Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Endlessly in Love !!

Just like my few other blog posts on movie, again today I am about to start writing over one of my best ever love story viz romantic movie series. It happens with me quite a few times that right after watching some movies I don't get any words to describe my feeling. I sound so numb and keep mum. I guess my inner spirit takes time to feel those movie sequences and the story. My readers all of you know how much Movie devotee I am . I watch several movies, different kinds of stories but few movies take my breath away [No not taking the line of Berlin..Please !!] .. Most probably the slow movies just catch my attention. 

Ahh !! Blabbered much.. So today I am going to pen about Before Series, the Before trilogy. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Starring Ethane Hawke and Julie Delpy. Frankly saying I never used to like Ethane Hawke. But I never knew that he could be too charming to steal a girl's heart. On the other hand Julie Delpy can make anyone mad with her casual blonde curls and innocent exposed sweet smile.

I don't know how many of you have watched it and known to the real fact behind this production. This trilogy was made for 18 years. Each movie was having 9 years gap in between. Before Sunrise - 1995, then Before Sunset - 2004 and at last Before Midnight - 2013. Director Richard Linklater connected this movie story line with real plot. To read the story click here. Though director ended up the movie in a bit different note from the real incident. I guess he might have been recreated the plot with his expectation, imagination and a thought from his wish. Anyways the question is why do I love this movie so much ??

Before Sunrise : This movie is really different from other so called Romantic films. I love all movies on Romance but this movie was like going on and on. It was like watching a real alive couple from this much of distance. It was more like feeling their nonsense, rapid talks which is not so surreal and can happen any times with any of us. If two people talk in a certain manner, the topics get highs and lows and also flip from here and there right ? Ethane and Julie were talking and sharing their lives though they were strangers to each other. They listened to each other, tried to say more and more in an endless way and obviously without any expectation, without any promise. They spent some quality times together listening to unknown fortune teller, reading up to a certain poem from an odd poet, grooving up ears with the local gypsy music and then playing games like Telephone Telephone where they confronted each other's feeling in such a different and classic way. Weird but beautiful. The movie was more like a movie. It was slow and so intense. I can watch especially this part endlessly. 

Before Sunset : Now this movie was after 9 years leap. Like the real time, director too took the same years leave. Celine and Jesse met up together after long 9 years. They were not strangers but still stranger. In 9 years their lives changed but the hidden feelings for each other didn't get over. They cried, suffered from anxiety, sentiments and emotions but they were still together and were hitched to each other by that invisible thread of commitment and again the journey went on to next movie.

Before Midnight : And again after 9 years, they were together forever. They were married and on a vacation. And like the other two this was also about having their on going conversation. Mixed feelings of joy, sorrow and different emotions made this movie up.Though personally I didn't like this part like I did for the rest two. But still as an end it was perfect to draw the finish line. 

Dedicating few lines :

I never knew about you BEFORE,
watched you one after another to explore...
I let myself to drown into your story,
to gain the ivory...
of the intensity between two strangers,
who never let them make apart 
from each other,
and ended up meeting rather ..
right after periodic years of NINE,
to rise and shine
in a Journey That Never Ends !!

P.S Plus I loved the beautiful Europe and the exploration of the cities by Celine and Jesse ... I always love this continent .. So ancient so old... so Classic and Golden.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Shadows of fall

It's raining since morning
and my mind is ready to sing,
to sing some songs of love 
and tunes of rapture ..

I am standing near the window glass,
gazing upon the raindrops 
and their falling path ..
Slowly moving my hair with fingertips,
thinking so deep
playing with my hair clip ..

Ahh !! didn't notice you were there,
heeding me from that edgy tiny corner
slowly capturing my shadows of fall,
my reflection and my soul ...

