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" LOVE"..a lovely word in world I can say... And very common though ..  Think friends if the name "love" would not be "love" then ?? ;) sorry for cracking jokes over here..

Let's write about "What is Love" ???


For me Love is the world's beautiful feeling.. love is about caring for someone,love is - to get worried for someone ,Love is - to give all the happiness , taking all the sorrows , love is - to sacrifice , love is - to forgive , love is - to respect , love is - to support , love is - to miss someone when not with you...

Love is mother's care to her children , Father's advice to his children , Love is a brother-sister fight,Love is fighting for dresses between sisters ,love is a sweet-tight hug from lover,love is to disturb and tease friends ..

Love is - to give surprise to see a little smile on your loved one's face.
Love is - to cook and feed by your own hands to whom you love.
Love is - to have fun together.
Love is - to ask your mother for a sleep on her lap.
Love is - to demand something from you father.
Love is - to make laugh when your friend is sad.
Love is - to hold hands when your loved person is tensed and scared for something.
Love is - to make your lover jealous.
Love is - a sweet kiss on your forehead from your husband before sleep.
Love is - about the tears which comes out when your sister gets married and goes away.
Love is - to see your lover while he/she sleeps.
Love is - to respect parents,stand beside them when they need you at their old age.
Love is - LOVE...

                                                                                                                  ©Debarati Datta

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Death,then What happens next ???

                                                               Death,then What happens next ???

I know it's quite weird and controversial topic which I am going to write about....But It's true that  I always had a hidden curiosity on this topic and  wanted to know what actually happens next after death of a living ??? Researched a lot,read few blogs ,books(not only the horror children story books ),topics on these but really couldn't get to know the truth..It's a mystery for me now.. I know many of you , if starting to read this post also will leave .. If don't like then don't read .. not a big deal...

I am going to write What I actually feel about this... What I think about this.It may not be the truth.... It's just what I feel.....

Hell and Heaven ........ Most of us believe that after death , souls either go to heaven or hell..according to their deeds ..But no one knows what actually happens ?? Hell and Heaven .... do they exist also ??? I am not trying to oppose this..If talking about this then the concepts of spirits and ghosts must come.. It's not very much uncommon to listen some real haunted stories either in paper or news whatever.. few doesn't believe,few does... Neither I had any encounter with ghosts nor I am writing about any stories related to this...But yes this  topic attracts me towards it...  We people of all religions do few formalities which has to be done after death..for what ?? for d peace of souls....if they have to go to Hell or Heaven then Where is it ??? Is it really like what we have read or seen in books and movies respectively ???? Heaven is beyond the sky and Hell is under the earth-ground ??? or there is some different world where souls reside and tries to communicate with the livings ??? So many questions are arising in my mind...I mean it arises always....but hard to get the answer..

I do believe in spirits ...not the "typical ghosts"  like of horror movies or stories...What I believe is that there are spirits ..souls.. around us...which neither can harm the livings nor communicate directly with them..
I am a deep believer of God..I believe in Spirits too.. Those who don't believe in Gods,will not have faith in these topics too... Those may think it as rubbish... But if we think it in the basis of science then things won't be much rubbish and disgusting..

Energy.... according to Science neither energy can be created nor can be of two types too..Positive and Negative energy...if talking about positive and negative energy..We can relate it as.....God = Positive energy and Spirits = negative energy...
now one simple example.. there is black so that we can recognize the colour White... 
So it's very much obvious that positive wouldn't be positive if there were no negative.....Souls are nothing but   a form of energy..Which can not be destroyed ever..So Where does this energy go after Death ???? this energies find the proper medium to reside or communicate.... In TV or few story books we get few indications of spirits.. Like oscillation of radio frequency , blinking bulbs etc.. But I don't get them much disgusting or fake...We the human can only hear the sounds of 20Hz-20kHz...not less or more than this range...May be ..the spirits or souls whatever it is, resides in some other frequency range..i.e. of infrasonic.. less than our frequency range...and when they want to communicate then radio (which resides in between 3kHz-300GHz) or other frequency related devices start oscillating (may be) due to some frequency interference.........Whereas in bulb or light matter...A.C electric field pulses in frequency range of 10Hz-600kHz...may be here also same interference happens and bulbs,lights start blinking... It's totally my point of view and I am not trying to prove any kind of statement and solve few physics equation... I am far far away from this..

planchette .. a very common word amongst us..Most of us have seen it in movies,few experienced it in real..(not me).So For what we do it ?? to call the souls who are residing in their world in peace or in rage... to communicate with them via some medium .... sometimes we have seen the medium as one of the member or other objects such as coin or anything else..So here also spirits need medium...They can't communicate with us directly..

