Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rainy Day

Damp umbrella
and smell of raincoat.
going to school 
with a RAINY DAY hope...

Heavy rains
water clogged play ground,
bouncing in the water
with the splashing sound..

Water footprints follow
the Empty classroom,
Teacher arrives 
with attendance book..
one two three four
she starts calling by,
after ending up
she waits to clarify..
to let us know
the ultimate news
of getting a Rainy Day
like a muse..

Happy Monsoon and Happy recalling your childhood

An IDEA can change the world

First of all would like to cheer this idea of IDEA Caravan+ Franklin to gather some inspirational videos to watch for and to write something upon.

My post would be accompanying Ruma Roka and her brilliant and emotional cause for fighting against the God's sin.Here is her Youtube link.

I feel that no one is more cursed than being physically challenged especially if those challenges are dealing with our super sensory organs.

Ruma Roka, is talking about the idea to train and build the skills so that they can get employed and live lives of dignity and hope.I could see her shaking voice and her emotional outlook.At the very first for few seconds when I literally thought that my computer sound was causing the trouble,she broke my doubt and stated "didn't hear anything.Did you ??" and I was touched.

Believe me I got tears in my eyes while watching those kids trying to learn.I don't know I should say this here or not but I would like to share my experience with two deaf innocent kids.But let me share my own opinion and a short snap of the problems the deaf people go through.

For past two years I have been seeing and talking to two deaf children.They are also students of the school where I learn and do dance.They are studying in class VII and VIII.One girl is totally physically challenged and the other one is only deaf.

The very first time when I met them and danced with them I did't even understand that they were deaf and could not listen the dance beats which my madam was giving until I saw the ear machines.I was shocked and stuck to the sense of mind and was asking the Super power God that why these lovely kids are away from the happiness of nature's sound ?? But soon I forgot as I could see them smiling at me with full of innocence and smiling to the universe with no worries at all.I see them to get more interested while learning new things and I wonder when I see their dedication.They dance without listening to the songs or music beats but they dance with their feel.

They love me and love talking to me.They love to know about my workplace and they dream to become a working women in their future.I haven't done anything special for them but I have learnt talking to them.I smile,I speak with them through my body language,my facial expressions and some gestures too.

and I guess that's what Ruma Roka was also asking ?? What is Language ?? 

Nothing is impossible in this world only if you are having a good focus and the strong willing power.Handicaps whom we call as usually are not handicaps if they are having the strongest will power to learn and do something.

Let's spread the words and support Ruma Roka for her noble cause to support those people who are not gifted with the natural gifts.She has made me very very emotional with some inspiring wills.

This post is written for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012 and Indiblogger.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Journey with a Stranger .. Part V .. (Strangers)

Had to mention Strangers as this incident was not about a single noticeable stranger, it was about four noticeable strangers.

I don't know how do other cities get the cat fight for getting seats in public transport but in Kolkata these cat-fights are regular.No no you are wrong,it's not about the snatching and thrashing the seat but it's about who was the first to stand and wait for the seat ... but the rate of the fight varies sometimes.But out of 100% ,30 -40 % is common to see.Yes yes hold on !! I know you are getting a brief idea though but still would like to say that my this journey was not at all that much sensible or delightful.Why ? please keep on scrolling and reading.


Since last night it is raining (drizzling) spontaneously.So it is definitely the ultimate enjoyable weather in Kolkata to enjoy gazing upon this old city while travelling.So I was also in a happy go lucky mood today to enjoy it while sitting at the window side of a public bus and frankly saying the bus was not at all crowded today which is very rare ha ha (*wink*)..so I was busy staring at the roads,works and pedestrians suddenly two young girls of Generation Z got up into the bus accompanied by their mother.They were very talkative and full of energy to speak louder at the public vehicle and very much careless about the other passengers.I was enjoying their giggles and loud chats though.

One of the siblings got the seat first.Good they were still chatting.Suddenly a seat got free and for that Golden hot seat cat fight started among those cute chirpy siblings and another middle aged lady.I didn't care much as I was sure that it was going to end within few seconds.But it did not...

It exploded like a volcano and the volcano's fire pit was flowing via the teen's mouth.I was wondering and was shocked to see the way a younger can insult an unknown elder stranger and more over it their mother was encouraging them to fight more.I can't explain the words they used,I can't act the way they behaved,I can't describe the way they insulted the elder.Anyways the Kolkatans are always super-hit for public bawals or protests against any unethical issue.So everyone stopped them and the fight had a cold drink at last.

