Thursday, 4 July 2013

To Monali .... "Sawaar Loon"

Hmm I dedicate this post to you Monali Thakur and it's kind of request to sing some more songs like this.

I have never been a huge big fan of yours.Rather than that I couldn't like any of your songs after Race movie's numbers.I literally used to dislike your Bengali songs which you sung.

But thanks to Amit Trivedi for utilizing your best quality in such a beautiful song of LOOTERA where you did the best of your bestest. It's such a sweet song which has got more sweetness and an old imprint of 70's era by your sweet earthy voice and surely the picturization does the best justice to the song...

Love the Bengali folk beat of the background which is surely a plus point..

So I request you Monali please please prefer singing songs like this rather than pop genre which you do in Bengali movies...

Thanks ....

My recent favorite track.

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