Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jhiri jhiri JOLER FOTA

For last two days the weather of KOLKATA is so pleasant.It's been raining continuously.Sorry !! not raining.It is drizzling here..Cool and calm weather which is definitely not the PERFECT for all office goers including me.So today during office hours I was wishing to go out to watch the weather deliberately.But how could it be possible when I had bulk amount of work to do.So took out a short time and typed these few words in my cell.

This poetry surely spoke my mind and is in Bengali.

Brishti bheja mon
chayena ekhon
korte ei officer kaaj..
Desktop er ray
ache amake cheye
bole "kore fel haate ja kaaj ache aaj"..
ami hoyechi bhola
chokhduto kebol khola
haate dhora indurer puchcho..
mon amar baire palaye
meghla akash,bheja sobuj patake dekhte chaye
ar chaye jhiri jhiri joler fota guchho guchho..

এখানে  বাংলা  তে আবার লিখছি । 

বৃষ্টি ভেজা মন 
চায়েনা এখন 
করতে এই  officer কাজ  ।।
Desktop এর  ray
আছে আমাকে চেয়ে 
বলে  "করে ফেল হাতে  যা  কাজ আছে আজ " ।।

আমি হয়েছি ভোলা 
চোখদুটো  কেবল খোলা 
হাতে ধরে  ইঁদুরের  পুচ্ছ  ।।
মন আমার  বাইরে পালায়ে 
মেঘলা আকাশ,ভেজা  সবুজ পাতাকে  দেখতে চায়ে 
আর চায়ে ঝিরি  ঝিরি জলের  ফোটা  গুচ্ছ  গুচ্ছ ।।

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Kiss of BlISS

Kiss of BLISS

Drizzling Drops..
on my head and hair....
I walk with no umbrella

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No I am not going to write much about him.Neither I will write on his noted works nor about today's accidental incident nor his criticized and much controversial part of living.Just would like to say "may your soul rest in peace".Indian cinema industry especially Bengali film industry is going to miss you and your movies which we might have been able to watch in later days.

R.I.P Rituporno Ghosh..

You were one of my favorite directors of all time whose work has always attracted me to watch and you were the first one to make me understand what an ART film is ?? I was deeply shocked and still mourned by this news.

যেখানেই  থাকবেন  ভালো  থাকবেন .

Miss you..

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


My set

Hollister Co hollister co

Elliott lucca handbag

Purple bracelet

Michael kors watch

Tinley road jewelry

Henri bendel jewelry

Wayfarer eyeglass

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My Third Haiku

Reeds of Wind

I open the window
Air comes and touches my face
with sigh and grace

Image : Stufftotweet

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My Second Haiku

"School Days"

Old school days..
tuition classes,notes & pens....
missing likes and crushes

Image : Google

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My First Haiku

Ummm .. Was reading Haikus for past few days and really got interested in it.Today just before leaving office when I had to pack up my belongings  and was waiting for the Bye Bye time,suddenly my mind played some puzzles with Haikus. I simply noted them down  in my cell and here I am with my first Haiku.

"Lost in thoughts"

I walk alone out there...
Compassed by my reminiscence of teen-hood..
Silence all around

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Because I Said So

Watched a movie named Because I Said So.A really nice movie of Mother-Daughter relationship.
It is not that kind of movie to be remembered for so long time.But surely while watching it I could relate some of the scenes which happens quiet often between mother and daughter.As I have my elder sister so I could see the scene of sister chats too.

Mothers who always make them busy roaming around us to notify us about Do's and Don'ts which sometimes become so irritating.We ask for space and scold them too.We tell them not to interfere in our life,We ask them to leave us alone.But still they do come and worry about us.They take each and every snap of our emotions whenever we are sad or happy.They feel bad but still they play their role.While watching this movie I was feeling the same.None other than mother can ever be your best friend especially for us,the daughters.♥ you ma.... 

And true indeed ... God couldn't be everywhere thus he made Mothers to take care of us...