Now,I would like to share one of my opinion regarding these Gen Z teens and kids.What do uneducated and illiterate words stand for ? is it of not having Super cool electronic gadgets,not wearing branded cloths ?? Especially for elders and that too strangers ? Where are moral values ,respects and a minimal tehzeeb which should be maintained while talking to elders. Is this necessary to have an over-smart attitude or to show the other negligible ? 

I wonder... Rest you comment... 

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

She is the BARBIE girl..

She is 13 years old now.She was pretty and still she is the prettiest among all my dolls though I don't take care of her like I used to do.Neither I change her dress after every two days nor I get her personal good shampoos and soaps. Naaaahhh ... I keep it in my drawer and don't open it also.

But today I suddenly thought to dress her well and keep it in front of my eyes.I came back from office and opened my drawer with a rush and did a quick first aid to her neck which was broken for many years & the credit goes to one of my male friend who did it spontaneously that too in front me..


I am feeling to be in year 2000 when I was a crazy girl to play with her.Even I used to ask permission from my mother to play for a certain duration during study hours.Sunday was always to be committed towards her.Even I used to cut her hairs too.I cut her front locks too.From ponytails to bun and many hair styles.Come On !! Maximum girls of our generation used to be busy with her and her cloths and fashion.We didn't have computer games to play with.We only had toys and dolls and among which Barbie was the best for all reasons.

I even bought it with a crazy manner.My PAPA promised me to give a Barbie Doll on some Thursday night.I was being so happy to have it on my hand from the morning.But tired PAPA came late at night around half past 10 pm. The naughty,nagging me cried like hell and asked him to get my Barbie on that night itself.Poor helpless PAPA who was busy satisfying her daughter,took her to the local sports and toy shop.The shop uncle already put down the shutter but my father requested to reopen it so that he can buy the Barbie.I was gloomy and tensed to get it and the uncle saw it.He opened and displayed the available Barbies to me.I chose the one and only BIRTHDAY BARBIE.She was so so attractive and her gown was flowing around the box.Her shoes,comb and every other accessories were so catchy. huh !! You people must be thinking that how bad the kid was ... But yes it's true I was a very nagging kid which I am not now LOL ☺

Google has everything we want.I searched and luckily
got the same image which I was looking for.
I bought this same same same Barbie
with the same box.Just her gown was of yellow color

Hmm alas !! I had everything,even I bought some extra costumes for her too [one of which she is wearing now. at the first picture].But I don't have any belongings of her except her physical existence and her hair dressing accessories..I lost the rest :'(

P.S The inspiration behind this post is YAHOO

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Paint my Love .... (Nails) ♥♥♥♥

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Journey with a Stranger part IV

After three months I am here to include another one post under Journey with a Stranger series.It is not that interesting to enjoy though but still I felt it to include under this series.Because I have never been a witness to this kind of hard truth , confession and guilt before.

Today afternoon when I was heading back to my class by auto,suddenly and unwillingly I became the witness of this fact.

I was sitting at the back left corner and just right in front of me there was a man who was sitting just beside the auto driver.He was telling something to the driver.Usually I never take a look or keep interest what others do.So as usual I was not listening to him and I was about to unlock my cell phoneto surf it.But suddenly my next-seater asked with anxiety "Did you kill her ?"..... the ans came "Yes.I had to"

I was petrified and panicked to hear the words.I deliberately put my whole concentration to him.

I could see him shivering while telling all these.Sorry !! it should be confessing.Yes he was confessing everything.Everything to us and the driver.

We all were like awestruck while listening to the actual incident.

He is employed as a railway driver in Indian Railway.He drives mainly Express long run trains.Today morning near Howrah he had to kill a girl to save his job and other passenger's life.The girl was young enough to lose her life and she was with her headsets while crossing the railway track.

As he said he tried to save her by pumping the horns again and again.But poor girl could not listen.He was on his duty and his time and speed was not in his control.He had to board his train on the right time and he kept on running the train.

He even confessed that after six months he killed a person again.He was repeatedly using the word "Kill".

I was a dumb listener to hear and witness his confession.I saw his agony,pain and guilt which he was going through.I saw him fluttering his lips while explaining.We were none for him.But I guess he was that much guilty,bounded,frustrated and angry that he could not stop himself from the CONFESSION

and that's how this incident crashed my mind and made me numb,dumb and cold.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tiny Sisters

It's a short story of one occurrence.

Scene 1: Bell has just rung.Mini is sitting on the bench and arranging her school bag to take up.

