Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy Birthday Divya ...

"Aisi deewangi
Dekhi nahin kahin
Maine.. iss liye

Jaane jaana, deewana 

tera naam rakh diya... tera naam rakh diya"

Blossoming Bud ... That's all I can call her as... She was sweet , innocent , youngest and kiddish actress Bollywood ever had in it's lifetime.She is the eternal Saat Samundar girl Divya Bharati.Today is her 39th Birthday.

She was spontaneous,she was lovely,her smile was like piece of sugar.Her husky,quite strong voice with innocent throws of each dialogues hid her strong attitude.she was brave,she was happy go lucky,she was bubbly and joyous,fun loving girl real and reel life too,she knew to lead her life on her own ways.I was a small kid when she was in Bollywood.But I can clearly remember her craze and all hit tracks of her.But was very small to understand her death.It was 1993 when she left us and the Bollywood that too in a tragic mysterious way.Let's not hurt her soul  by talking about her death mystery.All kids of 90's who grew up listening her hit tracks and girls like me shook legs with Saat Samundar can never forget her.And the then youngsters ,I really can not say about you people.It must had been a sudden shock for you all especially guys who were true fan for her beauty and innocence.

Sometimes I think if she would have lived at present, many beauty queens had to do really hard job to climb up the ladder in Bollywood during 1990's.Because the time she left us, she was sitting in Queen's cathedra. Unfortunate she was,she had to leave her dreams,career and life at the age of only 19...

Wish she could celebrate her birthday like other heroines of her age do.But for past 20 years nobody has seen her and in future no one will see her too...Because on 5th April,1993 she left us.Two decades are over but she is in my heart,in your heart and in Bollywood's heart too.Bollywood is making so many Biopics.Would really love if someone tries on her story too.We would love to see.

In her memory I would like to share some unseen rare video clips of her.

She in one of her interview

Saat Samundar

Hes Scenes of Laadla which were unfinished

And here are some vidoes by her parents... To know more about her you must watch these videos

Here are some of my favorite tracks of her.

Aisi deewangi

Dil Cheer Ke dekh

Dil Kya kasoor

And many more are there.Readers who all are reading this post and getting nostalgic and going back in 90's era,for them would like to say thanks for paying a small tribute by 
reading this and by remembering her.

May her soul Rest in Peace.

Love you Divya..
You were , you are and you will always be remembered by everyone of us.

Happy Birthday Divya.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Money Is Always Sweeter Than Honey ??

What do you feel readers about this so popular proverb ? Are you with it ?? this is quite weird but true. Practically as I am growing up and gaining some mature thoughts , I am really able to see the power of money.

Money = A small piece of paper having some special prints including Bapu's photo on it.But this small  piece of paper can change us , the human being and can do a really good puppet show by using us.

We the mankind are running in a rat race by putting ourselves in so tough competition.
We are more mechanical now with a concrete heart,forgetting all emotions.
We are becoming ungrateful and numb.
We are busy showing off our false prestige and fake status / class.
We are forgetting our near and dear ones and opting for some classy choosy friends.
We don't listen our heart,their hearts who love us most.
We judge people by their class,not by heart.
We are busy showing off our gadgets,our hang outs via social media.
We spend time in malls,cafe coffee day,KFC and Pizza Huts and busy shooting with our camera.
We are not able to differentiate between Necessity and Luxury.

We are nothing but some plastics..

But still there are few left who don't belong to this plastic society... but sad We ignore them always...

True or not ?????

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Journey with a Stranger - part II

Hello friends !! I am here again after few days to share another experience of a journey with another stranger.Unlike the last stranger of my last post this time the stranger was triple of my age & yes this time too my encounter with a stranger made me feel so good.So here I am starting to write about the 27 hrs journey with an another stranger.

It was 2011.I was not studying anymore.I was already relocated at my hometown,Kolkata and was recently provided with a good comfortable job opportunity.So I was surely flying high in the sky.Unlike the last memorable journey this time I was moving from Kolkata to Chennai.It was Coromondal Exp which was about to board at sharp 1.55 pm from Howrah Station.This time I was experienced enough to have a single journey though my parents came to bid good bye with big smiles on their face.I was happy,very happy as I was about to meet my friends and some really special friends.But that was not the actual reason for me to leave Kolkata suddenly.I had to collect few certificates from my college.I was not at all sad because I knew that I was coming back after few days.It was A.C 2 tier coach.I was given a lower birth provided with some cozy blankets and pillow which were very much seducing or distracting as I was counting the time to let by soon and to fall asleep with the rhythm of train jerks.

