Thursday, 25 July 2013

She is the BARBIE girl..

She is 13 years old now.She was pretty and still she is the prettiest among all my dolls though I don't take care of her like I used to do.Neither I change her dress after every two days nor I get her personal good shampoos and soaps. Naaaahhh ... I keep it in my drawer and don't open it also.

But today I suddenly thought to dress her well and keep it in front of my eyes.I came back from office and opened my drawer with a rush and did a quick first aid to her neck which was broken for many years & the credit goes to one of my male friend who did it spontaneously that too in front me..


I am feeling to be in year 2000 when I was a crazy girl to play with her.Even I used to ask permission from my mother to play for a certain duration during study hours.Sunday was always to be committed towards her.Even I used to cut her hairs too.I cut her front locks too.From ponytails to bun and many hair styles.Come On !! Maximum girls of our generation used to be busy with her and her cloths and fashion.We didn't have computer games to play with.We only had toys and dolls and among which Barbie was the best for all reasons.

I even bought it with a crazy manner.My PAPA promised me to give a Barbie Doll on some Thursday night.I was being so happy to have it on my hand from the morning.But tired PAPA came late at night around half past 10 pm. The naughty,nagging me cried like hell and asked him to get my Barbie on that night itself.Poor helpless PAPA who was busy satisfying her daughter,took her to the local sports and toy shop.The shop uncle already put down the shutter but my father requested to reopen it so that he can buy the Barbie.I was gloomy and tensed to get it and the uncle saw it.He opened and displayed the available Barbies to me.I chose the one and only BIRTHDAY BARBIE.She was so so attractive and her gown was flowing around the box.Her shoes,comb and every other accessories were so catchy. huh !! You people must be thinking that how bad the kid was ... But yes it's true I was a very nagging kid which I am not now LOL ☺

Google has everything we want.I searched and luckily
got the same image which I was looking for.
I bought this same same same Barbie
with the same box.Just her gown was of yellow color

Hmm alas !! I had everything,even I bought some extra costumes for her too [one of which she is wearing now. at the first picture].But I don't have any belongings of her except her physical existence and her hair dressing accessories..I lost the rest :'(

P.S The inspiration behind this post is YAHOO

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