Let me first tell you about Mini.Mini is a I st standard school kid and studies in Kids Heaven K.G school.Mini's parents are both working.So Shona aunty normally takes all responsibilities to give and take her from school and that's Shona aunty's profession.Mini stays upset sometimes as she too wants her parents to take her back from school to home.But she understands that her parents try their level best to fulfill her wish.Mini has her elder sister Puchu who is just 4 years elder than her.She studies in standard IV in a convent school and comes back home early afternoon as she manages to go her school at morning by school bus.

This was a brief snap of the background.Let's get back to the present scenes.

Scene 2 : Everyone is running to go out of the school.There is heavy rush at the school gate.Mini is getting puzzled and trying to find Shona aunty but failing again and again.Suddenly another tiny hand just pokes her back and calls "Mini.. edike.." ( means Mini ... here ..). Mini turns her face at back and notices a girl.She is wearing a midi skirt and top and  standing with an open umbrella and she is none other than Puchu i.e her elder sister. She is so happy to see someone from her home.Mini is thanking Shona aunty for her skip to work. Puchu holds her left hand like a true elder sister and these tiny sisters starts moving from the school ground.

Scene 3 : Everyday Mini fears of this place.She fears to cross this huge drain block.Usually Shona aunty carries her in this particular area to avoid such terror-some incident every day.But today it's her sister who is also a small girl.She knows that Puchu will not be able to carry her in that way.

They both have arrived this place. Puchu has crossed the drain easily. Now Puchu is calling Mini and pouring courage that it is very easy to cross and telling to try her once. Puchu is crossing the block again and again to show that it's very easy.But Mini is shivered and standing still at same place.She is about to weep and shed tears of fear. Puchu is worried now.The tensed and puzzled Puchu is now looking for some elder strangers to carry her sister off while crossing the block.At last she finds and requests a uncle to help them which he does too. ( Sighs ) ... Mini is relaxed now and filling her lips with a gentle smile and holding Puchu's hand tightly.Tiny sisters are walking again.

Scene 4 : The tiny sisters have come home. After some usual tasks they both are off to bed for a short nap.

P.S Names are fictional but characters are not.

Miss you didibhai. You did so much to me. Love you and now miss you too.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Heart Break ...

Hmm ... Heard this before but today when saw this picture on Yahoo,unwillingly I felt very bad and sad.You readers might be thinking that I am so damn crazy and mad but...phewwwwww  it's true.I have already shared about him in my profile and I can feel the butterflies flying inside my stomach and get repeated harsh heartbeats when I see him in posters or ads or anywhere.

I am so so so mad for him that I dreamt of a romantic dinner too with him.

He is none other than THE VIRAT KOHLI..

I know there are so many girls out there around India or may be world to behave such insane like me but the truth is that I felt bad... and still feeling bad..

I am getting jealous and annoyed too :( Ignored his link ups with Tamanna,Sarah and many more.But this time with Izabelle Leite could not ignore after these pictures .... :(

Source : Yahoo

source : Google

Source : Google

I can't express how much pain I was feeling while pasting these pictures... 

Deeply weeping now ... 

Still wish them a good luck.. :D

 and on a good note I must admit and promise that my heart will keep on doing DHAK DHAK for you ... mmmmuuaaahhhhh ♥♥♥

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

TITLI dil Uda ♫ ♪ ♪

A very simple paper craft .... 

The Butterflies.... Titli ... while making I was humming to the current track "Banke Titli Dil Uda"..

-- Xo Xo

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A Splendid Colorful Sunday Morning

Today after few months again played with colors, made something.Created new craft and I am super happy ☺ Though few works are still left.You know what I mean.. the finishing touch up but still 80% is completed.

A Super Sunday... with super work and super songs of Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum ji.. ♥ ♥ ♥

Work on progress

Touch Ups

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Magic of Creation

" Saturday night " is a time when I give a real quality time to myself.I chat,I surf net,I write and I read other's blogs.I feel so good reading the different blogs.I discover new blogs and go through them.

Creation has it's own magical power.When I read some posts of some XYZ blogger,I go through their minds,their way of thinking and their scope of imagination.Some do draw everything so magically that after reading those creations I automatically start feeling so good.

Today also discovered a blog and as usual was going through it.

Loved it and my night has turned on.

Happy weekend...

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Flying Kites

Boys are yelling
pulling the strings of Kites
with pleasant smiles

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rebirth in the 1930's

Can someone give me a chance to be born again but not in future ... It should be in the PAST... It should be the yesteryear era... like 1930 to 1990.To swallow the whole taste of the artistic era...