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Friday, 20 June 2014

পাশের বাড়ি ও আমার ছোট্টবেলা

পাশের বাড়ি ও আমার ছোট্টবেলা 

আজকের আনন্দবাজার এর পত্রিকা সংকলনের শ্রীজাতের লেখা পাশের বাড়ি প্রছেদতা পড়ে আমার মনটা এতটাই নস্টালজিয়ায় ভরে উঠলো যে খাতায়ে পেন না চালিয়ে আর থাকতে পারলাম না। আজকে মরশুম টাও বেশ রোমান্টিক, টিপ টিপ বৃষ্টি পড়ছে অনর্গল, জানালা থেকে দেখতে পাচ্ছি আমে এখনের পাশের বাড়ির ছাদটাকে আর সঙ্গে পত্রিকার এই স্মৃতিচারণ করে তোলা লাইনগুলো যেন অসাধারণ। পুরো নস্টালজিয়ায় মাখো মাখো কাকস্নান। 

ছবি : আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা

শ্রীজাতের নিজের বক্তব্যের সাথে সাথে বাকি গুণীজনদের অভিজ্ঞতা পড়ার আনন্দটাও যেন উপরি পাওনা। কি জানি, আমার অনেক জায়েগায়ে নিজের ছোট্টবেলার পাশের বাড়িগুলোর প্রতিচ্ছবি দেখতে পেলাম। এর আগেও অনেকবার লিখেছি প্রধানত: বাংলা পোস্টগুলিতে যে আমার ছোট্টবেলা দুটো পাড়ায়ে কেটেছে এবং দুটো পাড়ার স্মৃতিই আমার মনের কোন এক কোনায়ে যেন আজও প্রানবন্ত ও সুখদায়ক। সত্যিই বটে, পাশের বাড়িগুলি তখন যেমন ছিল এখন যেন অনেকটাই আলাদা। আমার শৈশব যে পাড়ায়ে কেটেছিল ,সেই পাড়ায়ে আমার ও দিদিভাই এর পছন্দের পাশের বাড়ি ছিল 'বম্মা বাড়ি'। পাশের বাড়ি বলে কিছু বুঝতাম না। জানতাম যে সেটা শুধু আমাদের দুই বোনের বম্মা বাড়ি ছিল। বম্মা বাড়ি যাওয়ার কোনো সময় ছিল না। যখন তখন দৌড় মেরে ছুটে চলে যেতাম ওখানে। ওখানে আমাদের প্রিয় গুটু দিদি , লিসা দিদি , গাদ্দু দিদি ও সবচেয়ে প্রিয় পপি ছিল। পপি ছিল ড্যাসহাউন্ড কুকুর। আমরা সবাই একসঙ্গে vcd তে সিনেমা দেখতাম , আমির-শাহরুখ -জুহি-কাজল এর সিনেমার সদ্য ক্যাসেটের তালে তালে নাচতাম ও আরো কতকিছুই না করতাম। কখনো ঘুমিয়েও পড়তাম , ঘুম থেকে উঠে দেখ্তেঅম নিজের বাড়ির বিছানায়ে আছি। তাছাড়াও ছিল মিসির বাড়ি, বুবাই দাদার বাড়ি, পল্টু দাদার বাড়ি আরো কত পাশের বাড়ি।আবার আমার ইতি - শৈশব ও কৈশোর কালে যেখানে ছিলাম সেখানে পাশের বাড়িকে উপভোগ করেছি আলাদা ভাবে। আমিও তখন শৈশবকে বিদায় জানাব জানাব করছি ,আর তখনি খুঁজে পেয়েছিলাম আমার খেলার দুই সঙ্গীকে। তাদের বয়স তখন ৪ ও ১.৫ যথাক্রমে শেলী ও শুভ।  দুই ভাইবোন আর আমার খেলার পরম সঙ্গী। শেলীর বাড়ি আমার কাছে নিজেরই বাড়ি ছিল। যাওয়ার কোনো বিধি নিষেধ ছিল ছিল না। মা বাড়িতে খুঁজে না পেলেই বারান্দা থেকে ডাক দিত , আর আমাকে ওদের বারান্দা থেকে মুখ বাড়াতে দেখতে পেত। তেমনি শেলী ও শুভ যখন একটু বড় হলো ,ওরা আমার বাড়ি আসত দোলনা চড়তে। আমি আমর কলে ওদেরকে বসিয়ে দোলনা চড়াতাম। আর ছাদটা তো একটা দোরগোড়া ছিল খোলা আকাশ কে ছোঁয়ার। বিকেলবেলা ছাদে যাওয়া মানে সবাইকে পাশের ছাদে পাওয়া, তেমনি শীতকালে দুপুরে পেতাম সবাইকে নিজের নিজের ছাদে। মাঝে মাঝে পাশের বাড়ির ঝিলমিল দিদির সাথে আমার দিদিভাইকে ছাদ থেকে ছাদ ব্যাডমিন্টন খেলতেও দেখেছি। বিশ্বকর্মা পুজোর সময় মুখিয়ে চেয়ে থাকতাম কোন ঘুড়িটা কার ছাদে কেটে পড়ে। সেই একদম টানটান উত্তেজনা। কিন্তু এখন সেই আর কিছুই নেই। থাকবেই বা কি করে ? আমরা সবাই এখন ব্যস্ত। অবসর সময় নিজেকে দিতে দিতেই ক্লান্ত আর পাশের বাড়িকে দেব কি? না, দোষ কারো নয়।  আমরা তো বাধ্য তাই না? এখন পাশের ফ্ল্যাটের ইনা - মীনা - টিনাকে Facebook এ Hi করতে হয়।  আর খেলাধুলা ? তার জন্য তো Facebook এর game requests আছেই। এখন শুধু পড়ে আছে স্মৃতিচারণ। কি জানি আজকের এই দিনটাকেও আগামী কাল কোনো দশক পরে মনে করব আর বলব "এখন আর সেরকম কই, সব হারিয়ে গেছে। " - সময়টাই আসলে চলে যাছে, আমরা সবাই তো মুহুর্ত মাত্র। সময়ের কাছে আমরা যে বাধা। 

