Friday, 27 February 2015

Who is responsible ?

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For past few days one post of MENXP is getting circulated over the web and that is about how we (women) should react in public. The post is useful and really talks about the agony a man suffers  from.

Yes I agree not all men are molesters, not all of them are rapists. Not all uncles try to touch our body or our private parts. Not all chokras tease us and still we women give a cold stare to men who accidentally get in touch with us physically in public places. In buses, metros, trains or any public market it happens that suddenly a man and a woman collide in a such bad condition that apparently it seems that the guy did it intentionally and meanwhile women do respond badly either with facial expression or via some verbal throw.

It happened with me too many times and I see it happening daily with some XYZ trespassers in railway platform, auto stand. Few aunties react badly, few understand and let them go.

Now from a women's perspective I would like to say one thing. I am not being biased though. Men and Women both are two faces of mankind. We both are human. Yes I agree that we differ from mental and biographical ways but is it not annoying to get stalked by the other part of mankind in such a bad way. Forget about womanhood. Would any living beings like to get touched by some unknown? Even a cat or a dog gets annoyed if we play inhumanly with them. But this inhuman tasks have been happening for long times. Now the post which claimed us to not give cold stare to them if their bag suddenly brushes our body or if they suddenly touch us in unusual way. But our(women's) psychology has become like that. We unconsciously suffer from insecurity of being molested or being insulted in public place. It is like being alarmed every time. So if a innocent boy falls upon us or keeps their hand over ours to hold the handle in metro too, we first face the feeling of discomfort. Because molestation has happened for each and every woman. Ask a woman or find a woman who will disagree or proudly state that "yes I have never had such experience". It will be hardest work.

So who is responsible for that ? Can anyone change our insecurity problem ? 

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

I Devote you, I Pray you and I Believe in You .... and Yes I meet you

In the prolong engagement
with  you 
I have been trying to grease 
within you 
Every time I listen you
I search for the substance 
that blends me down
into the softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods 
I close my eyes, feel you
if I meet you 
I shed some drops of  enlightenment
that makes me feel to leave my body 
and to live with my soul
and think
where do you come from
from wind, soil or the sky
I try to touch 
but the strings of creation 
do play and echo around the whole
the amalgamation of Rhythm, Beats and Tempo
snatches  my soul
blends me down
into softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods
I close my eyes, feel you
and yes I meet you



Courtesy : deviantart and Bader Kudi Art

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Skyline Walks Through

If a flower sheds down before it blossoms,
If the stars bid goodbye before the dawn,
If the air stops blowing before it touches the soul
and If a soul leaves the world before it experiences the beauty of life ....
The skyline walks through the wary of faded grief !!

It is heart depressing to hear any news of death and it is bitter when any young soul leaves the world. Would like to post a picture of Talia Joy here as she was the iconic braveheart who fought with cancer and before she died, she gave this world a beautiful message of staying happy. She is no more and like her many cancer patients die everyday, every moment and that is so grieving.

R.I.P all the cancer living and non living bravehearts.


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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Shhhhhhhhh.... Amitabh

Sha sha sha mi mi mi mi ta ta ta bha .. What a star ..

Ja ja jaaha kahin jaane jaana What a star

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Why did I watch the movie ? Yes I will write them here now and again here I am not writing any review or not gonna to put any stars ... 

The story evolves with opening up the main characters one by one. The story is about a partnership of two different people collaborating together to fix a standalone icon Shamitabh and their individual egos, superiority and inferiority consciousnesses and also the hidden love and care for each other. One person - Dhanish (played by Dhanush) is a mute man who is captivated in the world of movies and acting and also holds the super ability of acting since childhood. On the other hand, Amitabh Sinha (played by Amitabh Bachhan) is a riotous drinker and a failed actor with no will power left in brain. and the third person - Akshara (played by debutante Akshara Hassan) who is an Assistant Director and the key picker of those two persons and mixing up together and that's the way Shamitabh appears. When two interdependent things or substances start feeling that one is better than the other, ego arises and their the destruction encounters. The story was a teller of this. But the end of the movie could be different as it was not expected. Sorry friends will not disclose more here. Go and watch Shamitabh. 

R. Balki is a sensitive person I feel and he makes the movies in a bit different way, I love dramas and his movies are complete manifestation of the word Drama. They just flow in their own way with a simple and strong story line. Also R.Balki's movies are incomplete without Illayaraja's music and Amitabh Bachhan. On this note, I would like confess that I don't even know how many times my tongue slipped and sounded "OOF ... GOD" .. because the appearance of Big B was kind of that, He can spark also with his voice (even Rekha to uttered that the word voice of GOD here) 
and the way he was standing, staring and giving the rugged and harsh looks in the movie was just out of my stock of  speeches.. There comes Dhanush - seriously he is tough actor now. I can't compare the Padikadhavan guy and Shamitabh/ Ranjhhnaa guy. A mute, crazy and passionate character was well played by him and yes acting beside Big B with the same strength and confidence is a thing to be applauded. Akshara - well a daughter of talented father and a talented sister, she too did quite a good job though being a debutante, quite free to screen and beautiful too.

My favorite scenes 

1. When the little Dhanish was being told to act in his school as if his mother died and he did that.
2. The audition of Dhanish
3. The time when Amitabh was talking to Robert De Niro, infront of his poster. It was fantastic to watch the two legends together, though not in real but Sr. Bachhan was tremendous.
4. The tiff between dhanuSH,AMITABH
5.The way Amitabh was singing in bathroom (Piddley si baatein)
6. The final scene of the SILENT (Shhhhhhhhhhh) Amitabh.

My favorite tracks 

1. Shamitabh title track
2. Piddley si baatein
3. Stereophonic Sannata

Now those who don't know about the last song, I would like to post here the video of the original track from Rajnikanth's movie composed by Illayaraja. It's Aaasiya Kathula Thootu Vittu ♫

 In  the end would love to say that if you want to watch this movie, then watch this for the two lead actors and get your mind amazed. 

P.S It is always a privilege to watch a sensitive movie with least people in theater and no one sitting beside you . Only 5 people were there in theater while watching . So if possible try watching it with proper silence and feel the rhythm  of ACTING ..

Mercy please... if any typos found  *********************

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Movies ... Feb, 2015

28th Feb, 2015

25th Feb, 2015

15th Feb, 2015

7th Feb, 2014

7th Feb, 2014

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Punk Pink

Punk Pink

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