduled job at time because you pressed snooze again and slept for some more extra mins under the blanket. [harmful to ethical behavior]   


  • Your biggest nightmare is to touch water specially at morning, even you get scared to drink more water !! [harmful to health and habit]

  • You love to attend parties, events,fairs,film festivals,carnivals and to have fun at amusement park but get frustrated to see you at office desk, then get you helpless in-front of time+ work [harmful to fun loving mind]

  • You did never know that scratching with your own nails could cause this much of pain.Holy Crap !! This winter !![harmful to pain reliever]

  • You are bored to pack yourself inside the woolen humpies and cover your lovely dressed under them.Always packed !! [harmful to move freely]

  • You realize that you just missed your morning for the last hangover !! (I did booze much right?? This chill is so lovely)  [Unconscious harm]

  • You don't need a cigar to throw out the smoke.Because you  have already got foggy smoke inside of you to take out.Just open your mouth & breath out. LOL [harmful to cigar brands]

  • You don't need a notebook or notepad to doodle/scribble. You straight write them in the foggy glass doors. Just use the fog !! [harmful to notebook sellers]

  • Dependency is always bad and harmful. You were never dependent on anything but now you are poorly depended on CREAMS. You are just in love with petrolium jellies,creams,body oils and other healing cosmetics.

  • At last but not the least, You feel to eat every time you see the colorful,fresh,greenery,glossy,glamorous veggies and hot served food.Even you hardly control yourself from eating them.Then then ?? the next person sleep with you complains on the next morning for your unconscious misbehavior. POLLUTION is the word !! [Very harmful to prestige/health both] ....

Though I have never been late, so first point is not at applicable for me but I know these are common problems we suffer. Hope you enjoyed it and didn't take this seriously at all. Because I am scribbling now.This is a weird post and I may laugh after few months if I read it again!! 

P.S I don't own any picture..Google helped me

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

It must had to be ....DANCE

Question is "If you could study/specialize in any subject in the UK,what would it be,where and why?"

and here goes my Answer..

I love to learn things which I love, so collectively they will need to appear in one big agenda.But if someone is asking me straight to pick the only one subject of my choice which I would love to study then with no hesitation it has to be DANCE and only DANCE... one of my earnest wish [I don't know whether that will happen or not in my lifetime] is to learn all genre of dance styles throughout the world, be it this or that, anything and another wish is to spend my days and nights with learning it and breathing the essence of dance into my soul which is really quite imaginary as it becomes very hard for me sometimes to carry my work and passion together with 100% input. I believe nothing can become perfect without pure dedication and concentration. Anyways I have started getting into reality and all .. Mercy !! I was talking about my wish right? yes nothing costs to dream and imagine.So I do daydream about this a lot will keep sighting on it...

If the place would not have been mentioned, I would definitely pen down the places in India where I do keep wishes to go and study DANCE but as it has been mentioned particularly UK, I must have to tell my wish to learn the ENGLISH BALLET.


When I start taking the name of ENGLISH BALLET , the only dance-drama comes in my mind is the 'SWAN LAKE'...and obviously this dream came just at the point when I was watching my best DANCE movie 'BLACK SWAN'.Many times I thought to write about this movie but could not end up with writing it. You know sometimes few things become too precious to describe through words.This movie is such a masterpiece of DANCE for me [it inspired me so much, and brought me goosebumps at the end] that I could not write about it. But today at last for the sake of this post I am jotting down some words for it.

Why English Ballet and Where ??

As mentioned above that I could only feel the soul of this dance after watching the movie. Swan Lake is a very famous ballet performance and many groups perform it as much as I know.But watching the movie was like seeing a live performance of Swan Lake and more over that it was like feeling the same pain, tension,nightmares, fear of achievement/failure and hard work of one performer before a performance. I thought of everything after the movie- the Ballet footwork, body fitness, gesture, needy expressions and obviously the final stage performance with 100% input where Natalie had to give her best , where she was the hero for that moment and where she was applauded with the final ovation from the audience & her teacher and at last but not the list how far can a performer get into the character? these are what which inspires me always from this movie to learn Ballet, a soft, subtle, a painsome lyrical dance. Right after watching the movie I did Google a lot about the institutions, costume, basics and blah blah. I would love to learn it from THE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET because it is the oldest as much as I know and would love to live a student life to be a BALLERINA

my best scene where she realizes that she is the best
and totally into the character of BLACK SWAN..
she did it !! 

Finally my answer would be ENGLISH BALLET from THE ENGLISH NATIONAL BALLET..

This post is written for collaboration of
 http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ and indiblogger

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Pink is the color of us.... Women

If you are stopping by my post and thinking to ignore it for its PINK title then I must rectify you out and should tell that it is not about any Pink behavior or Pink fascination of girls or women.

