Friday, 30 January 2015

Scratch and Burst !!

Total Silence....

sounds of scratch ... Khass Khass Khrushhhhh ..... 

Skin - Oh I am itching so much, colorful nails please do scratch one more time. I bet I won't call you again.

Nails - Oh yes yes !! I will always help you dear skin. After all you glow so much and I can't bear the tingling sensation you are getting. Wait let me scratch a bit harshly.

Skin - Ah .. Thank you .. but it is still paining.

Pimple 1 - Hello friends, will you escort me in this short and firm journey? I am coming for a little vacation. Just thought to come up and get some air.

Skin - Noo... Nails do something. I told you to scratch well right? then how come the pimple appear with this ease. Just cut the base of that stupid tiny pimple.

Nails - yes Madam. Wait !! Ready steady and here I am ... Haaiiyaaa huu.. (squeezes the Pimple 1)

Pimple 1 - I can not believe it. This much cruel how can someone be? I didn't come up and you just blew me out? wait now you will see me. I will leave the dark spot right there where you just buried me. (weeps badly)

Pimple 2 - It seems pimple 1 is crying out there. I should go and see.(Pimple 2 comes up)

Pimple 2 - OMG... you are dead Pimple 1?? I will take the revenge now. I am not going down. I will stay here and grow big and invite all other pimples to come up and unite to fight against the odd which has happened to Pimple 1... Yay.. Attackkkkkkkkkkkkk

and this is the story of my skin ... for last few years my skin, nails and those tiny idiotic pimples must have had the same conversation. I had used Garnier Pure Neem face wash once and really got good result, but as the story stated there, the pimples come up for short vacation and then become fighter.They just spread over and over.
and more over so it becomes really tough to care for skin in such a way after a hectic tiring day. But yes Neem is the natural and the rooted herb which cures many health problems so yes if it is about NEEM then that is always to be appreciated. I beg of you pimples .. to leave my skin alone and yes do not test the temper of my nails. Please help me out !! 

Many will agree with me right ?? Put your hands up ... 

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Bird People

So here I am and stopped by to pen about the movie I just finished watching. Yes like the others I have written before, this too will be my straight opinion about the movie Bird People.

We all are humans right? but the busy schedules have made our lives a bit intolerable, confined and suffocating. I guess at some point of time, we all want to breath more and more. We feel like staying alone, leaving the mess and living a healthy life with no worries and responsibilities just for a change.

We make this wish, at least once in a life to live like a bird, a vagabond and a free spirit. 

This movie was slow, unrushed and a study of several lives though mainly focused on two different lives. The life of Gary - an American business man and the life of Audrey - a student cum part timer hotel maid. Both lived a life which they had to live, like everyone else. Money is the sweetest thing for survival. But a point came when these two people got bored and started feeling stuck in the monotonous lives they lived. Throughout the movie they met in some unusual ways, excluding for the last time. But only one thing was so bridged in between them and that was a wish to live life like a bird. From the beginning, various moves of sparrows have been nicely captured and especially the time when Audrey just lived a night living like a sparrow. Isn't it different and so exciting to fly high as you wish from here and there, to watch the city like Paris at night and then mostly to observe various people's lives like how they sleep, how they eat, what they do at leisure, how they talk and how they work etc. etc. Audrey just observed everything. She flew, whispered, sang songs loudly while flying and just playing out topsy-turvy. I don't know but since childhood I always wished to fly like bird and to observe others. This movies just showed this. You believe it or not, I felt it amazingly and started giggling with joy. LOL.. and at the end when Audrey woke up at morning she was relaxed and amazed by the life she just lived in her dreams and also co incidentally met the man whom she saw sketching last night apparently and also got fraction of time to get introduced with Gary and then the movie ended with a soft touch..

so I am going to paste the trailer where the scenes are included. Please do watch the trailer.


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Monday, 19 January 2015

Sakhi ... Friend ...

Today I just read about this news in Times of India and really was pleased to hear about this. Famous classical singer Kaushiki Chakraborty, the daughter of Pt. Ajay Chakraborty has formed the first woman classical music band 'Sakhi' along with other famous musicians from various fields. Sakhi band is a nice step to express the fore tales of womanhood since the ancient era through music. 

The members are  

Kaushiki Chakraborty (vocal), 

Bhakti Deshpande (dance),

Sawani Talwalkar (tabla),

Mahima Upadhyay (pakhawaj),

Nandini Shankar (violin) and Debopriya Chattetjee (flute).

