Monday, 1 July 2013

Your Common Habits

What you guys love ?? to make fun of girls every time by saying "you can't do this and that.. " or laugh at us which we do in some silly manner Every jokes and troll images you love to underestimate us and share one by one...You people love to crack jokes or make fun of your wife at your office in-front of everyone.

But you forget that you (Guys) stand in some candle light march for asking respect for Women.. Is this the respect you show every time by teasing and taunting girls in bus or near some gali ki mod ??
And surely you forget that without us you feel so boring and numb .... Line maroge kisko huh ???

Pathetic to see these hypocrisy ... India will never change if this kind of mentality stays in every male citizen's mind ....

We will keep on criticizing of our Governments and will keep on having some sign boards infront of us claiming "Respect Women" and for lectures and dialoguebazii on Feminism,Indian is and will be at the top most position surely.

Sad but True... 

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