Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sudden One

For past one week it's raining heavily in Kolkata. Oops !! not raining... it's flooding Kolkata actually.Everyday it is falling so heavily that it is getting kind of hard to walk and travel across... and the special "30 - 45 minutes" traffic which I daily face at the Airport area is so so bad.But today something unusual I felt and was cold enough to loose my hot temper...I faced the 30 mins traffic but I was enjoying rather than panicking ... while sitting idle I grouped these words together and it came something like this

Sitting at the frontier,
I am trying to feel the damp air
gazing at the cloudy sky,
I am escaping there by
Counting the raindrops,
falling over the glass-doors
I am feeling this moment,
with a little excitement...

Sitting at the frontier,
now I can feel the damp air
I am smiling and day dreaming,
with the romantic tracks my player is playing
Why is this traffic causing me no pain ?
May be I am loving this unusual RAIN ♥

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

That's her CHARACTER

What is Character ?? For me Character defines you and your personality.Many people we meet,many people we know.Everyone holds a different persona.Few we like and few we dislike.But this is true that No one can be perfect ever.Everyone knows this and we too keep on moving and living with these different personalities and characters.But still few characters imprints and attracts towards them either in humorous way or inspirational way or some good and bad ways.

Here I am going to describe one of the character who I daily meet with.

Names are fictional but characters are not..

Can you hear her smiling ?
may be laughing ?
There she is standing 
The chirpy,talkative & lively girl
has her head to swirl
with the excitement and giggle
Her eyes sparkle ,
with her innocent demand-less smile
Oh !! there she is standing
thinking and thinking...
she seems to be lost in her world
making the present blurred..

She is dominating
to prove the valid point
making faces and hating 
puppets of lies...
She is violent enough
to pretend herself right
from the mysterious world
which is not bright
thus she changes her mind
and stands there at right !! 

There she is watching
the lovely cute kids,
playing at the footpaths
with intense glimpse..
There she is standing 
beside the road
adoring and loving
a kitten and a puppy both !!

There she is jumping
like a loony
yelling with fun and
grooving like crazy !!
Moving here and there
with her disco moves
rolling inside few hula hoops !!

There she is sitting
near the window
silent with her moods
remembering her fellow
There she is alone
with her thoughts
opening all the knots

There she is 
my narrated character
that's all I have 
to flatter
Didn't get much words again
to take her out from a shell
Hope you could understand it well

post written for Jacob Hills on Amazon and Indiblogger

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Red shirt
$78 -

Balmain pants
$1,300 -

AX Paris red shoes
$44 -

Diamond bracelet

Dana Rebecca Designs fine jewelry

Miu Miu sunglasses

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I Don't Feel Bad

I don't feel bad
if you hurt me,
and cause me pain

I don't feel bad 
if you hate me,
or make fun of me again...

I don't feel bad 
if you untie your words
or forget me like insane....

I don't feel bad
if you can't see my tears
behind my happiness...

I don't feel bad
if you love the beauty
over my innocence...

I don't feel bad
if you make me feel special
and throw me down in a second...

I don't feel bad
when you think me crazy
and play with my brain...

Cause !! 
I can not feel bad !!

----- words from an emotional BRAT !!!! 

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Where is SIMPLICITY ???

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Hope you are aware of this pro-verb.But please tell me the meaning of it ? Does it mean to dress up simple or to keep your mind simple ??

And please tell me,who gives the proper value of a simple 'Sada mata' human being ?? Today the world has crossed the threshold of all manners.People like everything unreal,there is no value for the true,rooted,sacha honest insaan... !! Few people also claim to be very simple by their get up and their outlook but if you can dig their heart and get into it,you can not find any kind of simplicity.

Simple people are always ignored and kept aside..

Innocence has lost it's ways to survive,People are busy at faking their smiles and showing off their money ans status.Simple life style has no value and meaning to the so called "Bhodro cultured society"...

Haye re haye
E ami kemon duniyaye ??
jekhane manush hashe nokol,
bole kichu dhar kora kotha
ebong dekhanor ichha probol,
noile naki kata jabe tader matha ....

Sadamata hashi pare na 
tara hashte,
poishar gorom,ar tahader class
dekhaye namte namte...

