Thursday, 26 December 2013

Prayer... Fun... Talks and Walks... Wonderful Xmas Evening

I should have written it yesterday as it was Jesus's birthday but what to do, didn't get enough time and energy to write as the day was splendid.Kolkata is happening and the city of joy which means it welcomes all festival and joyous carnival in it's best way and I guess the enthusiasm is most unique.

This time also went to Park Street and St.Pauls Cathdral Church but the change which is quite noticeable is the growing crowd. During kidhood when I used to go to St.Pauls Cathedral Church holding my father's hand could never see this much crowd.Hmm Time changes and thus we are.We are fun prone more than before. But roaming at the city streets at night is real fun.Because Park street has the heart of Kolkata in it during Christmas.

Smile dear.. that's all CLICK

A Xmas for this couple too ☺

Papa's shoulder is the best ride

A happy Xmas for them too
International Children Film Festival was ON at Nandan

Church !! Count the Santas 

Cutest Santa... but my cam :( 

Nandan and Film Festival

Park Street

Streets of the PARK

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