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From the diary of RAJASTHAN ---- CHITTORGARH

28th Nov,2013 : 

at 3:35 PM sharp : Visiting Chittorgarh, the place with so many names like Maharana Pratap, Padmavati Devi and Meerabai sculpted over it.

around 6:00 PM : The experience 

I am lost.Yes totally lost. Can you ask me why so? Because I am at the place of history, history and history. It is the place where history is holding the existence, where every wall,every brick, each and every molecule of air tells a story.

I have just visited the Chittorgarh of Mewar,Rajasthan. Even now also I am at Chittorgarh fort entrance waiting to start journey towards Udaipur.This is the same Chittorgarh of Maharana Pratap, Meerabai, Maharana Sangram Singh, Maharana Udai Singh. It is the same Chittorgarh where Rani Padmini/Padmavati committed the first Jauhar of Chittor along with 16000 women to save her dignity from Allauddin Khilji.Her Jauhar can still be felt alive. It is the same Chittorgarh where Meera's devotion for Shyam can still be inhaled and her bhajans can still be heard. If you wish you can surely see Meera dancing and singing the Krishna Bhajan. You can still see Rani Padmavati's reflection on the mirror at Padmavati haveli thinking yourslef as Alauddin Khilji.

I am awestruck of seeing the 14km wide Chittorgarh. The more I am seeing, I am falling in love with RAJASTHAN.

Garh toh Garh Chittorgarh
Baki sab Garaiyaan

View of Chittorgarh fort from Bus

Chittorgarh Fort

Meera's Premises

Can you see her singing ?

Inside the Temple premises

Can you see them standing with so much of NRITYABHANGIS ??
in ♥ with these sculptures

Inside the Temple premises

These kids were playing hide and seek and I just caught them
hand in hand..Look at the tiniest posing ? 

Short snap of mine

The place where Rani Padmavati,Karnavati committed Jauhar

Vijaya Stambha of Chittorgarh and the Jauhar place

way to Rani Padma's haveli

Can you imagine yourself as Alauddin ? 
Padma Haveli

They say that Dasis sat here and showered flower petals
on Alauddin when he came to see Rani Padmini.

On the way to Udaipur : 

The Star

Follow me wherever I go,
You are at the same place & same row..
Invisible dark night and it's depth of black,
have failed to hijack..
you & your brightness of glitter,
like a small shimmer..
A shimmer in the sky,
that is not at all shy..
to roam around the highway
& dawn of forest,
Look at you !!
you are dare to arrest ..
Me and my attention,
with no opposition !!

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  1. I am jumping to a conclusion here and assume that you took all the pics expect of course the once in which you are already there. If so they are really good :D.

    And quite a nice poem too, There is a myth that the stars that follow you everywhere makes you think of someone dear to you keeping watch. :D

    1. Thanks Rupertt !! oh will do so... and yes gazing at star is what I love to do :)

  2. Thank you for your post on Chittorgarh. The pictures are amazing. It is one of the best tourist destination along with other places to visit in Chittorgarh and shows us the beautiful window of the past.


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