Gunire kore na somman
jodi shey hoye otibo sadharon,
korte bhole na opoman
shei choritroban  byaktigon !!

Ore gadha !! 
toder boli ki hethaye !!
bhulis na tor chilo na kichui
jokhon tui esechilis ei duniyaye
tui jabio ekdin eka
tobe hos keno eto neka ??
Keno re tora 
bachte paris na sadharon ekti jibon ??
Eto dekhiye hobei ba ki ??
pabi ki kono "Manik dhon" ??

Sorry for writing this poem in Bengali...Actually your emotional outcome can be best expressed in your mother tongue... So for me too happened like this .. and another small message !! Please stop claiming to be simple,if you don't have a good and kind innocent heart..Having a simple and honest soul with no choose and pick habits are the real GOLDEN hearts.... 

P.S I have learnt a very good lesson from "Choti Si Baat" a movie of Basu Chatterjee. A must watch for all who are the so called "SADAMATA / BHOLABHALA " insaan !! Sometimes it's good to make the ugly people realize that who you are and what you can do .... Else this strange world with some strange people will never recognize the original "MANICKDHON"...

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Make us Free.... Make us Independent..We want Freedom again !!

First of all would like to wish everyone Happy Independence Day.Today is 67th Independence Day in our country.Everywhere we are listening patriotic songs and speeches.In each and every corner of India we are hoisting Indian Flag and remembering the sacrifices of Indian Freedom Fighters,their deeds and love for our country.We are going through their dreams of Free India,we are going through their gun shots,their roars of VANDE MATARAM,INQUILAB ZINDABAD and JAI HIND.We are telecasting the good sentimental patriotic cinemas in T.V.We are even watching those.Some of us are shedding tears and feeling goosebumps within us.But these stories are of the AAM Janta or The normal citizens.But what about the Ruling citizens who are daily ruling over us and our emotions.Who I am talking about ?? I am talking about the Government,the several politicians who are daily hitting and breaking our Independence.Today is the day where all the politicians from all the parties of all over the India will utter Jai Hind and will dictate their pre-made speeches about the country and their  party's deeds for over the past years and all.They will salute our flag and will keep so many promises.

But do they really feel what they say ? Do they really keep their promises what they make ?Do they really think of the freedom fighters and their deeds?If they would have felt so,would have they made our INDIA this corrupted ?Did the freedom fighters dream of this Independent India ?? Did they bleed because of this corrupted India ? 

Now the question comes are we Independent?Be it the womankind who are still panicked to get out of home at night,who are scared of being raped,who are still not in their freedom or be it the poor citizens who go and see that their votes have been stolen so far or be it our emotions which are still dependent on the Government's rules and regulations ... Is this the India we look for?


Discussed some heavy heavy words.But today is the Independence Day.I have all the rights to express my views and opinions as a citizen.Please !! I didn't want to bring some serious issues on your mind.Let's make it a bit positive.Let us think of New Independence everyday.Independence to decide our own destiny,independence to fly like a bird with our own wishes and dreams,to overcome with our sorrows and depressions,to bring the positivity around us.Independence to say against evil,stand against crime and corruption.With some good notes wishing you all Happy Independence Day.

To all Shaheeds specially the forgotten heroes, 
You did,you sacrificed that's why we are celebrating this day.RESPECT and JAI HIND .. AMAR RAHEN !!! 

Vande Mataram !! 

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

How many of us do know You ... ?? Shahid Khudiram Bose ??

Today is your 105th death anniversary.But it is very unfortunate that more than half of the Indians are unaware you and your deeds.Unlike Surya Sen who was also a hidden hero to be placed in the list of Indian Freedom Fighters, No one has ever tried to make any documentary or film on you apart from Bengal.This post is for those who haven't heard about you and your story of revolution.I am not going to describe or pen much now.All that I want is to give some informations over here which may help others to explore more about you.

For detailed history please refer to this link : Shaheed Khudiram Bose 

Here is the song which was written by Pitambar Das in honour of Khudiram Bose when Khudiram Bose was hanged to death.

