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From the diary of RAJASHTAN --- JAISALMER (I)

First of all before starting to pull this post from my diary I should confess that this is the most beautiful place I have ever been... I found myself and talked to my soul and emerged myself into my deepest thought ever.I surely don't have words to describe what I felt on the day when I was in Jaisalmer, especially in the dunes...I wrote something, scribbled on pages. Hope you will love reading this post specially because this is the most inevitable and most most most special to my heart... without JAISALMER my RAJASHTAN trip would have been incomplete...This post is going to be the first half of JAISALMER as I had to divide them up [I wrote longggggggg].. So here it goes !! 

2nd Dec,2013 
(on the way to Jaisalmer from Mount Abu)

I am going to visit my dream destination i.e. Desert.I love sea and desert more than hills. Sea and desert are much different to each other by their nature but same for their nature of depth and intensity of feel.My mind loves to be alive and spontaneous like ocean waves and sometimes loves to be silent like dunes.In both cases, I love to feel them standing from far and watching them endlessly.
Here comes a "Though" though.I have never been in some desert area before.I always imagined myself roaming in some haphazard way around and over the dunes.I have been dreaming of it for so long. This is going to be my first time when I will encounter with ocean of golden dust and I am so so happy.

Around 11:40 AM

A long way to go.Still 6-7 hrs are left to reach at Jailsalmer.Unlike the last two days of Mount Abu I have again started to feel RAJASTHAN and its mindsoothing bright heat of sunlight.Highways over the golden sands,running peacocks,standstill windmills are pleasing me anyways.

Around 6:00 PM

They call it as Golden city.True indeed. No one will believe it until they see it visually with a physical existence and if someone sees it,I bet he/she can never doubt on the fact of calling it Golden City.The golden bricks,walls,structures every single particle is Golden over here and the bright golden sunlight is also helping this city out to reflect herself more Golden.This sand city is having something so different and unique which is like an untouchable beauty.I reached here at 5:30 PM.As I told thousand times that it was my dream destination it is about the safari-some MARUDHAR Rajasthan where only single thing speaks and that is REITH...

3rd Dec,2013 [the day of exploration and the day of my completion]

Around 9:45 AM : 

visiting Ray's GOLDEN  FORTRESS... SHONAR KELLA (সোনার কেল্লা ). Definitely many things have changed as that was 1974 and this is 2013. Near about 40 years have changed the fortress so much.Those empty places of RAY are not empty anymore.Though filled with localities, still you can see Ray directing with his crew and Mukul playing at the stair cases surrounded by peacocks [if you can imagine then].Definitely Ray had given this Fortress an another level of highness,but what attracted the genius was the epitome beauty of this place.

[in addition to Shonal Kella, would like to share a small thing. The character Mukul played by Kushal Chakraborty was the son of my mother's teacher Sheela Madam but she never knew that the small kid would become a part of history of Indian Cinema]

I am Bengali and Fishes are like Oxygen
but look at these MAGUR MACH...they are
like snakes ... I fear 

Dances of Shiva

There she stands... The Golden Fortress

Can you see Mukul playing ?

Bricks say thousand words

Oho !! that's me !!

Colors make me happiest

The city view from Shonar Kella

Panoroma view of the whole city

Khiladi hain koi..Anari hain koi ♫

Afternoon chitchats

The lanes of Jaisalmer

How am I ?

Patoa Haveli

Probably In my life I will never forget this guy!!
He was innocent and  open from his mind
for which I didn't feel bad at all
Can't disclose the fact as a bit shy
But he was cute with his thought !!

Thanks to him for this which was
an additional to his
beautiful words.He gifted me this
which is and will be priceless
 to me forever 

 to be continued to From the diary of RAJASHTAN --- JAISALMER PART II ..

coming soon !! 

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