And I believe in this too... that if someone is near to you...with closed eyes also you can feel it...This happens with everyone.If some one says no I won't believe ... I have heard that when someone stares at you continuously, energy flows..which effects you to realize.. not for only spirits but if someone (human being) looks at you(staring type) you get to know that..So It happened with me so many times .. at midnight while roaming in the terrace of my college I felt it so many my ex-house felt it often at night...and if it's about negative vibes  then I have many experiences by which I could feel something strange.

Have you ever smelt some sweet fragrance when there is no such source to get it or some bad,vibrant,pungent smell when there is no source of it too ??? I did.. I didn't have any logic behind it.Used to get it frequently the sweet one...suddenly once in an article got to know about this matter..have read that sweet fragrance indicates good souls and the bad one indicated bad souls...Don't know what is the truth but the way I got the smell was really strange..and another incident which really made me to think of it deeply was my college incident .... No one could judge that ..for one or two times we can consider it to be a natural incident.But for continuously 6-7 deaths ??? is it normal ??? the common phenomenon was  "only guys"... Don't know what it used to be actually but the power of negativity could be felt by all.....

Have read in one article once that after death ,the souls/spirits can't leave this world especially their loved ones and lovable things... They often come to visit their place,look after their loved ones and tries to follow them...and if the death is caused by any sudden accident then it takes time to make them realize that they are really dead.. really strange and too deep topic to think about it..

Have expressed whatever I feel about it....But it doesn't mean that I have found the answer of my post title - What happens after Death ?????

                                                                                                                                          ©Debarati Datta

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Stars ....

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Cities ... of my life....

Hey friends .... This post is about all those cities where I had visited and stayed for much time...I will write just about the culture,foods and attractions of those cities.What I liked , what I didn't .
 But yes I won't stop criticising huh ?? lolz...Just sharing ..


First City... "Amar Kolkata " .... also known as "City of Joy"..
It was Calcutta when I was born here.Calcutta sounds classy isn't it ??but yes Kolkata has its"matir taan" in it.When anyone hears the name of this city ...first comes in mind is "Rosogolla",Misti Doi,Durga Puja.Hmm hmm these are the famous phenomenon of Kolkata..we can call it as USP of Kolkata.

If someone comes to Kolkata .they will find first the "Ogochelo" Kolkata.which means not a much TIP TOP city.If the person is going via Howrah Station.then definitely he/she is going to feel the same.. So What you will notice first ???

Much congested city , yellow taxies , White dressed Traffic Polices , Old buildings( "Mandhatar Amol" er bari) , Huge Fish Markets , Trams , Metro rail (underground) , busy people hanging in local trains , rush hurry.  you people can find a Common look of men too..most of the people will be having "spects , Moustache, an intellect look, quite healthy figure with an attractive tummy(LOL) "--- A typical "bangali babu" look..But unlike TV or movies neither Bengali's wear a white dhoti nor they have "pans" in their mouth..That's really hard to see now a days.But yes you can see people speak hindi so sweetly :)  ... That's how my city is :)

Kolkata - City of Joy , Heritage of Culture , Lovers of sports(specially Football),the main thing..Its about Bengali...

If anyone wants a clean,less congested,properly maintained,hi tech city then  you can go to Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai or Bangalore.... If you want a city of soul,warmth come to kolkata...I am not saying or praising as I am Bengali..Really writing it from a different told by my few friends.

Places which are famous in Kolkata....

friends have a look...