I wish I could experience the lifestyle of the then time.I am so so much inspired by the old Hindi movies and songs.I watch them like a mad and I listen them like a crazy deer.I ask my papa and ma to share the stories of those golden periods of 1970s and 1980s.

I can feel the way women used to dress and style.I love the way they used to wear cotton simple printed sarees and used to have some long hairdos [simple braids,simple buns and slight locks] with a small bindi on their forehead and light kajal on their eyes.I love the way men used to dress,simple pantaloons with printed shirts or khadi kurta + pajama and some special hit hairstyles be it from Shammi Kapoor's hairstyle or Rajesh Khanna's hairstyle.I enjoy the romances and dates they were familiar with.

I listen every bit of excitements which my ma and papa tell me about the then movie releases.How people used to be a movie lover and familiar to make that as the only source of entertainment.I listen how they used to book the tickets and watch the hit movies for several times.

I would love to live in the nostalgic old golden days when people were not introduced with the Television in that sense and  were in love to be with All India Radio.I want to go back there..I would love to keep my ears in front of the radio and to listen the recent releases by the Musical maestros.

hmm ... Sad but the truth is I can never take a rebirth in the past.. Let the love and respect be in my heart forever with the evergreen never shading songs and the stories of the OLD days..

While bidding good bye two sudden songs I want to dedicate to all my readers .... 

which I am listening now..

which I listened just few mins ago
[ I would love to spend a day like this ]

This space is not enough to grab all my favorite songs here.So dedicated these two past and present tracks which I am over with.

Thank you for reading this post which is surely a scribbled one rather than a proper writing.

hmm Golden Era ... The Olden Era... 

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rathyatra ... Evergreen memories of Childhood

Rathyatra the Holy day is on tomorrow.While coming from office I could see the rush and crowd near the market places where colorful chariots were being displayed and the trio God idols of Sri Jagannath,Sri Balaram and Sri Subhadra were kept in row by row and I simply started smiling.

Let me take you to few years back when I was a school going small girl and used to celebrate Rathyatra with my colorful chariot..Every year used to be same so I will take you to only one instance ....

It's chutti day..No school.Ma is also at home as she too has got her official holiday today.I am waiting for my papa to give me my Chariot from the bunk and yes he has given me that.I have asked him to bring some attractive wrapping papers and some other stuffs to decorate.I am checking my old Jagannath,Subhadra and Balaram idols whether they are alright or not.Today I am not about to study a single line.I am so happy.

I have completed my lunch.Now it's time to start my experiment with my Golden Chariot.I have collected so many colorful bright leaves to put them on it.Oh !! Shelly is also busy in decorating her chariot.Shelly is a small girl of my neighborhood.We often compete to each other.Yeasss !! I am already into the process now.Yippyy....

I am having scissor on my hand.Sitting on the floor.Taking measurements of the Chariot's chambers and cutting my papers to fit them.A bowl of home made sticky glue is just at my right hand side.My ma has come to help and guide me some healthy tips to do all the other jobs.

& yes it is 5 pm now.My chariots is ready and my Gods are also sitting inside their chambers.My chariot is looking wonderful with red and green glossy papers.It has paper made chains too hanging all around.It's so colorful.My mother has covered the chamber from three sides so that my "diya" doesn't get any air to be blown with it. The garlands of Rajnigandha are making it more HOLY.
The prasads which I have offered to the Lord are just in front of each chambers.The agarbatti smells so good.

I am waiting for the evening time to pull my RATH at outside of my home with my other neighbourmates. My sister is also going to accompany me.

Yay !! I am at my local streets and pulling my Golden Chariot.The sound of rolling wheels are coming to my ears.The passers by are offering their prayers and pouring the "Pranami" infront of my "Jagannath" and I am serving the prasads to them and I am going on and on with my chariot and enjoying the holy evening.

It's a very common snap to see all kids of Kolkata to pull RATHs on Rathyatra.
Unfortunately I don't have my own pictures to keep it here.
But surely I am missing it

aaaaaaaaaaaahhh !! I lost myself.Hope I could dig some memories for you too my readers especially the Bengali,Oriya readers.I don't know much about the other states regarding this culture of pulling Raths by every single child of next door but here it still happens.I am missing my childhood for sure.

And to everyone HAPPY RATHYATRA.... especially to all pilgrims who will be attending the Great Puri's Rathyatra.


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Saturday, 6 July 2013

You are friend right ??

