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Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 6 - Rimbik, Dhotrey, Mirik, Siliguri

The last day was something that I can never forget in my life. We all woke up very early to get ready. 
Before that last night something awesome I dreamed. I dreamed of us watching the Sleeping Buddha 
solely. I was joyful to see the dream itself and while coming out of the hotel, I was telling the same 
thing to my mates. We all basically laughed at my dreams as we knew how weird that was. People say that dreams of early morning do come true. But for me it was proved on that day. While coming via Dhotrey, one of our co passanger of the vehicle, just poked me and told, see Kanchanjangha. I was like what ?? I saw at my left. What was that. It was sleeping buddha. I still remember  the way I shouted. I shouted like no one was there. We all got down. I was seeing my dream coming true. Only we people were there solely, just opposite to the Sleeping Buddha range. I got tears of joy in my eyes. It was heavensome. Milky Kanchanjangha and the sunrays falling up the peaks. Ahh !! my trip was just perfect now. For your information, Dhotrey is beautiful. Via mirik we returned back to Siliguri and that's all. Our trek was over and it was one of the most memorable one.

PC : Arpita Di


PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Sanjukta Di

PC : Arpita Di .... Mirik

PC : Arpita Di .. We reached Siliguri and this was the last pic of the trip

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Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 5 - Srikhola, Rimbik

The morning at Srikhola was tremendous. It was Monday. We all were hell tired and our legs were barely able to move. We all woke up but there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us. We heard the rain. The heavy rain. Can you imagine yourself at a wooden cottage just near the speedy mountain river and you are watching the heavy rain falling over the glass windows. The massive sound of river waves and the roar of lightening made us to lie down even more. We were not in a moood to get up and walk. We just wanted to feel the rain and the weather and of course we all were feeling too lucky to spend a Monday like this. 

Later we all got up and had our tea and all. After standing near the window and watching the river 
flowing, we became super women and got tremendously energized. We dolled up and thought to shoot pictures near the Srikhola Bridge. After all girls right ? We always tend to find places to pose for an awesome Profile Picture. We all went to the bridge and did shoots. Laughed like anything. Shot some selfmade videos (Funniest in the whole trip and memorable too. Something I can not share) and then we headed towards Rimbik. Rimbik is just 6kms from Srikhola and the road is easy. Vehicles are easily available towards Rimbik.

Srikhola Bridge from our Room window

Sanjukta Di and Arpita Di

Naiwrita and Me

Well Rimbik blew me with its serene calmness. A very small village/town in Darjeeling District and a 
very neat one. A must visit for weekend short trips. I won't say there is much to see as such landmarks. But if you love mountain and you love escaping, you can surely escape there. After reaching Rimbik, me and Arpita di never stopped. We just walked and walked. Wherever our eyes were reaching out. We explored rimbik. We visited schools, sat beside the clouds and spoke with the nature. I can not describe how beautiful we both were feeling. The weather was pleasant. We could feel the lite chilled wind passing down our ears. There is a very big monastery in rimbik. That should be visited if you are going there. Till the dusk swallowed the sunrays, we walked. We just walked and felt the mountains. It was our last day so me and Arpita di were keen on spending every single seconds. After we came back, we had Garma Garam Pakodas with hot cups of tea. It was the time to pack our sacks in final mode. We were sad. We knew we were going to miss Mountains a lot. One thing we had in our mind, a feeling of regret. We trekked this high but could not see the Sleeping Buddha in the way we imagined. We were literally sad to leave Himalaya.

View from Hotel

Rimbik Monastery

Studies going on

We were not trekkers. We were posers now

I forgot his name 

Streets of Rimbik

Lunch break

Yay play time

That Cute School 

I wish I could show you all how these kids were playing.

A very sweet thing happened there. Me and Arpita di were doing hi to the kids
in the class out there. Can you spot the windows ? The teacher was already
in the class and the backbenchers were following us. They were too cute to do all the stuffs.
As if they were seeing through us. Loved being there.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

How Yoga and Dance equally helped me to grow

Pic : Sati-Yoga

Well I am not any yogi. Neither I am any yoga teacher. I am just a simple girl who practices yoga daily. So how it started ? Like any other schools, I too had Physical Education during my class 6th, 7th and 8th. I should mention my kindergarten school too. Like every other children, I learned the Yogasanas at that tender age. But I could not make it seamlessly ever. I used to see other girls used to split very easily whenever asked in class. Even arch too & then there came TAAL - the movie & after seeing Aishwarya Rai doing arch and other asanas so effortlessly, I became mesmerized. I knew I had to learn Arch at least. So that I could match the steps with her in Ramtajogi. Later on I learned and I used to be very happy to show any of my family members that Arch is easy.

