Sunday, 22 December 2013

Beautiful Lies ... a pleasant watch

I was in the way only to love Audrey as this season I have been watching her movies. She is such a sweetheart.Sometimes I forget that she is acting. She speaks with her eyes and dimpled smile. She expresses every emotion in some unusual way filled with charm, sweetness and in cutely kiddish manner which seem to be very true.

Today I watched her another movie "Beautiful Lies"... and yes those lies were really beautiful. When a loving daughter lies to her depressed love seeking mother for some happiness to give and a love to share, then surely those lies can be pardoned right ?? and her secret charming lover ... ?? Sami Bouajila was so charming, shy and quite [which I love] and grateful to his secret muse or love in his own way that I was being mesmerized. The letters [love letter always woos me] with some poetic and loving thoughts were so good. umm ... !! Nathalie Baye was also so pretty mother to act as Maddy.

I can say that this movie forced me to right about it...

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  1. Looks like someone is falling in love with Audrey :P

    Pages off Life

    1. Hmm hmm... Absolutely !! have three more movies in bag to be watched !!


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