বানানে ভুল থাকলে মার্জনা করবেন , সবই সফটওয়্যার এর মায়া 

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Live-in or Marriage - Both means to living together

Even like the last topic of Indispire.. this one is also a much debated topic. But I am glad to get such topics in Indispire where I can run my pen a bit. Thanks Garima for this wonderful topic. 

Live-in or marriage? Which is the better option & why?

First I want to state that whatever I am going to write here are not meant to hurt anyone's personal emotion or sentiment.  I will write as I will feel while penning down.

Live-in relationships were still a taboo before some years I guess. Even frankly speaking when I was a teen and used to listen anything about the term Live-In, even I used to show some kind of disappointments on my face. Preferably it was kind of unethical for me. But as the days, nights and years moved on, those thoughts of an immature teen just wiped off of my mind and today I don't believe that Living In without marriage is a taboo or sin of society. I think as people are moving forward, moving their places one from another sharing the apartments, the term Live-In has got so many definitions and people hailing from Gen-Y don't get this term as wrong as it used to be pretended.

So this was my straight and simple perceptual analysis of the topic.

Now I will try to dig some more into it. 

People do debate over the topic "Which is better ?? having a live-in relationships or a straight marriage" ?? .. Please !! I am not here to point out the pros and cons of both sides.. like This has this and that has that or blah blah blah !! Isn't it so true that in both the cases actually two people lives in together... Isn't it most necessary to look after the togetherness both people share rather than ogling at how they are leading it? If two adults are deciding to move in together and share their moments of life, then what's wrong in that ? and whereas marriage is a social ritual and a function to put two people together for living in for the rest of the life. For me the aftermath is same, just the difference is social rituals. Marriage has been a legal tradition to keep a male and female together under a single roof and the modern civic people are choosing not to spare the rituals for staying together. Then what's wrong in it ?I don't find.. But how many of you have been known to this fact I don't know... In Hindu Mythology there have been 8 different types of marriage where the LIVE-IN has been defined as Gandharva Marriage ... Read here for more... So I guess the ancient culture of Hindu Society should not blame Live-in as a taboo right?

and then here comes a small paragraph from another side of my mind...