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Cinema..Movie..Film and Me... The Filmy Me

We call it Cinema , sometimes Movie ,sometimes Picture and mostly Film and in Bengali Chayachobi  or "Boi".Recently Indian Cinema has completed it's glorious 100 years.In these years many people came,they became stars,few became superstars or megastars,for few we have cried,for few we have died,for few we have bunked classes,for few we have laughed,for few we have fallen in love,then few disappeared forever and remained immortal too in our hearts.

Indian Cinema has always been an important source of Entertainment.Right from the beginning when there was no Television culture,People used to enjoy only Theater,Yatras or Operas.It was more like a festival for everyone.The excitement,charm and love for cinema was surely much more than now.We  have television,computers, and so many other new ways of watching movie now a days beside watching it in multiplex.We buy DVD,or download movie sometimes.Cinemas are easily available in our lives.Sorry for getting somewhat nostalgic and pulling out some different points of view on the culture of Indian Cinema and it's audience of today's and yesteryear's.But as I have already told that I am a bit oldie and love nostalgia.I love to reside in them and if it's about the Indian Cinema,then I die for the black and white cinemas.One of my hobbies are to collect movies of all time,to watch them in leisure time and cherishing the songs of those movies later to recollect the charm and aura.

Recently Bombay Talkies got released and yes it paid tribute to Indian Film Industry.No doubt I loved the movie because it nicely portrayed how Cinema have been affecting our emotions and lives.Yes it is true.Very few are there who haven't even tried copying any styles or fashion trend done by a certain superstar.Be it Women or Men.Be it from the hair cut of Shammi Kapoor or hair cut of Salman Khan's Tere Naam cut,Be it the super hit mustache of Rajesh Khanna's Daag or goatee of Aamir Khan,Be it the super hit bell bottoms of 80's or the today's low waist pantaloons,be it Sadhna Haircut or Madhuri style,Be it 70's big hair puff or Tabu's Hu tu tu style and many more.Can't pen it for sure.Yes Bollywood influences us in that way only.Yes it's true that Gen Y and Z are getting influenced by Western culture more now a days but Let's not talk about it right here.As it is totally about Indian Cinema.

Very few of us know that Indian Cinema actually has completed more than 100 years.Even I was unaware of this until I read the last Sunday's TOI (Sunday Times).Bengali Cinema or Indian Cinema started it's journey with Hiralal Sen's silent films. Billwamangal was the first so called Indian Cinema which was released on 1st Nov,1919.After 6 years of this movie Father of Indian Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke introduced first full length Indian feature film Raja Harish Chandra.

I just loved the article of TOI and could connect myself with it.Thought to write it on last Sunday itself but deficiency of time was the reason.

I feel really proud for this sometimes

That's all I could get into my head and mind to write upon.Hope you have liked it.If I get some more then surely will write on this again.Till then enjoy cinema and enjoy Bollywood. 

Pic credits : TOI (Kolkata) and Google Search Engine
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I am so oldie...

Give me a whole week,I can spare them by listening to old hits whether in Hindi or Bengali.Old hits of  50s,60s,70s,80s and yes 90s too.But the charm is kind of different for every era especially for 90s. Because I spent my childhood during 90s.I had seen the era so can not feel the absence in that way.I know how people used to be and had seen the living style of 90's people.But which attracts me towards the older periods is the absence and imagination.I can spend my whole day by imagining and thinking of only those periodic days.I love to imagine how simple and nostalgic everything must have been then and Old songs are the bridges to connect me to those era.

Oh !! I started giving kind of lecture here.Started to write on Old musics and was penning about what I imagine and etc etc... Old songs can not be ever compared to the songs of today.The melody is really missing.I am not saying that I reside at the place which is exactly opposite to Modern Musics.I am a music maniac which I have mentioned in many of my earlier posts but still being a damn music lover,I must say that Old is Gold..& that touches directly my heart,makes me to close my eyes.

Each and every Music Director,Lyricist,Singers were legends and still remain so.They are still residing at our hearts by their creation of music which they did once.They are immortal.I would like to name those legendary personalities whom I listen most and I simply close my eyes to cherish their magical creation.

