Monday, 30 November 2015

Sweet Accident !!

Like a dreamy storm,
like a sudden rain
you happened to me...

Unplanned steps,
uncertain thoughts
have shielded me recently
& I can't stop.

Flowing with the wind of love,
floating in the ocean of happiness
indulging into childish acts.
I smile, I blush, I laugh
& I starve to see you
I don't have any idea,
how you happened to me.
Neither do I want to know.
Because I m loving the flow
& relishing you as my sweet accident ..
And that's how I define it ...

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Tamasha - Travel, Love, Breaking the wall and much more..

Well the wait is over and Tamasha released finally. Like others I too had been waiting for long to watch this movie. The reasons - Deepika + Ranbir and their energetic chemistry, Imtiaz Ali, A.R Rahman and Travel phenomenon + the exotic places. I just didn't want to miss it and gladly I didn't miss it. On Friday I was getting mixed reviews mostly negative that Tamasha killed expectations and all. But unless I watch something how can I comment, and I knew I had to watch it. Well now I am going to pen down few things which I liked in this movie. Please readers, I am not a critic, so don't take my post too seriously and don't consider it as review too.

Agreeing to the fact that the story is not extra ordinary or different stating my views here. The movie starts in a very different manner. A stage. A stage where two artists are performing. Ranbir as Robot and Deepika as clown. Really loved Deepika in this act and then the story unfolds. The story starts at Corsica where Ved and Tara meet each other. They do not reveal their identity for making a difference in the trip and yes they do everything which they can not do usually. In short, they live their heart out. They travel, travel and travel together. Sometimes sitting at top of the hill and not  talking to each other to feel the silence of nature, sometimes talking to mountains, drinking water like wild mammals, shouting out loud, dancing as no one is watching, running, drinking, faking people with fake French accents etc etc. Handsome Ranbir Kapoor and Gorgeous Deepika Padukone steal the show in the first half. Their sizzling chemistry is what you will be jealous of. 

When you miss someone in subconscious mind for way too long, you hardly understand whether you are in love or not. But yes somewhere in your mind, you stay gloomy and dull. The "happy sad song" portrays the feeling very nicely. Life moves on and has to. Years pass by. We change but somewhere the wish to meet someone special kills us, makes us sad somehow. We tend to miss them more more and more. And if we suddenly meet that person, butterflies do really fly in stomach. We barely know how to act in front of them, whether to avoid or speak out face to face. The emotion of being super happy excites you. It seems that you haven't lost that person and that's priceless.

There comes another side, when you love someone, you love them for few instincts and if those instincts become invisible you can not understand whom did you love. Like Ved appears to Tara in a complete different attire & there comes another side of the story. A helpless common man Ved is hung up in the regular routine and the Time. The way Imtiaz captured the frames was really true and funny too. Come on!! even we are also the same right. Get up with the Alarm clock, eat, go to office, come to home, eat and sleep and then repeat. Even many a times I feel that how do we follow the time everyday in same manner ? and then the spans of our life just pass. Like us Ved forgets the real him. What he actually wanted from his life, how he is in real and the depression caused by suppressing the real him and enacting as a decent guy kills him day by  day. The aggression of not fulfilling his heart out forces him to behave abnormally. Ved realizes the fact only when he meets up with Tara again and when Tara claims that he is not the Ved she saw before. Probably Ved sees himself through the eyes of Tara and that frustration makes him ever weaker. The psychological cliché was tremendous to watch. Tu koi aur hain suits the scene perfectly. And unfortunately people got this second half boring. Well yes the second half is slow but I didn't find it boring. There was a scene where Ved narrates a story to his family members. That was really thought provoking. Did you guys feel the same as I did ? ;)

Well which made me smile was the Safarnama song because there Ved realizes what he actually needs to do. He blindly trusts on his heart now. The way he kills all his agonies and pains which he went through since school and college was terribly good to watch. I loved the appearance of CLOWNS in these scenes. The way they appear in the school and college as the significance of happiness. Imtiaz Ali was perfect in these shots. JOKER implied to happiness throughout the movie and thus in the first scene DEEPIKA was the clown for the Robotic RANBIR.

 And my favorite is the last scene. Deepika and Ranbir talk rubbish just for fun and groove to the music they are plugged in and then continues...

Why do I love Imtiaz Ali's movies ??

Ans : Right from Socha na tha, I loved all his movies. All of his movies are based on road trips and uncertain love stories. He focuses on the fact "Follow your heart" most, Be it Socha na tha, Jab we met, Highway, Rockstar or Tamasha. Opening up yourself to your heart not your mind is what makes me happy as I watch his movies. 

And now what extra do I need to pen about Rahman Sir ?? The day his album gets released I go gaga over it. He is BOSS !! 

Deepika Padukone : How can someone be so beautiful ? I wonder. Smart, Sassy and super casual yet Classy Deepika mesmerized me and also she is really a mature actress now.

Ranbir Kapoor : in one word Awesome

Places : Be it Corsica, Kolkata, Delhi, Shimla and Japan ♥♥ I was ogling at the screen like an eagle.

