Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Rathyatra ... Evergreen memories of Childhood

Rathyatra the Holy day is on tomorrow.While coming from office I could see the rush and crowd near the market places where colorful chariots were being displayed and the trio God idols of Sri Jagannath,Sri Balaram and Sri Subhadra were kept in row by row and I simply started smiling.

Let me take you to few years back when I was a school going small girl and used to celebrate Rathyatra with my colorful chariot..Every year used to be same so I will take you to only one instance ....

It's chutti day..No school.Ma is also at home as she too has got her official holiday today.I am waiting for my papa to give me my Chariot from the bunk and yes he has given me that.I have asked him to bring some attractive wrapping papers and some other stuffs to decorate.I am checking my old Jagannath,Subhadra and Balaram idols whether they are alright or not.Today I am not about to study a single line.I am so happy.

I have completed my lunch.Now it's time to start my experiment with my Golden Chariot.I have collected so many colorful bright leaves to put them on it.Oh !! Shelly is also busy in decorating her chariot.Shelly is a small girl of my neighborhood.We often compete to each other.Yeasss !! I am already into the process now.Yippyy....

I am having scissor on my hand.Sitting on the floor.Taking measurements of the Chariot's chambers and cutting my papers to fit them.A bowl of home made sticky glue is just at my right hand side.My ma has come to help and guide me some healthy tips to do all the other jobs.

& yes it is 5 pm now.My chariots is ready and my Gods are also sitting inside their chambers.My chariot is looking wonderful with red and green glossy papers.It has paper made chains too hanging all around.It's so colorful.My mother has covered the chamber from three sides so that my "diya" doesn't get any air to be blown with it. The garlands of Rajnigandha are making it more HOLY.
The prasads which I have offered to the Lord are just in front of each chambers.The agarbatti smells so good.

I am waiting for the evening time to pull my RATH at outside of my home with my other neighbourmates. My sister is also going to accompany me.

Yay !! I am at my local streets and pulling my Golden Chariot.The sound of rolling wheels are coming to my ears.The passers by are offering their prayers and pouring the "Pranami" infront of my "Jagannath" and I am serving the prasads to them and I am going on and on with my chariot and enjoying the holy evening.

It's a very common snap to see all kids of Kolkata to pull RATHs on Rathyatra.
Unfortunately I don't have my own pictures to keep it here.
But surely I am missing it

aaaaaaaaaaaahhh !! I lost myself.Hope I could dig some memories for you too my readers especially the Bengali,Oriya readers.I don't know much about the other states regarding this culture of pulling Raths by every single child of next door but here it still happens.I am missing my childhood for sure.

And to everyone HAPPY RATHYATRA.... especially to all pilgrims who will be attending the Great Puri's Rathyatra.


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  1. You made me nostalgic. There was a time when I was in the same craze and used to decorate my chariots. You've depicted the scenes very nicely, as if it was all a movie... I could see them all. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your nice appreciation ....


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