Singers(Female) : Geeta Dutt,Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhonsle ,Arati Mukherjee,Praitma Banerjee and Naiza Hassan
Singers(Male): Hemant Kumar,Kishore Kumar,Md.Rafi,Shailendra Singh,Yesudas
Music Directors : Salil Chowdhury,Hemant Kumar,Madan Mohan,Naushad,S.D Burman and R.D Burman 

But every era has it's different fingerprints on their music and it reflects too.Every mood is set to be different from others...and I am loving to be a Oldie Lover

P.S One of my greatest influence to Old Classics is my mother.She is such a beautiful lover of music from whom I have got all the capabilities to recognize the Beauty of Music,The Essence of Music and The LIFE within MUSIC

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ringing the third Bell !!

This is going to be the third post of mine to write on this ugly truth.The ugly truth is about what ?? it is about the disrespect shown to women actively or passively. We,the people speak so much about the violence that happens to a woman,we talk about stopping it but at the end of the day do we get any result ?? Are we facing any fulfillment of the recent laws which have been released few months ago ? 

Reports collected :

  1. there is an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year.
  2. Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

  3. Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten in U.S and many more.
This was a short scenario of U.S and what about the other countries ? Read the Rape Statistics around the world.

Now here I am going to show the Indian picture.

this is the Rape conviction rate across India and here are some pictures I have collected from newspapers.

This is the real time scenario and these pieces of news are only of today's and yesterday's newspaper.I am in Kolkata,I have got these news.Readers of other states are surely reading  some other stories of sexual abusements and come on !!! these are of  today's and yesterday's but we are so sure to get these kind of news again and again,may be tomorrow,day after tomorrow or so on.Some news get  published some are not.

The whole country protested few months ago for Nirbhaya.We all fought for justice mentally,verbally,physically by attending some candle light march or via social networking sites.But ultimately what has happened ?? we had to see this [Right side]snap in newspaper.She was one who had to lose her life without any sense in it.Daily thousands of Nirbhaya feel the same pain.The pain of getting disrespected,assaulted whether in public transport,working space or elsewhere.Even small girls who really don't have any idea about what sexualism is,gets physically molested by the elders.Their innocence becomes the weakness for them.

Keeping aside the uneducated people who do this often,I would like to talk about the civilized men who has so much of knowledge and sense in their mind.How come they forget that sense while assaulting a woman in her workplace,buses,metros or daily transports ?  How can they think of taking advantage from  a woman.It has become a give and take policy now a days.Give me more and

you will get back more .Helpless girls who need money or have some financial weaknesses are just a fun toy for them.Remembering the scene from LAGA CHUNRI MAIN DAAG ? where Rani Mukherjee played one of the helpless women who was searching for a job and became just a puppet by the upper class civilized men.Shame on them !! Then where is the difference between an educated and an uneducated ?Ultimately for sexual appetite they behave like a common Beast.A Beast who loves to dominate and suppress the womankind.A Beast who has always seen women to bear all the pain right from the beginning as Sati,as Baal Vidbha or as the matter of entertainment [Prostitutes].

Now this was about the sexual abusements.Killing girl child,beating up wives,dowries are also  very common plots in India.Then is it possible to remove that Beast from this society ?

From the childhood in every school it must be taught to respect woman and womankind even for girls too.I think  education is not about learning the letters and alphabets.Education is something which should be grown as humanity inside.Every mother should teach their son to respect girls.Even to a daughter too.If a woman can never respect her and another woman then no one can ever stop this brutal truth of society.Bearing and composing is good but not every time.If someone assaults you then you must raise your voice up for the justice.Remember Indian Government has constituted laws for this.Many of us are unaware of it still.

Sexual Harassment Bill : passed on 26th Feb,2013.If someone harasses a woman at her workplace then she has the total right to ask for justice.It is applicable for those companies which consist of 10 or more than 10 employees.That particular must pay 50000/- fine for this.

Anti Rape Bill : passed on 19th March.It  provides  life term and even death sentence for rape convicts besides stringent punishment for offences like acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism.

