It's been many years that I have left writing my Personal Diary.Obviously due to some reason couldn't continue that one..had hobbies of writing..and had written also few short love stories.. In this busy schedule and busy life it's really hard to get time to write something with pen and paper..So the Blog...For me writing is similar to share something to your best friend,which can heal your pain somehow :) .I feel amazingly relaxed after writing :)
So here is my small introduction and my details ...

Name : Debarati Datta...A typical BONGO name.. friends who get troubles to call me by that,usually           
 call me Debo,Debu..

Place : Kolkata

Birthday : 4th May

Zodiac : Taurus..I am 98% 2% does not match with my characteristics..

Nature :  Nature wise not at all quite...and being a fun-loving  person I love to have fun and try to  find happiness from everything.I love to dream and imagine which reflects in my blog too..Sometimes I get lost into the world of imagination and forget everything about the  present.Sometimes very much emotional and sometimes extremely practical...sometimes outspoken, sometimes much composed..Creative by nature and Soft by heart...and love to test my patience up to a certain limit .. 

Turn on's :  Dance,MusicRhythms,Good movies,Bright Colors and definitely having fun with friends and family..   

Turn off's : Liars,Hypocrites,Double Faced people,Dishonesty,Bad Breath and Bad odor... 

Hobbies :  First priority is to Dance,love to sing,love to listen music of all genres,fond of creativity so 
spend my leisure time by painting,cooking and making handcrafts and yes I am good at redesigning  cloths... so do the job when get time and when it's needed..and obviously blogging whether to read or to write..and I am an internet freak..Love to download and upload and fond of collecting movies... 

Die Hard Fan of : Shah Rukh Khan and presently Virat Kohli....  ^_^

Music : Music has its own aura and creates a magic every time if  you listen it from your heart.. every music has it's own love all kind of music...which has the heart melting rhythms and beats... language no bar as music itself has it's own language..

Movies : Horror freak so love to watch horror movies at dark night and yes Romance,Comedy,Drama,Animation always attract me towards them....

Fond of : anything old !! Love walking through the old kolkata's lanes where series of old buildings stand still,Love to watch old Hindi,Bengali drama or classics,Love spending time on listening the old gold hits,Love discovering the old photos from album and feel the nostalgia.

Would love to visit again and again : Europe & Rajasthan.. I have visited the latter but in my fantasy I have visited Europe so many times. These both places are untouched and kept as it was before million of years. Nostalgia haunts me badly and These places are like - you can just sit silently and watch each and every architecture with pure sense of art and love. The streets, walls and each and every molecule will say some story. 

hmm I guess enough I have told about myself... to know me more keep on reading my blog and follow this blog .. 

love you all.... bye bye

                                                                                                                              ©Debarati Datta


  1. hey nice blog u have.. a very fresh kinda feeling it gives... :)
    i am ur new follower :)

    1. Hey Supriya !! thanks .... thanks very much... keep following

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  3. That is pretty detailed About you...and I loved going through it...
    Happy Blogging and Keep Loving Virat.. :-)

    1. Thank you :) yes I love Virat like anything else :)

  4. Nice blog keep going Any way to connect with you on FB and G+ ?

  5. Hey Debi... You do have a lotta talent and just love your blog and crafts :)

  6. apnar blog-e ese duto jinis darun laglo ...
    1st: apni bangla-y lekhen .........
    2nd: apni "fond of anything old"
    ei duto jinis-i ajker din-e khub rare .......... likhte thakun of luck ..........

    amar Banglay ekta blog ache ... samay pele pore dekhte paren ........

    1. Thank u ... apnar comment pore amar aro bhalo laglo ! obossoi porbo :)


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