Sunday, 21 July 2013

Journey with a Stranger part IV

After three months I am here to include another one post under Journey with a Stranger series.It is not that interesting to enjoy though but still I felt it to include under this series.Because I have never been a witness to this kind of hard truth , confession and guilt before.

Today afternoon when I was heading back to my class by auto,suddenly and unwillingly I became the witness of this fact.

I was sitting at the back left corner and just right in front of me there was a man who was sitting just beside the auto driver.He was telling something to the driver.Usually I never take a look or keep interest what others do.So as usual I was not listening to him and I was about to unlock my cell phoneto surf it.But suddenly my next-seater asked with anxiety "Did you kill her ?"..... the ans came "Yes.I had to"

I was petrified and panicked to hear the words.I deliberately put my whole concentration to him.

I could see him shivering while telling all these.Sorry !! it should be confessing.Yes he was confessing everything.Everything to us and the driver.

We all were like awestruck while listening to the actual incident.

He is employed as a railway driver in Indian Railway.He drives mainly Express long run trains.Today morning near Howrah he had to kill a girl to save his job and other passenger's life.The girl was young enough to lose her life and she was with her headsets while crossing the railway track.

As he said he tried to save her by pumping the horns again and again.But poor girl could not listen.He was on his duty and his time and speed was not in his control.He had to board his train on the right time and he kept on running the train.

He even confessed that after six months he killed a person again.He was repeatedly using the word "Kill".

I was a dumb listener to hear and witness his confession.I saw his agony,pain and guilt which he was going through.I saw him fluttering his lips while explaining.We were none for him.But I guess he was that much guilty,bounded,frustrated and angry that he could not stop himself from the CONFESSION

and that's how this incident crashed my mind and made me numb,dumb and cold.

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  1. That is a Intense Read but sometimes situations in not in our hand no matter how hard we try..That's Life..

    1. You are right .. but very tough situation it was..


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