I was looking after for some good companion and was rounding my eyes around the coach.The coach was carrying very less people.Suddenly one lady came up and sat down just opposite to my birth i.e lower birth of my opposite direction.She was around 65 to 70.She was having a typical "Bongo Nari" look with having a round specs on her eyes,a tight bun of grayish white hair and having an innocent smile on her face.She was very motherly by her looks.She was wearing a "Dhakai Jamdaani" saree and was carrying a royal image on her face.She was alone just like me.

First thing she did to me was throwing a big sweet smile at my face.I was overwhelmed.The train was still at Howrah station and my parents were at platform looking here and there.Suddenly my mother poked that unknown lady and asked her to look after me.I was kind of irritated and annoyed towards my mother's speech.But the lady assured my mother in a positive way.& the train started.

She started."What do you do ?? "
I can't explain the was she did ask to me.She was very polite,very gently spoken.I answered and that's all I became sure that I got my companion throughout the journey.

Some people say friendship doesn't have any age bar.No I can not call that coziness as a friendship.But it was all about the frequency,the wavelength of two person's mentality.I guess that was the only thing why I was attracted to that aunty and thus she was towards me.I am always talkative but this time I was speechless and was only a good listener.

She was very intelligent and well cultured lady.She was a true reader.She was carrying so many books with her,Novels too and yes also a MP3 player which was a gift from her daughter.Through out the journey She was expressing her feelings towards the modern era,about her likes dislikes.She was going to Chennai to meet her newly wed son and his wife.She was adoring her daughter's care for her and was smiling while telling all these.

In the mean time she called up her husband and started gossiping about me.She was mainly concentrating on the Bangal connection LOLz. She was saying it to her husband with so much of joy.

The whole journey went on like that.She was telling me her several sweet incidents and I was listening.Sometimes she was discussing few stories from some Novels and sometimes she was discussing some different stories of paranormal activities.She was more like a normal usual aged lady.Her personality,her soft nature,her humbleness kept me numb.I was simply listening to her every single words.The age gap didn't even matter.

That's all that journey finished as soon as the train reached Chennai  Central.She was a stranger and she remains like that to me but as A Sweet Stranger whose company made my memories sweeter.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Sonai bhalo thakis

আজ  হঠাত্  তোর্ কথা মনে পরে গেল রে।যানিনা কেন ইছে হলো একটা গান শুনতে যেই গানটা তোর্ মুখে প্রথম  শুনেছিলাম । তুই কেন চলে গেলি জানি না। আজ প্রাযে ৭ বছর হতে চলল তুই আমাদের সব্বাইকে ছেড়ে চলে গেছিস । আমার এখনো সব স্পষ্ট মনে আছে তোর্  আমার সাথে খুনসুটি  করা , আমাকে পিসি না ডাকা ,পিছনে লাগা ,আমাকে calculus এর formula শেখানো । আর এই গান টা  প্রথম  আমাকে আর দিদিভাই কে  তুই  শুনিয়েছিলিস । তোর  বিচ্ছুগিরি কে খুব  মনে পরে । তুই যেখানেই আছিস ভালো থাকিস । দুখের বিষয়  এত আনন্দের মধ্যে তোর্  একটা  photo পর্যন্ত রাখিনি । তুই আমার মনের মধ্যেই আছিস । সেই দুটো সরল চোখ। সেই সরল শয়েতানি হাসি আর তোকে সব সময় miss করি । আমি আর তোর মাম  পিসি ।


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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Only Day of Love ???

I don't know how many of you are going to slang me while reading this post.This day or can be called as festival is so much loved by the Indians now a days.

"Love"-- is a feeling which comes from your heart and mind for person you love.I don't understand does this come and get exposed only on this day ? I guess I told something wrong.Not only on this day for the whole one week up to 14th February.

People are so busy in wrapping up their love inside the Gift boxes,Greetings cards,Roses and some sweet beautiful mushy dinner or outing.It's a trend now.

Love is all about commitment,understanding and faith.People are less concerned about these facts and more concerned about having a beautiful date only for one day that too on this day which was so much unknown to us once upon a time.Then what's the sense in that ?

True love is nothing to show,nothing to prove, and nothing to expect.It's all about Understanding,Care and Respect.

Ultimately True Love is REAL .... PURE .... and straight from you HEART.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013


For so many days was thinking to do with waste CDs and DVDs.. At last found out some solution.. Here it is... yesterday started and today finished.

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Good Morning...

