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From the diary of RAJASTHAN --- MOUNT ABU

30th Nov,2013

Around 5:00 PM:

Right now I am at the top of the Mount.Abu and I am not feeling to be in Rajasthan anymore.I mean to say, it can not be Rajasthan at all. That bright tempting sunlight and straight heat and sunrays have turned into misty and blurry afternoon. It is like just other hill station.Cool breezy air is blowing through my body and ears.I can feel them and yes I am coughing more [that's bad]. LOL !! It's 5:05 PM now and  still the beauty of sunset is  not on the way.

The view from the top is awesome and the view of sunset is yet to be seen.The newly wed couples are busy hiring the photographers.Everyone is so busy in finding their suitable position to watch the sunset properly.Yes people are gathering here time to time and everyone is excited enough.Even I am also.I am sitting with my mother and having pink candy floss and my eyes are flying like a vulture to find a comfortable place to capture the scenario in my mind.

This picture is my favorite. I am in ♥ with this picture.
can be entitled with "Moving On" !!
I was on the way to Mount Abu then

On the way to Mount Abu

Mount Abu welcomed me

Me at Mount Abu
View from the top

View from the top

Just after the Sunset around 5:55 PM:

The sunset was mind blowing.Everywhere I could hear the shutter sound.Couples and teens were so busy keeping their hands to be seemed as if they were holding the sun with their hands for the photographs.I was overwhelmed and framed it in my mind and the most amazing part was when the sun completely bade the final good bye and the crowd of Mount Abu shouted and clapped together.


Splendid play with colors

Pleasant and calm

The Awesome sunset under mother's den

Night at mount Abu [hazy a bit]

1st Dec,2013

I loved only one place in Mount Abu today.Honestly speaking and that was Dilwara Temple of Mount Abu.It was a Jain Temple of Chalukya Dynasty and there were few restrictions for which I could not 
take photographs. But they did right else that splendid work would have become cheap and available to everyone's eyes.I can's describe it. It was splendid, marvelous, tremendous, awestrucking and blah blah blah [fill up the blanks with some other good adjectives].Even the smallest stone was sculptured with different art moves. There were variety of sculptures and more over that the postures were much similar to Odissi dance postures. The bhangis, the padabhedas, hasta mudras were so aesthetic.I was busy watching them and tracing them with my visual mind.It was just just priceless watch and visit. Thanks that they didn't allow to take the camera.Else my camera of inner soul could have forgotten the frames which I captured.

Nakki Lake

Tortoise shaped rock at Nakki Lake

Wish I could see my "Black Swan"

2nd Dec,2013

7:00 AM

Started journey towards Jaisalmer and it is a long journey I heard.Till now I am enjoying the scenic beauty of morning.The view is breathtaking.Ocean of hills and they are bounded with infinite limit. Sun is not so proud of its bright light.Misty,Foggy morning is slowly bidding good bye and welcoming the sun.

Hills are charging them up and applying a little golden light at their top. Everywhere the silence remains still.Only audible sound is the sound of moving vehicles. Tata Mount Abu .. 
A new day has come

The new born Sun

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  1. The photos are so beautiful. I love the sunset, the colors are exquisite.

    I do agree it looks nothing like the Rajasthan I had in mind, Its so green and its so beautiful. Not that I though Rajasthan not beautiful but this place is different, beautifully different from the stereotype.

    Pages off Life


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