Go to the link : Ekbar Bidey De Ma 

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

My C-H-E-N-N-A-I Express

"Ticket kharidke baith ja seat pe,nikal na jaye phir yeh Chennai Express !!! "


thinking of this line,with full of hurry and excitement at last I watched it.Was watching the promos enough and liking the songs too in my way,but I was damn sure that I wouldn't watch this movie (for time mismatches with co-watchers and busy schedule of weekend).But the excitement triggered in me just because of my dearest friend Arunima who poured some more interest before two days to watch this movie today.Usually I get excited very shortly and go gaga over something which I like and love (ha ha ha) and I decided that by hook or crook I must watch this movie.Alas !! The U-turn happened when Arunima had to cancel her plan for some important and personal reasons, and I felt like falling leaves.Hope you all understand when you expect much and get nothing, it feels bad.Then Mr. S.P Balasubramanium reminded me that I should not miss the CHENNAI EXPRESS to get a passenger seat in it. LOL

and there I got the single birth to watch and enjoy Chennai Express. Arunima don't kill me.My regular followers know how much Chennai and Tamil,both are connected to me..I still get adrenaline rush when I hear Tamil syllables and words and even today also I was getting so excited while following the Tamil dialogues in this movie.Sometimes it was quite embarrassing for me to laugh alone as I guess none out of there knew Tamil and could understand the jokes.As a result I got so many faces turning towards me. LOL.( Oops !! saying so much about me).In short I can say I went to Chennai again after One and half years in this short span of time with Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express.

Let's come to the review... 

Let me confess first that I am a true true SRK fan but yes not the blind one.His last movie couldn't fulfill my expectation and failed me to express some good things about that movie.But this time, I must say that he made me laugh much.It's a request to not go to theater with lots of emotions and moods to expect that you are going to watch an intellectual and sensible movie.It is a typical Masala movie with no good story .Please keep the expectations at home and go with a chirpy mood to have dhinka chika masti and to get rid off the stress you carry with you and if you are an (against SRK) type fan then Please don't go and don't comment during the movie time.It irritates the other audience.A bright vibrant colorful movie with color in its every frame made me feel good as I love colors.The story is really funny and humorous with no sense in it.Especially the dialogues and funny scenes were good.Though I felt,that the Tamil rowdies were being painted with more black colors which was quite unreal.Maximum dialogues were being delivered in Tamil with no subtitles which was a little hard for non South Indians.But I guess Rohit Shetty played the trick by keeping a living subtitle i.e. Deepika Padukone as Meena Lochani. I love Deepika Padukone for her style and beauty and the way she has improved her acting skills.As Meena Lochani she was fabulous.Her "BOKWAS" Hindi and the Tamil translations were awesome.I must agree she has that X-factor in her look to suit in every character of every types and the other co actors too made this movie full entertaining.The climax was very much melodramatic which I didn't like much and the usual Shetty style fight sequences were also unreal.Apart from this I must say that Shah Rukh Khan will never be old.He was a lover boy and he is still.He can still melt a girl's mind with his simple and dimple smiles and his romantic waves and I must say SRK taught Tamil to all of us with his tooti footi cute Tamil accent.

Oh ho !! I wrote so much to express that I enjoyed Chennai Express ♥♥♥♥

Special Note : All Salman Khan lovers I do not understand why do you people hate him so much and start comparing Shah Rukh with Salman? Sorry !! but one request again if you don't like SRK then please don't do a favor by watching this film. Though this is hard because every time I get to see some SRK haters who go and watch the movie to comment and to judge it ultimately. Where's the sense in it ?? There are critics to judge the movie ... Please we don't need your reviews

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Friday, 9 August 2013

Paint me with COLORS !!!

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Diary of an unusual Teen

It's half past 6 at morning.My eyes have opened themselves with a lagging mood.I am hardly able to see anything.My senses are not in their place properly right now.But I have to get up and stand with my senses and action. (sigh) No one is going to ask me why am I feeling so tired and lethargic ? No one is going to ask me what are these red and black dusky spots on my face and hands for ? 

(long Sigh again )

I know that and I don't expect that too.But these are paining now.I can't even touch them. (Aaah .. yelling).No doubt yesterday my father drunk so much.But how could I see him beating my mother in a beastly manner.I had to protect my mother.Already she has her half face burnt which was a tragic incident few years ago. (chuckles) Except her I don't feel anybody as my own.So I protected her and as a reward got beaten up badly.