Good Morning.It's a lovely sunny,bright Sunday morning out here.have lots of plans to do in home.Just finished a hot cup of tea and now up to this blog. Have a happy Sunday ahead..Enjoy.

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Journey with a Stranger

I normally do write my thoughts.Today I am going to narrate one of my cherishing experience.You can call it as story or you may read it as a simple incident happened to me.So here it goes.

It was 2008 I can remember clearly.I was on the way to home back from my hostel after my 4th semester.That was the first time I was travelling alone(literally. Every time I got someone known before that with me to travel with).It was Howrah Mail which departs at 11.50 pm from Chennai Central.That day was quite a hectic day as I was facing some serious issues with my ticket and coach.At last before an hour I could actually manage to know my birth number and my coach.It was sleeper class and I found my place at upper part of the side passage.Good and well, planned to sleep for the rest of the journey.As the train started I started getting ready  for bed (birth) for that night.Lights turned off themselves !! and I was about to close my eyes but suddenly I could see some reflection through a pair of glasses ,later I discovered those reflections were actually staring at me.

I tried to ignore that one but unfortunately those glasses were exactly opposite to me.Whenever I was opening my eyes I could see them.Those reflections I still remember.They were gazing at me from different point of view.For certain point of time I started to reorder my dress and hair just to make me confident enough that I wasn't looking like a crazy,untidy chap.But at last I was kind of irritated rather I can say I was damn curious to know the face behind those heavy myopic spectacles which were keeping their eyes on me like a vulture.Then unaware of that fact I simply closed my eyes and slept.Normally in train whenever I close my eyes I hardly get up.Those heavy train jerks makes me feel like I am a small baby and getting some cuddly careful baby swings in mother's lap.Comfortable enough to have deep sleep.

After sometimes,may be few hours I opened my eyes up and could see the lights on.Some stupid switched them on.Oh !!! no no it was not which I thought.I could see some person with black coat asking for ticket.LOL he was checker.I was about to show my ticket suddenly my eyes fell on those glossy glassy eyes.For some instance I forgot actually about the incidents which were happening with me before good night sleep.This time I actually discovered the face behind the glasses and I discovered a slight curvy chuckle at me too.I saw a fair,smart chashmish face with slim body lying on the next upper birth just opposite to me.Neither he was sleeping nor he was interested to.I was observing him only until I could see him smiling at me with a slight groove with his eye brows.What could I do rather than smiling back at him.So I did.That's all I closed my eyes again for getting shaken up with beats of train.

On the next morning..Nah .. not morning it was half past 12.. I woke up.and definitely after finishing all the needed jobs was searching for a hot cup of tea.Suddenly my eyes went directly towards the opposite upper birth.No it was unexpected.No one was there.For an instance felt odd and then felt quite better as I was not being observed by anyone more.Suddenly I heard some husky strong voice wishing me "Good Afternoon".I looked at him and it was that same guy.. This time I could see him actually.A tall,very fair,slim guy with specs,has a look with full of intelligence and smartness.Oh!!! I was quite embarrassed to answer him back...but did the same and smiled with a sigh.What could I do ?? 

Time was not moving at all..Was trying to read some magazines and was trying to sleep hard and harder but couldn't do anything properly.I was at the bunk seat and was feeling to stand near the door and was willing to have the fresh storm like air to blow my hairs up and definitely it's always fun to watch the speed !!! Ahh !!! I got down and finally went near the door and yes again it was Mr.Unknown...

 "hey !! boring in train nuh ?? " 
--- " yes that thought to come over here "
"yes for me too" 

I am talkative enough and love to talk.and was discovering the guy was also chatprone like me.

 "you are alone I guess !! like me ??? "
---"Yeah !! for the first time I am travelling alone and feeling so boredom.what about you ?? "
"Yes!! for me it's the same though I am not alone in this train.My uncle is in another coach.But we are able to meet hardly." 
he paused and asked me " you love reading books right ?? "
---"No.Not much.But yes love to read magazines.and this boring single journey forced me to do something like that"

The train entered into Vishakhapattnam a.k.a Vizag.. This is one of my favorite stations ever where I got down for uncountable times and have had the idli,vadas and uttapams , where I walked alone so far watching the train and the station.Suddenly someone shouted " khana .. khana .. khana " . Oh it was the pantry man calling us for the lunch..We both departed and went back to our births.I was wondering who did order my lunch.I was like kumbhakaran for the whole morning.What ??? you people are guessing something right ?? No no !! it was the aged uncle of lower birth who did order for my lunch. Ha Ha!! I can still remember the way he scolded me for being that careless just like own uncle or grand father.Anyways afternoon went on like this.Lunch and then afternoon sleep.Still one more night had to pass by to be back in Kolkata.
I woke up and quickly had a cup of coffee. and went back again at the door.Again it was him.Definitely we started conversing in some interesting topics about career and studies.. I was not feeling awe full anymore as we were conversing like we knew each other well for so long.

