Friday, 27 December 2013

Delicacy ... a delicate watch

It was yet another movie of Audrey... but unlike the last few of her movies which I watched, this was a bit different.Many may not like it, many may find it boring and slow.But it can be a true story for anyone or should I say a lover who committed his/her life to love someone and bounded his/her life in some way with something.

A widow who has just lost her husband can have the pain like Nathalie had. The scenes where she came back from her husband's funeral and got to see some old stuffs which were left like that just the time she had her husband with her for the last time.Realizing the fact that her husband was no more she did every possible craziest thing to not believe it. More over that deleting the name of your beloved from cellphone is a way pathetic. Sudden nightmares seem as a shock to see the present of being alone in the house. Living with the used of the demised better half is painful and much painful is to be a victim of sympathy from others.Every true facts were shown wonderfully with a cold silence.Audrey was wonderful as usual with her eyes.

Everyone says "move on". Is it that easy to move really on with a faster speed ? My personal answer is NO. They say time heals every wound.Yes !! that is true. Time heals all your wounds but slowly and gradually.& of course nothing can be better than indulging yourself into work you love. These true facts were fantastically approached by the director. Like a small play, the movie went on with some positive aspects of life and about leading life in own way. 

Every frames of Nathalie when she was alone, when she was lost, when she worked hard and at last when she fell in love again after a long with a fear of losing the loyalty over her past were beautiful. Life goes on and it never stops. But few memories are so cherishing that we can hardly forget them and the last scene where Markus could see her getting back to her old joy like the same way she used to have , were poetic and cold.

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