If two people are in love truly, madly and deeply and then decide to stay together, I don't find them guilty.Because nothing is wrong when you are in love [Remember Jab We Met- Geet's dialogue ..]. What matters is commitment. If there is no commitment in between the two then , whether it is Live-in or Marriage nothing lasts forever... So for me Live-in or Marriage, the fact that matters most is COMMITMENT towards your partner. Be truthful, faithful and honest towards the person you are living with... Stay happy, stay loved and stay blessed.

P.S Just one thought poked my mind... A girl and a boy can be roomies too.. Technically that one is also Living-in together.. Does that imply anything bad ??  This line was for those TABOO fanatic people !! :P Answer please 

This movie redefined the term Living- In
Friend, Philosopher and Guide what we look after
in out partner.  Isn't it ?

This post is written for Indispire ...

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Most Played ... 11

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wake up .. !!

Today I am going to write up about those two recent Hindi movies which I should have written much before about. I was speechless at that moment and that's why may be my keyboard and my mind could not type a single word for both of these movies.

First of all thanks to Bollywood for producing such two wonderful self-esteemed movie on Women in recent days. We all women must watch these two movies every time just to respect our own esteem. We are no way lesser than anyone. Everyone has got some gifts from god. Everyone has some capabilities which are unique in their own way. But Indian culture huh !! ... From the old ancient mythological days we have been humiliated in all ways. Sometimes dominated as wife, daughter, sister and girl friends too. In all rituals, we have been forced to sacrifice more and that has become a tradition which we must follow right? Else what will other say ? Yes and we do it too..

Sorry getting off of the track. Let's just put the two names of those movies. These two movies are ENGLISH VINGLISH of 2012 and QUEEN of 2014.

1. English Vinglish:

This movie was about a woman who was humiliated mentally by her own husband and children. Why? Because she was too homely to be presented in the hi-fi English spoken society. Her husband used to ignore her. Her children used to insult her for not speaking English well. Only thing everyone used to expect from her to do the homely stuffs. Like the other Bharatiya Naris should do.. Pati Seva, Kitchen Seva and all other homely stuffs. Hope all my readers have watched the movie. And then her destiny took her into abroad for her niece's marriage and there she just changed her life and of course the level of confidence.She tried and learned to speak in English in crash course class. She just turned her weakness into her strength and she shocked everyone specially her husband in the last scene by giving a speech. I loved the movie because Sashi is none other than the housewives of India and the incident just happens with most of them. What we lack is the self-confidence and this movie just shown that every home maker has got something in them. So raise your confidence up to one level and Don't let others humiliate you badly. Because everyone should know that you are also a human and to be respected.

2. Queen:

Ahh this movie was tremendous for me.. I don't know but this movie was like.. it touched my heart in many ways. A typical girl from a conservative family who has always learned to obey everyone ... Whether the family elders, teachers, or boyfriend. But when the 'sidhi sadhi bholi bhali' girl gets dumped just before the day of marriage, everything just seems so dark for her. Same happened for Rani too. She fell in the well of hopelessness. She could do something unexpected, She could take some wrong steps too for depression but she didn't do that. Instead she decided to spend her own honeymoon alone. The girl who has never gone to the next colony without her little brother's guidance, just steps off to abroad. And there she opens up. She opens up herself to her own world, gains confidence by doing everything alone, overcomes all the fears she used to have before, does all the odds which she has never done before like drinking, partying, staying with male room mates and then selling own panipuri. Then at last dumped the marriage proposal from her ex-fiancee . Huh!! This movie was tremendous and there Rani becomes the real Queen of her own world and ours too.

I don't know what I wrote here. I may have written so much .. But why did I love these movies? Because these movies had the inner message of opening up. In both movies the story was about being someone from no one. If not for others, but for their own selves. These movies were about standing upon one's own feet. Because God has given us the wings of Freedom right ?? Then why not Flying ?? 

Keep Flying Girls !! 

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Virginity - Well that's not a certificate !!

First of all would love to thank Anmol Rawat for posting such a topic which may appear as a sin .. But honestly I loved it when I got the notification.

Virginity should not be regarded as a girl's character certificate according to me. What's your take?

Then my answer is simply YES .. I agree with you Anmol..