He introduced himself as "Vijay V. A Telugu guy who was born and brought up in Kolkata from his childhood and lives in Salt lake.He was on the way to his home.A cool chap,much younger than mine ,trying his best to get a good rank in all the Engg entrance.He was in Chennai for some exams.Thus I did my introduction after so long conversation in spite of being strangers to each other.Our conversation kept on going.Debate about North Indian vs South Indian,Studies,Co curriculum etc etc.This time actually the watch hours were running like a rabbit.

And it was Bhubaneswar..It gave us a break and reminded us to have our dinner and to have a good night sleep.We had our dinner and the rest.Was very happy as the time was getting closer to see my parents,my family,my city after a long gap and mischievous hostel experience of that year.Finally I was thinking to keep my head on my mother's lap.Everyone slept off soon to get up early as the train was about to board at 4:00 am at Howrah and I knew my parents would be there to receive me.

Chaos and loud talks which broke my depth of sleep.I didn't know what the actual time was.Thought it was around 4 am...But no !! it was only 2.30 am.I was wondering about what to do.Meanwhile he called me up and we started chatting.We both knew that it was the best remedy to let time pass soon.And really time passed too.

I wonder now.He was a complete stranger and so I was for him.For both of us it was our first journey    as alone.We both were chatting and talking whatever you say to get out of boredom.We knew we were not going to meet ever.1.5 days of interaction is still being remembered by me.This story could have been another Jab We Met if I would have an Angshuman and that Vijay  would have been like an "older than me, mature guy" like Aditya and if we both could have missed out train in some other stations . Just kidding.

After reading this post I guess so many of you are thinking about some similar incidents which had happened with you while travelling.So many strangers we meet and we forget but sometimes few we can't forget at all..I shared about one of my favorite strangers I have ever met who was very friendly and very catchy to be remembered.

Will post few more incidents about few more memorable  strangers I had ever met in this short life.And I request if you readers have such experience don't forget to write to me .. I will post them on my blog. comment here..

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Archive of memories

     Archive of memories 

Here I am blogging and writing which I thought was a sudden incident in my life before few years.But today I found something priceless.I found my old scrap book and old diary ( not daily one ).And I actually got the thing.Writing was not a sudden incident,it was a part of my life then too.Yes the difference is now I write something sensible and practical ( I should call it typing rather than calling it writing) and then I used to write something fairy and imaginary words..Yes time changes us and makes us much mature.Let's start to the feeling which I actually want to share now...

Today I was willing to see some old photographs and started browsing shelf.Suddenly I saw something lying beneath those albums...I pulled them up and saw that it was my scrap book which I made nearly about 9 years ago.Saddest part is that I thought that I lost it in my college hostel...I actually had no idea that it was with me in my home.It feels awesome actually when you find something valuable in an unexpected and uncertain way .

Scrap book and slams from diary
Radio Mirchi Diary
and guess what I found something more...God was wise enough towards me today to give me all happiness together.I found another one diary which I won in 2004 at Kolkata Book Fair from Radio Mirchi for participating in a on the spot RJ hunt ... I opened and found bundle of moments among which I could remember few and few actually got smudged in this busy life...

Do you know what is so special about that scrap book ?? It was totally made by me.. Cover,Pages,Picture frames and the Design of the scrap book...Everything was done by I felt how much I used to be crazy at that time.It's not that now I am not...without having internet connection I used to collect all the information of my crush and muse.. I used to gather all the informations and pictures from here and there then used to stick them up on this scrap book...Best friend's picture,Best moments of that time and of course Greetings Cards from closest ones...Before 10-15 years there was a huge trend to give and take New Year Greetings Card.. Which I miss now-a-days...It's not in trend now... But definitely that fun was something different to cherish... today I found my craze and deeds for the serial Remix(Star One) and John Abraham...Mad me... ☺ I found out some sweet letters from Bidisha...few small paper gifts inside my scrap book like feathers,cards,pictures...And when I posted that on Facebook and tagged her,she did an awesome reply by sending me back something valuable which I gave her just before 10 years ago... So much nostalgic. Now what to say more..I had to share my joy with someone so I did... That's all I want to keep them inside my heart forever ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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