                                                                     The Howrah Bridge
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                                                    ( )           


                                                                  The VidyaSagar Bridge    
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                                                 (  )

                                                                   The Victoria Memorial 
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                                               (  )

                                                             The St.Paul's Cathedral Church
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                                             ('s_Cathedral,_Kolkata   )

                                                                      The National Library
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                                             (   )

                                                                   The Raj Bhavan Kolkata
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                                              (  )

                                                       The Fort William Eastern Command
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                                                   (    )

                                                                    The Shahid Minar
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                                          (,_Kolkata )

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                                         ( )

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                                               (,_Kolkata  )

                                                          Hogg Market ( New Market Area)
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                                           (,_Kolkata  )

                                                                        The Eden Gardens
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                                                 (   )

                                                                    The Salt Lake Stadium
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                                               (   )

                                                                 Yellow Taxies Of Kolkata

                                                                Metro Railway Of Kolkata
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                                                   (  )

                                                                The Kolkata Traffic Police
                                                                             white men

                                                                   Hand Pull Rickshaws     

                                                                   Trams Of Kolkata         

                                                                    The Indian Coffee House
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                                                                     Belur Math
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                                                ( )

                                                                           Durga Puja 
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so I guess , you all who hasn't come to Kolkata yet could see my city at a glance..These all places are the most visited and famous place in kolkata..

These were just the places where you can visit . But let me tell you the other side of kolkata.. About the foodie bengalis.Bengalis are often called as "Bheto Bangali" as they love to eat Bhaat or rice.Apart from this they love to have fish everyday,daily basis..Or else khawar bhaat hojom hobe na means meals won't get digested.Sweets are really must for bengalis.They love to have sweets after their lunch or dinner.There are different kinds of sweets.Famous are Misti Doi,Rosogolla .

Misti Doi

                                                                        Bong Thali 

In kolkata if someone goes around Kolkata Maidan for a morning walk what will they notice first ?? The football lover Bengalis are practising football there.This is so unique view to look at you know.Football lover bengalis are always ready to fight for their team Either East Bengal Or Mohan Bagan.This is just another version of Bangal and Ghoti Fight.These small small nok jhoks,teasings,arguements make Kolkata evergreen.

If talking about Kolkata how can we leave Politics ? From the British Period itself it started and now also continuing. Bandhs,Michilis,Dewal likhon all these are essential parts of Kolkata.Let's not talk about politics much.

Festivals Of Bengali 

There is a well known proverb " Bangalir Baro mashe Tero parbon " which means that  " in 12 months Bengalis have 13 festivals ".From beginning of the year Kolkatans make them busy in celebrating all kind of festivals of all religions.If that too they don't find they make them busy in Book Fair,Film Festivals,Cultural Concerts,Functions etc..... Kolkata and Tagore -both names are so much into themselves.Each and every bengalis are emotional and weak in this subject.They love Tagore and they love to culture Tagore.In most of the homes you can find harmonium,Tabla,Ghungroo.It means most of the them learn,gets involved with music,art,dance. hmm... That's how Kolkata is....

but yes coming to Kolkata and not being criticized impossible.PNPC is very much related to bengalis.. PNPC=Poro Ninda Poro Charcha..LOLZ means criticizing ..Just give them a topic.See from where they start and where they end....Adda.. is what we call it as...Sometimes it's fun sometimes its more than that...but these khatta mitha nok jhok makes it really different.

So all my dear friends that's what I could pen about my City,My Kolkata.....Love Tilottoma Mahanagari Kolkata :)


Hey friends I am back.. Today I am going to write about the second city which is so close to my heart... where I have spent 4 long years.It's "Chennai " ..a city of Kolaveri Di..

Guys !! Before I start writing I would like to tell you all ..That this blog is not to hurt anyone intentionally..Whatever I felt,I saw I am going to pen that only.Like for Kolkata I could pen it nicely as I am born and bought up in Kolkata.If I write something which hurts anyone's feelings then I am really sorry for that.If anyone can give much more informations about  Chennai..They are invited to comment below.I welcome them Whole heartedly :) .....

Chennai...hearing this name itself we ( The north and east Indians ) begin to think about the "hot climate,Idli,Sambhar,Dosai,Flowers,and the tough language..".I too used to have the same idea..2006 when for the first time I landed to Chennai Central,things were not easy at all...

Guys !! whomever has gone to Chennai have faced the same problem as I did...Mostly who speaks Hindi.. :) he he Coz in Chennai you will hardly find a people speaking Hindi ..Yes that is really very difficult situation... But apart from these food and language problem ...the things which actually stole my heart and impresses me now also is the clean city itself and  "the living style of the people there" ... I really love honest,down-to-earth-simple living people.Which I could see in them...that impressed me so much.