( Enough of thoughts )

Careless with this thought I have to get up now.So many works are there at home and outside too.Though this time many of my age mates are busy getting ready for school which can never be possible for me again. (mournful) I still love to open and read those books which were given to me by my school when I used to study.They used to give me good meals too.I can't have them now.I want to study but...this would not be justified if I leave my work for studies.

( long pause )

For past few days I have been going to my workplace(may be places).Rather I replaced my mother's job and working there to earn the bread of my family.My mother is sick and can't afford her health into this work.I work as maid for several houses.Some madams are very harsh to me and treats me like an ignorant.But some madams are very kind hearted. When for the first time I went as 'just a daughter of the maid' Shikha aunty gave me one nice dress of her daughter.Her daughter doesn't like to wear it so she gave me.The dress was so pretty.I have kept them safely.In some proper occasion I do wear them (Smiles with joy).

( Small pause )

I go to my workplaces by bus.The buses are heavily loaded with people.I have heard this is the 'office time' and specially at Central Jail stoppage the rush becomes more.I hardly have learnt to ride on bus and stand in a perfect style without disturbing others.Else everyone scolds at me saying that "Don't you know How to travel in bus?Just stand in a side.Don't block the main gate."I am not that tall and my hands do not reach the handles.I try to get support by holding the window rods.Anyways I love going by bus.I see so many gorgeous working ladies.They dress so good and smell so good.They use something for it,some sprays with good scent.Some madams look at me in a very rude manner.I feel bad.But it's not their fault.They are the uppers of the society.I don't feel bad for that.But I feel very scared of one thing.When I see some vulturous eyes staring at me I feel scared.They look at me and my cloths such that I haven't wore anything.I feel unsafe.They try to touch my hands and molest me.I feel like crying.But within few days I have also learnt how to deal with them and how to fight with them.Even I don't take my steps backward from hitting themselves back.I do it with silence like they do.

( Sigh with confidence )

It's true that I am sacrificing my dreams, my joy and I am sad for that too.But I am happier because I am an independent teen and I am sure that one day I am going to fulfill my dreams too with my own savings and ambition.I will not let my dreams go anyway.My story may be unusual but I am a FIGHTER and will fight for my own destiny.

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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pingu Nails

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Saturday, 3 August 2013


First of all Would like to wish Happy 84th Birthday to the immortal maestro of Music World.

Okay I am giving a small task to all of you.You have 2 mins to think and remember anyone who doesn't love  Kishore Kumar songs.Your time starts now...
Time is Up !!! 
Got any one ?? No na ?? I knew it..There are no one who doesn't like or love his songs.From Gen X to Gen Z everyone.I think even a heartless boring person will also nodd his/her head and close his/her eyes to his songs.

He is the one who can make us cry,make us laugh out loud and even can force us to dance and fall in love.This multifaceted  person had some magic and miracle in him and his voice.He could do every possible craziest thing be it giving proxy to Lata ji's voice by singing a song in female avatar or to dress like a female and dance some thumkas and natkhat adas.

Aankh Seedhi Lagi ♫

Be it the black and white comedy movies to colored comedy of PADOSAN with the falling panras from his left mouth and calling "Bholey Bholey" and singing "Meri Pyaari Bindu ♫" with a typical Bangali Babu Avatar, or from singing some dhamakedar comedy songs to singing some sad and heart touching songs, he was marvelous.

He proved that along with singing some dhinka chika hindi songs, He was a true Bengali who could sing Rabindra Sangeet too with the same intensity and feel which touched millions of Bengali hearts. "Mayabono Biharini ♫" from Lukochuri and "Ami chini go chini go ♫" from Charulata are still listened and adored by us,the Bengalis.

