Thursday, 11 July 2013

Rebirth in the 1930's

Can someone give me a chance to be born again but not in future ... It should be in the PAST... It should be the yesteryear era... like 1930 to 1990.To swallow the whole taste of the artistic era...

I wish I could experience the lifestyle of the then time.I am so so much inspired by the old Hindi movies and songs.I watch them like a mad and I listen them like a crazy deer.I ask my papa and ma to share the stories of those golden periods of 1970s and 1980s.

I can feel the way women used to dress and style.I love the way they used to wear cotton simple printed sarees and used to have some long hairdos [simple braids,simple buns and slight locks] with a small bindi on their forehead and light kajal on their eyes.I love the way men used to dress,simple pantaloons with printed shirts or khadi kurta + pajama and some special hit hairstyles be it from Shammi Kapoor's hairstyle or Rajesh Khanna's hairstyle.I enjoy the romances and dates they were familiar with.

I listen every bit of excitements which my ma and papa tell me about the then movie releases.How people used to be a movie lover and familiar to make that as the only source of entertainment.I listen how they used to book the tickets and watch the hit movies for several times.

I would love to live in the nostalgic old golden days when people were not introduced with the Television in that sense and  were in love to be with All India Radio.I want to go back there..I would love to keep my ears in front of the radio and to listen the recent releases by the Musical maestros.

hmm ... Sad but the truth is I can never take a rebirth in the past.. Let the love and respect be in my heart forever with the evergreen never shading songs and the stories of the OLD days..

While bidding good bye two sudden songs I want to dedicate to all my readers .... 

which I am listening now..

which I listened just few mins ago
[ I would love to spend a day like this ]

This space is not enough to grab all my favorite songs here.So dedicated these two past and present tracks which I am over with.

Thank you for reading this post which is surely a scribbled one rather than a proper writing.

hmm Golden Era ... The Olden Era... 

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  1. this article is just wow !!! :)I love It . thumbs up Debarati :)

  2. Rim Jhim Gire sawan . . . . is one of my Fav.. . :)


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