You will never understand any difference between a rich and poor people there..Whomever they are ..They will speak in their mother tongue,respect their culture,will have their food by hand,will wear their traditional dress,respect others..and especially does not have the so called "show-off nature"  . I have seen few of them walking with their bare feet but getting down from BMW or Mercedes also.hard to see right ???..I just loved this..It's really hard to see people like this most of the states of India people are adopting western culture and forgetting their own culture...(note: I am not saying it's bad to adopt western culture).. In most of the parts of India ,"Empty vessel sounds more" proverb works more...If people have less also will show more... Strange but true... ( not hurting anyone )...

In Chennai day starts with "morning chants of god and goddess,prayers in temples,kumkumam,bibhuti,manjal,sandal,flowers on women's hair,Idli,Dosa,Vadai,Sambhar,Pongal and etc ".During my college days at early 5.00am could listen the bells ringing in temple,could see boys and girls giving odd numbers of rounds around the temple..

According to me Tamil Nadu can be called as State of temples... everywhere ... you can see temples.. and those temple's architectures are really too good... too good.. huge in size ..these temples are of early 19th,20th century..may be before than that also... In Chennai I used to visit one temple so frequently ..especially tuesdays..."anjaneya temple of Nanganallur" Hanuman mandir...I still miss those prasadam of that temple.Sometimes it used to be pongal full of ghee..yumm...,upma,and few different kinds of tasty prasadam...

                                                           Nanganallur Anjeneya Temple
                                                                 for more click here

Now it's time to list out few famous places of Chennai.... at least for me..

T.Nagar (Mambalam) :

OMG !!  that's the first expression which comes in my mind while listening to the name of T.Nagar.. Guys believe me if anyone goes via the station mambalam ..and just looks at the other side of bridge,they can only  see the "Black Heads moving (not of skin...LOL)" in Ranganathan street.I mean huge rush of people ...not any festival purpose ...all the time..Why an I saying festival ???. Ofcourse T.Nagar is the famous  place for shopping...The great Saravana Stores,Sri Kuamaran Stores,Pothys,Nalli,SKC,Many other jewellery shops... all are really great for shopping.. and if it's aadi month then toh baat ho chuki...You can't even  get into T.Nagar....Ask anyone who has visited Chennai...have must gone to T.Nagar once.. whether for street food,shopping it's excellent....I really miss T.Nagar.

                                                        The Saravana Stores,T.Nagar                

                                                     The normal Rush in T.Nagar as I told       
Besant Nagar Beach :

Most pleasant place for me was Besant Nagar Beach..First of all it was Sea Beach ... ( I love beaches)..Over that It was very clean,calm,quite..People those who want to simply sit and chat must go to this place at Evening..Just Awesome... Hey guys you can even find few Tollywood celebrities too ..I did.. :) This beach is quite can't find much shops or fish stalls in the beach like others do..Just walk,sit and chat,,you can find mostly group of friends,families and couples sitting and chatting... and yes sometimes you can find young boys and girls playing volleyball too..Good fun to watch at this too :) and if talking about Besant Nagar beach how can I not mention the names of few shops where gals and guys can find trendy cloths..Cool n cool was my fav place to buy dresses for me..and the restaurants were awesome..North Indians you can get delicious food  over here. Love to go Besant Nagar beach...

                                                     The Besant Nagar Beach Chennai 
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Marina Beach :

                         If you guys really want to have fulltoos masti,fish fries, then go to Marina Beach.. It's longest urban beach in India and World's second longest beach.Personally I really didn't like this place much.But yes it's famous place to visit in Chennai.

                                                 The Marina Beach Chennai 
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Spencer's Plaza & Ritchie street :

                             Students who are studying in Chennai's Engineering colleges and other colleges or any tech geek's favourite place will be Richie Street and Spencer's Plaza..Any Technical gadgets if you need to buy , just go to Richie Street.Bargain and buy..Spencer's..The most famous mall in Chennai and oldest too...