Premarital Sex has been a sin or curse in Indian Society since long time. People are changing, moving forward, gaining so much of exposure to knowledge and openness but still in this point most of us, the Indians just back off the idea of considering VIRGINITY as a moderate consideration. If a girl or woman indulge herself in any kind of premarital sexual activity, it's a sin and simply people start having gossips about her character. This is so well seen and well known too isn't it ?

Now my point is when a girl gets raped,she loses her virginity too, then does that imply that she is bad or carrying a sluttish character ? If a girl gets divorced then there lies 95% possibility that the girl is not a virgin.. so in that case also does it imply that she is not having a so called good character. Okay let's say about the prostitutes... [I do respect them a lot.. because they all come under different circumstances and sacrifice a ton to earn their bread].. Of course they are not virgin. But does that mean that they don't have a good heart ? Sex is not a sin.. and indulging into it should not be considered as that bad. Everyone is different, everyone may have some point to have it... but losing virginity is just not a sin.. I just feel pity for us, the Women... I wish anyone could ask Men for their Virginity certificate ... Gawd.. us .... !! How many bachelor men would love to marry a raped victim?? How many bachelor men would love to love a prostitute? How many bachelor men would love to make a divorcee as his first wife? - Very few. There are always exceptions for everything I know. But the fact is very true ... We may feel sorry for them but can not accept the way they are. In real manner if we think, we can never find them as guilty. 

Character must be certified by heart and soul a person carry .. Body is just the shell of our soul. Make your soul beautiful and open.. Body has an end and it leaves the earth but soul can never leave its last breath..  So respect women and think twice before judging her character. 

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Step by Step

I move forward my steps one by one...
touch the green leaves and yellow petals, 
and make them rest over my palm
...  gaze upon them for prolonged time,
and devote my soul to that holy hyme ...

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happiness is being RICH

Now my title definitely headed you all towards some thoughts which I can guess. In our society we normally use this word only when we need to distinguish a person wealth wise. Isn't it? It has been tradition to discriminate RICH and POOR in our stereotype culture.

But I do believe that any person can be rich if he/she is attaining any positive quality in him/her.

Being Rich means to have wealth of anything.
You can be RICH at your humanity
or RICH with your knowledge
or RICH with culture
or RICH with your sense of humor
or RICH with your aesthetic sense
or RICH at your kindness
or RICH at your heart
or RICH by the positivity you attain
or anything...

Being RICH doesn't imply to be proud of anything
Being RICH implies to have generosity 
to have smile on your face every time..
The more you spread these wealth, the more you will grow RICHER 

Being RICH is to have openness towards life
and there is the HAPPINESS in being RICH

and I am lucky that I am RICH with my 24x7 happiness !!  
and 24x7 smile on my face ....
keep smiling and spread the smile ☺

This post is written for INDISPIRE  for the word #RICH

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Giant Wheel

Long time ago
in a holiday of Spring,
I took you into a Giant Wheel
in the middle of the festival ring

You were scared
I was not..
You were trembled 
but I was not..

I pulled your hands 
jumped into the wheel's car,
Oh My God..
Your face was full of fear

You held the car so tight
I laughed along,
You closed your eyes
I made fun of yours ..

Then I held your hands with love
told you to open your eyes ,
and have a look at the city lights
from so top of the air
where you saw the river flowing by
the city of joy glowing with holy cry

You were relaxed 
looking at my eyes
smiled across my mind
I felt the joy
holding hands together
♥ forever ♥

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Monday, 2 June 2014

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Sunday, 1 June 2014


জানালা দিয়ে দেখি সেই কৃষ্ণচূড়া 
বৃষ্টিতে ভেজা তার কমলা রং ,
ঝিরি ঝিরি পরে তার পাঁপড়ি 
অপেক্ষায় থাকে সেই উন্মোচন। 

অন্ধকার মেঘলা সকালে 
উদার করা সেই কমলা রং ,
বৃষ্টিতে ভেজা আমার উজ্জ্বল কৃষ্ণচূড়া 
শান্ত করে আমার মন। 

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