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In the lap of Himalayas ... On Monsoon - PART III ... LOLEYGAON

Hello Friends ... How are you .. Fine huh ?? As I promised, I am back with my post about Loleygaon.

From Rishyap Loleygaon is about 1.5 hrs around. You can easily get a cab for that. As Loleygaon is situating at much lower end of Himalayan Ridge (around 1675 meters of altitude) you can easily observe the change in beauty of the nature. From Rishyap and Lava Loleygaon differs a lot. 

Long highways pass through the jungles of tall ferns. Sunlight sometimes touches you and sometimes hide behind the greens. So when we were passing through the clean forest side roads, it was more of like connecting the place to some horror movies... LOL... Silence... No people around... Fogs flying by and inside the fern jungles ... Tuk tuk tuk ... 

Anyways Canopy bridge is the main attraction in Loleygaon. You can walk over it and have a view of the full forest. You can explore different kinds of mushrooms, flowers, trees and many more. Pics are down below
Where the Ferns stand tall and the fog flies along ...
Where the rays touch you a bit and air knocks your spirit

Nice na ??

Canopy Bridge

The FAR view 

Abandoned !! 

Shiny !! :P 

When the clouds brought down the DAWN of dark
when the husk of madness occupied your thought

He was so cute when we gave him lozenges 

Even them.. These two little sisters were so much
together that we couldn't hold the younger one.. So all together in one frame

We were in the shared cab.. while running fast we just gave them
lozenges ... and see their happiness
So good ... they were so happy

When we were returning to Kalimpong, we opted for shared cab and the experience was so good. Local people were passing by. The cab was more of like mini bus as it could carry so many people altogether and as their local transport is not so easy, everyone waits for that one cab which comes at particular time. In every stoppages people were waiting, few were school goers, few were teens, few middle aged and few young like us. One thing I noticed that everyone out there was so helping whether us (their guests) or to each other. They smile always as if they do not have any worry where as actually they are poor and run out of money most of the times. But seeing their faces was a treat and yes to mention it here ... We enjoyed few Nepali songs while coming to Kamilpong  and believe me in the mountains, with the Leptchas those songs were awesome. That's how my journey ended there and my article on this series ends here.

Please do comment me as I love reading them.. LOL .. ha ha who doesn't ? and yes I  have been getting many comments on these posts which were warm. Thanks folks... 

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International Yoga Day - Rise of Yoga to everyone

I am really pleased to see Mr. Modi to take on this initiative on Yoga in grand manner. I am not being judgmental to criticize the political or economical aspects of celebrating International Yoga Day. Because come on ... Good is always good. Yoga is such a practice which is not only good but obviously the best exercise ever. Yoga - in Sanskrit it means Addition. So basically Yoga is addition of positive energy to your mind, body and soul. It gives you physical strength along with mental stability and power to concentrate. Even distressing is one of the after effect of practicing Yoga.
People who love hitting gym normally lift up the external weight where as in Yoga you need to lift up your body weight. Each asana is about lifting your body weight up and down and there the miracle happens. The history of Yoga is uncertain but can be estimated around 3000 B.C because in Hindu textual Vedas - Yoga had been mentioned. 

Yoga and Me : 

Since childhood I have been attached to Yoga because it was compulsory in school (Every West Bengal Board schools do have it for 3-4 years ). Different asanas and different physical postures were included. More over that I have seen my father to practice yogasanas daily. I agree that I am not an expert of Yoga but I can assure myself that my body is flexible enough due to practicing Yoga regularly. In Indian Classical Dance Yoga plays a pivotal role so I could never leave practicing Yoga. The asanas which I enjoy most are below.

1. Chakrasana (The Wheel Pose): 

I kind of was amused to see Aishwarya Rai to do this posture in Taal and since then it was my favorite. In two ways it can be done. Either you can stand in relaxed position and put your body back to touch the floor in reverse pattern (which is a bit difficult) or you can pull your body up from the lying position. For this lie down on the floor. Bring your feet near to your buttocks and then bring your hands near to your shoulders. Pull your body up and feel your body weight upon your hands and feet. Keep on breathing normally.

