Tuesday, 30 July 2013

An IDEA can change the world

First of all would like to cheer this idea of IDEA Caravan+ Franklin to gather some inspirational videos to watch for and to write something upon.

My post would be accompanying Ruma Roka and her brilliant and emotional cause for fighting against the God's sin.Here is her Youtube link.

I feel that no one is more cursed than being physically challenged especially if those challenges are dealing with our super sensory organs.

Ruma Roka, is talking about the idea to train and build the skills so that they can get employed and live lives of dignity and hope.I could see her shaking voice and her emotional outlook.At the very first for few seconds when I literally thought that my computer sound was causing the trouble,she broke my doubt and stated "didn't hear anything.Did you ??" and I was touched.

Believe me I got tears in my eyes while watching those kids trying to learn.I don't know I should say this here or not but I would like to share my experience with two deaf innocent kids.But let me share my own opinion and a short snap of the problems the deaf people go through.

For past two years I have been seeing and talking to two deaf children.They are also students of the school where I learn and do dance.They are studying in class VII and VIII.One girl is totally physically challenged and the other one is only deaf.

The very first time when I met them and danced with them I did't even understand that they were deaf and could not listen the dance beats which my madam was giving until I saw the ear machines.I was shocked and stuck to the sense of mind and was asking the Super power God that why these lovely kids are away from the happiness of nature's sound ?? But soon I forgot as I could see them smiling at me with full of innocence and smiling to the universe with no worries at all.I see them to get more interested while learning new things and I wonder when I see their dedication.They dance without listening to the songs or music beats but they dance with their feel.

They love me and love talking to me.They love to know about my workplace and they dream to become a working women in their future.I haven't done anything special for them but I have learnt talking to them.I smile,I speak with them through my body language,my facial expressions and some gestures too.

and I guess that's what Ruma Roka was also asking ?? What is Language ?? 

Nothing is impossible in this world only if you are having a good focus and the strong willing power.Handicaps whom we call as usually are not handicaps if they are having the strongest will power to learn and do something.

Let's spread the words and support Ruma Roka for her noble cause to support those people who are not gifted with the natural gifts.She has made me very very emotional with some inspiring wills.

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  1. true... In fact these people are the true inspiration.. for many of us.. to think and help to this world.. great post...


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