Saturday, 6 July 2013

Night of Silence

It's half past 12 at night.I am in the Big city may be the most happening city of my life.I am on a journey.A journey to watch and feel some unusuals. The unusual picture of the Night,the silent night...

The city has wrapped up itself most and still wrapping under the mosquito net and bed sheets.I am currently at the most crowded business town where fragrance of spices are causing me to sneeze,where the business and market are hiding inside small doors.I can see the whole town is getting smashed under yellow street lights.The busy bees of the hassle town are sleeping outside.Their big fat tummies are bold enough to come out and get some air of the night.Few bees are still roaming here and there and gathering together to play their tic tac toe.

In this silent city at night where everyone has wrapped themselves up,few insomniacs have started doing their job.The job to satisfy others and their financial appetite.They are standing by the streets and waiting.Waiting for their luck to favor on them for this night.They seem to be happy and having a light smile on them but I can see the pain they are going through.Few are fighting with their lucky champs and others are making fun at them.

The city is silent,the roads are happy to  have the least vehicle on them.I am running fast and faster watching at the instances and the dumb street lights who are waiting to sleep when the Sun will enlighten up the city.

Finishing the night of silence here..

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