P.S  Only one thing that made me laugh during the show was .. suddenly Deepika's blue frock increased to knee length at the end of matagashti.. LOL and if you feel this post rubbish .. then move on to next post and pardon for any typos ;)

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Memoirs of North Sikkim - Visit to Gurudongmar Lake - Part II ( Chopta Valley and The Lake)

So it is the time to write about Gurudongmar Lake as I stopped at my last post for this and also requested you all to wait for this one. Before writing about it I must warn you, please don’t get crazy and don’t start feeling jealous as this post may cause little emotional injury to your thinking and expectations or it may tickle your inner wish to escape from your surroundings.

Let me brief about Gurudongmar Lake a bit .

Gurudongmar Lake, also known as Gurudogmar Lake, is one of the highest lakes in the world, located at an altitude of 17,800 ft (5,430 m) in the Indian state of Sikkim. It is a lake which is considered sacred by both Buddhists and Sikhs. The lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, founder of Tibetan Buddhism who visited the lake in the 8th century.

The lake is not only blessed by Guru Padmasambava but also by Guru Nanak, the spiritual leader of Sikhism while he had passed through this area, and hence regarded as sacred.

The high altitude lake which remains frozen during winter months is located in the region of northern Sikkim, in the district of North Sikkim. It is about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) to the south of the Chinese border. The lake can be reached by road from Lachen via Thangu. It is 190 kilometres (120 mi) away from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The approach road from Thangu to Gurudongmar passes through a rugged and enchanting terrain with "stony moraine", which has high alpine pastures covered with many rhododendron trees.  - Wikipedia

We left Thangu and ws moving towards Lake Gurudongmar. The temperature was decreasing. We
crossed several military base camps as we were moving towards China border, Soldiers were walking in series. Fully covered with fur and heavy uniform they were tough and rough. Taking pictures is not allowed at all so could not take any picture. I respect that too. Our car just started moving towards chopta valley . The view was jaw dropping, We all shouted and got down from the car. Were we at heaven or not  I had no clue at that point of time neither do I have now. Sky was deep blue, the rocks were sandy brown, vallery was green and uniquely picturesque . When we zoomed the vision we spotted snow covering the peaks. The snowy mountain peaks were shining in the sunlight like diamonds. 

Check my pictures. 

Chopta Valley

Arpita Di ♥ busy searching for horizon

See I got my wings

Gurudongmar Lake

Military Basecamp

After few minutes of journey driver told us to get down to check Gurudongmar Lake. Yes we finally 
reached. Time was 6:30 around. I got down from my seat and moved my steps 12-20 inches forward and Oh my god !! what was that ? You may believe or not but the fact was that I was spellbound. My mouth was shut completely.  How can some place be so serene and calm. I had no clue. Believe or not I was in total blabbering mood while going to the place. Dancing, Singing in group all along. But the place did something miraculous to me that it just blew my mind with a chilled pure aura of nature and sealed my mouth. Sometimes it happens like, you feel like crying with joy and pleasure to feel blessed. The place was like that. 8-10 people were around in that particular sphere. Complete silence was accompanying my soul and the sound of chilled air that was passing through my air. The blue lake, snowy milky while mountain peak and its undisturbed shadow on the lake. As if I was living in the world of a silent still photography. I sat down, not actually sorry. Something pushed me down to sit for a while. May be it was the overwhelming emotion that I was getting from the nature, from the earth or may be the feeling of satisfaction that was being poured into my soul. I was getting myself as the tiniest particle in the universe. How wide and infinite is the universe and the whole thing. At that point of time I was feeling so silly to think of our lifestyle. We are basically nothing in front of this huge infinity. I was smiling, I was silent and I was crying even. Such a mixed feeling it was. 

I heard that people face terrible breathing problem in Gurudongmar Lake due to presence of thin air and lack of adequate oxygen. By God's grace I didn't face any problem neither did any of us. We were super cool. We entered into Gurudwara and felt the silence, prayed with holy mind and spirit of seeking good. All I want to request everyone whomever is reading my post to please please visit North Sikkim (Specially Gurudongmar Lake) in your life, recommended at young age. And also it is called a slice of Ladakh (Eventually it is in higher altitude that Ladakh "Gurudongmar lake is at an higher altitude than Pangong Lake and Tsomoriri lake in Ladakh and is definitely more beautiful than Pangong lake." - Tripadvisor) . Please do visit and don't forget to write me here. I would love to know your views too. Time for sharing pictures.

I wish I could make you feel the silence

Panoramic View 

I bet you will fall in love with Loneliness 
Loneliness takes out your naked soul
Thanks Arpita di for the pic

Thoda Style and Ada ♥

These many were present there 

The Gurudwara


The street was all mine

Stop stop please stop .. ha ha ha 

On the way back to Lachen .. Chopta valley

That's me ... 

♫ Dhoop paani pe baras jaaye.. 
Yeh.. saaye banaaye, mitaaye
Main kahoon, aur tu aa jaaye, behlaaye
Har doori sharmaaye
Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai
Parchhaaiyan batlaaye ♫

♫ Aaee main to aaee nazaron ke anjane ek jahan se
Layee main to layee baharon ke afsane bhi wahan se
Na na mujhe chhoona na door hi rehna, Paree hoon main ♫ 

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