Saturday, 7 December 2013

From the diary of RAJASTHAN

I heard a lot about this place... but never thought that this place would become one of my favorite destination ever. The sthan of Rajas... hence Rajasthan.. [my abbreviation totally].

Rajasthan is a place where any one can get lost in his/her world of imagination and if that person is absent minded like me then keep your fingers crossed.I lost myself everytime I was visiting new forts, places and especially the undefined THAR.A bright and colorful state Rajasthan is surely a YES YES for me throughout my lifetime. I wish I get the chances to visit the Shuddh Desi Sthan again and again and then my another wish is to visit this place alone especially at the desert.

Let me come to the point I was about to write. This is my new column or series "From the diary of RAJASTHAN" where I will allot all my writings which I wrote during the trip.Some were written while travelling from one place to another, some at the visited place itself. Few are going to be poems and some are going to be random ramblings coming directly from soul.

P.S any mistakes are to be forgiven please !! 

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