Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Sharing the joy to have the first Liebster

First of all want to say that I was so amazed and shocked to see the nomination. I knew about this award and shamelessly saying I was just waiting for someone to nominate me.Thanks a ton Garima for nominating me though we had hardly any communication before. On 15th Dec,2013 you did send me the nomination and I am grateful for that.

Here she asked me few questions which I would love to answer.

What blogging has given you?
Blogging has given me the ultimate joy and self recognition to myself. I used to write when I was a kid and had several diaries but blogging has made my wills to write even much stronger. 

Best memory of childhood?
I was not at all a quite kid so love to rejoice all the naughtiness I used to do.But what I still love to repeat is
i)  to catch fireflies and keep them in a jar to gaze upon them for the rest of the night.
ii) to play with so many kittens together from day to night, feed them with food and cloths and play with their moustaches and paws.

If you are to choose a life form other than human what would it be?
Life of a bird.

Day or night person, explain?
Definitely a night person. I love to feel the depth of the darkness which is as bright as the sunlight.

The nature inspires you to be?
May be as colorful and positive as a butterfly, OR as alive as sea OR as quite and intense as the sands of rough desert.

What is unique about you?
I am not fake and my honesty is what I belong to.

First thing on your bucket list?
To learn all types of dance and to dance with soul for day and night.

Singing or dancing?
Obviously Dance.I can die for it though I love singing too.

Your one bad habit?
I overreact sometimes for silly reasons too and sometimes over expressive which lead me to feel bad afterwards.

Your favourite holiday destination and why?
Till now it is surely Jaisalmer especially the dunes and then any seaside.

phew... look Garima .. here I answered all your questions.I must say you asked really good questions.I loved answering them and believe me I didn't take more than 15 secs to think for each of them.It seems these questions were waiting for my reply.

Now here is the toughest part which I had to do. To nominate 10 other bloggers for Liebster award.Before that let me jot down all the guidelines for all who are going to get nominated by me for LIEBSTER.

  •  Award given to bloggers having less than 200 followers.
  •  Award receiver has to nominate 10 other bloggers for this award.
  • Will have to answer the 10 questions given by the nominator.
  • And have to create 10 questions for nominees to answer.
Sorry Garima copied your guidelines as it was.

and here I am announcing the names of the blogs which I have found suitable from all points.

and here goes the list of my questions which I am putting here to my Ten nominees.

  1. Your weird wish which you haven't fulfilled but would love to ?
  2. If you were said to do only one thing for a whole day what would that be ?
  3. Everything is fair in love and war. But what is your opinion on this proverb ?
  4. Last time you cried watching a movie named ?
  5. You have best memories in college or school ? Tell any one of your experience.
  6. What is Love ?
  7. Life with mobiles, gadgets or life without it .. would you like to spend a day without mobile,gadget,tablet and social networking ?
  8. The flower which mesmerizes you in any way should be... ?
  9. If you were placed in an isolated place, would you have enjoyed? If so then how?
  10. Life is incomplete without .... ??

Don't forget to reply me the answers. I am waiting for your replies.

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  1. Thanks dear for passing this award to me :) *Smiles*

    1. You are most welcome.But as I said I will be waiting for your answers :D

    2. Hi Debarati, it feels great to receive such honour from a blogger like you. Thank you so much for nominating me. As I have received this award earlier, I can't do the whole procedure but I'll surely put the badge on my blog. Best wishes :D

      Sayantini Bhattacharya
      Another Part of Me

  2. Thank u so much for your appreciation, would do the needful.


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