So Women RAISE YOUR VOICE UP and make them feel insecure and guilty for what they are up to.

Courtesy : Times of India, and Google search Engine.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The moral of the story is...?

A Very interesting topic to scribble on and a very thoughtful for us too.When I read this topic,first I remembered about my story.You can take it as an experience or a moral story too.Whenever I see any Dental clinic I surely get a nerve shake and an eerie feeling.Those chairs,that environment,those instruments and everything still scare me a lot.Now you may wonder that without telling the matter I am telling so much about my fear and the post effects .So here I am sharing those scary days of childhood.

Gum problem,Cavities were my best friends.I had totally 5 teeth dangerously affected with cavity.So surely I had to go to Dental clinics very often to get out of that pain.. Ugh..These incidents are so painful to remember.But here I really don't want to bore you people so gonna share only one incident which was very much terrible.

I was in class IV.I got that gum pain suddenly and then Papa had to take me to Dentist.But unfortunately the Dentist whom I was familiar with was out of station on that day.So he took me to some another clinic.It was kind of small nursing home.I was cutting my nerve out of that pain.Was crying terribly.I still remember one lady came and took me inside to give me the injection first around that sensitive gum area. oooohhh .. feeling that pain again.She was holding me tight and called up others to help her just to control me.I was crying terribly.For an 8 yr kid it was really hard to bare.Then they told me to take rest as after sometime they wanted to start that dangerous operation.I slept off.Suddenly felt that I was moving.When I made some sense to realize the atmosphere I could see 3-4 people (may be nurses or compounders) were holding me tight.Both hands and legs.And Mr.Dentist was standing with that forksome medical instrument to take out my teeth.I shouted and cried as much I could.Then I didn't know,When I opened up my eyes I was on my papa's lap.I came home.I started going to school.But I was strictly said to not talk much as I had a stitch on my upper right canal tooth.But I didn't stop I kept on talking and eating hard food radicals.Two days later when me and my mother both were in deep night sleep,she woke up at around 2:30 am and was terribly shouting.I got up and could feel the wetness not only over my right cheek but over the pillow and bed sheet. My papa came and switched on lights.I was shocked,everyone was stunned.Everything was damped with Blood clots.Papa checked and saw my stitch got opened.They called up doctors and series of massacre and tension started roaming around us.On the next day I had to bear again that pain of getting the stitch.But that was the last horrible incident in my life related to this Dental problem.Hope to not get this in my entire life.

So what's the moral Story you have got ??

Do care for your teeth.Wash your mouth after having heavy foods specially chocolates.Because without teeth and gum no one looks good while smiling even World's most beautiful lady Mrs.Aishwarya Rai Bachhan may look so horrible without it.Quite funny but it's true.

 Keep your teeth clean and Healthy and have a beautiful,'man behlane wali' smile ☺ 

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Ramp Ready Hair Style

Umm .. an interesting topic to write on especially for us (The Women).Every woman wants to look like a diva.Even if they are extremely ordinary and simple among all.They do feel to be beautiful and pretty in their own way and want to look like a million shutterbug persona.

They say women never stop themselves from playing with mirrors."Mirror Mirror on the wall ?? Who is the prettiest among of all ??".Remembering this fairy super hit dialogue ?? We, the normal , next door kind of girls do walk on ramp when we are in front of our dressing tables.Who cares about it of  not being Rohit Bal's Fahion show or Indian Lakme Fashion Week ?? At least I don't care.So when I really opened up my email and read this topic just few mins ago ,simply made my mind to write on this weirdo female phenomena.

Sorry TRESemmé! ! I haven't used you till now though this topic was related to you.But still I am writing on my ramp ready hair style.

My ramp ready hair style is to keep cool,casual and short hair cut which suits me best.Keeping Long hair is just not my cup of tea.

Moisturizing hair with oil massage followed by washing it off with good shampoo and then a good conditioner is enough for me to get the plain , casual hair style for my hair and yes sometimes Straighteners become good friends of mine too .

That's enough for me to woo myself and others LOLz :)

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A True Haunted Story ..