                                                             The Spencer's Plaza,Chennai

The Beach :

                      Should not write it openly but lol if you want to buy pirated cd's dvd's.... go to beach ..Ultimate can get it in very cheap rates :)

The Moore Market :

                      Just like college street of Kolkata, you have Moore market in Chennai..Just beside the central station go to moore market..You can any kind of books..and moreover that you can bargain it nicely :)

                                                               The Moore Market Area 

Chennai Central :

                       The first thing comes in my mind is Howrah -Chennai mail /Coromondal Exp... coming from Chennai or going to Chennai everything was via this big huge station.can remember the rush of all eng/med/degree students after sem in Chennai Central...facial expression used to be too good...The happiness of going home after finishing sem,last minute fight,hugs with friends....carrying luggages of friends..looking for good gals/boys...used to be too good.I guess still it happens :) First time when I got down in central the only thing which took my eyes on it was..The saravana saree ad central...the announcements of upcoming trains in tamil ... the way it sounds " Pujyam ,irandu, " is really attractive...the first idli of chennai ,I had in central :) really miss my college days :) ...Have a look

                                                             The Chennai Central 

Tambaram :

                           have good memories here..with friends used to go to this station for reaching mambalam :)

                                                      for more click

Ega/Anu Ega :

                         People like us who wants to watch Hindi Movie can surely go to Ega/Anu Ega and can enjoy recent hindi movies in cheap and affordable a time 2 movies run in this hall.Infront of ega you can get good snacks and juice.and People who really feel alone (as hindi linguistic) go to this place on weekends... you will feel good :)

                                                            Ega Cinemas
Sathyam Theatre :

                                  for the first time I heard that in 10Rs also you can watch a movie..Yes this is the place where you ticket starts from 10 rs..hey hey that's all and then there is no 20,30 directly normal rate... he he eh :) watched so many movies with friends.. I really don't know whether still the 10/- ticket exists or not..but during my college days yes it was.


                                                              Satyam Theatre

St.Thomas Mount :

                                                                   for more click here
                                            ( )

Koyembedu :
                                 Have hardly seen a bus depot like this..So much well maintained this bus terminus is.Guys any problem go to koyembedu and you can get all buses connecting to tamil nadu,Andhra,Karnataka,Kerala.

                                                            Koyembedu bus Termiuns
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Food Of Chennai :

Now let's come to food section..Maximum people know only about Idli,Dosa,Sambhar,Uttapam.And they judge by that only.But in south Indian home if you get a chance to go then don't wait.I never missed the can get a holy atmosphere in that home.Whether from outside it's a big bungalow you will see the same and common few things.. At the entrance of that home you can see a devil face which actually is helpful for buri nazar,infront of the home different designer rangolis (daily basis),inside the home a big place of swami (god),the fragnance of flower,Simple but healthy living culture.In home the food gets to be too tasty :) especially if you are having veg..In breakfast pongal (so many varieties ),upma,idli with idli sambhar,dosa(so many types),apam,and many more items..not able to remember the names.really tasty. :) and especially those chutneys... my fav was onion chutney ..I can have total bowl .. love that..and in meal   you can get their sambhar,masala sambhar,rasam(my fav),poriyel,Apalam(papad),moore,payesam used to be delicious :) apart from that their are few more dishes.. like takalisadam(Tomato rice),tayirsadam(Curd Rice),puli sadam(Tamarind Rice),Lemon Rice,Pudina Rice etc..among these all rices..I love tomato rice..

here's a perfect thali of south Indian food :)
have a look

                                                             Idli with Idli sambar 


                                                           Dosa with all it's chutni

                                                          A typical Tamil Thali

Culture's in Chennai :

                                     The origin of Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music,Chennai is a city who admires art and culture.And when it's about music how can we forget about The great Legendary artists... like Mr.IllayiaRaja,A.R Rahman,Harish Jeyaraj...Those musics just steal my mind to somewhere else...But the thing which is noticeable is the possessiveness to their language,to their heritage culture. Yes Tamilians won't compromise with it.This thing is really quite non-adjustable for the other people who belongs to some different culture...But the love,the care they show to other people specially the polices help a lot.The police forces are really active and make Chennai as one of the safest city in India.I am a girl.I have experienced that.I had to catch the train around 12.00 am in central..Blindly you can trust  the polices .For a non tamilian to adjust with the city would be really hard without the chennai people..Really they never let you feel embarrassed whenever you need help these sweet people are always there...with you

For today bye  :) be continued with hyderabad....

