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From the diary of RAJASTHAN --- UDAIPUR

28th Nov,13

Around 8:00 PM : Entered the white city Udaipur.. The city which is named after Maharana Udai Sigh [father of RanaPratap] and yes Rana Pratap did have his rajtilak and abhishek over here only.The post capital of the then Mewar Udaipur is giving a pleasant impression. I don't know why the night of the city seems to be much like Hyderabad.Let's see what it is tomorrow..

29th Nov,13

9:40 am : Here I go !! 

Post experience after viewing Sahelion ka Bari

Visited Sahelio Ka Bari & the Fateh Sagar Lake. Fateh Sagar Lake was beautiful but nothing historical was there.But undoubtedly it was a peaceful place indeed. Sahelion ka bari was really historical and nostalgic as well as romantic to experience.It is said that Maharana Sangram Singh's daughter Shakuntala Devi wanted her father to make such a garden where she could feel the essence of all seasons thorough out the year [Mainly she wanted rainy season I assume] and where she could spend some quality & funtime with her friends. There were few so special fountains named as SAWAN BHADO, LOTUS FOUNTAIN, RASLEELA FOUNTAIN &BIN BADAL BARSAAT FOUNTAIN. I must say the sounds of fountains where so natural that it could be felt with whole heart and any woman would love to be there and rejoice their girlhood or womanhood.

I felt awesome...
View from Fateh Sagar Lake

Mute Observers

that's me at Nehru Garden

Saatranga Ramdhanu .. the Rainbow

The Fateh Sagar Lake and there you can

Nehru Garden

The worker


Lotus Fountain

Clap and get the water

Rasleela Fountain

Bin Badal Barsaat Fountain

Post experience after viewing Udaipur City Palace

Yes !1 I knew that Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani & Ramleela both were shot in this palace so was excited enough & I must say that it was worth visiting.I was feeling so good to see the same place where my favorite Deepika shot her two best of movies of 2013. But apart from that filmy part it was so so royal and nostalgic to feel and to be there. It was Maharana Udai Singh's official residence and it shows the royalty via it's smallest particle of construction too. Alas !! I could not complete watching it due to shortage of time and the closing schedule of the Mahal.Until then I enjoyed every part of it. A royal wedding preparation was going on there which was really awesome.

At last but not the least something blew my mind which I saw suddenly .It was quite special to take my breath away. No no !! not a bollywood shoot !! LOL....It was the view from the entrance of the palace and the view was of .... was of the SUNSET behind the hills of PICHOLA LAKE.It was amazing.What a scenic beauty.God is a magician.He has built the nature in some unusual way that no other beauty can take a better competition with it.It was so soothing to see.I could see few boats were floating by with a lazy speed.The Taj was standing still at the middle of the Pichole [as it is at the back of the palace so the name Pichola].The tired sun was going to sleep for the rest of day infront of the yellowish orange light sky. The water reflected the diamonds of last sunlight like a shimmer.Few boats and few houseboats were wearing the yellow mild ray.The up and down, light and dark hills were surrounding the lake and palace like a shield and I was gazing, gazing and storing these words on my mind and here I have written..

♫ Re kabira maan ja ...
Re fakira maan ja ...
aja tujhko pukare teri parchaiyaan ♫

[... Yeh jawani hain deewani ]

That's me

Add caption

Udaipur the WHITE CITY

Royal Wedding preparation I

Royal Wedding preparation II

And the breath taking Sunset and that's the PICHOLA LAKE

P.S Smallest disappointment.. the palace has been converted to hotel... which is why could not view few interior parts and the time... I could not view the whole palace 

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  2. Udaipur is such a blissful place, I always want to go back. Very nice clicks

    1. Thank you.. Yes the city is very calm and clean.. loved it.

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