Ahh !!  Today something eerie must be going to happen with me as today I have made my mind so much into Creepy Ghostly True Stories.I had finished my work at office by the late evening and had nothing to do on my hand other than surfing web.If you guys have read all my posts and keep a frequent eye on it you might have known that I have a deep interest in this topic.I had written one story too which definitely could not satisfy the ghost lovers at the end.That post goes here.So I was spending that leisure time by reading the real stories of paranormal encounter on a blog named Your Ghost Stories.I was reading the stories which were from India.While reading those stories I too remembered one incident which happened with two of my friends during my college years.
The incident which I narrated in my last post One Haunted Night At Hostel was scary one for me but at the end could get to know something else which turned it into some kind of funny incident.But this incident was the real one.At least I believed.I actually forgot about this totally but while reading other stories I could recollect them again.

Let me tell you about my college campus.It was situated over 400 acres land.The center of that land was well built and was given a proper structure like College blocks,Hostel blocks and few workshop blocks,canteen etc etc.Other lands were kept as it was.Management used to have them for some other purpose.Those areas were kind of abandoned as no one used to go their without any reasons.  Our campus was big enough to roam for one time.Being a girl definitely I was not allowed to roam over the Boys hostel zone which was 3 times bigger than the Girls hostel.Behind the boys hostel those interior areas used to start their line[as per told by my friends].Guys again I am telling this incident happened with two of my closest friends.The way I heard it,I am narrating it here.

One day while I was over the phone talking with my friend,he suddenly started panting and started running.He simply told me to be on the line.He wasn't able to speak.I didn't ask anything but on the next day when I asked him about what happened last night ? He told me the story.He told that While talking he kept on going inside that junglesome area.He got nerves in him when suddenly he found some male voices discussing in Tamil.Then he realized that he was far away from hostel blocks and alone in that area.He started walking fast and could hear the voices following him and getting closer 

to him.They were shouting loudly "catch him and kill him".Later when he reached hostel area,everything became normal.

When I listened to him I was getting himself cracking jokes on me but when another friend of mine told the same incident I was stunned.

I had to believe this because there were near about 7 deaths in our boys hostel till now.Which was not  at all normal incident.And every time it happened with Male students not Female students.

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Aashiqui 2 .... no not a Review

As I expected it simply kept my thoughts in right place.A perfect love story where giving was much important than getting and expecting. This movie was all about Sacrifice and Commitment.After a long time I have seen a movie where love was being portrayed in such a pure way.Like Aashiqui (1990) this movie also relates it's story via it's touchy musicals.

The story started with one star and ended up with another one.Love is all about sacrificing and compromising our own needs.But ajkal kahan hota hain aisa ?? not in Reel life and also in Real life.

Loved Aditya Roy Kapoor as RJ and his acting skills have really made me to believe that he was the Rahul Jaykar only.Shradhha Kapoor also did a very good justice to this movie.Arohi Shirke ,an innocent,loyal,dutiful and responsible girlfriend could be found through Shradhha.

I don't know how people have reviewed it...  But I LOVED IT

read my old post about Aashiqui 2 here

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Cherishing Those Four Birthdays

I really have very little to say about it..Today is my birthday..Birthday at home..Obviously for everyone this days comes with so many special wishes and gifts.. And surely for me also it is very special.Don't know how the day is going to be today ??

But I can never forget my birthdays during my hostelhood. Those four birthdays were special and will remain so.Before joining college had no idea about how much enjoyment,fun and adore one can have on that special day.I still remember 2007 when I was about to spare my first birthday over there.I was very sad but for the first time could swallow the taste of joy at 12.00 am... The crowded hosteller's clap , song , wishes and warmth direct from their heart touched my heart and soul.

Every year at 11:30 my roomies used to get me out and used to order me to wait outside till 12:00 .. those days will never come back.I miss it so so much .. Cake throwing plays and all were just unforgettable.

and the last one was most special among all. Miss u guys ... PreethimPadmapriya,Vijji and all others...

Love u all

xo xo

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