Saturday, 27 July 2013

Journey with a Stranger .. Part V .. (Strangers)

Had to mention Strangers as this incident was not about a single noticeable stranger, it was about four noticeable strangers.

I don't know how do other cities get the cat fight for getting seats in public transport but in Kolkata these cat-fights are regular.No no you are wrong,it's not about the snatching and thrashing the seat but it's about who was the first to stand and wait for the seat ... but the rate of the fight varies sometimes.But out of 100% ,30 -40 % is common to see.Yes yes hold on !! I know you are getting a brief idea though but still would like to say that my this journey was not at all that much sensible or delightful.Why ? please keep on scrolling and reading.


Since last night it is raining (drizzling) spontaneously.So it is definitely the ultimate enjoyable weather in Kolkata to enjoy gazing upon this old city while travelling.So I was also in a happy go lucky mood today to enjoy it while sitting at the window side of a public bus and frankly saying the bus was not at all crowded today which is very rare ha ha (*wink*) I was busy staring at the roads,works and pedestrians suddenly two young girls of Generation Z got up into the bus accompanied by their mother.They were very talkative and full of energy to speak louder at the public vehicle and very much careless about the other passengers.I was enjoying their giggles and loud chats though.

One of the siblings got the seat first.Good they were still chatting.Suddenly a seat got free and for that Golden hot seat cat fight started among those cute chirpy siblings and another middle aged lady.I didn't care much as I was sure that it was going to end within few seconds.But it did not...

It exploded like a volcano and the volcano's fire pit was flowing via the teen's mouth.I was wondering and was shocked to see the way a younger can insult an unknown elder stranger and more over it their mother was encouraging them to fight more.I can't explain the words they used,I can't act the way they behaved,I can't describe the way they insulted the elder.Anyways the Kolkatans are always super-hit for public bawals or protests against any unethical issue.So everyone stopped them and the fight had a cold drink at last.

Now,I would like to share one of my opinion regarding these Gen Z teens and kids.What do uneducated and illiterate words stand for ? is it of not having Super cool electronic gadgets,not wearing branded cloths ?? Especially for elders and that too strangers ? Where are moral values ,respects and a minimal tehzeeb which should be maintained while talking to elders. Is this necessary to have an over-smart attitude or to show the other negligible ? 

I wonder... Rest you comment... 

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  1. Strange that the mother got involved too. The kids would be brats at this rate!
    Thanks for sharing..

  2. This is the reality everywhere..When I see such teens I really feel bad the way they Behave,Moral values are really declining and declining pretty fast


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