                                               Hyderabad- Secunderabad

After a day I am back to write ... Today I am going to write about Hyderabad..The Deccan City... I didn't stay much there like
for years or something.I stayed there for 3-4 months for 2008 and 2009...for my college project ..During those days Which I experienced was really lovable.Let me tell you guys if you are getting an opportunity to live you life in Hyderabad  then don't miss it..Just pack your bag and nikal pado....

Hyderabad & Secunderabad-the twin cities of India ... are really a lovely place to short you can callit as  "mast seher"... I found much similarities with Kolkata..In both the cities you can live your life by spending less and affordable amount... like Kolkata,Hyderabad is also not much Tip Top can find University students much involved in politics in both the cities,Strike,Bandh,danga can be easily found in both cities...I found Hyderabad as brother city of Kolkata... and yes Street foods are very much available in Hyderabad like my Kolkata... Yummy....

As Hyderabad is the capital state of Andhra Pradesh basically people speak Telugu...but you can find Hindi as a major language there..because the city was under the Deccan Sulatnates once upon a I guess that  culture is still running in this Deccan city...

When it's about Andhra Pradesh , The first thing comes to my mind is about the Spicy food..Yummmmmmmmmy..Chill-chill-chilly everywhere...You can get a dosai with green chillis within it...sounds interesting na ???? Ahh..I love spicy food only..And after getting those dosai I was totally shocked and amazed..So tasty.. And the Pickles.. For the first time I got Tomato Pickle,Potato Pickle,Bitter gourd Pickle,Drumstick Pickle....Just Amazing...can you believe guys ??? pickle with bitter gourd ??? ha ha ha.... I had it in huge amount.... mouth is watering now...though I can't get it right now.. :'(

The city of pearls...

If you are going to Hyderabad and not buying Pearls...then it's totally not done...Awesome designer jewellery of Pearls ..hmm I bought so many when was in Hyderabad :) And yes you can bargain there ..LOLZ :)

So let's take a small Hyderabad City tour which will include all the famous places and special attractions of the city :) ok... we will be starting right from Secunderabad Station from where most of the city tour buses start the their one day trip..

Secunderabad Station :

                                 Secunderabad staion is the only big station to communicate with Hyderabad...By the name itself you can have an idea that you are going to enter Nawab-Sultans city of history...and it is so...The buildings and roads helps to think us like that too...

                                                             Secunderabad Station

Hussain Sagar :

This lake is really beautiful to look at.Most of the time you can find people (specially couples ) chatting and sitting beside the lake area...the street junk foods are easily available here.You can view this lake from Birla Temple too.In the middle of this lake you can find a big buddha statue ..If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Hussain Sagar then I would like to suggest you people to go at evening time..It looks awesome :)

                                                          Hussain Sagar Lake at evening

                                                       Hussain Sagar from Birla Mandir

Birla Temple :

This is one of the attraction nearby Hussain Sagar. In every city you can find a Birla Temple.This is also such.Though at evening you can find it as really attractive near hussain Sagar. Good place to visit.

                                        Birla Temple From Hussain Sagar Lake view at eve

                                                                Birla Temple

now I am coming to those places which are the real attractions to me...I went thrice there..I just love to go..Basically I love historical Places.I can spend my whole day or more than that to visit a historical place and more than that Listening to the history of that particular place..I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.... I guess you people got to know how much I love after seeing these much of 'e's in the above line.. so here comes those places

Hyderabad is well known for The Deccan Sultanates,qutub shahi dynasty and Nizams ..for which the city is often called as Nizam's city...

Nizam's Museum :

Nizam's Museum-just took my mind away..WOWWWW...this place includes few things which were actually used by Nizam..and mainly the wardrobe ..guys you must visit the place..Heard that Nizam didn't use to wear the same dress again.Means just for once he used to wear that..Those dresses you can actually see here..and this much huge wardrobe can't be seen anywhere else in world....the wardrobe is having so many trial rooms to...It was like modern day's closet style.Too good..and so many rare pictures of Nizam dynasty's can be seen here..