Then there came that timegrabber studies and tutions, boards and college, I lost my dance class and beside that yoga too. My body was stiff and rigid to bend upside down too. In 2011, when I resumed learning Classical Dance again, I was put into yogas by my dance teacher, my guru. I clearly remember it started with surya Namaskar and then continued with many other asanas for beginners. My body could feel the pain. My thigh muscles, joints everywhere I could sense the stiffness. Even my spine would pain.But I knew I had to do that. Beside doing Odissi Choukas and Tribhangis, I started practicing yoga for flexibility. But that was never regular then too. Once in a while I would do that.

It has been three years that I have slowly got myself into yoga on a regular basis with little duration of time. and for past two years I have been practicing yoga for 30 mins around daily morning. If you ask me, how fast have you got the effects and body flexibility, I would say it took me five years to loosen my body up. yoga can never be done in hurry nor the effects can be seen in very short span of time. You need to have patience to realize what it is doing to you. You need to stick with it. From my own experience, I can say that yoga and both dance have built me up whatever I am now. It taught me to be patient, hard working, energetic and active. Beside these it has helped me to balance in body as well as my mind and decisions. It made me super confident.Killed depressions. Pumped me up.  I gained my lost confidence back again. I learned that nothing is impossible. If you keep on bending your body day by day gradually, it will bend one day. Same like fighting with your dark circumstances, try try and one day something better you will observe. I feel that Yoga and Classical dance both have helped me to grow each day, as a better human and as an Independent human being. I feel immensely happy to see myself doing all those Yogasanas which were never ever my cup of tea and most importantly, yoga gave me the inner peace, joy and pleasure to love myself, others and the positive aura of life. That is most important to me. 

Yoga is for life. a healthy happy life. Still much to learn and much to heal.

Advanced Backbend


Eka Pada Chakrasana


Down Dog (Adho Mukho Sabhasana)

Be no burden, be polite, say goodbye, and say hello
Wait your turn, sit upright, go to bed now, sweet dream
Find the kind heart, rest your feet and soul
May your kind heart find the land of gold
Pay attention, say your name, listen closely, and keep warm
Gentle hands, you are brave, look at me, and carry on
All is good, I love you, you can hear me, you can call
Sing your song with ease and pride, I'll be there not far behind
Find the kind heart, rest your feet and soul
May your kind heart find the land of gold
Tell them I won
Tell them I won, your way ♪♪♪♪ - Anoushka Shankar

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

One Month of Namma Bengaluru !!!

Hey Guys !! Disappointed with me ? No new posts since last month right ? I am extremely sorry for that. I wish from now it won't happen every now and often. I will try my best to write as much as possible. For past all posts though I have been saying this same but ya .. I am determined enough now to write more. Last few months were full of emotional and mental turmoils and I was just so unstable. Stability gives you wings. Isn't it ? I was stuck and was confined in all kind of worries. Worries of life and self proclamation. By the way I am getting back to my stability once again and the way my life has took a change, I am loving it. 

It has been just one month that I have been welcomed by Bengaluru or Bangalore and till now the experience is pretty good. Well South India is not unknown for me. My love for the culture had gone out many a times in my blogs too. So landing down to Bengaluru was really enthralling. First glance of Hatti Kaapi  atKempegowda International Airport and the forgotten & missed fragrance of Sambhar and Vada were the first two things I liked. But what I loved was the weather and till date what I loved more is the flexibility of this city. Unlike Chennai, it is much more open and the city knows how to welcome people from other states. I have seen 99% Kannadigas to co operate in Hindi and also welcoming the other cultures while keeping their own culture intact aside. I just loved it. In this one month I have spent most of  my times at office desk and then at my home and my brother's home. Have visited very little places or landmarks. But whichever I have, I liked. By the way, I have learned quite a few lines in Kannada.. Thanks to my teammate Shruthi... ♥ Swalpa Swalpa Kannada Gothidhe ☺ Learning new languages has been always a fun and beside Tamil, Telugu I am willing to keep Kannada too. Hope I can make it soon.

So my One month of Bangalore has been really good overall. Keeping fingers crossed and let's see what is waiting for me next in the future bag... ♥♥ Sharing some pictures spent in Bengaluru..

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