Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tiny Sisters

It's a short story of one occurrence.

Scene 1: Bell has just rung.Mini is sitting on the bench and arranging her school bag to take up.

Let me first tell you about Mini.Mini is a I st standard school kid and studies in Kids Heaven K.G school.Mini's parents are both working.So Shona aunty normally takes all responsibilities to give and take her from school and that's Shona aunty's profession.Mini stays upset sometimes as she too wants her parents to take her back from school to home.But she understands that her parents try their level best to fulfill her wish.Mini has her elder sister Puchu who is just 4 years elder than her.She studies in standard IV in a convent school and comes back home early afternoon as she manages to go her school at morning by school bus.

This was a brief snap of the background.Let's get back to the present scenes.

Scene 2 : Everyone is running to go out of the school.There is heavy rush at the school gate.Mini is getting puzzled and trying to find Shona aunty but failing again and again.Suddenly another tiny hand just pokes her back and calls "Mini.. edike.." ( means Mini ... here ..). Mini turns her face at back and notices a girl.She is wearing a midi skirt and top and  standing with an open umbrella and she is none other than Puchu i.e her elder sister. She is so happy to see someone from her home.Mini is thanking Shona aunty for her skip to work. Puchu holds her left hand like a true elder sister and these tiny sisters starts moving from the school ground.

Scene 3 : Everyday Mini fears of this place.She fears to cross this huge drain block.Usually Shona aunty carries her in this particular area to avoid such terror-some incident every day.But today it's her sister who is also a small girl.She knows that Puchu will not be able to carry her in that way.

They both have arrived this place. Puchu has crossed the drain easily. Now Puchu is calling Mini and pouring courage that it is very easy to cross and telling to try her once. Puchu is crossing the block again and again to show that it's very easy.But Mini is shivered and standing still at same place.She is about to weep and shed tears of fear. Puchu is worried now.The tensed and puzzled Puchu is now looking for some elder strangers to carry her sister off while crossing the block.At last she finds and requests a uncle to help them which he does too. ( Sighs ) ... Mini is relaxed now and filling her lips with a gentle smile and holding Puchu's hand tightly.Tiny sisters are walking again.

Scene 4 : The tiny sisters have come home. After some usual tasks they both are off to bed for a short nap.

P.S Names are fictional but characters are not.

Miss you didibhai. You did so much to me. Love you and now miss you too.

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  1. Great Short Story of Love between Sisters..I love the Line 'Mini..Edike',
    This really shows the affection an elder brother or sister hold for their younger ones..

    1. Yes ... that's true .. that's true ... Thanks for your kind reply


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