Before few weeks or just a month ago I discovered and started doing R&D on GULAABI GANG. I guess many of you already know this and if someone still doesn't have any idea about this GANG like I had no idea before, then this post might bring some knowledge regarding this GANG.

Now if you are starting to rethink about GANGS of WASSEYPUR then I should say again that this GANG is not at all a mafia gang or so called gang. GULAABI GANG might help you to guess that this gang is of women. PINK defines not only a softer and delicate part of woman, but can be the symbol of rebel, revolution and protest..and Sampat Pal Devi has proven it.She founded it to express the action against violent, abusive, dominating behavior on women such as child marriage, dowry, bribes, domestic violence and other unconventional deeds against the rights of women. This gang consists of the female activists who originally belong to Bundelkhand,Uttar Pradesh. They all wear pink sarees and have bamboo sticks with them to beat the abusive men.Thus the gang is named GULAABI GANG.

I didn't know that Sampat Pal Devi appeared in BIG BOSS once as I am not a liker of this show but I just want to put off my hat for her bravery. In a remote village where women get dominated from achieving education and other rights as well, she stood up there and started protesting against the crime just like a HERO and Bollywood is always in love to portray such heroic acts and biographic cinemas. Isn't it? We have seen so many of them last year and this year also we are going to see Mary Kom, M.Subbulaxmi and Sampat Pal Devi too. Who is playing the lead ? Answer is Madhuri Dixit. My favvvvv actress of all time.The movie name is Gulaab Gang where she will be portraying the character of the lead. Though the crew has denied about the fact of getting inspired by the real GULAABI GANG, we understand still.

A message : We need a GULAAB GANG for the so called civilized but yet beastly brutal society to help us and stop the crimes against us. We need to FIGHT ...

P.S I don't own any of this pictures. Google helped me to find them
Resource : Wiki, GulaabiGang

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Most Played ... 5

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Saturday, 4 January 2014


25th Jan,2014 1:45 am

19th Jan,2014

12th Jan,2014

6th Jan,2014

5th Jan,2014 1:30 am

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Can you compose for me ??

Today I am about to write about someone, oops!! I should say some special one who has always soothen up our ears and stroked the strings of heart

Can you guess ??

Okay let me give you some hints..

 ... He is famous but not so much hyped in Bollywood.He is unique with his music and tunes.Everytime he has come up with biggest hits but hardly he got awarded for that. Even we are not so familiar with his interviews.He is an young so talented music director of Bollywood and has been showing his expertise for last 6-7 years..

Now ?? Have you got it ?

No ... Then let me sum up his songs first [only my favorite tracks and I know there will be so many readers who will have the same taste of mine]

Though it's not the original but still we fell in love with 
this song..Woh lamhe 

Tere Bin

Maula mere maula

Javeda Zindagi

Tu hi mera sara jahan hain

Phir Mohabbat Karne Chala

Tum hi ho

Meri Ashiqui ab tum hi ho

Can  you guess him now ? He is none other that Mithoon.I wonder how someone can compose this much touchy and heart filling tunes? His most compositions leave a deep watermark in my heart.His compositions have the feeling of intense pure love, pain of separation and an immense sense of feeling loved. Thus my title seemed like "Can you compose for me?"... 

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Shades

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Year's beginning !!

Hope you all had a wonderful start of this new year. I had a really good beginning and evening with my parents.I should rather call it a cultural start.It was marvelous and my city was as usual the TILOTTOMA [the finest] with it's colorful joy and happening events.I went to James Princep Memorial and became a witness of some good cultural programs [I love watching Cultural Programs].I enjoyed most when I watched the PURULIA CHHAU live. As you might have understood while surfing my blog that I am a lover of Dance [any kind of] so I was sooo excited to watch it.I have never seen this folk dance LIVE and watching it live under the bare sky and in front of the lightened Princep Memorial just behind the cold Ganges was too good. I think I have never swallowed the taste of Princep Ghat in this way before though I have gone there before too.

I would love to have this whole year with Dance, Music and Cultural activities as it started with this.Let's see what happens ??

Anyways here are the pictures of the program. I will be posting few only.Hope you like it.

Baba Fakir with Lalongeeti

Princep Memorial

Vidyasagar Setu

How's it ?

Evening at the Ganges

O majhi re !! 

Colors make me happy as always

Pallab Kirtania 

Purulia Chhau

"Karthik" -- The Character

Can you see them twirling

Would love to learn this Dance
Though have been trying it from childhood
Especially the twirls..

Bhramha Vishnu Mahesh consulting Durga
to kill Mahisasur

Ma Durga comes here

And her Lion King

Delightful !!

Party on the river

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