Tomorrow they have their debut performance at Kolkata and I wish them all the best.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I stay awake

It is time to think a little more

Can anyone keep any traces about the number of soldiers we lose everyday and every moment?  They are the heroes who are selflessly sacrificing their lives in the terms of duty and to serve the nation for its safety and protection. They too have families like us, they too have parents who seek them beside their end of life, and they too have their children who want their fathers to drop them at schools or hold the fingers to walk. But they sacrifice these all instincts just for the sake of us. We find pictures of politicians or any other terrorists for several continuous days if they make some unusual news, but how many pictures do we get to see of the soldiers who just breathed for the last time yesterday or the day before yesterday or the last month or in the past years? Can we remember their names too? NO… It is a big NO. It is shameful for the country residents like us, like me to write or read about this. Isn’t it thoughtful? But still they STAY AWAKE

Miles and Miles I run,
I walk, I stand 
and yes the civil fun,
I abandon ...

When others sleep and dream deep,
I hold my promises to keep.
I stay awake
at the silent border of untold history
to unfold mystery ... 

Hours and Hours I stand still,
when the Nation celebrates the festivals 
I fight with the heavy metallic gun
and hundred of risks I kill ...

Time to Time I die,
but I never feel to cry
nor feel to shed a drop of tear,
Because I never learned to fear
I feel proud to serve better
for my nation 
and to accomplish a mission ...

I might die and leave my shell of soul
but I know I will be awake
within thousands of soldiers spiritual force
The nation might forget me 
and people might never talk about me
but I know I will be awake
and I will stand still
beneath those millions of flowers
at one of those WAR MEMORIALS



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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Freedom lies in there !!

After my last try on writing some lines based on Tagore's thought and emotion, today again I felt to write some more. "Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy Ei Akashe ♫" is the song which I have been listening more since last two days. This song inspires me a lot, a lot. I tried to express the meaning with my words. This doesn't have any intention to hurt anyone. Since childhood Tagore has been my biggest inspiration and like other Bengalis I too breathe him in. So if you find any mistake, then please have mercy on me.

Artist : Tagore

My freedom lies within the bright sky,
My freedom resides in these earthy dust 
and walks along with the grasses ||

There somewhere beyond my form and soul
I lose myself,
with the tune of melody 
my freedom flies up and above ||

My freedom persists among other's spirits,
among the daring and brave steps 
of ignoring weakness and fear...

It is the Universe of Prayers
and let us lit the fire to sacrifice our soul 
and our life
and there my Freedom comes down ||

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Music and its expressions - for me

How incredible this Universe is ... It has defined the music in many different variations.. and of course the instruments which we human created a long years ago define different emotions via their chords... Few of them bring out the inner sorrows and just let us get immersed into it.. Few of them spread the color of happiness inside us.. few let us feel to fall in love.. Few grabs out the inner power and aggression to open up.... and then few put us inside the pool of soul satisfaction to loose the outer shell... It is blessing from GOD that we have been able to see music, feel music and create music.... Thus these all emotions get a true meaning of themselves .... what else should I say... I am magically concatenated with it...

I always feel that Sarangi is very "Abhimani" - "Heart saddening" but leaves a deep wound of thoughtful emotional breakdowns which are pity to feel but tremendous to listen..

On the other hand Sitar defines many moods such as the threshold of being happy, the different emotions our minds do play with ... Love, Agony, Anger and many

Flute has been always soothing since Krishna started playing it. It has a magical spell of purifying the heart, the soul. It is something which explores the Bhava of Prema and Shringar.

Tabla is as powerful as it strikes on the Dayaan or Bayaan. Same as dhols. It forces to match steps with its bols. So powerful so extrovert.

I just scribbled something here. But acknowledging that I didn't think twice while writing this up. So if something has got missed. Mercy me. I will write a tutorial someday on Indian Instruments.

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Movies ... Jan, 2015

31st Jan, 2015

26th Jan, 2015

18th Jan, 2015

10th Jan, 2015

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Can anyone be GOOD to all ?

Define good girls... Everybody has an opinion about a good whats yours?

Another Indispire topic which really poked me to write up. So who are the Good Girls ?

As this question was asked to be answered, I am going to write a brief about what I actually think about this term "Good Girl".

I believe there is nothing so symbolic meaning about the term Good Girl.. As the topic stated too, everybody has an opinion about a good girl. Let's just drop the work girl. Let's talk about GOOD person. A person may be good for someone and at the same time can be bad to someone else. It depends on totally the way other thinks about you. So it is better to ignore what others think about you, because it is never possible to please everyone's mind and it is not possible too to behave according to everyone's wish. Come on, it may lead you to become BAD for someone and then GOOD as well. 

So I would call a person GOOD if that person is clear from his/her mind and yes mostly never intend to harm or hurt anyone. I would never like that. Yes because wishing for anyone's bad is so negative. This really don't define goodness according to me. Harmless person is always appreciated and whether that person is a GUY or a GIRL, that really doesn't matter.

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