Saturday, 28 December 2013

Highway .. is high on my mind ....

Just watched the trailer of Highway which was released a few days ago. Imtiaz Ali is back with his ultimately simple yet awesome creation.Hope so !! this movie will reflect his art of simplicity like he has been doing so far. The story itself caught my eyes... we never know what we may love or like someday. We never know also that we can fall in love with the one or thing we are hating now.Time and circumstances change everything.

A a girl, kidnapped and stuck in a truck along with a long journey on several HIGHWAYs and few strangers who become her reason of happiness at some point of time.I guess it is about loving and exploring the nature and recognizing the actual mirror image of her inner self.It is the time when she wants to live her real life with her likes only and not to get back into her past and live a virtual life.

Scenes which I loved and obviously [A.R Rahman's background scores with these scenes made it more soothing]: 

I am definitely excited to watch the movie.Hope it will go actually the way I have imagined .. 


till then waiting for 21st Feb,2014 to arrive 

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