Sunday, 8 December 2013

From the diary of RAJASTHAN ---- AJMER

26th Nov,2013 - on the way to Pushkar from Jaipur

Around 9:30 AM : few lines

"Let me flow my wings with the wind
let me dance like a butterfly in the rust of sands
No one should be present and break my silent piece of dance
Let me flow like a flying bird 
over the rough desert with 'O re pia'
I whirl, I swing and I move my hands
I move my legs and my soul along
with my imaginations taking place..
Let me dance.. Let me dance .. Let me dance"

Around 2 PM :  The scorching heat of Ajmer is surely hammering my brain with a sudden ache but the earthy soiled beauty of ruthless RAJASTHAN is pleasing my mind in anyway.The 'turban'ed men and usual 'ghagra choli'ed women are lifting some colors up into my thought. Just finished lunch at some dusty rural local dhaba where eating was more than a good experience. The local college students of MDS college, Ajmer are roaming nowhere and somewhere and fortunately the college and it's premises are much similar to my college.Long highway, Single college campus beside the country road, heat and loneliness .. all are same. Waiting to reach Pushkar soon.

Can you see the light ?


Around 3:30 PM : Way to Pushkar.What to say. The view is amazing. The road is totally surrounded by the hills as if hills are the spectator of all passers by. There are so many engg colleges scattered here and there.Few bikes are passing by along with the same 'turban'ed men carrying their shy and reserved [covered with ghoongat] wives at back of the seat.. ♥ing it.

Panoramic View

27th Nov,2013 - Ajmer Dargah Shariff

Rambling at the end of the visit

It was my fortune to visit the Dargah Shariff of Ajmer. It was a place where all religions were one.Hope,expectations,wishes and admiration can be the words to describe the atmosphere of Dargah Shariff.It as to compact to pray there, holy as the atmosphere, pure as the meditation.I felt so soulful there. Islam bhakti geet, Namaz, Readings of Quraan everywhere made the environment so different and aloof from the present.

On the way to Dargah

Dargah Shariff

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  1. You went Rajasthan? Awesome! In a way that place is best suited for you, its just as colorful as you are :P Stay there. Don't go back Debo.

    Pages off Life

    1. Yeah @Rupert.... ha ha ha... hmm u r right.. may be that was the reason why did I love Rajasthan this much.. but what to do..had to come back

  2. Wohh Great yo u have given real touch of Rajasthan. The Dargah and all. you must share the food of it also. So mouth watering......


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