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A cold love story ....

A chilled love / A chilling love or A cold love anything can be the meaning of Sillunu Oru Kadhal, a 2006 tamil movie.

No it's not that I have recently watched the movie and jotting down my experience like I always have been doing for past posts.Probably this movie is the one Tamil movie that is closest to my heart. Whether millions of movie I watch or love, no other best movies can fade this away from my heart ever. It may not have the best script or story or best cast of the world but I would love to love it forever. This movie is kind of an old photograph for me. The older it becomes, I get it more valuable and hug it tight to feel the moments I bound with it.

How I became addicted to this movie?

Tenderness no 1 :

Oh! it started a long years ago.I was an adult kid then.First encounter with this movie was at my college auditorium where then screened this movie. It was one of the regular nights of 2007 and probably that time I could not make Tamil my cup of tea.So literally didn't make any interest over it and left the movie before intermission.I clearly remember that scene was "the mechanic part of Surya" [People who have watched it can guess.Yes Yes where Surya was being called Mechanic and the melodrama of frustration started in between him and Jyothika]. But who knew, neither I nor the total movie that it could make a safe shelter inside my heart somewhere at a corner forever and yes from this movie I am still a big fan of Surya !!

Tenderness no 2 :

Munbe Vaa!! and again no other song can take any challenge to beat its place at my heart shore. This was the first Tamil song for me to fall in love with, this was the first Tamil song of Shreya Ghoshal to hear & this was the first Tamil song for me to learn with love.I remember the day I heard it first on a radio station, the frequency pitch was not perfect to tune in. I just heard the voice of Shreya with a melodious tune. I was trying my best to move my cell to get the right frequency. Alas ! but then with the help of other hostel mates  I could find it and learned it thoroughly.From then this tune has never left its space from my lips to hum with.I inhaled each and every words of it and still breathing in & sure will do it for lifetime.This is the only song which I used to sing everywhere on any Tamil song request from hostel to any friend's home and they used to like hearing that song from a non Tamilian too.I could never delete this song from my phone, no matter for how many times I have formatted it. A.R Rahman Sir has to be credited for all this. His background scores and the melodious music is so much alive.

Tenderness no 3 :

It's the movie itself. I don't know how many times I have watched it. right from the beginning till the end each scene, each dialogue can be murmured inside of me.A perfect & practical amalgamation of present & past life anyone can have. Everything is destined to happen and whatever has to happen ,happens with certainty.The sudden twists and turns in Gautham's life can be common to happen. the love life of Gautham [present and past both] are intense,deep and true to  be true.

My favorite scenes 

  • When Gautham & Jahnvi share a cozy rapport, quality time and party together in a friendly way & when Gautham shouts at balcony "I am the happiest man in the world".
  • The pages of diary part where Jahnvi reads Gautham's past story of college from his treasured and lost diary. What a brilliant, pure and beautiful portrayal of first love. Everytime I watched it, I wanted to fall in love for the first time again and again.The love story of past which was fading away with the dust was delicate and sensitive to cherish through the pages of an old diary.
  • When Gautham got to know that Ishwarya too had the same feeling towards him and understood that she proposed him. How honest confession was there in that proposal?The joy of falling in love for the first time is like a blossoming flower or newly freed bird that wants to fly & where everyone wants to do the craziest possibilities.
  • Love Munbe Vaa video. It was again the first Tamil video which I used to have in my cell and me and my roommates used to watch it like innocent hungry dog.How beautiful was Bhumika and Surya together. A typical college love. Full of innocence and purity.
  • The pain Jahnvi went through while reading the diary.Her falling teardrops while exploring Ishwarya were pathetic and fearful as a wife.Getting to know the unknown and incomplete sad love story of your beloved husband is a mixed feeling.
  • The night chats under the blanket Ishwarya used to have were very real !!
  • When Jahnvi finally gets to know that Ishwarya has left them and sacrificed her only old love forever for the sake of Gautham as she could not find the same love Gautham used to have in his eyes for her once upon a time.
  • The trios character were brilliant from their point of view.

My post might have been absurd or weird. I could make this post a bit better either. But I didn't think while writing it and whatever came, I just jotted them down.

My old 7 years of memory....

For those who still haven't heard this song
I bet you can not end up liking this song.

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  1. The film is such a romantic trio... And its one of the best movies in Tamil :) Love the way you have penned it :)

    1. Hi Maya !! It was a pleasure to have your comment. Thank you very much


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