Benefits Strengthens back muscles, tones adrenals, helps kidneys, front part of the body is being stretch entirely, which is good for people who are introverts as the openness in the heart may work on their heart chakra. Due to the stretch at the upper part of the abdomen muscles, it gives some pressure on the internal organs of the abdomen and therefore, increasing their efficiency. The muscles on the front part of the thighs are stretch and the calves are strengthening while doing and holding the pose. This will also help to strengthen the leg muscles. This pose is extremely beneficial for those who sit long hours in front of the desk or computer as they usually hunch over the desk all day long. The backward bend in the pose will relieves tension or stress from the body and help in decreasing the ailments arising out of it. This pose will also help in toning and strengthening the entire back muscles.

Precautions: People who suffer from serious spinal column ailments, such as cervical and lumbar spondylitis should avoid doing this pose. If there is not much spine flexibility at the beginning, one should not force or push the body into doing the pose. Because of the deep arch to the spine, it is best to do a counter pose, such as Matsyasana(Fish pose) after practicing Chakrasana, to relieve any strain from the spine.


2. Dhanurasana (The Bow ):

 Lie down facing the floor and keep your body straight. Relax your body and then slowly  try to hold your both legs by both your hands (backward) and when you touch the legs just try to hold your body up except your belly and stomach area. Count 1-10 and then relax and repeat again. Count 1-10. It is not only good for skin but very good for digestion too.

Benefits Effective in weight loss.Improves digestion and appetite.Helps to cure dyspepsia (obesity), rheumatism and gastrointestinal problems.Cures constipation.Improves blood circulation.
Gives flexibility to the back.Strengthens back muscles.Improve the function of liver, pancreas, small intestine and big intestine.Act as a stress reliever.Strengthens ankles, thighs, groins, chest, and abdominal organs.Cure menstruation disorder.Improve function of kidney and liver.It improves posture.Releases back pain.Cures respiratory disorder like asthama.Helpful is stimulating reproductive organs.Improve function of the pancreas and it is beneficial in diabetes

Precaution : The person suffering from high blood pressure, back pain, hernia, headache, migraine or abdomen surgery should not do practice dhanurasana.Ladies should not practice yoga during pregnancy and in periods.

3. Adho Mukho Savasana (Downward facing dog position)

Stand relaxed. Roll down your body and touch the floor with your hands. With your hands walk front a bit and then stretch your feet back and try keeping your waist and buttocks at the up aiming in mind that your body should look like the reversed 'V'. Hold the position and breath out. 

Benefits Calms your brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.Stretches your shoulders, hamstrings, and calves,Strengthens the arms and legs.Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.Relieves menstrual discomfort when done with head supported.Improves digestion.Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue.Therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, sinusitis

Precautions Do not do this pose in late-term pregnancy.Support your head on a bolster or block, ears level between the arms if you have high blood pressure or headache.

4. Dandayamana Dhanurasana

Now this one is the balancing pose.Stand relaxed.  Keep your one hand stretched in front and with the other hand touch your feet [Left leg with left hand Or right leg with right hand]  and try stretching it to up like you did in Dhanurasana. Hold the position. Breath normally.

BenefitsStanding Bow moves all the blood from one side of the body to the other, then back again.
It develops balance, increases the size and elasticity of the rib cage, firms the abdominal wall and upper thighs.It improves the flexibility and strength of the lower spine.Standing Bow builds patience, determination and concentration.

Precaution : Do not perform this poise if we have had a new knee or behind injury.Also, equivocate this poise if we are pregnant.

5. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) :

Lie on your stomach with your toes flat on the floor and forehead resting on the ground.Keep your legs close together, with your feet and heels lightly touching each other.Place your hands (palms downwards) under your shoulders, keeping your elbows parallel and close to your torso. Taking a deep breath in, slowly lift your head, chest and abdomen while keeping your navel on the floor.

Pull your torso back and off the floor with the support of your hands.

Benefits : Opens up the shoulders and neck. Tones the abdomen. Strengthens the entire back and shoulders. Improves flexibility of the upper and middle back. Expands the chest. Improves blood circulation. Reduces fatigue and stress. Useful for people with respiratory disorders such as asthma. (Do not practice this yoga pose during the attack though).