                                                               The Giant Wardrobe
guys !! I can't upload any more pictures because there are so much to see ..Please don't miss if you are going Hyderabad . :)

Nizam's Palace :

The City palace of Nizam's...Whoa...It's too big and huge in it's size. and more over that the historical stories.. White building having big garden in it's entrance..and if you have entered the can feel the Sultani royal Lifestyle..The lanterns(jharbati),the rooms were Oh My God..And at that time few" mujra " songs were being played from the film Pakeezah... Which gave totally a the then feeling.I was simply drowning into the past..Loved the place.Must visit place In Hyderabad.

                                                    Nizam'sChowmahalla Palace

Salarjung Museum :

As it's name refers it is the museum of the weapons used by the Nizams....this place is also a must see place..

                                                                      Salarjung Museum

Charminar :

 Who doesn't know about Charminar ??? so not going to pen much about this..just take a look..and yes if going to charminar..don't forget to buy pearl from the Charminar area... these are famous..

Golkonda Fort :

My most favourite place in Hyderabad...I still want to go to this place...What a place ..what a creation,architecture and what a tragic history.Golkonda or Gollakonda...About the detailed history refer the wiki link.Coz it's vast to sort it out...the two interesting and bizarre feature of this fort is

1 ) At the entrance there is a particular point under which if you shout or clap (only at that particular point) the sound can be heard only at the top (one specific place / 480 ft top) not anywhere else.That too clearly no echo also.. I had experienced that well...And amazed by this phenomenon..

2) Second attraction the king and queen's room... if you speak slowly near the corner of the room( very closely attached to the corner pillar wall) your voice can be listened only from the other corners of that room (same way ears should be very closely attached to that wall) but not from anywhere else from that room.. and yes for this you don't need to shout also..simple murmuring is enough to get a clear voice.. (no network problem na ha ha ha ha LOL)..I experienced it too with my sister...and the corners are not close to each other.I guess I don't need to say how big fort and it's rooms are... Just amazing....According to a local guide Soldiers or others used to talk secretly without disturbing the King and Queen :) WOW isn't it ???

I just love the place..... and the architecture,the top of the fort from where the Hyderabad city can be seen easily,are just lovely...I am not able to describe you guys nice these all are... I was like totally gaga over that place.The history behind that fort..the place where king used to have his " Rajsabha ",the place of "mehfil".... From Golkonda the Qutub Sahi Tombs were easily seen... the total area... and jubille hills,Banjara Hills were nice to look at.

                                                             The Golkonda Fort 

Talking about Golkonda and not talking about the light and sound show,,,, ?? isn't justified guys..... If going to visit Golkonda then please take one day to visit these place..At evening there is a light and sound show in the Golkonda Fort..this is not a common one.. In this light  and sound show you can get to know the total history of Gollakonda Fort.It's just like a audio drama with which there will be light and sound portraying the specific places and make it more relevant and alive.... With the voice-over  of Big B Mr.Amitabh Bachhan... the environment becomes more alive and more interesting... So guys please please don't forget to attend this show too.

                                             Golkonda Fort during Light & Sound show

Ramoji Film City :

           A place to have fun with your family... keep one-two days for this city :) have fun :) nothing much to say about this place ....

                                                         Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad.

Paradise :

                      When you come to Hyderabad and do not have Hyderabadi Biriyani..Then that's just not happening..And Biriyani of Hyderabad means You must have the biriyani from this place "Paradise".....
where you can get different ranges of different floor..I mean the environment is realy
hmm ... for different ranges of biriyani you can choose different floor... hmm well well .... pastries were just yumm.. :)

                                                             Paradise , Hyderabad

Ameerpet :

                     Whoa !!!  the busiest place in Hyderabad I guess..a place full of hostels and mess,institutions,malls, restaurants,theatres and stalls of junk foods like panipuri and chats.... wherever you go in Ameerpet area you can find only students students and students.. roads filled of adv papers,hoardings,posters and all..... He he... Satyam theatre ... and more over that its really not much hard to find Sikh/Punjabis in Ameerpet.. While in Hyderabad I loved to visit Gurudwara... and morning used to listen the morning chants,coming from Gurudwara...

                                                       The common Picture seen in Ameerpet

                                                    The Gurudwara of Ameerpet

and there are few places also which is good enough to have fun .... Prasads area , Necklace Road , NTR Garden and etc.

That's all about this post... if you people have any more infos which can be included here..Feel free to comment below... You people are always welcome :) :) :)

Bye for now... will continue with few new posts :) Tata

P.S : Photography courtesy GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE

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