Saturday, 6 July 2013

You are friend right ??

It starts with Hello and Hi !!
Then goes on to 
some chats and Likes...
You claim to be 
the well wisher and good pal
share everything 
and assure to be the best healer..

Mins and Hours pass
the days go very fast
After some long
you prove me wrong
I don't get you
When I am down..
I poke you 
you sound dumb..

I get the fact 
that you are my friend
but not the REAL
like the others
who comes and goes
once in a while
and goes by so often
without bidding
Hey !! don't feel bad
I am there for you friend
The Virtual FRIEND !!!

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  1. Everyday story :)

  2. Yeah, well expressed.
    The "Come n'Go" friends...

  3. Sad! Most of the cases online friends are like that! Hope you get true friends online too :)


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