Tuesday, 17 December 2013

From the diary of RAJASTHAN --- HALDIGHATI

30th Nov,2013

Around 12:00 PM :

Again history knocked my heartdoor. It is the same haldighati where the famous battle haldighat took place. The great brave Maharana Pratap & his beloved horse Chetak imprint the image on our heart still. The place itself can make anyone feel so proud for the bravery, guts and SHAURYA which Maharana did have.

Noone would understand the importance of this place if they just go through the highways of Haldighati.An usual long road with dark forest around it's both sides and few rocks and hills can be seen. But who can guess that it is the place where Maharana and his battalion fought for his Mewar against Mughals over here. Jaipur's Mansingh who surrendered to Akbar, was in the lead from the side of Mughals. Total 18000 soldiers died from both sides which led to "Rakth Talai" [which is abandoned place now] .Chetak,the grateful loyal horse who saved his lord, Rana though he was wounded with his leg and took his last breath at the same place where I have just been and that is Chetak Samadhi.History is everywhere in Rajasthan & I am getting crazy and calm at the same time.

Can anyone understand ?? But look at the right

Haldighati Museum

Chetak Samadhi

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