Precautions : Avoid practicing Bhujangasana if you are pregnant, have fractured ribs or wrists, or recently underwent abdominal surgeries, such as for hernia.Also avoid doing Bhujangasana if you suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Hope this article helped you. I wish I could pen down the other poses too here. But my fingers are paining   >.<

Written for Indichange ... Internation Yoga Day on 21st June

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In the lap of Himalayas ... On Monsoon - PART II ... RISHYAP

Hello ... I am back with my second part of In the lap of Himalayas and now I am going to write about my journey towards Rishyap and obviously will share my pictures here. 

So I hope the Lava post was quite enjoyable and you people liked it. So here I am going .. tadda tadda taa ♫ ♫

Rishyap is a very small neat clean well planned village and just 4 kms away from Lava (By trekking road) and 9Kms away (by normal road). Rishyap is situated at 9682 ft. altitude in Eastern region of Himalayas and comes under Darjeeling district. If you want to go from Lava to Rishyap, you can either trek or ride a vehicle. We decided to go by trekking the road as we already planned for it. As it was monsoon and the scenic beauty defined its charm very much, we were so much excited to have a trek. If you want to trek, I must suggest you to go for it. Roads were not that bad. We took 2 hrs around to reach Rishyap [we had few halts to enjoy the mountain views silently so we took a bit extra time may be] and it was so so different and awesome feeling. As the mountains were just washed off by rain, we could view the greens properly.

My best pic of the album 

Sweet Arpita Di

Rahul and Arpita di 

Can you feel the place ?

When we reached Rishyap, we first met out Resort [tadda] Lovely resort and I was like where am I ?Small cottages with little, neatly maintained gardens in front and right from there the view which we experienced was inexpressible. We all were astounded by the scenic beauty. Up and down whereever we looked, we saw green mountains, some tiny visible cottages over the hills [rarely visible] and bunch of white clouds. The clouds seemed dreamy ... as if they came there to take us and give us a ride over the cloud.. CLOUD 9 huh !! LOL .. check the pictures...

Our Resort 

Our Cottage ... LOVELY

We had very less time in our hands so we just didn't want to waste any time. Right after having lunch and bit charging up ourselves we opted out to explore the roads of Rishyap. Nature can be this beautiful never knew. Actually yes have visited Himalayas before too but not during monsoon. Mostly people choose these places during winter vacation to spot Kanchanjhangha. But I must say that please visit the place during monsoon too. Monsoon has its own charm. Light breeze, chilled weather, awesome drizzles [Sweater is not needed, rather a stole / windcheater can make you feel comfortable in case you feel too cold] and green view is the gift. Silence brings out the best of it as you can feel each and every sound of nature prominently. Check the pictures. 

Heaven hain na ?

Megh boleche jabo jabo ♫

I loved it ♥

No not birds ;)

A small home at heaven.. Where sky kisses the ground

Night at Rishyap ?? Well in Lava and Rishyap both places electricity doesn't visit much. Only for few hours your resort will give you time to charge your gadgets up and then rest of the time is like feeling the silence. When I came out of cottage, to take dinner believe me or not, the mountains were dark and some tiny lights were playing hide and seek with your vision. Chilled night, wooden cottage - Best for watching horrors !!! no doubt ... and we did but not movie .. the stories ... And that was awesome ... 

On the next day morning 4:45 we started our trek towards Triffindara. Triffindara is the highest and best peak of Rishyap specially to view Kanchanjhangha. But we knew that during monsoon that was impossible but we just could not miss the trek.The road was of 1.5 + 1.5 (up and down trek) = 3 kms around. But yes this road was quite rough and harsh. Especially the titled slopes may cause you feeling tired very much and also the road is surrounded by dense forest. The time we started our trek, was surely very odd time for other people to visit. So no one was around except some grateful local dogs. They were the real saviors, our guides. View from Triffindara was spectacular. Morning 6:15 around we reached there and sun just started showing its ray. So the chilly clouds were mixing up well with the sunlight and the mountains .. ahh .. how should I describe ?? Check out the pictures.

Way to Triffindara

Yay we found the direction !

View from Tirffindara. 

Flying !!

Our loyal guide

When leaving Rishyap.. Our second guide

The last picture of Rishyap Village

Wait for Loleygaon post !! :)

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