Now let me share some of my own story of the time when I first realized him and understood him.
My regular readers know well about my passion for music and specially Bollywood.Even I mentioned about my parents too who are also a Music and Bollywood lover.Since childhood I have been in touch with hindi movies and their songs well through my parental influence.So when I got some minimum sense of music,I could hear every time while my parents used to praise and discuss about this legend while watching Chitrahaar or any movies.I used to know only one thing that he could only do "doodleiii doo uhu uhu ooooo " tone and it was his USP.But I used to get confused everytime when I used to see Rajesh khanna  doing "doodleiii doo uhu uhu ooooo " in "Meri sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu ♫" which later I realized as a part of dubbing and acting LOL. Later time to time I got introduced with his HMV cassettes which my mother used to buy and listen.Hmm that is continuing.

Even today also at morning my mother was recollecting her memory when for the last time she saw her live performance in Hope 87' at Calcutta Netaji Indore Stadium where he wore a Safron colored Sanyasi Dress and sung "Khaike Pan Banraswala ♫" and forced every audience to sing along with him.She was also saying that she couldn't attend Hope 86 which my Papa and other relatives could attend as my elder sister was very small. After few months of the 87's show,He left us and this world.

I would like to list some of my favorite favorite songs here which I listen very often.

 1. This song is very very close to my heart and I close my eyes every time when I listen.

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi ♫

2. I laugh out loud like HA HA HA HO HO HO

   Singh nei tobu naam tar singho ♫

3. I feel to fall in LOVE

Dil Kya Karen ♫
4. I feel betrayed 

Mere Mehboob ♫

5. I feel classic

Ami chini go chini go ♫

6. I feel the rain

Rim jhim gire sawaan ♫

7. I feel to be myself

Ane wala Pal ♫

8. I feel sensuous [everyone does so while listening this song LOL]

Roop tera mastana ♫
9. I feel groovy 

Meri Pyari Bindu ♫

10. I feel to dedicate

Tere Bina Zindagi se ♫

Huh !! I am getting tired of listing his songs.There are so many songs which I love and everyone does so.But these 10 songs  define my 10 various moods.Hope I could help you by listing them here.

There are no words left for me to describe him . All I can request to you all is that to listen his songs for the rest of the day and pay a TRIBUTE like I am doing.


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Thinking, finding and getting

Sitting on the chair
staring at the CRT screen,
stuck in some social site
I am keen..
I am keen to create
something new,
thinking and thinking 
but getting only few..

Desiring to create so much
from my mind,
I am getting trouble
to find...
To find something sensible
that heals my hope,
and makes me happy
and to hop...

Hey !!
 here are they
I have got some,
some words to cluster
with a rhythm...
and as usual
After any creation 

... ♥♥♥ ...

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

I too had a love story

" I too had a love story "... No it's not about sharing my love story over here.May be most of you have guessed it right too.This title is not so new to think of once.This is already famous among the readers (The REAL readers and book lovers which I am surely not) .Yes I stated before too, I am not a good reader.I love to read short stories or short posts but I am not at all a Novel freak or book warm and I mean it .You can call it as an Honest Confession.

But the collision happened with me and my particular thought when I started reading "I Too Had A Love Story" by Ravinder Singh and I finished it within 3 days.Today I finished it.I read it like an iron rod sticking with the high power magnet.

The readers who have already read it may know why am I here to share my experience..

If you have ever loved someone then you can feel it or if you haven't fallen in love with someone then you can know what LOVE is or what happens and how does it feel like when you are in love.

It is the author's own love story which surely had the unexpected end [not disclosing for those who haven't read till]

From page no 187's first line to last line of the book I read all with a blurry vision as my eyes were full of tears.I could not control myself from weeping.I was feeling so helpless and mournful that I could not take rest today afternoon [I am sick so was on holiday to take rest].Even now also I am not able to come out of the total incident which happened to Mr.Ravinder Singh.

Those who haven't read it, I would like to request you to read it.

Some emotions which shook me from inside are trying to come up like this.

Every lines I could read,
were poking me
from inside to bleed ...
They sounded real,
and true to be true
which I could intensely feel ...

I learnt again to be in Love,
with the pages and lines turning around
found myself in the romantic puff ...
and roaming in the garden of Love 

The same aura 
mesmerized me and recreated an illusion,
to be in emotion ...
It was shaking my heart,
bringing back the memories to hurt...

All the love stories
do not end well,
What we wish and expect
sometimes don't happen in real..
I wish to God to not curse 
anyone to have this pain,
of losing love and heart
and to make them insane..

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