It starts with Hello and Hi !!
Then goes on to 
some chats and Likes...
You claim to be 
the well wisher and good pal
share everything 
and assure to be the best healer..

Mins and Hours pass
the days go very fast
After some long
you prove me wrong
I don't get you
When I am down..
I poke you 
you sound dumb..

I get the fact 
that you are my friend
but not the REAL
like the others
who comes and goes
once in a while
and goes by so often
without bidding
Hey !! don't feel bad
I am there for you friend
The Virtual FRIEND !!!

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Night of Silence

It's half past 12 at night.I am in the Big city may be the most happening city of my life.I am on a journey.A journey to watch and feel some unusuals. The unusual picture of the Night,the silent night...

The city has wrapped up itself most and still wrapping under the mosquito net and bed sheets.I am currently at the most crowded business town where fragrance of spices are causing me to sneeze,where the business and market are hiding inside small doors.I can see the whole town is getting smashed under yellow street lights.The busy bees of the hassle town are sleeping outside.Their big fat tummies are bold enough to come out and get some air of the night.Few bees are still roaming here and there and gathering together to play their tic tac toe.

In this silent city at night where everyone has wrapped themselves up,few insomniacs have started doing their job.The job to satisfy others and their financial appetite.They are standing by the streets and waiting.Waiting for their luck to favor on them for this night.They seem to be happy and having a light smile on them but I can see the pain they are going through.Few are fighting with their lucky champs and others are making fun at them.

The city is silent,the roads are happy to  have the least vehicle on them.I am running fast and faster watching at the instances and the dumb street lights who are waiting to sleep when the Sun will enlighten up the city.

Finishing the night of silence here..

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Friday, 5 July 2013

Naina loved him....

We never know what happens during falling in love and how does it happen ? It just happens ... It's just a moment when you realize that you are actually in love.Love can not be forced neither it can be expected.We can not decide to fall in love with someone neither we can choose whom we should love.We just feel like to be on the cloud nine.

I don't know how my readers took the movie Yeh Jawaani hain Deewani !! I am not giving a review surely.Apart from the typical Bollywood dance and few unreal sequences (though I liked) I surely can say that the main story of Bunny and Naina can happen.

Life is full of unexpectations and is real uncertain game to play with.We never know what is waiting for us in near future and what is exactly going to happen.Life has it's twists and turns to amaze us with.

Loved the way Naina used to like and love Bunny but kept it secret without expecting him to fall in love with her.Loved the way she encouraged him to reach his dream destination without willing to have him with her selflessly.Loved the way she kept her emotions with her.

A true mature love happens like this only I guess...

We can never demand,we can never force but only thing which we can do is to LOVE limitlessly..

P.S I wondered whether this Naina [Deepika Padukone] was the same who played Veronica ??In every shot she was wonderfully captured..Her beauty was personified in a true manner.She was so beautiful while playing a nerd and geek also...Loved the NAINA

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

To Monali .... "Sawaar Loon"

Hmm I dedicate this post to you Monali Thakur and it's kind of request to sing some more songs like this.

I have never been a huge big fan of yours.Rather than that I couldn't like any of your songs after Race movie's numbers.I literally used to dislike your Bengali songs which you sung.

But thanks to Amit Trivedi for utilizing your best quality in such a beautiful song of LOOTERA where you did the best of your bestest. It's such a sweet song which has got more sweetness and an old imprint of 70's era by your sweet earthy voice and surely the picturization does the best justice to the song...

Love the Bengali folk beat of the background which is surely a plus point..

So I request you Monali please please prefer singing songs like this rather than pop genre which you do in Bengali movies...

Thanks ....

My recent favorite track.

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Your Common Habits

What you guys love ?? to make fun of girls every time by saying "you can't do this and that.. " or laugh at us which we do in some silly manner ...by Every jokes and troll images you love to underestimate us and share one by one...You people love to crack jokes or make fun of your wife at your office in-front of everyone.

But you forget that you (Guys) stand in some candle light march for asking respect for Women.. Is this the respect you show every time by teasing and taunting girls in bus or near some gali ki mod ??
And surely you forget that without us you feel so boring and numb .... Line maroge kisko huh ???

Pathetic to see these hypocrisy ... India will never change if this kind of mentality stays in every male citizen's mind ....

We will keep on criticizing of our Governments and will keep on having some sign boards infront of us claiming "Respect Women" and for lectures and dialoguebazii on Feminism,Indian is and will be at the top most position surely.

Sad but True... 

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Sun will shine,drops will fall
I will walk alone
without having you at all..

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