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Reminiscence of Sandakphu - Wanderwomen's journey - Day 2 - Tumling, Jaubari, Gairibas, Kalipokhri

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I am back again. So continuing from DAY 1 - I am proceeding to write on our Day 2 journey.

Day Two

After a so so night sleep in the moonlit night of Tumling, we woke up early to catch the glimpse of sunrise, but alas !! it already happened. Anyhow, Tumling is a nice view point to witness the Sleeping Buddha ranges. Of course the blogs on Sandakphu and the mesmerizing pictures of Tumling boosted our minds before and we were super excited to see that. We nearly rushed to the view point and yes there it was. The Sleeping Buddha was ploddingly uncovering itself from the clouds. It was not crystal clear but yes was visible enough and we were like OK .. more to come.. This is not the end of Sleeping Buddha view, we had Sandakphu view imprinted on our brain so we just moved from Tumling fast and we were ready to trek the trails now. So the official trek started from Tumling itself.

The sleeping buddha at Tumling. P.C Sanjukta Di

On the same day we had to trek 13 Kms straight. From Tumling to Kalipokhri via Jaubari & Gairibas. We all were beginners except for Chai and we had it on our mind that at any cost we had to reach Kalipokhri before the dusk. As we started our trek early in the morning, we were firmed enough that we will reach there on time and we had no other options too. Please check the map below. I hope that can help you to have an idea how the trails move.

So how was the trekking experience ? I would say it was tremendous. At first when you are leaving tumling step by step and going ahead, you can see the Sleeping Buddha Range is moving right with you. Sometimes in the corner, sometimes in front and sometimes not. Kind of hide and seek. But it was too good to walk over the mountain trails, having the bloomed Fuschia colored Rhododendrons and white magnolias beside your way. Till Gairibas the view was fantastic and road was really very smooth. Not so much steep the trails were. We met several trekkers on the way. And it really gives you enthusiasm and boost your will power when you spot various trekkers are walking towards the same destination as you are aiming towards. 

P.C Sanjukta di

The border of Nepal and India . Can you see Buddha here ?


We almost reached Jaubari then


There comes a place named Jaubari. A small village that comes under Nepal. If I forgot to say then pardon. I should have mentioned before that Tumling, Jaubari and Kalipokhri all come under Nepal. You can see BSF and the borders of India and Nepal. We halted in a nice hotel at Jaubari to have our hot teas out there. Usually I love how the hilly people decorate their homes. Each and every houses would have various flowers in front. They maintain it with so much love and that shows. The warmth they offer while serving tea or food is really heartwarming. I saw the same when I visited Sikkim last year and some another parts of North Bengal. They would have a neatly decorated room for visitors to have seat and rest. We found a cute doggy there and played with it a bit. After getting energized we left Jaubari and moved towards Gairibas.

Play time

I loved the ambiance over there

Flowers ♥

At some point of time, I found no one around me, because everyone was seizing their own time, we all were busy clicking pictures or inhale the beauty and I was of no exception. The lean ways, the greens, the flowers, the deep blue sky - altogether was snatching my soul from my physical existence. Like this we five were moving ahead. We all were having our own time. A time to spend moments with our souls, to extract the inner joy of being born as human in this World and to visualize how beautiful Himalaya is. Infinite and unbound. Symbol of freedom and openness. 


First groupfie  - and the memorable one

One of the Trekkers group we met throughout the trip.
I wish we could occupy the place.

Rocky Mountain High ♫♫

Sanjukta di

us .. 

& we reached Gairibas. 


I asked my guide what does Gairibas mean actually. He said Gairi means where two mountains meet in down and Bas means Valley. Yes Gairibas is a really nice and tiny village down the mountains. It is like all trekker's halt. Moving to Gairibas will lead your legs to bear more a bit as the road is very steep downhill and your whole body weight will stress your knees. But the duration is very small so you do not need to worry about it. We had our lunch there. Hot momos with that spicy chutney. Ahh !! it was big treat to our tongues. As our stomach were filled and our power batteries were full, we started the second part of our Trek that was towards Kalipokhri. 


hot and spicy momos

Gairibas halt

Road towards Kalipokhri was steeper than before. Roads were smooth and walkable but you need a bit energy to accumulate your strength. The best part was we were hiking another mountain then and straight from there we could see how Gairibas was looking so tiny at down and more over that spotting Jaubari was even more interesting. We could see the mountain which we trekked down since morning and really that was inspiring us. We could not even imagine how did we do that. In the deep of our mind, we knew how we did that and we were confident enough to finish this trek with much ease and sport and this way we trekked more - Tadda !! we reached Kalipokhri.

Check the trails we walked over ... huh !! amazing

cool di :) 


The big lake welcomed us at Kalipokhri at first and we just shouted. Because our first day trek was completed in 'all is well' manner. Kalipokhri was beautiful. We were hell tired and were in hurry to rest our back and shoulder so we could not roam around the lake in that sense but in the evening around 7-7:30 we walked over the mountains of Kalipokhri. On one hand there was dark sky full of stars and on another hand, down the hill the lights were shining from each homes of the village as if the stars were coming down from the sky to the hills. The silence and sound of chilled wind was astounding. The experience was beautiful and that's how the night at Kalipokhri ended there. 

Kalipokhri Lake

I wish I could have my wings :(

P.S  please ignore the typos and forgive :)

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